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After Sims 3
After In Sims 3
Name: After Sims 3
Genre: Drama
Created by: DarkSuicune2000
Rating: K+
Number of chapters: 10

Original run: October 13th 2015 - November 28th 2015
Status: Complete

Preceded by: Stuck In Sims 3
Succeeded by: Five Years Later

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After Sims 3 is a third-person omniscient drama story created by DarkSuicune2000. It is a sequel and takes place 7 days after the events of Stuck In Sims 3.

Character IntroductionEdit


Nia wants to go back to normal and forget about the whole Sims 3 debacle and enjoy her first day of high school. However, she gets dumped by her boyfriend and a weird old lady seems to be stalking her. On top of that, her cousin comes back to retrieve a flash drive and Nia has to find it.

Chapter 1: A Fresh StartEdit

September 8th 2015
Nia woke up. Her alarm clock woke her up. It was a nice, soothing song that made her calm and relaxed when she woke. Today, she was gonna need it! It was her first day of school. Nia normally wasn't a morning person, but today she was absolutely beaming! The day she'd been waiting for since the day she left the 8th grade last June 4!

Nia on the first day

Nia's outfit.

"Yes! First day of school!" she said, energized. She went to her closet and pulled out her pre-planned outfit. It was a red shirt, blue skinny jeans, and some pink shoes. She put those on and put her hair in a ponytail.
"Wow, I look like mom in this," she thought.
She walked downstairs to the kitchen, opened the fridge and started eating strawberries, her favorite fruit. Her mom, Harmony came through the backyard.
"Hey! I was watering the petunias. Ready for school?" she asked.
"You bet it!" Nia said. "Who's that woman next door, ma?"
"Oh, she's this really nice old lady named Gorda!" Harmony said.
"Huh, interesting name," Nia looked outside and saw their next-door neighbor Gorda watering a plant. She was very fat. She had a look that made her seem miserable.
"She told me she's moving here because someone, who murdered her son, lives here and she's trying to figure out who did it,"
"Oh my gosh, I hope she finds out who did it and puts them in jail!" Nia said. She couldn't imagine having a child of her's murdered.
"Yes, it's sad that anyone would do such a thing... Anyway, let's go drive you to school!"

1 in car

Going to school.

After Harmony got her police uniform on, Nia and her entered the car and drove off. On her way, she passed by an railroad when suddenly, Nia looked at an old shack and swore she saw Gorda there, standing in that same miserable looking posture.
"Mom, did you see that?" Nia said "I think I just saw that Gorda lady standing there staring at us!"
"I don't really see anything..." Harmony said. "Maybe you're just having those first day of school nervous mirages..."
"Is that actually a thing?" Nia asked.
"Oh yeah. My sister, Aria used to get them all the time after her twin sister Lilli died. I always wondered what it means..."
"Wow," that's all Nia could say right now. "Interesting..."

At school, Nia walked in front corridor. She viewed pictures on the wall of previous graduating classes. She found her mother's photo in the "Class of 1993" photo album. Underneath, it read "Harmony Samuels: Hope you become a fantastic police officer!"
Nia sighed. "I hope I will get on the honor roll, like mom did..."

2 read book outside

"Hey Nia," A familiar voice was heard. It was Nia's best friend Lexi Reed.
"Oh hello Lexi! How was your summer?"
"It was fantastic! We were at the beach a lot!"
"Sounds like fun! My family and I went camping," Nia said "Oh, and I'm obsessed with this new game I got for my birthday. It's called The Sims 3!"
"Oh yeah, I've heard of it!" Lexi replied.
"It's really fun!" Nia said. "Hey, look at that sign," the sign read "ALL FRESHMEN COME TO GYM FOR ASSEMBLY."
"Okay, we better get going!" Lexi said. They both walked down to the gym's bleachers and sat down. Nia scanned the gym to look for a familiar face. Then, she saw her boyfriend Ethan Bunch!

"Ooh, there's Ethan! I'm going to say hi! Save my spot," Nia said quickly, then went to see Ethan. Hew as standing next to his friends.
"Hello Ethan! It's so great to see you!" Nia said.
"Oh, hi... This is kind of awkward. Isn't it?" Ethan asked.
"Why would it be awkward?" Nia said.
"Didn't you get my e-mail?" Nia asked.
"Then read my email."

Nia pulled out her phone, clicked on the email and read it.
"What? You're breaking up with me?" "Yes I am. It's not you, it's me. And "me" wants to be with someone else. Jill Charlene Charlotte,"
"Wait... Jill Charlene Charlotte? That girl's family own Jill's Hamburger Palace! My parents went there on prom night!"
"Ironic, isn't it then?" Ethan said.

Chapter 2: Principals and Drama QueensEdit

Nia was very sad after that. She walked over to Lexi, with a frown.
"What's wrong Nia?" Lexi asked, concerned.
"Uh, well... Ethan sent me an email..." Nia answered back.
"Let me see that," Lexi read the email. "Oh my gosh, Lexi! I'm so sorry!" "Yeah," Nia said, trying to hold back tears "I thought we were so perfect for each other, we both love literature, and writing, and school..." Then she sighed. "When will I ever find someone like that again?"
"Oh, Nia... I can't imagine how horrible this is for you. You always live for the first day of school... But then you get dumped right on the spot..." Lexi said, then hugged Nia. "But honestly, don't get to depressed about your break-up. Middle school relationships barely make it into high school, trust me. Remember that Jill girl dated took, like 5 guys to the dance?"
"Oh yeah, Ethan dumped me for Jill," Nia said.
"What? She's the biggest teacher's pet of them all! She's so stuck up!" Lexi said.
"I know! The teachers think she's an angel though..."
"Eh, don't worry about Ethan and Jill. You'll find someone. There's always cute new transfer students!" Lexi said.

