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Anthony Nagel
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Searching his whole life of what really makes him happy, Anthony is one of the people who seem to excel at almost anything. However, he realizes that his happiness means he needs to act dumb sometimes.
Anthony Nagel
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Anthony Nagel
Name Anthony Nagel
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Extraterrestrial Explorer
Parents Josef and Sonia
Sibling(s) Only child
Romances Raphaela Bellante Married
Sabrina Ransleigh Ex-romance
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Rosiannah Daughter
Berkeley Son
Trait TS4 Genius Genius
Trait TS4 Loner Loner
Trait TS4 Geek Geek
Trait TS4 Quick Learner Quick Learner
Aspiration  Computer Whiz
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Windenburg

Anthony Jarl Valdivia-Nagel ( /jrl/,  /næɡl/, born Nägel on November 9, 1996) is a Filipino-born Sim scientist. He is most recognizable as the leading scientist of the Scientist Neighborhood.


He first appeared in the Facebook game The Sims Social. Afterwards, he also appeared as a minor character for both The Sims, particularly in the Vacation expansion pack, and The Sims 2. It effectively amde him become the Author Avatar of the user Gourd Roger during those years.

He then appears as a standalone character in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, with two separate incarnations for each game and which effectively ended his role as an Author Avatar and the start of his new role as a Self-Insert Fic. His name is meant to be a pun on the real name of the author as he sarcastically represents Simmers who tend to try to look like themselves.

Being the current and only playable incarnation of the Sim, his Sims 4 character lives in The Summer Home in Windenburg and works as the head Scientist in the Scientist Neighborhood. He eventually married Raphaela Bellante, a restaurant owner and Secret Agent from Oasis Springs. A few days before their intended wedding, Raphaela decided to live together with him in The Summer Home and later, occupying the previously empty Fyres house nearby which occupies the largest lot size available in the game. They secretly purchased and lived in The Summer Home again later in the storyline. With the introduction of The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, he adopted a pet dog named LB. Then he also had two children with Raphaela who are Rosiannah and Berkeley.

He is also related with the central character Renzi Stevens through friendly relations with her husband Reinhard Correa, as well as being the archrival of his wife Raphaela in her Secret Agent career.

Personality and PhilosophyEdit

Anthony is a heavy recluse, or a person who loves solitude or being alone too much that he rarely gets social interaction. Since he already has a lot of social interactions, he doesn't need to interact with strangers who pass by his house daily. As an Author Avatar, he tends to reflect on his creator's personality as an introvert as well as a slight of a person who likes sitting around all day playing video games on a PC. He gets Tense when he gets surrounded by strangers like all Loners. However, he has a higher tolerance of crowds and strangers than his partner Raphaela.

What is different between the two in terms of personality is that Anthony seems to be a Genius (with a capital G). He is capable of being Focused for long periods of time, especially after a Eureka or discovering a new formula for one of the inventions he is trying to make in the future. This contrast with the creator having a really short attention span and gets tense everytime he focuses his attention on something for too long such as listening in lectures for more than 10 minutes.

Another dominant part of his personality is his silent crave for alcoholic beverages. He seems to be a connoisseur since he can differentiate different types of liquor, particularly between brands of the same type that tastes almost exactly like the other. Sometimes, he drinks a glass of wine as early as he wakes up. This changed when he married his partner, especially when he is already conscious that he is soon to have kids.

He seems to be a traditional dad when it comes to take care of his children, although he is only a "traditional" father in terms of the roles in the household such as the person doing the office work or physical work such as woodworking. This contrasts to the modern-day family in which both parents work while the children stay at a daycare facility or a nanny takes care of them. However unlike these type of fathers, he is always calm when it comes to disciplining his children since their relations and trust are still the most important thing around.

Another thing that is not common about his personality is that he is currently in a quarter-life crisis. He first experienced this when he entered the Science career and continues to experience it while being on the top of the ladder, being the only commanding officer of the Science lab. He seems that he cannot find the other thing that would make him happy aside from his wife and two kids. He is also an existentialist, in which he believes that he only lives for his bodily functions and that the "afterlife" is the reputation being passed into their descendants. He always talks about this with his close friends and his partner, with latter discussing philosophies while cloud gazing or stargazing.

