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Angelo Fuchs
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Angelo is a single father to three children, with two dead wives and two dead siblings. Can he manage to hold himself together?
Name Angelo Fuchs
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Law Enforcement career Vice Squad
Fuchs family
Parents Kristen Jones, Magnus Jones, Leila FuchsAdoptive Linda FuchsAdoptive Bruce Collin Step-son
Sibling(s) Chadwick FuchsAdoptive Mia CollinAdoptive
Romances Siobhan FuchsDivorced Beverly FuchsDivorced Valerie Hiatt Ex-romance Sophie Vu Ex-romance
Marital status Divorced
Child(ren) AJ Fuchs Son Angie Fuchs Daughter Daisy Fuchs Daughter
Pets Sonny Jr, Lulu
Aspiration  Family
Secondary aspiration  Romance
Lifetime want
Reached Golden Anniversary Party Reach Golden Anniversary
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Downtown
 Angelo Magnus Fuchs (formerly Jones) is a sim living in Downtown Desertia. He is the biological son of Kristen Jones and Magnus Jones, adopted son of Leila Fuchs and Linda Collin, adopted brother of Chadwick Fuchs and Mia Collin, father of AJ Fuchs, Angie Fuchs, and Daisy Fuchs, grandson of Arty Loste and Daisy Loste, and nephew of Jonathan Loste and Opal Loste.


Before BirthEdit

Before Angelo was born, Kristen and Magnus were married in Belladonna Cove. Magnus died of a lightning strike when Kristen was in her second trimester. 

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Angelo was born while Kristen was being assisted by two neighbours. Angelo was raised by Kristen as a single mother, who tried repeatedly to move on from her husband's death but failed. Eventually, Kristen and Angelo moved to a town called Desertia, where Kristen adopted two dogs named Kermit and Marbles. Kristen started up a car dealership that failed, and moved on to a slightly more successful salon. Angelo was rejected from private school due to his mother's financial status, but he still loved her.

Mother's Death and AdoptionEdit

Due to financial stress, Kristen killed herself in her room. Angelo was distraught upon finding his mother, and he was forced to go into care. He only stayed in care for a short time, as he ended up being adopted by a single woman named Leila Fuchs. Leila lived alone with only her two cats, Snugglebunches and Princess Cutie. Angelo took some time, but he eventually bonded with Leila due to the fact that Leila had bought Kristen's car dealership (which she turned into a kitchen appliance store). When the two cats had a kitten, Angelo was put in charge of training it. Eventually, Leila married a woman named Linda. Leila and Linda adopted a boy named Chadwick, gaining Angelo a half-brother. Angelo was later accepted into private school.


After Leila died and Linda moved out with her new husband and daughter, Angelo was left alone in the house with two dogs, now a full grown adult. He opted not to go to college, wanting to start a career from the top. Angelo had a drunken night out, and met Beverly St. Julien. Angelo and Beverly got extremely drunk, and had a "fake" wedding in the club (which was later revealed as a legal marriage). They WooHooed and Beverly left in the middle of the night. Angelo woke up and realized the wedding was real, and spent the next while trying to find Beverly, only remembering a name and black hair and nothing else. He never tracked down his estranged wife however. Everything changed for Angelo when he discovered a baby at his doorstep, and a note explained that the baby was Angelo's son with Beverly, who had abandoned the baby and ran off. Angelo took his baby son in, and despite initially rejecting the baby, he grew to love him and named him Angelo Jr, AJ for short. Angelo had two girlfriends, Valerie and Sophie, but broke off his relationships with both of them to focus on his son.

On AJ's birthday to a child, a woman arrived at the door claiming to be Beverly. Angelo accepted Beverly back with open arms, but AJ was skeptical. Unlike AJ, Angelo failed to pick up on Beverly's strange behaviors, which involved her being overly protective of AJ, being scared of the kitchen and having two fire alarms, and having a downstairs bedroom which she kept locked at all times. Beverly was also desperate to have a proper wedding party to renew their vows, and Angelo accepted. Angelo and Beverly had their second wedding, but AJ didn't attend as Beverly told Angelo he was ill. AJ ran out into the yard where the wedding was held, and told Angelo and the rest of the guests that "Beverly" was a fraud and the real Beverly died of an illness soon after he was born. Angelo didn't believe AJ, thinking he was just overwhelmed by finally having his mother in his life. Two wedding guests backed AJ up on his claims as they figured it out a while back and came to the wedding to expose "Beverly". One of the wedding guests was Edna Garthen, Beverly's roommate who tracked Angelo down and left AJ on his doorstep after Beverly's death. The other wedding guest was Ben Friedman, "Beverly"'s ex husband who revealed her real name is Siobhan Friedman. AJ also showed guests the forbidden room, which contained an urn. Siobhan refused to divulge information in front of the guests, and when they left, she revealed the urn contained the ashes of her daughter Daisy Friedman. Siobhan revealed her daughter died in a fire (explaining Siobhan's two fire alarms and fear of the kitchen) and that her motive for impersonating Beverly was when she heard Angelo's story of his search for Beverly online, and decided to impersonate her to gain AJ as a son to fill the void her daughter's death left. Angelo wanted to kick her out, but Siobhan revealed she was pregnant with twins. Despite AJ's objections, Angelo allowed Siobhan to stay. Siobhan gave birth to twin daughters, Angela (shortened to Angie) and Daisy (after her daughter). Angelo and Siobhan had troubles with their marriage after Angelo admitted he only stayed with her for their twins. They divorced, and Siobhan became depressed and drowned in the local pool, leaving Angelo a single father again. Around the same time, Chadwick and Mia became ill and died. Angelo fell into a depression, but kept it together for his kids. Eventually, due to too many bad memories in Desertia, the family moved to Downtown.


  • Despite being an adopted sim, his deceased biological father is still seen on his family tree.
  • Angelo and his lemonade stand
  • Angelo as a child
  • Angelo as a teen
  • Angelo with his toddler son AJ
  • Angelo's first wife Beverly
  • Angelo's second wife Siobhan
  • Angelo and his daughter Angie
  • Angelo and his daughter Daisy
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