"May I have your attention please!" A dark-skinned middle-aged woman stepped up to the podium in front of the bleachers.
"I am Ms. Sykora, a lot of you may know me because I taught fifth grade at Watersman Elementary School." She started.
"You rock Ms. S!" A male student called from the bleachers. Some people laughed.
"Thank you sir! Anyway, for the first day of school, we will be put into groups at get a tour of the school,"

"Ooh, I hope you and I get in the same group!" Lexi said to Nia.
"So, Group #1 will get me as the group chaperone. Group #1 will be Petunia Toadstool, Alexandria Reed, Ethan Bunch, Jill Charlotte, Gregory Brandt, Erika Wolfurt, and Hunter Jamie."

After she assigned all of the groups, Group #1 went to room 34, a literature room owned by a teacher named Mr. Ralph.

3 icebreaker

"Okay, so our first activity today is an ice breaker!" Principal Sykora said. "You will tell me your name and why your parents named you that. You go first!" she pointed to a girl with a leopard-print beanie.
She wasn't a good choice for first, as she was incredibly shy.

"My name is Erika," she said, then her face started turning red.
"... And why were you named Erika?" Ms. Sykora asked
"My dad named me that after my great grandmother, Erika Castanora."
"The Erika Castanora? The famous actor?" Jill Charlene said in shock.
"I loved her 1934 silent film, The Downfall of the Delwurst family!" Jill said. "I can't believe a loser like you could possibly be related to a famous classic actor..."
"Jill, let's stay positive!" Ms. Sykora said, noticing her rude word to Erika.
"Oh, I'm so sorry ma'am!" she said with a fake smile. When Ms. Sykora turned away, Jill gave Erika a very rude hand gesture. Erika blushed in embarrassment, then continued drawing on a notebook.

"That was so rude!" Nia thought, and then frowned. "How could Ethan date this girl?"
After everyone shared their names, Ms. Sykora used the buddy system to pair people up. She paired up Jill Charlene with Ethan, Nia with the new kid, Gregory, Erika with Hunter, and Lexi with Ms. Sykora, since there wasn't enough people for her to get a partner.

"So," Nia said. "You're new here?"
Gregory looked up from his cell phone and faced Nia as they walked around the school with the group.
"Oh yes, I just moved from New Mexico."
"Oh, cool! What TV show are you watching?" Nia asked. "I'm watching Angela and Lilith, a show about these twin sisters who never get along," Gregory said.
"Are you kidding? I love that show!" Nia said. "I totally ship Angela and Dustin together!"
"I ship Dustangela too!" Gregory said.
"We're gonna be good friends then! I'm Nia Toadstool."
"I'm Gregory Brandt. It's nice to meet you!" he replied, smiling. Nia smiled back. As she walked, she peered to her left into the science lab, then gasped. She saw Gorda in there again, in the same miserable looking posture, and a stern look to her face. Nia rubbed her eyes, then when she looked back, Gorda was missing.

"Weird." she thought to herself. "Very weird"

Chapter 3: Trouble in MontanaEdit

Meanwhile in Montana, where Nia's uncle, aunt, and cousin lived, Jebidah pulled his long blonde hair back behind his ears as he frantically searched for something. "No... no... oh my god, where is it?" he mumbled.
His daughter, Astrid walked in. She was concerned about the noise.
"Daddy, what are you doing?" Astrid asked. "What's with the noise?"
"Honey, remember that special flash drive I created and showed to you?" Jebidah asked.
"Of course I remember!" she said. She remembered the first time she used it. It was during March of 2015, Jebidah had shown Astrid his latest invention. Jebidah had plugged it into his computer, and used to put his daughter into a racing game! Astrid had so much fun that day... And of course, who could forget Astrid and Nia's adventure going into The Sims 3?
"Well, I can't find it! I've been looking ever since when left California!" he yelled, but not in an aggressive way.
"Um... well... I think it's in California..." Astrid said sheepishly.
"What? Why did you bring it there?!?"
"I wanted to show Nia..." Astrid said, and started to become mortified at what she had done.
"Are you kidding me? Astrid, that flash drive is still in it's beta stage! There's no telling what it can do without my adult supervision!" Jebidah wasn't furious, but he was angry. "Where was it last?"
"Well... I think... it's..." Astrid struggled to remember. She was very absent-minded and often forgets things. "Come on Astrid, think hard... Where did you last see it?" she thought to her self. Suddenly, she remembered what happened after they had came back to physical world.

"Oh my gosh! We're back in the real world! We are safe! Ah! It's that thing!" Nia ripped the strange flash drive out of the computer's USB port and threw it underneath her bed.

"Daddy, I know exactly where it is! It's at Nia's house." Astrid explained.
"Wait... did you guys enter a game with it?"
"Uh, yeah. A game called The Sims 3... I met lots of Sim-people in there!"
"Astrid, you should have asked my permission to bring that with you! I am so disappointed in you!" Jebidah said.
"I know, daddy. We learned it was dangerous during our little adventure in the game..."

Suddenly the front door slammed close.
"Jebby! Triddy! I'm home!" Astrid's mother, Felicia yelled. "I have a surprise for you Triddy!"
"Ooh, a surprise!!" Astrid said excited, then ran to her mother.
"It's your back-2-school dress for your first day of school tomorrow!" Felicia pulled it out, then Astrid's smile faded away. The dress was HORRIBLE. It was very ugly shade of yellow. Almost brown.
"Moooom! You know I hate dresses!" She said. "I'm more of a tomboy!"
"A tomboy? What's that?" her mom asked.
Astrid "facepalmed", then rolled her eyes.

