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Anastacia Tomb
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Name Anastacia Tomb
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Painting skill icon Illustrious Illustrator
Fanon:Tomb family
Parents Tristan Legend, Teresa Tomb
Pets NanakaTomb, Dina Neko
Trait Adventurous small Adventurous
Trait Artistic small Artistic
Trait Clumsy small Clumsy
Trait Savvy Sculptor small Savvy Sculptor
Trait Supernatural Fan small Supernatural Fan
Zodiac sign LibraLN Libra
Lifetime wish
LTW Descendant of da Vinci Descendant of da Vinci
Fav Pop Pop
Fav Hot Dog Hot Dog
Fav Grey Grey
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Tan skin-TS3 Tanned
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
4 celebrity stars
Other Information
Game TS3ST Icon The Sims 3: Showtime
Playability Playable
World Starlight Shores
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Anastacia Tomb is a mysterious girl from Starlight Shores. She mastered Sculpting as well as Painting and is living with her aunt Helen Neko, her uncle Nikoban and her cousin Mercedes, because her parents, Teresa Tomb & Tristan Legend already died. She also likes a lot and can’t decide what she wants to do because of that. She’s planning to visit Shang Simla, Al Simhara & Champs Les Sims in the future, to find her destination. She usually can be found at home after school, doing what she likes the most: drawing and sculpting. She doesn’t care about her celebrity status and hates Paparazzi.

Before Anastacia was bornEdit

Before Anastacia was born, her mother Teresa lived together with Anastacia’s father, Tristan Legend & her aunt, Helen Tomb. Shortly after the 3 found a little house in Starlight Shores, Anastacia’s grandparents died of old age. It was a hard time for all of them, but they survived it due to hard work. Teresa started her career as singer, Tristan used his mechanic-skills and made lots of robots, while Helen was already a detective before they bought their new house.

Teresa became a celebrity in just one night, as she took part in a talent-show in the park of Starlight Shores. After a short time she was able to sell her first album, which sold over 100k in its first week. She climbed higher and higher and improved a lot in just a short time, ‘til she got a Superstar and very well-paid celebrity! But despite her success, Teresa wasn’t happy, ‘til she fell in love with Tristan.

Tristan knew Helen from college and both were good friends back then (probably besties). When they met a few years later, they decided to move in together, because they still talked and laughed a lot, when they met at the super-market, like in old times. Tristan knew Helen’s & Teresa’s parents and was shocked, when they died. Though he wasn’t as depressed as Helen & Teresa, he also tried to work as hard as he could to forget all of his pain.

Helen worked like usual, relatively foolish. She never liked her job, because she still wasn’t good at it after 5 years, no matter how much she tried to get better. When Helen was alone, she started frequently crying out loud and mumbled how stupid and dumb her life was and that she couldn’t let Tristan & Teresa down, because they need her.

On the first obit of Margret & Lukas Tomb, Teresa gave a concert for both of them. Helen invited Tristan and so they met each other at the concert hall. Tristan never knew much about Teresa, just that she was his besties sister and that she was now his roommate, but when he saw her on stage, he somehow seemed to get feelings for her. From second to second Tristan got nervier and nervier, until his state of nervousness was so extreme, that he had to tell her all his feelings after the concert. A few days later they came together and tried to live a normal life after (as much as possible as a well known former Superstar). Teresa got a few months later pregnant.


Tristan and Teresa never wanted, that their children become popular, but shortly after Anastacia’s birth, she got a well-known child. The Paparazzi did nearly everything to get some pictures of her.


When Anastacia grew up, the Paparazzi seemed to become ruder. A guy once tried to burgle in the Tomb’s house to get some pictures of her. He was shortly after pelted by Tristan. The burglar-story became a big scandal!


When Anastacia became a child, both her parents died during & by fire. Anastacia got bad grades and skipped school for a long time, while Helen got a new job and found a boyfriend (Nikoban) after. She knew Nikoban from childhood, but never met him again, until then. There were rumors, that Helen set on fire to commit suicide, because she couldn’t live without both her parents. Helen herself just said, that she would commit suicide now, after her sister and her best mate died, when both, Nikoban and Anastacia wouldn’t exist and give her the energy to live. When school called Helen, she began to force Anastacia to learn a lot. However, Anastacia hated Helen for forcing her to learn when she was a child, but thought later, that it wasn’t a bad idea. Helen married Nikoban, got pregnant and gave birth to Mercedes.


When Anastacia became a teenager, she improved a lot in school. She became one of her school’s best students. She also found out, that she loves to draw pictures. When she listened to her mother’s album, she was so surprised, that she thought, she could one day probably be a Superstar, like her mother was, but she’s still uncertain, because she likes way too many things (in her opinion).


  • Anastacia is American
  • Is known for her crazy, uncommon & strange personality and clothing
  • She looks a lot like her mother, though she has the same skin as her father (not the same skin tone)
  • Has an A+ (grade)
  • Will probably be a “Superstar” in the future
  • Is uncertain about her future-occupation

An Interview with Anastacia TombEdit

Interviewer: What do you think about your Cousin?

Interviewee: Mercedes? Oh, he thinks that he’s sportier than everyone and the most graceful guy in Starlight Shores, though he is just a big crybaby.. a very… veeeery big one, ya know?

Interviewer: What’s with your aunt and uncle?

Interviewee: My auntie loves good food, but somehow doesn’t get fat, I’m jealous! But she is also a somewhat strange woman… she sometimes behaves younger than me and is excited about… well, the whole world, I guess? Uncle Nikoban is also a very strange man. He sometimes scares me, because he thinks, that he is the cat’s soulmate. He’s such a foolish couch potato… it’s unbelievable! At least he isn’t as rigorous as Helen…

Interviewer: Do you like your cats?

Interviewee: Sure! I love them like little siblings! But they love Nikoban muuuuch more than me *geez* *sigh*…

Gallery Edit

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