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Apocalypse Isle
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'Before Pleasantview, there was Sunset Valley. Founded by the Goths, and built up by the Landgraabs, only to be destroyed in an apocalyptic outburst of zombies, corrupt werewolves, and deadly witches, aliens, and vampires. On occasion, some zombies still return to haunt the villagers, who have gone into a state of utter chaos.'
Name Apocalypse Isle
Game(s) TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
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Apocalypse Isle is the first of two recreations of Sunset Valley created by Pidgeoraptor7. Though not available on the exchange (as I do not own Create-a-World) Apocalypse Isle can be recreated by moving Sims into other houses, and by downloading some of my Sims (all of which are not on) from the Exchange.

Many pre-created Sims mysteriously disappeared in the apocalypse. None of their graves can be found in the game. Below are the complete list of Sims that disappeared.

Sims who have Disappeared[edit | edit source]

Families[edit | edit source]

Returning Families[edit | edit source]

Morgana Wolff, Holly Alto, Sam Sekemoto, Sandi French
Morgana, Holly, Sandi, and Sam are lucky to be alive. All four have one thing in common: they've all lost everything. Poor little Sam only has Holly and Morgana to look up to. Holly, even with all the discord, still misses her parents and baby brother. Sandi doesn't understand ANYTHING right now, and Morgana still can't stop grieving Thornton.
Cornelia Goth, Mortimer Goth, Vanessa Goth, Nancy Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab, Alexis Landgraab
After the Apocalypse, Cornelia and Mortimer accepted the needy Landgraabs into their home after Geoffrey went missing. Both Cornelia and Nancy are women with a teetags son and child daughter to care for, so who knows what will happen?
Dustin Langerak, Xander Clavell, Victoria Andrews
Dustin lost everything. Except his house, that is. Still intact, he's opened the doors to a few survivors. Now Xander is parent-less, and Victoria was left alone without Beau, with two little bundles on the way.
Christopher Steel, Jamie Steel
Newlyweds Chris and Jamie are lucky enough to have received a large sum of money as a wedding gift. Though still settling in, they're willing to accept any survivors seeking a place to live.
Marty Keaton, Justine Keaton, Jabari Keaton
This family is VERY lucky to be alive, intact, and well. With new baby boy Jabari, nothing will separate this family. But now, Justine is expecting again. Could this impending arrival lead to a closer bond, or will it tear the household apart?
Stiles McGraw, Bebe Hart, Reginald Hart, Arlo Bunch
Stiles, after losing all of his original roomies, was believed to enjoy the company of others, which was not true. Now he is living with three kids who've lost their parents, as Arlo cannot live by himself and Bebe wouldn't leave her toddler brother out on the street to die.
Monika Morris, Jocasta Bachelor, Bella Bachelor, Allyson Bachelor, Kirsten Ursine
Monika took refuge in the Bachelor's house, who were willing to accept her and the baby she had found on the street. Poor Claire Ursine's daughter is now separated from her mother and twin sister, having no mother (or father) figure to look up to other than Monika and Jocasta.

New Families[edit | edit source]

