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Antigone Syrakosia
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Name Antigone Syrakosia
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Normal
Union of the Insane
Parents Kallisto Syrakousia
Sibling(s) Lilian Syrakosia Stepsister, Stephanophoros Syrakosios (Simbot) Brother
Romances None
Child(ren) None
Trait Artistic small.png Artistic
Trait Athletic small.png Athletic
Trait Brave small.png Brave
Trait Perceptive small.png Perceptive
Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Zodiac sign TaurusLN.png Taurus
Lifetime wish
LTW Bottomless Nectar Cellar.png Bottomless Nectar Cellar
Fav Hip-Hop.png Hip-Hop
Fav Key Lime Pie.png Key Lime Pie
Fav Irish Green.png Irish Green
Hair color Haircolor7-TS3.jpg Grey
Eye color Eye-grey.png Grey
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Appaloosa Plains
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Antigone Syrakosia, created March 14, 1985 and mutated May 4, 1991, is the first 3rd party clone (and a first one at that) of Kallisto, obtained by using the Clone Voucher reward. As such, Antigone used to have similar traits as Kallisto, such as the cyan hair and eyes as well as the insanity. However, in a twisted irony, Antigone was suddenly changed by the forces of Chaos and stripped her insanity away for some reason, leading to the current Antigone. Antigone is a disciple, although Antigone having mastered Cooking, Logic, Sculpting, Mixology, Athletic skill, Martial arts, Handiness and Painting, with 7 points in Guitar, 6 points in Gardening, Antigone is the first core member to be promoted rather than an initiating member. (Antigone surpasses Lysistrata.) Like Kallisto from whom Antigone's cloned, Antigone has blood type B.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Antigone would be spawned as a 3rd party clone when Kallisto decides to buy the Clone Voucher, her hopes being that Antigone would inherit at least some of Kallisto's skills. Much to Kallisto's disappointment, The Science department gave her the clone, but Antigone did not have any skills to begin with. However, Kallisto decides that Antigone is not yet to be deemed a failure, and decides to keep Antigone at her household without much negativity, since Kallisto did had a wish for a clone. Antigone's childhood was quite happy, if not somewhat unoriginal due to the fact that this cycle of good education was repeated with the Attalid twins, and later on Demetrios and Eunike. Antigone's education did give her a head start, although her rise as an entering supersim would have to wait.

Antigone was insane from the start, having Kallisto's penchant for machines but not her intellect, and Antigone grew to be excitable when Antigone entered her teen years, and she was quite mischievous, placing booby-traps quite frequently and of course, getting getting caught by her authorities. Although due to the abnormalities of the sims, many of her booby-traps never activated. However, Antigone was grounded on unfair terms when the laundry machine broke and the adults returning from the free vacation. Hypatia would spot it and grounded Antigone, only to find that Antigone didn't have the handiness skill, and forgave Antigone, and Hypatia and Antigone would be much closer from that moment onward. Antigone was also the prom queen, something that wasn't really too well taken by the core members, although the core members did not reprimand Antigone for that, since prom was of minor issue, and the fact that the operational doctrine of the Alexandreian faith was not implemented yet.

Growth and Core membership[edit | edit source]

Antigone's growth would start with the establishment of the Alexandreian faith: The codification of the religion soon brought Antigone some impetus to pursue skills, even after regaining sanity (which is an anomaly, since warp energies usually makes people insane) and thinking some of the aspect as bollocks. It was with the reformation that Antigone mastered Cooking, and enlisted in the Culinary career, eventually reaching the position of the 5-star Cook, something not done even by Philetairos despite his natural talent along with his mastery of the said skill. It was a boon for all, since the MinusOne Kelvin Refrigerator kept food well, a must since most of the family has the Rarely Hungry lifetime reward, as well as the newfound penchant for Kallisto and Kallistrata to make a large quantity of Ambrosia (although that was started by Hypatia in the first timeline). Antigone's growth was no less spectacular than that of Eurydike: it was so explosive that Antigone was launched to the core member caste, and the first Sim to have been promoted to the caste (unlike the likes of Kallisto, who started as one), followed currently only by Lysistrata Amphipolita.

