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Alma Dortheimer
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Alma has always been attracted to power. However, her unpopularity barred her from making herself a place in the political spectrum, so she went into business instead. And that was a huge success. She is now feared by the entire financial world and wrecked countless concurrent enterprises.
Name Alma Dortheimer
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Education and Employment
Business career icon Power Broker
Dortheimer Family
Parents Aliénor Dortheimer, André Chrysoline
Sibling(s) None
Romances Yohan Corsi Married
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Andrée Dortheimer Daughter, Adryen Dortheimer Son, Adélaïde Dortheimer Daughter
Trait Evil small Evil
Trait Ambitious small Ambitious
Trait Handy small Handy
Trait Hates the Outdoors small Hates the Outdoors
Trait Dramatic small Dramatic
Zodiac sign AriesLN Aries
Lifetime wish
LTW CEO of a Mega-Corporation CEO of a Mega Corporation
Fav Custom Custom
Fav Cookies Cookies
Fav Violet Violet
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Skin color Medium skin-TS3 Medium
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Meteor
World Twinbrook
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Alma Dortheimer is a member of the 6th generation of the large and wealthy Dortheimer family.

Alma is the only child of the notable nut Aliénor Dortheimer and her old husband André Chrysoline, who died shortly after her birth. Her mother was a really weird one and she therefore was mostly raised by her bitter aunt Alix. Alix was a vet, who loves her job, and this caused Alma being once chased by a big dog, scarring her for life. This was the start of her huge dislike for dogs first, that would later worsen and extend to a rancid hatred and utter uncare of the rest of the living souls. However, Alix would never have guessed that this apparently benign incident would have such dire consequences on Alma.

Alma was a brilliant student, still she was extremely unpopular at school. She bragged about her quick wits and loved to mentally torture fellow students (something that would later reappear in the legacy with Dorothée). She didn't give a damn about other people, solely focused on herself, and this was worsenend by Alma's pitiless ambition and her will of overwhelm the others. She worked really hard to be the best and schmoozed of the teachers. She was the teacher's favorite, as she cleverly hid her merciless and cruel attitude toward the other students. And the others were too scared of er to talk. Anyway, the teachers would not believe them if they did so: they would have just thought they were jealous at Alma's grades.

As a teen, she developed a massive and unquenchable thirst for power, dreaming about ruling over the world. She therefore developped her Charisma and she was so assiduous to the task that she mastered it at lightning speed. She also began to try to get close to famous politicians in order to ease her access to SimNation's political spectrum. She had no social life as a teen, for two reasons. At first, Alma was hated by the entire college. And then, Alma disastruous misanthropy and vanity encouraged her to remain alone, on her own cloud far above mindless and dull people. And this attitude despaired Alix.

However, her grim and nocive attitude toward her peers backfired as no one aside her own teachers would vote for her anytime as the hatred toward her was strong. Indeed, Alma's classmate narrated her attitude and coldness to their relatives and in final, everyone knew about Alma's uncare for the others.

Seeing her career in politics ruined before it had even begun, Alma was outraged but she had to find another key to unlimited power. And she thought Business would be the best career to achieve her goals...

She used her family's substantial funds to buy a powerful business in town, specialized in concreting and building, and she renamed it Beton Inc (a enterprise that would still be huge and powerful centuries later, as proven by the shady deals the 18th generation's Victorine Dortheimer made with it) . She made it even more lucrative than before, by among others opening subsidiaries in many other towns from SimNation, including Lucky Palms, SimCity, Toadville, etc.

She attracted to her many employees with somptuous wages. Yet, in return, they had to cope with Alma's obnoxious, vain and scornful attitude toward them. Still, the money they got compensated their mistreat and they remained loyal to Alma despite hating her to the core.

Alma was great friends with the Twinbrook crime syndicate head, Marigold Racket (in fact she was the only friend Alma ever had), and their two businesses had some serious doubtful and highly occult contracts. And when the latter's husband died, Alma invited her to live with her. They spent their time plotting against everyone in town.

The downside of her near-pariah status is the lack of potentential romances. That per se did not bother Alma at all as she despised all the other living beings. The problem is that she could not have kids and therefore pass on her 'magnificent genetics that are so endemic to [her]'. And she thought it would be a far too daft to waste those. She then decided to create the sole living being that would never have heard of her from scratch. She paid enormous amounts of money to the Science lab to buy eight lesser spirits, to transfigurate them into a ghost and to bring him to the states of flesh and bones. She decided he had to be smart, beautiful and mostly, short-lived, as he would only be Alma's way of getting children.

Alma got pregnant and the 'husband' soon naturally perished. The children were triplets: Andrée, Adryen and Adélaïde. She raised them to be exactly like her.

Meanwhile, Alma's business continuously enlarged and attracted more and more clients and employees, draining the amount of potential people to the other enterprises. Those sought legal rescourses to bring Beton Inc. to court pleading disloyal concurrency, but Alma always won against them, and many the other businesses went bankrupt, driving thousands and thousands of Sims to unemployment. And Alma sadistically enjoyed this a lot.

Alma also functioned like a mercenary who aimed at sinking determinate targets by harassing them and driving them to file for bankruptcy. She drowned dozens of small concurrent businesses that way. The sole (and powerful) business that did not fear Alma and Beton Inc. was MorcuCorp, as it was under the responsibility of Alma's relative Margaux Dortheimer, who also was the only one those sense of Business matched Alma's, making her too dangerous to prong.

Alma always hoped her kids would be as powerful and nocive than her. And the results were beyond her hopes. Both Adryen and Adélaïde made their way into the Underworld thanks to the help of Marigold's descendance, and Andrée was a corrupt politician who ruled over Twinbrook and allowed Beton Inc. to trespass the law with unreal ease.

One day, Alma found a new target into Lucky Palms' Sahara Corporate, whose wide array of activities included construction. Locals were outraged at Alma's condescendency and cruelty toward their own business (Beton Inc. was importated in this town, while Sahara Corporate was born in Lucky Palms and was endemic to it). However, their anger and their demonstrations were only stirring Alma's will of eradicating Sahara Corporate in order to make all the locals suffer.

Yet, karma finally caught her up and she was flattened by an incoming meteor that smashed her while she was planning her lethal attack upon Sahara Corporate. Many thought it was just bad luck decorated with an awful karma, yet some Lucky Palms dwellers swore that Alma's demise was their own deed as they wished it upon the decorating fountain in fron of the town hall. Many curious tried to verify it, and the rumor of the strange wishing well perpetuated through ages.


Alma's first name is rather ironic, as 'alma' means 'soul' in Spanish, yet she is rather soulless...

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