He started the game with hating a lot of things such as cooking. He somehow gets uncomfortable when he touches hot objects such as frying pans. He did learn to cook properly until he did excel at cooking although he cannot match his partner in terms of cooking especially that she had an apprenticeship background on the restaurant she will own later.

Finally, the combination of too much Focused mood due to his Genius trait, a tendency of tenseness due to his Loner trait and having too much confidence leads to him being slightly clumsy although this aspect of his personality is not included in the three main characteristics that are included in the game.


Anthony is intended to look like his creator. He is a mestizo, or a person having both Asian and European features. When he designed his character, he asked for the help of his friends to ensure the accuracy of the author with the character. The height isn't though. His height was adjusted to fit the author's "perfect" specifications of 1.91 meters (6'3"). The character's physical appearance matches more of his mother than his father, except for his body shape and some minor details in the nose and the eyebrows. Like most people to date, he has black hair and brown eyes. He also has light skin that balances his Asian and European physical traits.

He is perceived to look "teeny" and youthful despite being a young adult. His voice was also slightly high-pitched at the beginning of the game when compared to other Sims. However, it did deepen as the story progresses. His voice as of late seems to be of lower pitch than most other Sims around. This makes his voice perfect for Singing and speech practice. He also seem to be capable of narrating.

He is meticulous when it comes to picking his Everyday and Party clothes. This make him quite recognizable in social situations and in some occasions, it makes him Tense due to his Loner trait. For both incarnations of the character, he is always seen wearing glasses despite having clear eyesight. In The Sims 3, he wore glasses for his Everyday and Formalwear. In The Sims 4, he also wears glasses for his Party outfit and in his uniform for the current level of his Science career. It can be explained by the author's personality of making his real self "confidential" and the same rule applies for his supposed to be author avatar.

For both games, his favorite outside-the-house clothes are polo shirts, button-up shirts and t-shirts, the last being for his everyday attire. The only occasion when he wore sweaters and jackets were for The Sims 3: Seasons. In The Sims 4, he never wore any long-sleeved clothing at all aside from his formal attire where he naturally wears a suit. The longest cut he wears are elbow-length shirts. For his sleeping clothes, he prefers wearing skimpy attire such as tank tops and boxer shorts.

Story as a Sims Social characterEdit

Back in 2011, Anthony was one of the two Sims Gourd Roger created for The Sims Social, the other being Renzi Stevens. Both were created using two separate Facebook profiles and they never met each other until The Sims 4. Like most players of the game, he settled in the suburban district of Littlehaven first. He then settled in the other districts, although he liked to be on his beach house in Littlehaven Shores.

He managed to reach level 102 or Club 100 Bronze Recruit before abandoning the game in mid-2012. He also remained single throughout his life in the game, as he never had any romantic relationships. His only companion in his house is a Labrador named Choc.

Story as a Sims 4 CharacterEdit

Life leading to The Sims 4Edit

Anthony was "born" to Josef Nägel and Sonia Arranda on an island that looks similar to Sunlit Tides. He was the only child of the family, and that is where he got his Loner trait. It was seen on a postcard on his previous house in The Summer Home.

He started a little late in The Sims 4. In actuality, he was created by the author as a young adult. Due to the lack of a college DLC, he did not practically have any educational background. The only solid evidence of him being a top student during his younger years is his educational background in Sims 3. However, since his Sims 3 character belongs to an alternate timeline, all evidences of his educational background are considered as "not canon". While it is not exactly known how intellectually-capable Anthony is other than his career performance, it can be seen that there are at least two racks of medals (as wall decor) on his room, among other awards.

So to cover up for the lack of a college DLC, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in real-life Germany. When he discovered about Windenburg sometime during his stay in college, he seems that he needs to move there so that he can practice his long-polished Simlish-speaking skills. He strategically picked the Countryside district so that he can still live in a relatively quiet state while not being very far from the town.

Life between college and marriageEdit

He bought the previously vacant The Summer Home lot, and built a small house that fits exactly all of his needs. He then entered the Science career after getting bored of being at home everyday. All of his co-workers are roughly the same level as him as Lab Technicians and he rose into the ranks of Laboratory Leader.

