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Aqua Trident
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Name Aqua Trident
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state Mermaid Mermaid
Trident family
Parents Tristan Trident, Coraline Trident
Sibling(s) Marina Trident Female, Pearl Trident Female
Marital status Single
Fav Island Life Island Life
Fav Kelp Kelp
Fav Aqua Aqua
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3IP Icon The Sims 3: Island Paradise
Playability Playable
World Isla Paradiso
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Aqua Trident is a mermaid from Isla Paradiso. She is the daughter of Tristan Trident, ruler of the ocean, Pearl's Deep, and the middle sister of the three princesses. Her older sister, Marina, is next in line to her father's throne



Aqua was born during the Spring season, where the waters starts to change from cold to warm. She was born as a second daughter to King Tristan, ruler of Pearl's Deep, and his wife Queen Coraline. It was a stormy weather above the shore, with rain and wind. Her mother gave birth to her in an underwater palace. Her father gave her a shell comb pick as a Birth Right. It contained her magic and if it falls on other's possession, she will be left powerless and her will is controlled by the possessor of her Birth Right


Aqua is a typical mergirl as a child. She loves hairstyling, and had invented various hairstyles using shells as accessory. Though she likes her hair down like her other sisters. She loves singing and dancing, and is very talented at it. She chose Siren Singing as her studies at the merschool she was attending. She is very spoiled as a little girl, and would do anything to make her father grant her wants. She always wears her magic seashell comb on her hair, her Birth Right, as it reminds her of the ocean and her family.


She grew up to be a beautiful mermaid. Her eyes are like the stars that are above the sky. Her looks and figure attracts mermen and human men to her. One day, she was sitting at a rock, combing her hair, and through distraction she sang the Enchantment Song without her realizing. A human boy listened to the song and kept following it. He sees Aqua in her mermaid form, and was shocked, but shortly after he fell to the sea and drowned. Aqua felt terribly guilty about it, and kept the death a secret to her family, even to her closest and trustworthy sister, Pearl. She rarely sings from that day on, and would refuse to sing above the surface and on land.

Powers and Magical abilitiesEdit

Basic Merpeople abilitiesEdit


She could turn herself to look like a land dweller by drying her tail, which would morph to legs, but when she came in contact with water again, her legs will morph back to her scaly golden tail. She never used this ability, though she would love to try her legs

Extended BreathholdEdit

She has the ability to hold her breath for almost 12 hours all the time, and each mid-day she would surface at the palace's air room, which a special room that every merpeoples' house has.


Like every merpeople, Aqua could make her self invisible so she could not be seen by those sneaky divers.

Volume reductionEdit

She could reduce a volume of an object like rocks to dust or a blue whale, or even she could enchant someone's voice by reducing his/her voice chord.


Aqua could control the water with her mind. Though she isn't very good at it, she would sometimes play with water at the surface


Aqua could levitate objects with her mind. She uses this ability to grab things as she would be lazy enough to grab it herself.


All merperson are born with this ability, though if one trained this power well, he/she could control stronger storm. Aqua is very good at this, she would sometimes hold back the rain if she wants to.

Special abilities[1]Edit


She has this special ability turn water to jelly-like compound. It is a special ability that every merpeople who were born during Spring has.


Every merpeople who were born during Spring has this ability. She could generate earthquakes and could control rocks and coral stones.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Siren singingEdit

She could enchant sailors and human men with her enchanting voice. If she sings the magical song (Enchantment Song) then human men will follow it to their demise.


She is a great dancer.  She performed in shows on the Reef Theater.


Aqua has number of possessions, including her Birth Right

Birth RightEdit

Aqua's Birth Right is a shell comb pick. Her father gave her when she was born. She always wears it, well except when she was sleeping. It enchants her beauty. It contained her will, and once it falls under the possession of another, he/she may have full control over Aqua's will and it leaves her powerless.


She has many accessories, from shell hair clips to pearl necklace. She always wears a shell barette to keep her hair off her face and a shell bracelet to merschool.


  • She sometimes act as a mediator between her two sisters, as they often fight due to their extreme differences
  • She once had a crush on a merboy, who actually is indeed her older sister's enemy and rival in warfare class. She even went to enchant him with her voice, though her enchantment is stopped by Marina.
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