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Amar's Flowers & Craftables
Amar's Flowers & Craftables - neighbourhood view.png
Amar's Flowers & Craftables as seen in the neighbourhood view.
Amar's Flowers & Craftables - road map.png
The location of Amar's Flowers & Craftables (red circle) in SimVille.
Lot type Community
Owner Amar Newbie
Lot size 2x3
Number of floors 2
Neighborhood SimVille
Game The Sims 2

Need something made with love? How about flowers, robots... even hand-crafted toys? Come over to Amar's Flowers & Craftables and see what's in stock!

Amar's Flowers & Craftables is a community lot in SimVille, owned by Amar Newbie.

The store exclusively sells craftable items, such as flowers, pottery, robots, and sewn items.

Original MTS post[]

The following was posted to ModTheSims on February 19, 2018. The original post can be found here.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables

One of Amar Newbie's ambitious business ventures was a shop that sold the finest craftables on the planet—craftables that were made not only through time and skill but also with "love"... more correctly translated as "passion". While it wasn't nearly as profitable as he had hoped, it still inspires customers from all over, who marvel not only at the quality of the products sold but also the environment of the store itself.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - front facing view.png

Need something made with love? How about flowers, robots... even hand-crafted toys? Come over to Amar's Flowers & Craftables and see what's in stock!

Dug out of a hill at great cost, securing the building rights for this lot was not an easy task, and neither was excavating a huge hole on the side of the hill and having several surveys and inspections done by soil engineers to ensure that the place was stable. Nevertheless, once that was done, Amar decided upon a much humbler design for his craftables store, seeing how expensive moving those steep SimVille hills out of the way was. The escarpment that the construction of the lot created dwarfs over even the tallest point of the building, and is regularly inspected by engineers to ensure stability. Amar racks up a huge bill just keeping this lot safe from rockslides, and at times it seems like his craftables shop is more of a financial failure than a money-making enterprise.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - front facing view 2.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - road map.png

Still, upon arrival, customers are greeted with Amar's largest garden. 48 garden plots and four fruit trees ensure that Fresh Rush Grocery will never run out of stock, bringing Amar's dream to sell every growable fruit and vegetable on store shelves closer to reality. Customers who dislike nature, however, are not very fond of the fact that the only footpath leading into the store runs between all the crops and the trees, and the mere buzzing of insects and bees and butterflies is enough to drive some of the wealthier patrons away.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - garden 1.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - garden 2.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - garden 3.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - garden 4.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - garden 5.png

Along the north side of the building are some compost bins and a plant food sprayer from SimWardrobe. Amar uses these to keep all the crops growing happily and healthily, and if they don't meet his standards, they don't see the store shelves.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables compost and sprayer.png

Those who do manage to make it past the garden (And most Sims do) are often surprised at how "quaint" the business looks, what with the wooden walls and the wooden floors looking very different from the expensive marble often found in Amar's other businesses. On the outside, the place looks like a log cabin of sorts, one that you'd find in a place like Three Lakes—definitely not something you'd expect to see in an urban SimVille.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables ground floor topdown.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables ground floor 6.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables ground floor 1.png

Currently a small selection of toys, pottery, flowers, and robots are sold. On the wall are hung decorative potholders and plates as well. Amar is still developing the selection of goods he hopes to sell in this store, but the current inventory more than amply satisfies the customers that show up there. Only products that meet Amar's standards are allowed to be sold here; broken or defective products must either be repaired or discarded. Occasionally, though, a broken or defective product makes its way into a customer's hands, and Amar offers free repairs for such mishaps. If the customer still isn't satisfied, Amar will give them a full refund, no questions asked. Amar considers the happiness of his customers paramount, so he generally leans towards their direction, even if it means he's several thousand poorer at the end of the day.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables ground floor 2.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables ground floor 3.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables ground floor 4.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables ground floor 5.png

At the back of the store are two bathrooms. They're all unisex... but they're single-person bathrooms, so who the heck cares anyways? Unlike some stores, which only have bathrooms for employees, Amar believes that customers should feel comfortable in his establishments, so he makes sure that every single one of his lots has at least one public bathroom.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - bathrooms.png

Two sets of stairs—one on each side—lead to the second floor crafting room. This is where all the nitty gritty happens... and where customers are not allowed to visit.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables second floor topdown 2.png

There are two of each crafting station in the room. Two flower arranging stations...

Amar's Flowers & Craftables flower stations.png

...two toy crafting stations and two pottery wheels...

Amar's Flowers & Craftables toy and pottery stations.png

...two robot crafting stations...

Amar's Flowers & Craftables robot crafting stations.png

...and two foot-powered sewing machines.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables sewing machines.png

During regular business hours, this room can get quite busy and noisy. While human employees produce most of the shop's products, the Servos—particularly Julius—also play a huge role in helping them out as well.

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - busy crafting room 1.png

Amar's Flowers & Craftables - busy crafting room 2.png

Top-down view of floors

Amar's Flowers & Craftables storey 1 topdown.png First floor

Amar's Flowers & Craftables storey 2 topdown.png Second floor

Amar's Flowers & Craftables storey 3 topdown.png Roof


Amar's Flowers & Craftables hasn't attracted an incredible lot of media attention yet, at least not for the products it sells. The inventory is still small and the lot is still mostly a production lot (especially the garden outside), but the few customers that have been inside quite like the quality of the products sold, which is enough for Amar to press onward in making this business bigger and more profitable. Because everything here isn't made in an assembly line and takes real skill and effort to produce, Amar charges a much higher price for the goods here than most Sims could find at their local big box store, which has made it difficult to attract anybody other than those who show a genuine appreciation for stuff made with care.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!


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