Lorraine White, Ron White, Logan White, Danica White, Gregory White
Like a lot of families in Apocalypse Isle, the Whites were brought in to repopulate the area. Ron and Lorraine are still in love, and have been involved since high school. Nearing their old age, Lorraine and Ron look up to Logan to uphold the family's good name in a town of utter strangers.
Freida Marx, David Marx, Oscar Marx
Freida has five sisters, and she moved out of her old town and away from her abusive ex. Now living in Apocalypse Isle, Freida and her two sons can hopefully spend some quality time with family and friends.
Lucian Thomas, Shauntel Thomas, Baelie Thomas, Boscoe Thomas
Lucian and Shauntel have been married just under two years. With two toddlers, their life is H-E-C-T-I-C. Good thing Boscoe and Baelie can't spell yet. Otherwise, these two lovebirds might be in big T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
RoseMarie von Oriole, Fantina von Oriole
RoseMarie moved to Apocalypse Isle with her six daughters, Lorraine, Shauntel, Fantina, Corinne, Amandine, and Freida. This family has spread throughout the town, though some of the daughters prefer to stick closer to each other than others.
Tony Parker, Corinne Parker, Jesse Parker, Ricci Parker
Corinne and her family followed her mother to the suspicious town of Apocalypse Isle. Two kids are trouble enough, but a slobbish husband only makes it worse. Can this family make it? The world may never know...
Kearney Archer, Amandine Archer, Rocky Archer, Jay Archer
Kearney and Amandine always have fun when they host family parties, considering that it's always at their house. The people, the spilled drinks, the broken plates... Oh life is a joy. It's only fun when the civilized cousins come over.
Duncan LeMontague, Ashton Wulfgang, Quinlan Priestley, Gwyneth Ambrose, Gwendolyn Ambrose, Cecil Cooke, Selene Cooke
Ashton, Quinlan, and Duncan have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Some friends would drift apart, but not these three. The boys recently welcomed an influx of new roommates into the household: the problem with that is they're girls. Now that Quinlan is a human, the race is on to convert him to a supernatural. But this house has twists and turns at every corner, for better or worse.
Gregor Draco, Agatha Draco, Charlotte Draco, Dawn Draco, Fabian Draco, Elvira Draco, Vladimir Draco
This powerful family of vampires moved out of Bridgeport when offered the chance to immigrate to Apocalypse Isle. One of the most prominent clans in the city, will the Dracos be able to establish themselves in the gothic hilltop mansion these undead call home?
Elvira Slayer-Hamming, Matthew Slayer-Hamming, Draculine Slayer-Hamming, DiGiovanna Slayer-Hamming
Elvira followed her ex-husband Gregor to Apocalypse Isle with her husband Matthew and their two daughters, cheating with Matthew after her husband could not successfully produce an heir. Now, she is perfectly content with two daughters, even if she did sacrifice a penthouse...
Shannon Ackerman, Kenzie Ackerman, Candy Ackerman
Single mom and ex-superstar Shannon has now retired from her career to raise two beautiful daughters. After a one-night stand with one of many boyfriends, Shannon was left pregnant and alone. Now, she hopes she can finally find some peace in a town of people she doesn't know.
Lewis Hanon, Carole Hanon, Jazzmyn Hanon, Rebeckah Hanon
The Hanons have hailed from many generations of past musicians. Lewis and Carole are no exception, being a Rock Star and Hit Movie Composer, respectively. These two music-lovers just hope that their two daughters will carry on the family tradition.
Marcus Tolson, Ursula Tolson, Katherine Tolson, Darnell Tolson, Toby Tolson, Ollie Tolson, Lolly Tolson, Lezlie Tolson
The Tolsons are a large family of all types of personalities. Typical, considering that there are eight members. If it weren't for the laws restricting more than eight people per household, they might have a bunch more."
Shaun Penn, Marilyn Penn, Unborn baby Penn
Shaun has always had trouble with the "settling down" part of a relationship. He's on his third wife and sixth child, after all. The only problem is that Marilyn doesn't know about Shaun's reputation as the local Casanova. And his habit of divorcing wives once he gets bored.
Jenna Fir, Alfred Fir-Penn, Cristin Fir-Penn, Ryan Fir-Penn, Deena Fir-Penn
Jenna was the first wife of Shaun Penn... And the first ex. She's pretty much gotten over Shaun, but the only problem is that her four kids don't want to give up the Penn part of their last name.
Antoinette Moseby, Annalisa Moseby
Antoinette recently got divorced from the womanizer Shaun Penn. He said he loved her. What did she do? Was it that she got pregnant? Did she do something that upset him? Or was it when her fangs actually punctured his tongue during a kiss?

Homeless Sims[edit | edit source]

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