Relationship story with SabrinaEdit

He met Sabrina Ransleigh during a festival in San Myshuno. Sabrina is a short story writer from Oasis Springs. Sabrina was the first to have a liking on Anthony and soon, Anthony also fell in love with her. Anthony asked Sabrina if she can become his girlfriend, and she said yes. However, Sabrina is kind of a Jealous girl and she hates seeing her boyfriend talking to other girls. Since most of Anthony's friends are in fact girls, conflict rose between the two and their supposed to be first date ended up in a disaster. Sabrina said not to contact her again and Anthony became depressed as a result of the rejection.

Using what he learned from the Science career and his mischief skill, he frequents by the outside of Sabrina's house and uses his Voodoo doll on her as retribution. He also uses his inventions to make her Uncomfortable or Asleep on various times of the day. Daily practice made him increase his Mischief skill to level 10, higher than most Criminals that are not Bosses or Oracles. For his enjoyment, he also turned her family's equipment outside of her house using the Simray. He was almost caught once by her dad who is actually a Vampire who was still at his Dark Form. He did manage to get away and brought himself home to Windenburg before he loses energy and become Dazed.

Relationship story with RaphaelaEdit

He met his future wife and second girlfriend, Raphaela Bellante who owned the restaurant he was eating on after a day of exercise. Having shared interests in geeky topics such as technology and video games, they became close friends. He also showed his mastery of the Mischief skill by using the Voodoo doll for one last time against Sabrina. Luckily, the latter did not notice or realize that it was Anthony who was doing this all along. He then sold the voodoo doll at a garage sale, which was purchased by Don Lothario.

Anthony finally matured in personality and let himself enter a relationship again. He had a crush on Raphaela and tried to show his feelings through a friendly date. Although it also ended up in a failure because Raphaela went home crying, Anthony seems to be happy since the emotional baggage casually went off. Soon, Raphaela admitted that she also likes Anthony. They decided to enter a relationship together instead of the guy asking the girl out, where she revealed that her actual job is a Secret Agent.

They had their first date as a couple on an another restaurant in Newcrest. Their most common ways of bonding are throwing insults, attending festivals together and stargazing. One of the most common insults Raphaela calls on Anthony is "Elizabeth", after the male duck-looking alien from the manga and anime series Gintama. Anthony responds by calling her "James Quack", saying that Raphaela isn't a legitimate spy. This analogizes her as a "quack doctor" to medical doctors.

Their insults ironically made them closer to each other for several Sim weeks until Anthony did propose Raphaela if she can become his wife. After saying yes, Raphaela surprised the guy by saying she bought the former Fyres house in the Countryside which is just a few steps from The Summer Home.

The marriage and afterwardsEdit

The Bellantes, Raphaela's family, purchased the Dresden House from the Fyres as a dowry. It is rebuilt to the previous Roman villa structure that was demolished during the construction of the Fyres house. The ruins of the previous house can be seen in the two gardens located in the middle of the house. Anthony was overwhelmed that he passed out. In exchange of the house, he supplied the family with his inventions, effectively becoming the most technologically-capable family in the game.

The marriage happened in San Myshuno's Myshuno Meadows park. They exchanged vows and officially became each other's spouse. Only a few friends were invited such as the family of the bride and Anthony's coworkers. Afterwards Raphaela bore to their first baby, a girl named Rosiannah who was named after the webcomic character Rosianna Rabbit. Then after aging Rosiannah up to a toddler, they had their second baby who was a boy named Berkeley. Instead of actually naming the boy after the town in central California, he was named after the minor antagonist from the video game GTA San Andreas.

There are no significant events after their family having two kids aside from Anthony being promoted another three ranks to the highest-ranking science job, the Extraterrestrial Explorer, while his wife entered the Villain Branch where she currently works as a [redacted] and is currently on her way to becoming a Triple Agent that she long desired.

Soon, he re-purchased The Summer Home and moved back there, deeming that the Dresden House was way too extravagant for him and costs too much in terms of weekly billing.

Looming towards new hobbiesEdit

After him and his family's return to The Summer Home, Anthony has found yet another skill to improve and spend time on which is the Writing skill. He is usually writing books or stories on a computer when he is not busy at work or taking care of his children. Just as other Sim would, he first wrote Children's books. As of the time of this writing, he wrote at least 6 literary works as well as many other stories in the works.

He also started making wooden sculptures. He only has two small sculptures made, although he is planning to create more soon.