Jebidah came in and told her, "It's a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys."
"That's absurd! Young lady, a proper woman is well-mannered, nice, and clean. A woman should never wear anything but a dress and heels!" she went on and on for 4 more minutes about what a "proper woman" is.
"Mom, please let me join basketball! I want to lose weight!" Astrid said.
"What? Why would they have a girl's basketball team?"

"GUYS!" Jeb yelled. "There's some important Astrid and I need to do. We left something at Nia's house last week."
"Fine," Felicia said snobbishly. "But young lady when you get back I am taking away all of your incompetent looking "modern clothing" and your never going to walk in a pair of jeans ever again!"
"UGH!" Astrid moaned in frustration.
"C'mon, let's go!" Jebidah and Astrid walked out the door.

"Why is mommy so obsessive about what I wear?" Astrid asked.
"She's just... traditional, I guess..." Jebidah answered.
"What about you? She let's you wear whatever you want? She doesn't even force you to cut your hair!" Astrid said, envying her father's freedom.
"That's the great part of being an adult, Triddy. Nobody can force you to do anything!" Jebidah said.
Astrid smiled. "Yeah, being an adult would be great... Too bad I'm 10 years old,"
"You'll get there buddy, trust me..." Jeb said then they entered the car and drove to the airport.

Chapter 4: Science Labs and Lunch breaksEdit

Introduction to science

Nia's "Introduction to Science" Class

Back with Nia's day of school, it was now period 4. She had a class called "Introduction to Science" with her teacher Mr. German. After she walked in, she immediately recognized the boy she had met earlier named Gregory. She sat next to him.
"Hi." she greeted him.
"Oh, hey Nia!" Gregory replied.

The bell rang.
"Okay class, I will now assign lab partners. Petunia is with Gregory, Erika is with Hunter, Enrique is with Freddie, Jean is with Alejandro, Henry is with Jennifer, and Alex is with Bella" Mr. German said.

"Cool, we're lab partners!" Nia said, very happy. "Last year I got Hunter Jamie, and he made me do all the work myself."
"Don't worry, I like science. At my old school, I was in AP Biology." Gregory boasted.
"Wow, that's great!" Nia said.

"Now class, today we will be starting an experiment with mixing these liquids together. Here is the instructions." Mr. German explained, then passed out the instructions. "Remember, you must wear safety glasses and tie long hair in ponytail."
"Good thing I'm already wearing a ponytail," Nia said.
"Oh, I don't have any hair bands, can I borrow one?" Gregory asked.
"Oh, sure," Nia grabbed one from her purse and gave it to him, then Gregory wear a ponytail.

5 science lab nia greg

"Okay, so add 15 more milliliters of Liquid B..." Nia said, then Gregory did so. The Liquid turned into a really cool pattern.
"Whoa... this is really cool!" Gregory said. "Let's write down the observations."

Nia got her scientific workbook out and listed all of the observations of the project.
"This class is very fun!" Nia told him. "In 8th grade we just took notes all day."
"Well I came at the right time then!" Gregory said.
"You sure did! Hey do you want to know something interesting?" Nia asked.
"What is it?"
"My mom had Mr. German for science when she was my age!" Nia said.
"Wow, that's cool, he's pretty old..." Gregory said.
"Yeah, but my mom told me he was super interesting and fun back then." Nia said.

"Okay class, clean up!" the teacher said. After they cleaned up, the bell rang and it was time for lunch.

4 greg nia chat science

"So, which episode of Angela and Lilith is your favorite?" Nia asked.
"I liked the first episode where their dad was caught cheating on the mom with the maid!"
"That one was crazy! I felt so sorry for their mom..."
They stopped at the lunch line and got some food.

"Hello, ma'am?" Nia said to a lunch lady. The lunch lady turned around and Nia gasped. It was Gorda.
"Gorda?" she said.
"How did you know my name?" Gorda said. "Are you the Nia?"
"Uh... could I just have some mashed potatoes ma'am?" Nia asked.
"Okay," she gave Nia some food. Nia gave Gorda her student ID to pay for lunch. "You are the Nia." she said coldly.
Nia felt kind of uncomfortable. Gorda was staring at her with a very evil face. Nia ran outside to the lunch area with Gregory.

6 outside eating

"What was that about?" Gregory asked.
"Oh, I have no clue... That lady has been stalking me today..."
"OMG, could you freaks sit somewhere else?" a voice was heard. Nia looked to see Jill Charlene to her left.
"Jill, we aren't freaks..." Nia said.
"Yeah, you kind of are. You're the bookworm freak and he's some ugly new kid who should get his haircut." Jill said.
"I'm not getting a haircut..." Gregory said.
"You should, you look like an ugly hippie." Jill said.

Principal Sykora walked by and overheard Jill say hippie.
"You know, I dated a hippie in 1965. Until he went on a "trip to Hawaii" without me. Afterwards, I never saw him again..."
"I don't care old lady, go away!" Jill said.
"Fine." Principal Sykora walked away.

"We should go as well..." Nia said. Gregory and Nia walked to a different table outside.
"What's Jill's problem?" Nia said.
"She drinks too much Hater-ade." Gregory joked.
"Ha ha!" Nia laughed. "That's a good one!"
"Thanks." Gregory said, then they started eating.

8 texting asterid

Nia heard her phone go off. She got a text from her cousin, Astrid. It read:
Nia, where are you right now?"
Nia texted her: At my high school...
Then Astrid texted her back: Okay, on my way!

"Oh her way? What is she talking about?" Nia whispered...

Chapter 5: Bad friends and good cousinsEdit

"OMG, who does Nia think she is?" Jill said to her friend, Erika Wolfurt. "She thinks she's so cool that she got herself a boyfriend over there, right after Ethan broke up with her. UGH! She makes me so mad sometimes!"
"Well, I don't think that guy is Nia's boyfriend. They are just friends." Erika said, in a quiet voice.
"Psh, whatever! I know a crush when I see one." Jill said. "It's a boy and girl smiling at each other. It's obvi they like each other."