New opportunity at Appaloosa Plains[edit | edit source]

However, Antigone started to grow tired of the all work and almost no play: although sculpting and arts were encouraged by the house, the ecclesiarchal focus on skills and value put too much pressure on free minded Antigone, who was brave and free-spirited as well as being much more pro-animal than Kallisto, went away from Hekatonschoinos. Kallisto believed that Antigone went to Sunset Valley to gather intelligence on the Sunset Valley chapter and hoped to hear reports that Eurydike remained single, but Antigone had other plans: Antigone decided to head towards the Appaloosa Plains, the Mecca of animals as far as Antigone (and rest of the church) knew it.

Being one of the supersims endowed with the 5 star celebrity status that became the norm (Kallisto was unhappy about this, and the fact that celebrity status doesn't decay) in the higher caste of the Church, Antigone took the town by surprise and soon supplanted pre-existing stars such as the Darnells. Antigone went away with minimal cash, since Kallisto believed that Antigone would go stay with the Sunset Valley chapter for a while and thus cash wouldn't be a problem, so Antigone had to rebuild her financial base if Antigone was to be independent of the Church. However, being that 5-star celebrity made it difficult to mask her presence: paparazzi swarmed her little dwelling, and news spread throughout, eventually making it both to Sunset Valley and even the nascent Hekatonschoinos. When Kallisto read the news, Kallisto was surprised. However, Kallisto believed that Antigone decided to create a new chapter and decided not to take any actions to censure or recall Antigone, and sent orders to make converts in the town, which Kallisto declared an relatively easy task since Antigone had the logic skills to tutor sims, and supplied her with 250,000 Simoleons to get Antigone to establish a foothold in the name of the Church, and so that Antigone would not be hindered by financial matters when making converts. Antigone had a small bust, something that was enforced by the biological experiments by the Church, and many a sim noted Antigone for that (much more so when compared to buxom Honey Darnell).

Antigone, however, would not sit there and spread oppression as Antigone saw it. Rather, Antigone would make subtle changes to the doctrines to be spread: with Kallisto's stance, romance was completely out of the question: it was heresy, and it needed to be stopped as soon as it was discovered, by an Inquisition if necessary. Antigone said no to that: Antigone did not censure free romance, and actively opposed establishing any sort of inqusitorial body, and sought to popularize the religion by making a populist branch of the Church of Alexandros. Kallisto decided to gather intelligence, and soon got Tessa Swanson to be trained to handle a role in intelligence gathering.

Antigone tutoring and making friends with Rodney Singleton

Antigone's motives, despite the initially anti-authoritarian flavor, was actually less than selfless: Antigone wanted to establish her own power base in Appaloosa Plains, and started by connecting with the Singletons: Antigone being extremely well-trained easily made friends with people, and Rodney Singleton became one of Antigone's first supporters: Rodney's lifetime wish being an catalyst for that.

Eventually, Tessa arrived and Tessa started gathering intelligence. Antigone, despite having a boyfriend who actually moved over, somehow evaded being put in a situation for Tessa to catch and report. However, Kallisto caught Antigone anyways using the Church UAVs, and Kallisto was sorely disappointed with Antigone's fall from grace. Meanwhile, Antigone's approval of romance found positive reaction from many young people, while some more conservative elders disapproved, and Appaloosa Plains ended up a breeding ground for heretics (in Kallisto's POV)

Soon, Antigone's approval of romance has attracted Kallisto's ire, and sooner or later, Kallisto confiscated most of Antigone's cash supplies, and Antigone's reserves dwindled from nearly 250,000§ to 10,000§. However, this only led to the acceleration of the alliance between Achaia and Antigone, as Achaia's successful fundraising allowed Achaia to aid Antigone with 35,000§ as a gift in exchange for alliance.

