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Allen Space
Name Allen Space
Gender Male Male
Space Family
Parents Amin Space, Atta Space Both Deceased
Sibling(s) Kylie Space Sister, Lupin Miller SisterDeceased.png,Flynn Space SisterDeceased.png, Roger Space Brother, Nancy Kruvier Sister
Romances Summer Vandermorgan-Space Wife Anne RodehersianDating
Child(ren) Toby Space Son, Nora Space Daughter
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Allen Space (YA).png
Allen tries to find Summer but he wonders if it is all in vain. Mortimer never found his Bella, would this happen to him too?
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state Alien.png Alien
Zodiac sign Pisces.png Pisces
Hair color TS2 Black Hair.png Black
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes.png Black
Skin color Skin-green.png Green
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Kierra District

Allen is the youngest and last son of Amin and Atta. He is the younger brother of Kylie, Lupin, Flynn, Roger and Nancy. He is often resented by Roger as he will get all the attention as he is and always will be the youngest.

Before Birth[edit | edit source]

Before Allen was born, Amin and Atta lived a poor life as they came from a foreign land. Although Atta's mother was a normal sim, she didn't show any normal genes. One day, someone became interested in Amin and Atta's green skin and offered them a modeling job for a new green range of clothes. Suddenly everything changed for them. They were rich and in demand all the time. After a few years, they took early retirement and settled down.

Babyhood[edit | edit source]

As a baby, Allen was adored just like all his other siblings. He was probably treated the best as his parents had loads of experience now. As he was born after Kylie and Lupin left, he didn't actually know them. He didn't know his other sister, Flynn that well either as she left soon after he was born. He was always resented by Roger as he had all the attention due to the fact he was born last and his parents were older by the time he was born. Despite this he was happy.

Toddlerhood[edit | edit source]

As a toddler, Allen was a little confused. He wasn't sure where Amin was because he didn't remember his death as he was too young to know. Also he wasn't sure why nobody paid him any attention as Atta was in her own world, Nancy was moody ALL the time and Roger was too busy being in charge. He desperately wanted some attention and love from his family but it never seemed to come. Allen had a lonely sad childhood with just his bear for company. And even bear didn't play proper games with him.

Childhood[edit | edit source]

As a child, Allen's life just went form bad to worse. His mother died of old age and Allen had to go and live with Kylie. Although Allen loved his sister, Allen didn't like living in a small house with lots of people. The only thing that got him through was his best friend, Summer Vandermorgan. He would go over to her house every day and they would go to magical lands and faraway lands.

Teenhood[edit | edit source]

As a teen, Allen found he had feelings for Summer but he didn't want to mess up being friends so he avoided her whenever she rung or came over. One day, after school, Summer confronted him about him avoiding her. She told him that he must hate her or something but he told her that it wasn't that, he had feelings for her. She looked shocked and Allen knew he would probably get slapped but instead she kissed him and said she felt the same. Allen was happy with her and was 100% that she was the one ad he would marry her as soon as he could. Allen was upset when he found out that Nancy had had her memory had been erased but he thought maybe it was for the best? One day, Allen and Summer decided to go to the park together which was great but the way home was a bit... bad. Allen was attacked by a man in a hooded cloak who strangely ignored Summer. Allen would've been killed if Summer hadn't knocked the killer out. Allen and Summer ran home to tell Kylie and Fricorith. Kylie rung the police but Jeanie was strangely interested and asked if she could go to the prisons to tell her Dad something however Kylie said no as there was a killer on the loose and it was best to stay at home. He decided to go to La Fiesta Tech as there would be other people there all the time and also he was old enough to go.

Young Adulthood[edit | edit source]

As a young adult, Allen and Summer moved into the dorms with some other people from their school and some completely random people who they'd never seen before from Kierra District. The Kierra District people made of fun of Allen at first but the people from Allen's school stood up for him and soon they were all friends. Him and Summer soon became the residence couple and people relied on them for sweetness. Allen and Summer didn't disappoint as he proposed to Summer in an orchard at night with fairy lights hung from the trees and he even had an orchestra playing! Everything Allen and Summer did romantically for each other were larger than life due to the wealth of both the Space and Vandermorgan families. They graduated happily and already had planned their wedding so they could marry almost immediately.