7 erika and jill

"Well Jill, that's not exactly what a crush is. A boy and girl smiling at each other is not a crush." Erika said. "A crush is when the person makes you feel... love..."
"Ya right, like your crush on Hunter Jamie!" Jill blurted.
"Shhh!" Erika shushed. "Keep your voice down!"
"Why do you even like that wierdo anyway?" Jill rolled her eyes. "Oh look, Hunter's over there. What's he doing?"

8 Hunter poetry

They looked at the back doors to see Hunter wearing clown make-up and reciting a poem to some other teenagers.
"Oh, that's the poetry club" Erika looked at Hunter. "I wonder what poem he's reciting."
"Probably something totally stupid. He has clown make-up on!" Jill once again rolled her eyes. "Don't date him. A guy who wears make-up shouldn't be trusted."
"Well, I think it's just because-" Erika was interrupted.
"Hey Erika, do I look better in this photo, or this one?" Jill asked.
"That one looks nice... Anyway, I was saying I think-" Erika was interrupted AGAIN by Jill.
"Ooh, bae texted me!" Jill said, talking about Ethan. "Gotta go Erika! Bye!"

Erika sighed. "I wish I had a friend who listened to me" she thought.

Jill was texting Ethan while she walked to his class.
ETHAN: Are you seriously friends with Erika?
JILL: LOL, no! That crybaby is like, so lame!"

"Daddy, where's Nia's high school?" Astrid asked. They had arrived in California.
"On the map it says the address is 15 Summer Hill Court. That's up the hill over there..." Jebidah said.

They drove to Watersman High School into the parking lot. Astrid looked up at the huge building.
"Whoa... My school is way smaller than this!" Astrid noticed.
"According to the schedule, it should be lunch time now." Jebidah said.
"Let's go to that area out there. Kids are eating there!" Astrid noticed.

Meanwhile, Nia and Gregory were finishing up their lunches.
"This was fun Gregory, I'm glad we became friends!" Nia said.
"Me too. You know, you aren't like the girls at my old school. You're much more pleasant." he smiled.
Nia blushed, and let out a laugh. Suddenly, her eyes widened as Nia couldn't believe what she saw. It was her cousin, Astrid...

"Astrid? What are you doing here?" Nia asked.
"Well, its about the flash drive I gave to you, remember?" she told her.
"Oh yeah!" Nia said.
"What are you talking about?" Gregory said.
"Its a long story. If you want to understand, you'll have to come with me after school." Nia said.
"Sure, I'll come with you!" Gregory said.
"Really?" Nia said. "Well, I'm warning you. It's very surprising!"

Chapter 6: Wait, don't go yet!Edit

Nia's 7th and last period of the day just ended. She walked out and ran over to Gregory's locker.

"So, are you ready?" Nia asked.
"Yeah, but I'm not sure how surprising your "long story" could be. I mean, what surprising thing could possibly be related to a flash drive?" Gregory said.
"You have no idea... Anyway, you'll have to take my bus home. It's number 13."
"Sure. I never taken a school bus home before." Gregory told Nia.
"Astrid and my uncle are waiting at my home." Nia informed. "We better get a move on,"

They got onto bus #13. Immediately, a dark haired woman wearing a beanie (who was the bus driver) shook Gregory's hand.
"Hi! Welcome to my bus! Have a great day!" the driver said.
She repeated the same gesture with Nia. Then Nia and Gregory both sat down in the front.
"She was friendly..." Gregory said.
"Oh, the driver is named Shasta. She's really nice." Nia explained.
"We need more bus drivers that are as patient and kind as her." Gregory stated.
"I agree!"

When they got to Nia's home, they walked inside.
"Nia, there you are!" her uncle said. "Your cousin had been waiting all day for you,"
"Sorry uncle Jeb!" she walked up the stairs.

"Hi Nia! Who's this?" Astrid asked.
"This is Gregory. He's here to help me." Nia told her.
"Okay, we need to find the flash drive so I can take it home!" Astrid said.
They all looked around for the flash drive. After about 8 minutes, Gregory spoke up.
"Nia, Astrid! I found it under Nia's bed!" he exclaimed.
"Really thanks!" Astrid asked. She took it, and walked out the door to give it to her uncle.

"Astrid, wait!" Nia said. Astrid came back.
"What?" she asked.
"I kind of want to go back into Sims 3..."
"Whoa, really? Why?"
"I want to find out what happened to Fiona and Mav and the rest of the gang." Nia told her.

"Guys, I'm confused..." Gregory said "Who is Fiona and Mav?"
"They are Sims that Nia made on The Sims 3" Astrid stated. "Mav is so cute" she thought.
"Luckily, after we got out of it, I paused the game so no time has passed for Fiona, Mav, and everyone in Sunset Valley." Nia said.
"Are you saying that you guys entered the game?" Gregory said, even more confused.
"Uh, yeah." Nia said. "Here, let me turn on The Sims 3 and you'll see."

After a horribly long loading screen, the loaded. Nia looked to see the same scene she saw lats week. In Central Park, Fiona was freaking out, and Mav and Holly were on the floor unconscious.

Astrid plugged the flash drive in, flipped the switch to on. Nia, Astrid, and Gregory transported into the game.

Meanwhile, in the Sim world

"Mav, wake up!" Fiona said. "Hey, were did Nia and Astrid go?" Suddenly, a 3 glowing yellow circles appeared and in the middle were Nia, Astrid, and a unfamiliar guy.
"Nia!" Fiona said. "You're okay!"
"Hi Fiona! What's wrong?"
"I thought Corridor killed you!"
"No, it's fine! We defeated him!"