Defensives[edit | edit source]

Although, or perhaps because of Tessa's failure to gather good dirt regarding Antigone, Tessa was not identified as the spy, and rumors of a Church spy did not even come about until more than 2 weeks after Tessa's departure. And when such rumors actually spread, Antigone started to take precautions: first, Antigone questioned just about every paparazzis in town without avail. Antigone's second response was to make a labyrinth complex to make Antigone's gatherings more secret (although such gatherings were rare to begin with). In terms of actions regarding the main Church, Antigone's choice was to stay low and hope that some other big event would divert Kallisto's attention. A good choice, as Kallisto immediately found a new front in the form of an alternate timeline. Antigone chose to keep the dissident movement as inconspicuous as possible, and even considered discarding her celebrity status by adopting an alternate persona, since Antigone did not have the resources to gather intelligence, and much less counter Kallisto should Kallisto choose to aggressively expand to Appaloosa Plains.

The passive-defensive mindset prevailed until Achaia came and shared to her the Church mastery of cloning technologies (after all, Antigone was a third-party clone) and urged her to work towards a time traveling facility. Immediately Antigone and Achaia worked on the invention worktables, fearing the oncoming eventuality of being simply overwhelmed by the Church (and in Achaia's case, being subjected to an Inqusition). They knew that they had to obtain cloning and time traveling technologies, as well as a financial base roughly third a size of that of a Church chapter if they were to survive as a viable group, which was a long way to go: the Church already had seed tiberium and as such had financial reserves in the millions (and they already had two chapters at that), while they were currently reduced a supply that is slightly smaller than 90,000 simoleons.

Apprehension and escape[edit | edit source]

However, Kallisto and Kallistrata were one step ahead of Antigone and Achaia, and with the Swansons leading the effort, Antigone and Achaia were lured into hosting a party, leading to their capture. From that point, Antigone and Achaia were detained in Hekatonschoinos, although that detainment did not last long: Thessalonike had her own agenda and believed that the survival of the heretical movement would benefit her. As such, Thessalonike led Antigone and Achaia to one of the ports, and helped them board a ship heading towards Bridgeport, which hosts the nobility culture of the celebrities that would serve as a shield against the Church. However, a storm hit while they were in transit, and Achaia was separated and was not heard from for a time being. Antigone was to be alone in her stand at Bridgeport.

Antigone chatting with Lola Belle, one of the standing nobles of Bridgeport.

Despite all this, Antigone had enough funds to take on the most spacious apartment which would serve Antigone's needs very well. From there Antigone moved forward, tracking Lola Belle in the park. Lola was quite shocked to see a member of the famed church: Lola asked, "What brings a Greek scholar monk of the Church into Bridgeport?" Antigone replied, "I am no longer of the Church." Lola then went, "Hmm, apparently fame is not useful in a setting that denounces it, I suppose. Welcome to Bridgeport. The Bridgeport has been the hub of the celebrity culture, and the Church that you served is pretty much a daily topic around here. I'm sure that a fellow superstar Matthew Hamming might find you interesting. Also, I've encountered a strange clique calling itself 'the Elect', quite unusual, but I suppose their claims of WooHoo being good will attract the ire of the Church. If you are really not part of the Church, I presume something happened at your stay in Appaloosa Plains." Antigone replies, "Agh, I once was loyal, but the Church is too rigid. I presume you haven't heard about anything in Appaloosa Plains: it is after all a backwater in the celebrity culture, especially compared to Sunset Valley." Lola goes, "Interesting. It has been quite a pleasure chatting with a former member of the Church."

Matthew is enthusiatsic.

It was only a matter of time, however, before Antigone becomes one of the most talked-about figures in Bridgeport, helped by the mystic feeling generated by Antigone's Greek origins (as well as the relatively introverted lifestyle that was of the Church that Antigone never grew out of). Antigone eventually met Matthew Hammings at the Banzai Lounge, and Matthew was only too happy to meet a member of the most prestigious faction in the fanon universe. Matthew's initial greeting was "Ah, a scholar of the Greek Church! I always dreamed of meeting one and basking in the its celebrity glory...," to which Antigone responds, "Well, that day is gone. The Church is an engine of oppression, and I barely got out with my life," continuing with her tale of development, escape, deviation and eventual capture and escape. Matthew found Antigone's tales quite dramatic, and Matthew was all too eager to have Antigone's tales in a movie: Matthew knew of a certain director by the name of Phil Geiles that he figured might be interested in having Antigone's tales rendered in a potential blockbuster. Antigone played along, and decided to allow for a meeting in which the three party would decide how to divide up profits.