Published worksEdit

Anthony sorts his published works by rating and target audience outside of his first two children's books. He uses Japanese terms in his personal rating system while it is based on the rating system used by the real life Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

  • The K (kodomo, or child) rating refers for general audience content that may contain some violence and mild but child-friendly mean language. Corresponds to Early Childhood (EC) and Everyone (E) ratings.
  • The S (shonen/shojo, or young boy/girl respectively) rating refers for content that are made for teenaagers and above, similar to Everyone 10+ (E10+) and/or Teen (T) ratings.
  • The J (josei and seinen) refers to content made for young adults and above. Corresponds to to Mature (M) and Adults Only (AO) ratings.
  • The P (exPerimental), any work that are dispensable either for later use or merging into existing stories. Corresponds to "Rating Pending" (RP).

The following are his works:

  • Ra. Mu. Ne. (Children's) - Three children imagine of their future and the things they want to have and experience in the future. The "Ra Mu Ne" acronym stands for the surnames of the main characters.
  • Sunlit Tides (Children's, Biography-Like) - Tells about the character's childhood during his stay in a certain tropical island that looks like Sunlit Tides in a fictional manner, and the main character wanting to go back because of the pressures of his adulthood.
  • A Noob's Guide to the Fan Fictions of the Internet (Non-fiction, rated S) - A book about the history of the internet's most iconic fan fiction works, as well as a self-help guide about creating one. Covers all of the topics necessary such as manga and anime, video games, books, and TV shows.
  • The Floor is Llama (Short story, rated S) - The only short story Anthony has worked on, it talks about a teenager who is stuck between man-eating llamas. He is trying not to wake them up by not touching the ground which creates noises loud enough to wake these llamas up. During his planned escape, he encountered many people of varying ages and plans to get out of this nightmare together. This story is inspired with the tabletop game Don't Wake the Llama and the childhood game The Floor is Lava.
  • Diss Tracks: Then and Now (Non-fiction, rated S) - Talks about the best diss tracks of hip-hop, particularly in the 1980s and the 2000s. Also includes a special commentary of how far the genre has deteriorated, as well as a prediction of a possible comeback in the near-future.
  • Attack of the 50-foot Smartphone Zombie (Screenplay, rated K) - The world has been infected by zombies who are physically attached to their phones. These zombies have emojis as their heads and their phones are permanently attached by flesh into their hands. During the final battle, these fused into a single, gigantic being that is a danger for the world as it takes everything it consumes into digital memory and making the world disappear if not immediately resolved.


The following images are taken from his current incarnation in The Sims 4.


The Sims 4
Image Name Relationship level
Raphaela Bellante Wife
Stuart Velasquez Best Friend
Mizuki Mori Friend
Jesminder Bheeda Friend
Weston Snyder Friend


  • The following are his favorites as of The Sims 4:
    • His favorite genre is Alternative.
    • His favorite foods are Steak and Rack of Lamb.
    • His favorite color is Purple.
  • The author is not of German descent, but of Castilian Spanish one.
  • Since he lives alone, most of his time is allotted to digging for materials or harvesting plants for his Science work.
  • He is seen as snobbish to his co-workers, and gets Tense when around vampires or simply any stranger. It can be justified by his natural Loner trait.
  • His house in The Summer Home contradicts the normal house in Windenburg as it appears to be a Japanese fusion house.
    • His new Dresden House still contrasts from the other Windenburg houses as this time, it is a Romanesque house.
  • He seems to be skilled at playing musical instruments, being capable to play the guitar at intermediate proficiency and novice in terms of playing the other instruments.
  • He rarely has exercise due to his job and he is also busy completing the fishing skill.
  • He does not go to festivals or other social events unless Raphaela invites him.
  • He curses a lot (Shout Forbidden Words action), especially when he is alone but has a Tense moodlet.
  • He still has no idea how to order pizza in-game.
  • He also frequents by his home bar to drink alcoholic beverages.
  • As he already has two children while being only 21 years old in real-time, readers must take note that the current state of the character in the game happens in the future.
    • Gourd Roger mentioned that he met Raphaela in 2017, and married 3 years later.
    • Rosiannah is four years ahead of Berkeley.
    • This means that the game's current state happens by the year 2024 or 2025, and Anthony is currently between 27 and 29 years old.
  • He likes being around campfires.

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