Chapter 7: Reunion with Fiona and MaverickEdit

"You defeated him already? It's been only a few minutes..." Fiona said.
"Oh, after we defeated him I paused your world. In the real... I mean, my world, it's been 7 days since I last visited." Nia explained.
"Whoa... I can't believe the Nianity religion was correct..." Fiona said. She did not believe in this Sim's religion until she met Nia.
"Uh... Okay..." Nia said in a little confusion.

"W-w-w-where are we?" the brown haired teenager stuttered. He was in shock.
"Gregory, it's fine. We are in The Sims 3!" Nia reassured him that it was okay. "You were right! This is surprising!" Gregory eclaimed.
"Uh... who is that guy?" Fiona asked.
"I'll tell you in a minute. Right now, let's wake up Maverick and Holly."

"I got this," Fiona cleared her throat. "WAKE UP, NERDS!" Maverick and Holly woke up with a jolt.
"What happened?" Maverick rubbed his head.
"Corridor and someone else took over of your guy's bodies!" Fiona said. "I don't know how, but he did it!"
"W-whaaat?" Holly Alto said... She then looked at her watch. "Oh my gosh! I'm late!"

"Holly Desidéria Alto!" A portuguese woman yelled. "You are going to be late for the city hall inauguration! Get her now!"
"But mom, I was just-"
"No buts! Young lady, I just don't know what I'm gonna do with you!" she grabbed Holly's arm and dragged her to the city hall, just in front of Central Park.
"Gotta go, byeeeeee!" Holly yelled to her friend.

"So... Nia, you're the controller, right?" Maverick asked.
"Yes. Why are you asking?"
Maverick whispered in her ear. Then Nia chuckled. "Okay Maverick, I'll make sure that happens."
"What are ya'll whispering about?" Fiona asked
"Oh... uh... I was asking Nia to make sure Mrs. Alto gets in an accident at the next mayor's inauguration, ha ha!" He was lying, he actually asked Nia to make Holly and himself enter a relationship.
"Man, almost every family in Sunset Valley is attending the inauguration!" Fiona observed. "The Landgraabs, the Altos, the Bunchs, the Redfields, the Goths, the Alvi's, the Bachel-"
"Yes, we get it!" Maverick yelled. "I know that the Landgraabs, Altos, Bunchs, Redfields, Goths, and Alvis are attending! You don't need to mention every family in town!"
"Ohh right! Because Maverick Elroy Hall the biggest nerd in SimNation will just write a 5 page essay on all the families that attended!" Fiona teased.
"Shut up!" Maverick yelled.

"Guys, stop fighting!" Nia said. "Maybe we should attend as well. It could be fun!"
"Sure!" Gregory said. "I've never been to an inauguration before!"
"Really?" Maverick said. "They hold a mayor election, then do an inauguration every few years. Last time I attended one I was 7 years old. I went with my parents."
"Well, we should get going. I think it's starting." Gregory said
"I like you!" Maverick said to Gregory. "Wanna be friends?"
"Sure man!" Gregory then they high fived.
"Okay boys, let's head to the inauguration." Nia said.
"Yeah let's go! Oh, I have a question." Astrid said.
"Yes?" Nia said.
"What's an inauguration?"

Chapter 8: Vacation Time!Edit

Meanwhile, back in the Hall residence Arthur and Chastity Hall were relaxing and enjoying their evening. Suddenly, Arthur looked out the window and saw Lane Clementson, the local mailman. Lane and Arthur were best friends in high school. Arthur was the best at studying, and Lane was the best at throwing parties. Lane also liked to sing and used to be a member of a band many years ago, however he gave that up to become a star news anchor in journalism career. Sadly, he was only at the bottom of the career as a deliveryman.

Arthur saw him and ran outside.
"Oh my gosh, Lane Clementson?"
"Arthur Hall?" Lane's eyes lit up. "It's been forever! How have you been lately man?"
"Very good!" Arthur replied.
"Did you become a scientist like you had dreamed when we were younger?"
"What about Chastity? Did you two get married?" Lane asked.
"Yeah we did! Did you get married yet?" Arthur asked. He knew the answer was no. Lane had commitment issues when it came to dating women.
"Uh... no. I never have planned on marrying a woman."
"Yeah, I figured," Arthur responded. "What are you here for?"
"To drop off the mail,"
"Really? Don't they normally drop mail off in the morning?" Arthur asked confused.
"I'm not a very good deliveryman..." Lane admitted "But it's gonna be worth it if I wanna become a news anchor!"
"Oh, that silly old dream you had back in high school?" Arthur said. "I thought you joined a band."
"Well I quit that band to pursue my dream."
"Okay. Nice hair by the way. I'm glad it's not greasy anymore!" Arthur noticed.
"Yep, I started using shampoo!" Lane wasn't the best at hygiene.
"Anyway, can I have the mail?"
"Here you go Mr. Hall." Lane gave him the mail.
"Thanks. Bye Lane."

Arthur went back inside. "Honey, look! We won a free vacation!"
"Really? Yes! That sounds great!" Chastity exclaimed. "We better tell the kids. Where are they?"
"Blair is taking a nap," Arthur said "And Maverick texted me an hour ago saying he ad Fiona were at the inauguration for Mayor Alto."
"How long was the inauguration?"
"An hour, so they should be back soon,"

Then they saw a taxi outside.
"Speak of the devil, they're back!" Arthur said.
"Hi dad!" Maverick said, when they walked in. "My friends from school wanna stay over tonight,"
"Hi I'm Gregory!" Gregory greeted.
"Hi I'm Ni-"
"Maryrosalinda! My friend from school!" Maverick interrupted.
"Right..." Nia said.
"Well, your mother and I will be going on a vacation for a day." Arthur told them.
"You can have friends over, but NO PARTY," Chastity enforced. "Did you hear me Fiona?"
"Yeah," Fiona said apathetically.
Chastity sighed. "Okay, bye bye! And no parties allowed! Make sure to feed Blair!" Then they drove off.