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

As an adult, Allen and Summer married. They didn't marry in Villa de Sol but instead married at a recently bought stately house in Three Lakes and had their honeymoon. When they came back they bought a house in Kierra district as it was known to be a good place for families. They didn't expect for their family to start quickly but it did. Within six months of their wedding, Summer was pregnant. Despite this, the young couple made the most of it and made a nursery for their unborn baby. The baby was born too early however, and they had to put their new son, Toby in an incubator. Survival was doubtful as he was very small but he made it and the family went home happy. Allen and Summer were happy with just one child but fate had other plans. Summer got pregnant AGAIN within 4 months of Toby's birth. They found out the baby would be a girl and they decided she would be called Nora. One night, Allen heard Summer's voice, he was glad she was finally talking to people. He went to see what was wrong and she was being abducted. He grabbed her hand but he was being taken too. She said 'Let me go.' but he couldn't, he couldn't lose her. She shook of his hand and he was forced to watch her vanish out of his life. Allen became determined to get Summer back. He hoped wherever she was she as looking for a way back and he could make it easier by making an effort to alert her to the fact they were trying to find her. He sent out wanted posters to all the nearby towns, Veronaville, Strangetown, Pleasantview, Desiderata Valley , Riverblossom Hills and Belladonna Cove in the hopes she'd find them. Despite his search he still had responsibilities and he got a job as an Oceanographer. Also on the side he wrote books which sold quite well mainly because he had inspiration from his storybook like family. He went on holiday with his brother and his wife and had a lot of fun. He still went round asking the locals if they knew anything but they didn't. He left a bit happy but quite disappointed.

Time passed and Allen was forced to watch as his son, Toby became a corrupt, power-hungry man. He wished he could find a way to teach Toby and show him that what mattered most was happiness. However he knew that Toby would never learn and he feared his financial instability might have caused it. Allen became very lonely without Summer and when Nora left to go to college, he became lonelier still. However, Allen refused to move on as he knew in his heart that Summer would return to him one day. Nora became worried about her father and kept trying to set him up with woman but he turned them all down. One day, Allen was fishing in the park when he noticed a pretty blonde woman planting flowers in one of the beds. It was a hot day and she looked quite tired so he decided to ask her if she needed any help to get it done. She smiled at him and said that that would be lovely as she was a volunteer and all the roses needed to planted that day. As they spoke, Allen felt a connection with her that he hadn't experienced since he met Summer, all those years ago. She said her name was Anne which he felt suited her a lot. He asked her if, after they were done, she would like to get some tea and cheesecake with him at the park café and she said that would be lovely.

Allen began to see Anne and he felt happy as he really liked her and this was his first serious relationship in a long, long time. Part of him felt guilty as if he were cheating on Summer but he had began to lose hope and he would rather have a real woman with him. In fact, he couldn't really remember how Summer sounded or how she acted. She seemed more like a dream and he had the feeling that she probably wouldn't come back. Anne encouraged him to get out more and he began to volunteer with her at the park. He began to make new friends and she even encouraged him to try things he had never tried before. Allen did not like getting out of his comfort zone as he felt it was there for a reason but he found himself taking pottery classes with Anne which he had never imagined doing before. He spoke to Nora over the phone about Anne and she was really pleased for him. She wanted to meet Anne, preferably alone but she said she could probably be okay if Toby came as long as Rose was with him. Allen arranged for them all to come to dinner to meet Anne. He had a good feeling about the dinner and he felt that Anne could even help Toby and Nora get along better. However, the dinner began to fall apart the moment Toby opened his mouth. Nora was living with Toby for financial reasons and Toby began to lecture her on how she needed to be more frugal. That, alone, would have been okay if Nora hadn't snapped and shouted at Toby making the night awkward. Another fight seemed inevitable until there was a knock at the door. Allen was glad to be able to leave, even for a moment and went to get the door. He opened the door and in front of him stood Summer.

Summer Returns[edit | edit source]

He had pictured the reunion for many years but now deep down, he had stopped hoping and was now not sure whether he wanted it to happen at all. He didn't know what to say and apparently neither did anybody else. His wife was standing there and he didn't have a single thing to say to her. Suddenly, Anne pulled out her chair and said something about talking it out and left. Any other day he would have stopped her but today he was overwhelmed, besides, he could talk to Anne when he had his head straight.

Summer awkwardly came and sat down and for a second nobody spoke and then somebody did. Summer began talking quickly, as if the words were flowing out of her. She told them about everything that had happened to her and Allen wasn't sure whether he wanted to shut up and let him think or whether he wanted to continue indefinitely to prevent him from ever having to talk. After she had finished, Nora stood up and went upstairs. Allen wasn't sure but she looked close to tears. Then Toby stood up and practically dragged Rose out of the door. Now he and Summer were alone. Before, this used to be comfortable they could sit in comfortable silence for hours but this was different tense and awkward; it was as if he was sitting with a complete stranger.

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