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Alicia Lincoln

Alicia lincoln elder.png

Alicia lincoln adult.png

Alicia Lincoln Portrait.png

Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and employment
Career TS4 Career Writer.png Creator of Worlds (retired)
Family/Families Lincoln-Croft Family
Marital status Married
Romances Marcus Croft deceased Married.png
Children Elias Lincoln-Croft son, Lily Lincoln-Croft daughter, Lara Lincoln-Croft daughter, Jeremy Lincoln-Croft son, Jade Lincoln-Croft daughter
Household Lincoln & Croft
Pets Penny (Tonkinese)
Traits Trait TS4 Creative.png Creative
Trait TS4 Geek.png Geek
Trait TS4 Cat Lover.png Cat Lover
Trait TS4 Muser.png Muser
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Bodybuilder.png Bodybuilder
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair.png brown
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes.png green
Skin color Skin-medium.png medium
Body shape Fit fit
Social standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Reputation TS4 Reputation Good.png Pristine
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek
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Alicia Lincoln is the co-founder and matriarch of the Lincoln-Croft Family. 

Biography[edit | edit source]

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Alicia Lincoln moved into the Daisy Hovel with her roommate Marcus Croft as soon as the two of them hit adulthood. She quickly joined the Writer career and started to write novels and short stories on the side to help the two of them earn money so they could fulfill their dream of moving into the Modern Grand Villa across town. 

Alicia and Marcus eventually grew closer and on their first weekend off together they went on a date in the Magnolia Blossom Park where they shared their first kiss. Soon after, one of Alicia's novels, a romance novel she had written to celebrate her young love with Marcus was nominated for a Starlight Accolade. On the same day as the Starlight Accolades, Alicia wrote a smashing story and became a Notable Newcommer, and would receive her first award in the evening, catapulting her to fame as a bestselling author. 

Alicia's sudden rise to stardom did not tarnish her love to Marcus however, and she was overjoyed when he asked her to be his girlfriend and later even proposed to her. Alicia and Marcus got married the day after their engagement in the San Myoshino Meadows, and in their wedding night, Alicia became pregnant with their first child and gave birth to her first child, a son whom she named Elias.

Her star continued to rise meanwhile as she became a two star celebrity after Elias' birth. Her work kept however kept her from taking a more active role as a parent during her son's toddlerhood, a fact with she regretted and tried to make up for on Elias' birthday.

Alicia also became a B-Lister following the release of several more books from her feather.

Eventually, Marcus and Alicia decided to have a second child and, after two failed attempts to conceive, Alicia became pregnant with her daughter Lily. Gladly, she had more time around this time to spend time with and be a more active parent for Lily - which was sorely needed as Lily was not an easy toddler.

After Elias became a teenager, Alicia finally completed her aspiration of becoming a Bestselling Author, which happened to be on the same day that she rose to become a Proper Celebrity. The tiny Daisy Hovel would from then on often be surrounded by fans and paparazzi. Still Alicia kept mostly out of side and tried to keep her two children out of the spotlight and to give them a normal childhood, even though the saving began to took its toll on her family and their quality of life. 

With her aspiration completed, Alicia decided to focus more on her role as a parent and have a more active part in her children's life than she could before. She also decided to capture the life story of her daughter Lily in the book of life to protect her should anything happen to her.

Alicia finally became five star celebrity on New Year's Eve, coincidentally the same day that she aged up into an Adult.

A few days after Alicia had become a Global Superstar, the family had finally made enough money to move into Grand Modern Villa. Alicia and Marcus decided that they wanted another child - and Alicia soon became pregnant with her third child. She eventually gave birth to a daughter who the couple named Lara. 

Less than two days later, Alicia unexpectantly became a grandmother when her son's fiancée Morgan Fyres gave birth to a son named Caleb. Following the birth of her first grandchild, Alicia saw her son move out of the Grand Modern Villa with his own little family. 