Fiona started to text.
"Fiona, you're not gonna throw a party!" Maverick said. "Mom said no parties!"
"Oh, you're not telling them," Fiona said, with a mischievous look on her face.
"Oh no... you aren't going to lock me in the basement again, are you?" Maverick was starting to get scared.

Nia and Gregory glanced at each other in disbelief.

"No... But I'm inviting Holly Alto over," Fiona said.
"Holly? Okay fine. I wont tell mom anything," Maverick said.
"Okay. Also, finish my math homework or I'll show Holly your embarrassing baby pictures."
"WHAT?" Maverick yelled.

"Whoa, she is despicable." Gregory whispered to Nia.
"Ooh, I wanna see Mav's baby pictures!" Astrid said.
"Sorry little girl, but Maverick's already doing my math," Fiona responded, then they saw Maverick quickly doing some math homework.
"Aw man!" Astrid said.

Chapter 9: A Weird "Guest"Edit

It was midnight in Sunset Valley. The night was freezing cold, silent and dark, almost no light could be seen. Except in the Hall residence, where there was a few lights on. A woman walked up to their home.


"Ooh, the first guess to the party must be here!" Fiona said. Nia, Gregory, Astrid and Maverick were sleeping on the couches.
"Hey, wake up nerds!" she shouted, then Nia and Gregory fell off the couch they were sleeping on. Maverick woke up as well, but with Astrid on his lap snoring away and smiling.
"Uh... Astrid? could you get off of my lap?" Maverick asked.
Astrid's eyes opened and she got off.
"Sorry Mav, you're just so warm! Seriously, could someone turn on the heat in there? It's wintertime in this world!" Astrid said.
"In this world?" Maverick said, slightly confused.
"Oh, in my world that Nia and I come from it's September 8th, so for us it's autumn," Astrid said.
"Oh, okay... But what's a 'September'?"
"Do you not have months?" Astrid asked.
"Then you won't understand."


"I'll get the door," Fiona said. She walked up to the door and looked confused. A very fat old woman stood there in heavy clothing, and had a very miserable look on her face.

"Grandma? What are you- AHH!" "Grandma" pushed Fiona all the way into the living room with a very angry look on her face. As Fiona fell into an end table they all looked up. Any sleepiness they had quickly diminished then replaced with shock. Maverick ran over to Fiona with a concerned voice.
"Oh my gosh, Fiona are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine..." she got up.

"Grandma" walked in the foyer, slowly. Not slow because she was old, maybe because to be more suspenseful.
"Gam-gams? What are you doing here?" Maverick said.
"Ha ha, really? 'Gam-gams'?" Fiona laughed.
"Oh, I see you've recovered quickly Fiona," Maverick said, sarcastically.

"Silence, grandchildren!" the grandma commanded, in a Swedish accent. "I am not here to visit you,"
"Oh my gosh!" Nia said... "You're Gorda! You are the woman who was stalking me all day!"
"Well, well, well. If it isn't the Nia Toadstool in the world my grandchilds are live in."
Maverick stood up, and said "Uh grandma, your grammar is a little-"
"Silence, Maximilian!" she yelled.
"It's Maverick..." he whispered.
"Enough messing around. It's time for your suffering of the friends with Nia! But don't worry, pumpkins you won't suffer." she said to Maverick and Fiona.
"Oh please, what could a old lady possibly do to us?" Astrid said, a little skeptical.
"Why honey, I'm a nightmare dressed like a screensaver," Gorda said.
"Once again, Grandma. Work on your English next time you visit!" Fiona yelled.
"Don't use the Landgraab Translator website to guide you. It has bad reviews," Maverick suggested.

"Why are you here after me, Gorda?" Nia asked.
"You murdered my son!"
"What do you mean?"
"He was my favorite little fire cookie, and you extinguished the house fire!" Gorda said. Once again, her bad grammar caused her to make no sense.
"Fire cookie... Wait... so you mean I murdered Corridor?"
"Of course you did! His best friend Beau Andrews told me! You know, enough! Time to die of starvation!" Gorda then waved her arms around and then Nia, Gregory, and Astrid disappeared and a yellow ring of light surrounded them.

In a dark basement

They teleported into a dark creepy basement. The walls were gray and the ground were made out of cobble.
"Where are we now?" Gregory said, scared.
"We're in a Sims 3 torture chamber..." Nia said. "It's basically a room a Sims 3 player makes with no lights, no beds, bathrooms, or showers or any survival things and they make the Sims die. I've seen players do this on YouTube before."
"What? That's horrible!" Astrid said.
"Yeah! What kind of sick person would do that?" Gregory explained.
"They don't know that Sims are actually alive like I do, they think it's just virtual and fake!" Nia wiped her sweat. "Man, it's warm..."
"How will we get out?" Astrid yelled.
"I don't know..." Nia said.
"Excuse me... I need a minute to process this..." Astrid said, then sat in a dark corner.

Chapter 10: Such a mature girlEdit

In a small house on Sky-borough Boulevard, Lexi was very bored. There was nothing to watch on TV.
"Mom, can we go somewhere?" Lexi yelled into the kitchen.
"Sorry honey, not tonight! I'm busy," Lexi's mother responded. She picked her cell phone to see if anyone was busy. She looked through her contacts

Lexis contacts

Lexi's contacts

"Hm... Nia's the only one available right now..." Lexi thought, "I guess I'll go over to her house."
"LEXI: hey bff, im coming over to ur house" she texted

Lexi went on top her bike and pedaled to Nia's house, which was near the beach.
"Hello, Nia! It's Lexi, your BFF!" Lexi yelled.

