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Annabel Charvat
Name Annabel Charvat
Gender Female Female
Charvat family
Parents Count Leo Charvat, Lindy Charvat
Sibling(s) Thomas Charvat Male,George Charvat Male,Isabel Charvat Female,Elinor Charvat Female
Romances Alex Charvat Married
Child(ren) Joel Charvat Son and Daniel Charvat Son
The Sims 2 Logo
'Annabel has always aspired to control someones brain, but will she have the brains to find out?'
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Vampire Vampire
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School Public School
Grade A+
Major Psychology Psychology
Paranormal career UFO Investigator
Aspiration  Knowledge
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Red Eyes Red
Skin color Eye-custom White
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview

Annabel Charvat is the daughter of Lindy Charvat and Count Leo Charvat and the older sister of Thomas Charvat, George Charvat, Isabel Charvat and Elinor Charvat. Annabel is a vampire and two children.



Annabel was born into a rich family. She was awake the most of her babyhood causing her parents trouble. She was an only child then.


When she grew into a toddler her skills started to shine. She was clever than the average toddler. She learned to talk, walk and potty train faster than any toddler has ever done. She even found her parents week spot so she could get everything she wants.


At school she didn't need to work hard, she got the teaches to believe she was the best pupil. She mastered hypnotism in all the possible ways there were. Everyone did what she wanted.

Until her father found wearing reflective glasses can stop hypnotism and got her uncle to develop some contacts to stop hypnotism working. She was angry at her father but also amazed. She was grateful when he helped her with homework and told her cheating will always end badly.

When her brother started school she taught him that lesson as well. She loved her brother dearly and agreed in the future they will rule the world.


When she grew into a teenager, she startign transforming into a vampire. Not sudenly like when your bitten but her fangs started to grow at the age of 13. Her thirst of blood started to devolpe and on her 15th birthday she nearly burned herself going outside.

When she grew into a teen, Annabel couldn't go to the same school with her siblings as it was considered dangerous because of sunlight. She asked why couldn't she use the Sun-cream her uncle developed. Her parent awsnered it only works when you a full vampire and your still transforming. Her school was at 7:00 in the evening till 3 in the morining.

At school teacher where used to pupils hypnotizing as it was a vampire trait. But none had seen hypnotizing skill more powerful than Annabel. Annabel had to work harder at school because sometimes cheating was the easist.

She had a couple of friends at school but not many. But one of her best friends was Alex. He knew what she was going through as he was the only vampire in his family. Most of her normal friends met her aftershool at home. She was sad she couldn't go shopping like normal teenagers did as all the shops was closed after dark.

When her brother grew up he showed her a placed where his friends showed him. It was like a town but better and all the shopkeepers were vampires so she could go shopping after dark. She went with her vampire friends after school.

She also started seeing Alex more in the shopping place but it was just friendly. She never saw how much Alex loved her.


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