With Lily growing up into a young adult and her active role in the parenting of daughter Lara, Alicia was able to fulfill her second aspiration of becoming a super parent as well. As she had gained some weight after her three children, she decided to look after herself more, reflected in her new Bodybuilder aspiration.

Alicia eventually completed her newest aspiration as well, and is now looking forwards to a fit and healthy elderhood, even though it is still far enough away not to worry about right now. She also started to withdraw more from the public eye, publishing fewer books than before. Recently, she has started to gain random messages and phone calls from fans and haters alike, and regularly has to deal with obsessive fans lurking around the villa.

Alicia soon saw her oldest daughter, Lily, become engaged and attented her wedding together with her husband, son and younger daughter. Lily soon after brought her the news that Alicia would become grandmother again ... not knowing that Alicia as well had unexpectacly become pregnant as well, only days away from elderhood. 

Alicia eventually gave birth two twins, only hours after her daughter, whom she named Jeremy and Jade. 

With low work hours, she had plenty of time to dedicate to the two newest additions to the family. Her fame however was quite shaky as she did not care as much about it anymore, but it did not bother her greatly as she was looking forward to retirement and elderhood and wanted to spend more time with her family instead of at work and with fans. 

Alicia's reputation however rose an all time height and in her late adult years, when she was not looking after the twins, she would do lots of charity work and start giving back to the people who had bought her books and helped her achieve her life dream of moving into the villa she now resided in with her family. 

However, she also had to deal with Lara becoming more and more rebellious, breaking curfew, and eventually even running away from home. While Alicia tried her best to guide Lara back on the right path, her daughter would not listen, leaving Alicia to think that she had failed as a parent. Her attempts to get Lara to move back home fell on deaf ears. 

Finally, however, Lara came to her senses on her own and returned home. Although their relationship was still strained, Alicia was willing to give her daughter a second chance. 

Elderhood[edit | edit source]

Alicia finally became an elder and her family threw a rocking birthday party for her to celebrate her long and successful life. The same day, Alicia decided to retire from her job as a writer and withdrew from the public eye completely, feeling she was too old for the life of a celebrity and wanting to raise her children and spend her remaining time with her husband and family.

Despite her now advanced age, however, Alicia still was very fit and healthy, and her relationship with Marcus reached highs the like it had not reached since they were both young, and the couple would spend many happy hours together to enjoy the others company and share affections. 

Much to everyone's surprise, Alicia would eventually even become a great-grandmother when her grandson, Caleb, had his first child. 

Alicia, always having adored cats, eventually decided to adopt a kitten named Penny, fulfilling the dream of having another cat, half a life after her sons cat Garrus had passed away - but this time, the cat would be hers to dote on, care for and love. 

One day after her twins, Jeremy and Jade, became teenagers, Alicia's husband passed away from old age, leaving Alicia a widow. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alicia started the game 10 out of 34 days into young adulthood, so a Potion of Youth was used to reset her age to the beginning of the life stage. 
  • It was not originally planned for Alicia to become famous, but after her novel was surprisingly nominated for a Starlight Accolade, I decided to let her step into the spotlight. 
  • Alicia's celebrity quirks are Refined Palette, Emotion Bomb, Public Number and A Stan.
  • Alicia's additional traits are Entrepreneurial, Frugal and Creative Visionary, apart from Poetic and Role Model.
  • She has mastered the Writing skill (as evidenced by her completing the Bestselling Author aspiration).
  • She aged up into an Adult three days after Marcus.
  • Alicia has completed three aspirations - Bestselling Author, Super Parent and Bodybuilder.
  • Alicia's last pregnancy was the second unexpected pregnancy in the family after Morgan unexpectacly became pregnant with Caleb, Alicia's grandson. 
  • Alicia, in this worldstate, is the author of several of the movies that actors in the acting career can be hired for, such as Dignity and Decorum, Critters from Mauven Forest and the Sheriff from Alpha Centauri. 

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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