No answer? Lexi walked in the house anyway. "She's probably playing Sims 3."

Meanwhile, back in the torture chamber, Nia and Gregory have been talking.
"Nia, if we're going to die of starvation in here, maybe I should tell you something," Gregory explained.
"No, we aren't going to die in here!" Nia yelled. "I know there's a way to escape the game... I just can't remember..."

Nia pondered on the subject, she somehow couldn't remember how they escaped the game last week... Suddenly, it came to her!
"Guys, I remember how it works" Nia said excitedly. "We have to hug each other, that's how Astrid and I escaped last time we did this!!"
"Then, let's hug!" Gregory said, then Nia and Gregory hugged each other.
"Nothing's happening..." Nia yelled.
"Tighter..." Gregory suggested, then they hugged tighter. "Tighter! TIGHTER!"
Nia let go of Gregory and sighed. "It;s not working... I guess it only worked when we're not underground..."
"Yeah... You're a good hugger though..." Gregory said.
"Oh, thanks..." Nia blushed "My grandparents say the same thing! Ha ha..."

"Hello sir, is Nia home?" Lexi asked the guy who was sitting on Nia's couch.
"Huh? Oh... are you her friend?" he asked.
"Then come in. I'm Jebidah, Nia's uncle." he replied "I'm going upstairs to get her. Stay right here!"
"Okay!" Lexi said, happily waiting.

"Jeez, what's taking those three so long anyway?" he thought. When he opened the door to Nia's bedroom. He saw they were not in the room! He looked at Nia's pink computer to see Astrid, Nia, and the brown-haired teenage boy in a basement.
"They entered this game? AGAIN?" Jebidah was steaming angry. He saw the flash drive plugged in to the desktop's USB port. He clicked on a button that said "microphone activation"

"So Nia, there's something I wanted to ask you," Gregory said.
"*sigh* What?" Nia said.
"If we ever make it out of here, I was wondering if you would-"

"Guys! What are you doing?!?" a men's voice was heard.
"Daddy? Is that you?" Astrid yelled, then ran to the voice.
"Yes pumpkin, it's me. I am very angry at you! You were supposed to be looking for the flash drive!"
"But we found it!" Astrid responded.
"And you were supposed to give it back to me!"

"Uncle Jeb! Thank goodness you're here!" Nia said. "Can you help us escape! We are trapped!"
"Yes, my niece. I'll get you guys out..." Jebidah said, then flipped a switch. "You guys should be out within a minute."
"Okay, thanks!"
"CLANG!" they heard from the microphone.
"What the h-" Gregory said, but was interrupted as they all disappeared from the basement.

"Who's Ell?" Nia asked. "Guys we're out!" Astrid exclaimed. "Yes!"
"Let me pause the game..." Nia then paused The Sims 3. "Wait... Why is my uncle unconscious?" Nia questioned, noting that Jebidah was out cold.

"Who are you? AHHH!" CLANG they heard downstairs.
"Shhh!" Nia shushed, then they all tiptoed downstairs. They saw Gorda Hall who had hit Lexi with Nia's frying pan.

"Don't worry guys, I got this,"
Nia silently went to Gorda and used a karate move on her.
"Hiya!" Gorda then passed out.
"Whoa, Nia! How did you learn that?" Gregory said, amazed.
"My mom is a cop, so she got me self-defense classes," Nia said, in a tone full of confidence.

Several hours later
After Nia knocked Gorda out, they teleported her into The Sims 3 forever. Jebidah and Astrid went back to Montana and Lexi went back to her home. Nia saved her game and decided, to take a break from The Sims 3.

It was now 10:13 pm.

"Oh my gosh... What a stressful day" Nia thought, as she was relaxing by reading her favorite book, A Magnetic Attrac. "I wonder what question Gregory was going to ask me earlier..." Then, she heard her bedroom's door open.

"Hey Nia..." her mother said. "What are you doing?"
"I'm reading my favorite book," Nia answered.
"I just wanted to tell you something," Harmony said.
"What is it?"
"Thank you for being such a good kid recently. You've been very mature. Taking care of yourself and getting your homework and chores done. I know since your father left on his business trip, and me working until 10 at night you've been lonely recently."
"Don't worry Mom, I'm fine! I know you're just trying to pay the bills."
"Oh, what did I do to deserve such a beautiful and mature daughter?" Harmony asked. "When I was pregnant, I was always afraid I would get an irresponsible daughter... But I didn't... I'm so grateful to have you,"
"Aw, thanks mom!" Then they hugged.

"Gosh, you're so tall as well!" Harmony noticed her long legs. "I remember when you were five. You were so small and adorable. I used to sing you lullabies after work."
"Hm... Do you think I would make a good mother when I grow up?" Nia asked.
"Oh, I'm sure you will someday!" Harmony re-assured her. "If you have troubles with your future son or daughter, Grandma Harmony will always be here to help you!"
"Okay I better get some rest. The second day of school is tomorrow!"
"Fine, I'll leave you alone now," She gave Nia a good night kiss. "Good night, honey!"
"Good night, mom!"

"Good talk mom, good talk." She thought to herself, then fell asleep.

Chapter 11: New AdditionEdit

Astrid and Jebidah arrived back to Montana just in time for her first day of school. It was 6:00 am, and they went in to wake up Felicia so she could go work.

"Honey... Wake up!" Jebidah said.
"Oh... Jebidah?" Felicia muttered. "Are you guys back?"
"No, we're still on the plane," Jebdiah sarcastically remarked.

