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Amin. Jr Space
Name Amin. Jr Space
Gender Male Male
Space Family
Parents Flynn Space, Adrian LangfordDeceased, Juan Space Step-son
Sibling(s) Ariel Space Half-sisterDeceased
Romances Georgia Morrison Ex-romance, Sally Morrison Ex-romance, Nikki Lang Ex-romance, Emma Browning Crush
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Amin. Jr Space (YA)
Amin. Jr should've learnt by now! He shouldn't date lots of girls, it will ALWAYS go wrong!
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young adult
Life state Alien Alien-Sim Hybrid
Zodiac sign Scorpio Scorpio
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-green Green
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Lavisha

Amin. Jr is the illegitimate son of Flynn Space and Adrian Langford. He resembles his father with eyes but his mother in his green skin. He is dating Georgia Morrison but also seeing her twin sister too, Sally.

Before Birth Edit

Before he was born, Flynn and Adrian met in college and after a few dates they were in love. Adrian moved out before Flynn to a flat and realised that he loved being alone and didn't miss her at all. When Flynn moved in, Adrian realised that he didn't want to stay with Flynn so left her by herself. He later transferred the lease to her name so there would be no complications in her living there alone. He didn't realise that he was a father or he might've stayed.

Babyhood Edit

As a baby, Amin. Jr was named after his late grandfather Amin by his mother. His mother, Flynn was still bitter about Adrian but still loved and took great care of Amin. Jr despite her feelings. In Flynn's time of sadness, Amin. Jr was her one reason for carrying on and she loved him for being with her.

Toddlerhood Edit

As a Toddler, Amin. Jr was adored by his mother and all the neighbors in the apartment building. Around this time, Flynn decided to take Amin. Jr to see Kylie and finally bring herself back into family life. Amin. Jr had a great time with his older cousins as they all though he was the sweetest little boy around. From then on, him and his mother visited Kylie a lot more. Amin. Jr was very happy when his mum explained very simply that Juan was going to be his new Daddy. Amin. Jr liked Juan, he played games with him whenever he came round and sometimes picked him up from nursery he sometimes brought treats without Flynn knowing.


As a child, Amin. Jr helped his mum with the wedding. He was glad Juan was moving in after the wedding as it would be nice to have a Dad again. Amin. Jr didn't like the sound of his real dad. Juan came over most days for supper and sometimes when he stayed the night, he would make Pancakes for Amin. Jr before Flynn woke up as she liked to lie in. Things went a bit odd when Juan moved in early. Amin. Jr was unsure why but knew it was important. He soon found out that it was because he was going to have a little sister. He was angry, wasn't he enough for them? One night Flynn went into labour and Ariel was born. Immediately, it was like he was invisible, it was all Ariel this, Ariel that. Amin. Jr was sick of it already...


As a teen, Amin. Jr was very popular. He began dating a girl called Georgia who was his mother's best friend's step daughter. He had many friends and should have been really happy but Ariel was still annoying him. His friends all wondered why he was jealous of a little toddler girl who wasn't even potty trained yet. Although part of him was happy with Georgia, he also found her sister more attractive so they began seeing each other. Although he had his first kiss with Georgia he had his first woohoo with Sally. Although Sally knew about him dating Georgia, neither of them knew about his crush on the beautiful yet uninterested Nikki Lang. He knew he didn't have a shot with her but he could dream. Amin. Jr had planned a romantic date with Georgia btu his plans were cancelled by Flynn and Juan having a surprise marriage for unseen reasons. He was annoyed as Georgia was wondering why he knew her very well even though she had never had met and (for appearances sake) seemed to hate each other. This was his chance to prove that he was still faithful to her (despite the reality). After this, Amin. Jr began spending less time with Georgia. Mainly because, she knew he was chetaing (or suspected) and what was the point of trying to unconvince her and Sally gave him woohoo whereas Georgia just wanted to talk on and on about feelings and life and boring other stuff so Amin. Jr avoided her. At school though, he acted the part as her perfect boyfriend to show Nikki that he was actually a caring good guy rather than a cheating liar. Amin, Jr soon began checking out local colleges as he was old enough now. He began noticing changes in Ariel when she became a teen and his mother asked him to keep an eye on her but he refused which made her angry and in a moment of rage she told him he was a disgrace to his namesake, her father Amin. Amin. Jr then retaliated and said maybe he should just die and maybe then she'd love him and he left, making sure he got the last word. He stomped over the Morrison/Gieke family and Sally and the rest of the family was out, but Georgia wasn't. For the first time, he was grateful it was Georia because as he just shouted and ranted about his stupid family she just listened and gave him a hug. He felt mean for what he was doing to Georgia and wished he could undo it but it was too late. His life was screwed up really badly now. One day he got a terrible call, Ariel had been beaten up and was in hospital. She might not make it. They rushed to the hospital and after about 5 minutes or so, she woke up. She looked so pale, he couldn't bear her looking so fragile. He cried and told her to live but she didn't. After that he realised, you only miss something once it's gone. at Ariel's funeral, Sally was comforting him when Georgia came and asked why. Amin. Jr decided in that moment that they were both too much for him so he broke up with Georgia. Sally smiled and ran off before he could leave her too. He began crying but someone hugged him from behind. Nikki. She asked what was wrong and he told her everything the breakup, his sister, his family falling apart. He added a bit about trying to change which he realised was true. He then asked her out and was surprised by her answer. Yes. Amin. Jr didn't realise that Sally thought he was still with her and had left Georgia for her but he didn't know. One night, his parents were out when the doorbell rang, but it wasn't Nikki, it was Georgia he said they should secretly see each other and impulsively he agreed... Amin. Jr was on his way to see Nikki when he overhead some people talking. Normally he would just have ignored them but something they said caught his attention. They were boasting about the killing of an 'alien rich girl' ad how they were definitely going to be the winners now. Amin. Jr was usually had a level temper but not now. He turned round out and punched one of them hard in the face. He fet a wave of anger and soon all of them were on the floor bleeding and gasping for air. He wasn't done yet though, he continued to taunt them and yell at them about Ariel before he finally walked away happy with his vengeance. Another thing was about to happen though, Georgia came up to Amin. Jr why he hadn't called her. Amin. Jr was about to explain when Sally came over and asked what had happened. A crowd had gather when Georgia told her and Sally said that she thought he was just dating her. Both girls broke up with her but then Nikki heard. She stared at him behind the crowds so only he saw her. She just stared and then turned away and ran. He pushed through the crowds after her until he caught up with her. She said it was over but he begged her to stay saying he was trying to change. Nikki's eyes fulled with tears when she said why don't I believe you and the she ran again. As if on cue the rain poured reminding Amin. Jr that he had broken three hearts and hurt three people he cared for. Amin. Jr went to college soon after to drown his sadness.

