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Albany Capp
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Albany Capp
An only child, Albany was very lonely. He didn't want that life for his family, but one big happy family to share their love together. He got himself a job in Education to help his children to boost their studies faster so they could focus on the friendships with each other.
Name Albany Capp
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Education career Playground Monitor
Capp Family
Parents Richard Norman, Anne Norman Deceased
Romances Goneril Capp Married
Child(ren) Miranda Capp Daughter, Hal Capp Son, Desdemona Capp Daughter, Ariel Capp Daughter
Zodiac sign Aries Aries
Aspiration  Family
Secondary aspiration  Fortune
Lifetime want
Marry Off 6 Children Marry off 6 children
Turn ons
Brown Hair (chemistry) Brown Hair
Cologne Cologne
Turn off Glasses Glasses
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game Sims 2
Playability Playble
Neighborhood Fanon:Veronaville
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Albany Capp ( Norman) was a single born child to Richard and Anne Norman. He tried his best to make friends when he was a child, but many ignored him as they thought him to be weird. The only real person he made friends with was Cornwall Capp. However, Cornwall wanted wealth and power, but Albany just wanted a family, which made their friendship rocky at best.

Eventually, Contessa Capp called his parents with a proposition: to betroth Albany to her eldest daughter, Goneril Capp. Albany was nervous at first, but found Goneril nice enough. They even fell in love for a time, and they married each other soon after.

After they had their first child, Miranda, Goneril thought that'd be it. After all, a girl was in line to be the heiress to the family fortune. But, Albany wanted a huge family with children. So, reluctantly, Goneril complied, and they also had Hal, Desdemona and Ariel.


Image Skill Level
Skill CharismaCharisma02

Image Name Relationship Level
Juliette Capp Juliette Capp Acquaintance
Hermia Capp Hermia Capp Acquaintance
Consort Capp Consort Capp Acquaintance
Goneril Capp Goneril Capp Married
Tybalt Capp Tybalt Capp Acquaintance
Regan Capp Regan Capp Acquaintance
Cornwall Capp Cornwall Capp Friend
Hal Capp Hal Capp Acquaintance
Desdemona Capp Desdemona Capp Acquaintance
Miranda Capp Miranda Capp Acquaintance
Ariel Capp Ariel Capp Acquaintance
Kent Capp Kent Capp Acquaintance
Oberon Summerdream Oberon Summerdream Acquaintance
Titania Summerdream Titania Summerdream Acquaintance
Isabella Monty Isabella Monty Enemy
Patrizio Monty Patrizio Monty Enemy
Bianca Monty Bianca Monty Enemy
Antonio Monty Antonio Monty Enemy

Aries - Big
Sloppy 09 Neat
Shy 08 Outgoing
Lazy 06 Active
Serious 01 Playful
Grouchy 01 Nice

Image Interest Level
Environment interestEnvironment03
Food interestFood03
Weather interestWeather06
Culture interestCulture06
Money interestMoney10
Politics interestPolitics10
Paranormal interestParanormal02
Health interestHealth07
Fashion interestFashion02
Travel interestTravel02
Crime interestCrime07
Sports interestSports09
Entertainment interestEntertainment05
Animals interestAnimals00
Work interestWork03
School interestSchool09
Toys interestToys00
Sci-Fi interestSci-Fi06

Image Memory Type
Grew Up Grew Up Well Positive
Got an A Got an A+ report card Positive
Grew Up Grew Up Well Positive
Got a Job Got a Job Positive
Got a Promotion Got Promoted Positive
Got a Promotion Got Promoted Positive
Got an A Got an A+ Report Card Positive
Got a Promotion Got promoted Positive
Overachiever Became an Overachiever Positive
Grew Up Grew Up Well Positive
Met -Sim- Met Goneril Positive
Became Best Friends with -Sim- Made best friends with Goneril Positive
Had Very First Kiss with -Sim- Had Very First Kiss with Goneril Positive
Had Very First Kiss with -Sim- Kissed Goneril for the first time Positive
Fell in Love with -Sim- Fell in Love with Goneril Positive
-Sim- Died Richard Norman died Negative
Got Engaged to -Sim- Got Engaged to Goneril Positive
Got Married to -Sim- Got Married to Goneril Positive
Did WooHoo with -Sim- Did Woohoo with Goneril Positive
Had -Sim- Had Miranda Capp Positive
Potty Trained Potty trained Miranda Capp Positive
Had -Sim- Had Hal Capp Positive
Learned to Walk from -Sim- Taught Hal Capp to Walk Positive
Learned to Talk from -Sim- Taught Hal Capp to Talk Positive
Grew Up Miranda Capp Grew Up Well Positive
Grew Up Hal Capp Grew Up Well Positive
Had -Sim- Had Desdemona Capp Positive
Learned to Walk from -Sim- Taught Desdemona Capp to Walk Positive
Grew Up Miranda Capp grew up well Positive
Had -Sim- Had Ariel Capp Positive
Grew Up Desdemona Capp grew up well Positive
-Sim- Died Anne Norman died Negative


  • Despite others breaking these two up, I kept them together because, well, Albany is a family man and while Goneril feels a bit pinned down, she does warm up to the family idea eventually.
  • I gave Albany the fortune aspiration not because of him being selfish and marrying Goneril for money, but because he wants to prove himself in this career. He was also in Education in his teens.
  • I had edited the memories of Albany to suit the timeline. I mean, how can Hal be born first, Desdemona second and Miranda third? And how can you potty train a toddler if they aren't even born as a baby first?
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