"Well anyway..." Felicia said, then got out of bed and walked into the living room. "I have something important to tell you two."
"What is it?" Astrid asked, curious.
"This might be surprising..." Felicia said, then took a pause. "But I am pregnant,"
"You're pregnant?" Jebidah exclaimed.
"I'm going to be an older sister!" Astrid excitedly said.
"I know, which does come with responsibility," Felicia reminded. "You'll need to be kind to him or her, and make sure they are properly cared for."
"Yeah, yeah! I know! Oh my gosh, I'm so happy!" Astrid yipped. "I wonder what Nia will think!" she thought.
"Okay dear, you don't want to be late for school. Let's go!" Her dad said, then they packed her backpack and went to school,"

Back at Watersman High school, Nia and Gregory met in the commons.
"Hey Gregory!" Nia said.
"Hi," he replied.
"I was wondering, what were you going to tell me last night?"
"What do you mean?"
"Last night while we were in The Sims 3, torture chamber you said you had something to confess," Nia explained.
"Oh, right..." Gregory remembered. "Uh... I wanted to say... that I had... a great time in science class! We should be partnered up again! Ha, ha,"
"That was all?" Nia said, disappointed. "Well thanks anyway. And I think you're going make a great new addition to Watersman High School."
"Thanks Nia," Gregory thanked, but then the 5 minute bell rang. "I better get to my class."
"Alright, bye!"
"What a cute guy..." Nia thought, "I hope I get to see him again!"

Suddenly out of nowhere, Jill walked by with some other girls.
"Hey look girls, it's the Dove Cameron wannabe," Jill remarked, and her friends laughed along.
"Excuse me?"
"What? Can't face the truth that you try to hard to be pretty?"
"But... no I don't!" Nia exclaimed. "I don't even wear make-up!"
"Listen, do everyone a favor and move to Alaska!" Jill yelled.
"Yeah!" said one of Jill's friends. "No one wants you here, loser!"
"And that guy you were with last night, he probably hates you!" Jill assumed.
"But, Gregory does like me! He believed in me, even when I told him... well... I can't really say..."
"Please, a guy like him could do WAAAAY better than you!" Jill remarked. "Ethan broke up with you to be with me, so it's clear that I'm better than you!"
"Hey Jill, let's show Nia what happens to nerds who give us eye contact!" A dark haired, and dark skinned girl said.
"W-What? No, I need to get to Spanish class!" Nia tried to run away, but the dark girl was too strong and pushed her to the ground.

"Hey!" A teacher yelled. "What are you girls doing?"
"Nothing sir!" Jill yelled. "Just helping this poor girl-"
"Save your breath, Jill! I knew there was something suspicious about you!" the teacher handed each girl a detention slip. The girls walked away.

"Are you okay?" the teacher asked Nia.
"I'm fine, they were just bugging me,"
"Nia, maybe if you were like those girls and fit in with them, they would leave you alone."
"But I don't want to be like them," Nia responded. "They're jerks."
"I know," the teacher said "Bullies don't give you the respect you deserve,"
"I better get to class."
"Have a good one," The teacher replied, then went to his respective class.


June 15, 2016

"Hey, Astrid. Please wait here, I'm going to go see if your mother is okay," Jebidah told Astrid.
"Okay, daddy." Astrid replied as Jebidah walked out of the waiting room.

Astrid was in the hospital of Montana, the same hospital she was born in eleven years ago. It has been nine months since her mother announced that she was pregnant, and today is the day she was finally going to born! Astrid hoped that her new sister would be healthy.

Then suddenly, she looked over to another couch in the waiting room. She saw a blonde haired boy she recognized over there. He lived across the street from Astrid's house... In fact, Astrid once talked to him in April, asking if he had seen the person who stole the newspaper stolen from their yard. His name was Elliot.

Amigo nuevo de astrid

Last month, Elliot and Astrid's meeting.

"Hi, Elliot." Astrid greeted. "What are you doing here?"
"Oh, your my neighbor, right?" Elliot replied. "I'm here visiting my mother. She is incredibly sick."
"I hope she'll be okay..." Astrid comforted. "Anyway, my name is Astrid. I was thinking we could be friends!

The boy looked astonished, as if he had never been asked that before. "Oh my gosh... do you really mean it?"
"Of course, you seem very nice!"
"Thanks Astrid!" Elliot said. "Honestly, no one wanted to be my friend before. Some people think I'm a freak.
"Don't worry Elliot, I'm kind of an outcast too. I'm the only tomboy in my class."
"You are?"
"Yep, all the other girls in my class are obsessed with fashion and being like a barbie, and the boys in my class think I'm like, some kind of lesbian because I act like a boy. They probably will never date me when we enter high school,"
"I can relate, Astrid. Just because I'm a creative guy and I like to paint the other boys called me gay, but I'm not..."
"Some people are just ignorant." Astrid shrugged. "I've always ignored that one saying 'Ignorance is bliss' because ignorance is really annoying at times. Most kids believe any stereotype that's taught to them."
"Heh, yeah..." Elliot said. Suddenly, a man with a buzz cut hair style walked over with an incredibly sad face.
"Son, your mother is..." then he paused. "gone..."
"What?" Elliot suddenly rushed into a hospital room yelling "Mom!?"

"So sad..." Astrid thought. "The boy is an outcast and is mother is dying..." Honestly, she felt so sad for him she could almost cry. She didn't however, because her mother tells her if she cries it ruins her make-up. And if she ruined her make-up, her mother would be furious.

Many minutes later, Jebidah, Felicia, and Astrid's new baby sister came out of the waiting room with a big smile.
"Good news, Astrid. You're now an older sister." Jebidah said, quietly.
"Yes, and the best part is she is very healthy." Felicia replied.
"Oh my gosh... Hello you little cutie... what's her name mom?"

"Victoria," her mom answered.
"Victoria... can we call her Vicky, as a nickname?"
"Vicky... sure, I like that."
"She's so adorable..." Astrid said, quietly...

The end.

Coming soon in 2016.
Nias return

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