Young adulthoodEdit

As a young adult, Amin. Jr was lonely. He joined a Greek house which was the first mixed one on Sim State University. The girls were beautiful and one of them called Saskia liked him but she had the same blonde hair and cute face that Sally,Georgia and Nikki so he didn't want to date her. He tried to arrange a meeting as he knew they were all at his college but even though all of them said they would come they never showed. He walked home after a couple of hours waiting only to have his mobile ring on the way there. He picked up and it was his aunt. She said that Adrian was dying and he wanted to talk to him. Amin. Jr reluctantly agreed. Adrian spoke to him and Amin. Jr could tell he was sick. He asked what was wrong but Adrian told him that it didn't matter as he had never been there fro his son and why should Amin. Jr care about an absent dad. He then told him that he had never regretted leaving Flyn until he heard he had a son and he had missed out on years that he could have spent with him. Amin. Jr said he wished he'd known him better and Adrian didn't reply. He assumed he had just hung up so he hung up to. He thought that this was the start of a budding relationship with his absent father but he didn't realise that that was the last time anybody would speak to Adrian because his father had died... Amin. Jr attended the funeral with a heavy heart and after he disappeared back to is dorm nobody heard from him for weeks. In this time, Amin. Jr thought about what his dad had said and realised that he shouldn't be flitting about, he should try and find the one. Amin. Jr went to a friend's party at the party and he noticed everyone had somebody to talk to, everyone knew someone except for one girl. She sat by herself with a cocktail, head bent, knees locked. She seemed cheery, stylish but you could tell she was not at ease here. He examined her slowly and noticed that her hair was pretty but not perfect, her eyes were a beautiful shade of blue but sad and in that moment he knew that he would have some connection with her. He walked over to her and smiled, asking what she was doing there. She smiled back and said that she didn't know to be honest, a friend from her residence invited her and she had come but her friend couldn't make it, so here she was. He smiled and asked if she'd liked to dance, she checked the clock and said she had to go but she could give him her number if he wanted and he said yes. She wrote it in a swirly handwriting he knew'd he'd come to recognise and left giving him one flitting smile as she did. Amin. Jr waited a few days before calling her but she didn't pick up any of the times. He became annoyed and went to find her personally. He found out that she was staying in an all girls dorm so he went to ask her out. He saw her through the window so when he rung the doorbell, he knew she was in however, someone else answered the door and told him she was out. He walked off feeling dejected and alone. As he was walking he realised how much he liked Emma and he had to go back for her. This time as he came, Emma was just leaving. He confronted her and she told him she knew about his past. He asked how and she said a blonde woman about their age had come and told him. At first he thought he knew who it was as Sally, Georgia and Nikki were the only three who would want to ruin their lives but the he remembered they all had blonde hair. He asked Emma what else but Emma couldn't remember or wouldn't tell him. Amin. Jr decided to go around all the girls who could have a reason to hate him and the only ones were Nikki, Georgia and Sally. He tried calling them but they didn't answer. He had to do this manually.


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  • His teen headshot was not in SimPE.
  • Even before he was born, I have decided he will a Boy as he is named after his late grandfather.

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