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Adventurous household
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'After the break-up between Naya and her boyfriend, she ran away to her bestie. Soon after that, Carlotta offered Naya to lived with her. Naya, then accepted. They love each other. Experience bittersweet of life. Stand together forever.'
Name Adventurous household
Members Carlotta Rivera, Naya River, Nancy River, Cato, Caty.
Family connections Rivera family, River family, Grossman family
Lot 255 Starry Way
Funds §68,350
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3ST Icon The Sims 3: Showtime
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Starlight Shores
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After the reunited between Naya and Carlotta, besties since childhood. They started to have a contact again. They like found the pieces of themselves. Soon after the reunion, there’s a news, that Naya just split up with her boyfriend. In the middle of a night, Naya suddenly comes to Carlotta’s. Carlotta was astounded. Especially when she saw Naya’ s tears stream down on her face. After a long explanation by Naya, Carlotta understand. She also angry. How dare that man broke her best friend up. She, then offered Naya to lived in her house. Naya agreed. The next day, Naya was moved to Carlotta’s house with her unborn baby. A few days later, Naya’s baby was born. She called Nancy. Carlotta really loves Nancy, just same as Naya. Nancy grew up, into an adventurous girl. Just like Carlotta. Now, they live happily ever after. The adventurous Carlotta & Nancy, and the chef Naya!.


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