Bridgeport Defensives[edit | edit source]

Antigone is seared from attempting to observe Kallisto's bombardments.

However, Kallisto eventually developed the art of orbital bombardment, and immediately proceeded to terrorize the population of Bridgeport into turning over Bridgeport to Ecclesiarchal control. Kallisto's Rods of God fell unto numerous regions in Bridgeport, delivering terror and property damage, latter being most severe at the region in which the celebrities lived. Despite that, Antigone and the other Greek residents there were not directly targeted as to thinly disguise the attacks. Antigone immediately felt suspicious and went to the first major target of Kallisto's bombardments: the Filming grounds, which already had its marks already, along with the first injuries, one of them Devin Ashton. While observing the region, Antigone was too close to the bombardment region and hence was seared herself. She quickly washed and attempted to observe other areas, although due to the nature of the targets, Antigone was not able to closely inspect the damage. However, Antigone's inquisitive nature yielded some success: Antigone met some other victims of Kallisto's bombardments, who were not only excited to be at the presence of a former Church member but also excited at the prospect of a potential protector. Antigone is an active member of the Council, and Antigone is an advocate of preparedness, in contrast to Demetria's compromise-oriented proposal. Due to the nature of the attacks, Antigone's proposal was the more popular one, and as such, Antigone banded with a couple of followers and decided to travel to Shang Simla, hoping to be able to get the population trained enough to resist a potential invasion, which Antigone believed was a question of when, not if. Antigone and Matthew was also at it trying to contact Phil Geiles and trying to negotiate a movie production, but Phil Geiles was very elusive: so Antigone dedicated most of her energy at obtaining the equipments, putting the activist film project as a secondary priority.

Several victims go bonkers for autographs. Antigone gets some information.

Antigone was of the majority opinion that called for an aggressive policy against Kallisto, compared to the minority compromiser faction that called for a reform, which was headed by none other then Demetria. Antigone's position grew sronger with the arrival of Lord Plutonium and Baron Uranium, although even Antigone, who suffered plenty at the hands of the new faction, was not certain about making an move, given the strength of the Ecclesiarchy and the variety of the tools that they possess that SimNation does not. Although Lord Plutonium and Baron Uranium were the new elites of the SimNation's army, Antigone doubted their abilities, given that they were not famous.

But then, Antigone was contacted by a certain person...

Alliance with the Bronzefangs[edit | edit source]

Although Kallisto grew in power with every passing moment, not all hope was lost. For one, Kallisto had been largely introspective until Ezekiel popped in, more interested in improving her domains than to conquer new ones. Things changed when Ezekiel drew some aggression from the Papal State, which obviously put Ezekiel along the anti-Kallisto groups. With it he proposed the alliance between the Moonlight Fall's citizens (bar few such as the witches of the Lizardworts and more importantly, Silver Lilies) and the Council of Bridgeport, to which the Bridgeport's citizens agreed to by a large margin. Making the alliance, Antigone shared all the intel, which were less about Ecclesiarchy itself but more focused on associates such as Isis Stone, allowing Ezekiel to get supplied via Isis's network, which also increased Isis's power.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Antigone has the largest bust out of the historical core members in the Union of the Insane, although it isn't much of a feat, since the others are flat chested in general, and Antigone also has a smaller than average bust size, something that is enforced by the Union of the Insane. And in the Church itself (that is, including the lesser members), Antigone's in the middle between the flat main members (and their disciples) and the converts, such as the Mathetai, Morgana Wolff, and Tessa Swanson.
  • As mentioned in Kallisto Syrakosia article, Syrakousia is an acceptable variant of the surname and the rename to Syrakosia was actually unneeded, although not incorrect.

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