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Adam Smith
Name Adam Smith
Gender Male Male
Smith family
Parents George Smith, Alice Smith
Sibling(s) Lindy Charvat Female
Romances Helen Smith Married
Child(ren) Lily Smith Daughter, Thomas Smith Son
The Sims 2 Logo
'Adam wants to become a vampire so much like his sister, but will his wife let him?'
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School Public School
Grade A+
Science career Inventor
Aspiration  Knowledge
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-light Pale
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview

Adam Smith is the son of George Smith and Alice Smith and older brother of Lindy Charvat. He lives with his wife, son and daughter in a house next to his parents.



Adam babyhood was all photos and pictures. He was in many adverts for dippers and baby products, he even got into a baby magazine. It was all rush for him and no sleep.


When he was toddler, he didn't look to cute, so his showbiz life was at an end instead he starting developing his logic skill. Shortley after his baby sister was born, but he still got all the attention. He started playing chess when he was 3 and parents spent most of their time with him. His father taught him how to use a potty and his mother taught him the rest.


When grew up into a child his played with his sister more and a bond grew in-between them. He read to her every evening and tried to teach her chess with no success.

Shortly after he turned 4, he started school. His family were previously in dept, so there was no talk of uni or private school. At school he was called a 'nerd' because o how he valued school and was so keen to learn. But when his sister joined school, she helped him to become school with her pranks and he helped her with her grades.


Shortly after he grew into a teen, he began secondary school and had to leave his sister behind. He became more mature and got A in every subject you could name. He wanted to play with his sister but he didn't have the time. And became extremely sad when she got excluded for a week.

He joined the chess club and became 'the chess master' at school, meanwhile his sister grew into a teen and her grades dropped. He tried to help her with no success.

One day Lindy asked him about the supernatural world and he told her all about vampires, aliens and were-wolfs. The soon became best friends again sharing the interest in the supernatural world.

But that all stopped when he met the cleverest girl at school Helen. Helen at previously lived in Riverblossom but moved to Pleasantview. She had won him at chess, the only person at school who could.He asked her on a date and she said yes. They shortly had their first kiss and started dating.

As he and Helens relationship blossomed, he and his sister relationship declined. Lindy shortly ran away and he became upset and blamed it on himself. When she returned he spent less time with Helen and more with her about Vampires and helped her with homework to get grades up.


When he became an adult he moved out into the house next-door which his dad brought for him. He propose to Helen and she said yes and moved in. Life was still hard he got a job in science as a test subject and Helen joined Politics.

They lived a happy life, Helen didn't really want children so they didn't have any. One evening Adam took her to a restaurant for an 5 year anniversary party, little did he know Lindy worked there. Helen and Lindy fought the whole evening and eventually Lindy dropped food on her head. Adam felt sorry for Lindy getting fired but also angry for what she did with Helen.

At home Helen was non-stop bad-mouthing Lindy for weeks on end. So he went out on a walk to the park in the night and saw near the river Lindy was getting bitten by a vampire but also saw a ring on her finger. He was happy she engaged. So he went to her house the next day but no one answered. Later that week he went to Lindy wedding, he told Helen he was going bowling as he knew she wouldn't be happy about Lindy getting married to a vampire. He went up to her asked her house life and she said it was good but unfortunate she couldn't go to out in the sunlight.

So he focused on his career more and moved up so much he was at the top of the science career, an inventor. He soon began inventing a type of sun-cream so vampires can go out in the sun. He also got a sample of Leo genes and found out how vampires were immortal. It was something in ther genes. He carefully constructed something similar to it, it was a pill. If tooken it lenghted life by three days, he then constructed it into a drink. He had done what no human could, creat an elixir of life. With his dads help it sold well. 

He then went on to invent other things to help: a formulae that's turns zombies back into humans, a medication to stop you tansforming one night into werewolf, a pill to that helps you photosythesis if you are a plantsim, an injection that stops you being a ghost and turns you alive, a homing becon to summon alien friends and other items. He was well known amog Pleasantview.

When Lindy had Annabel, he was shoked that Annabel was not a vampire but human. So she could go outside and play but when she turned into a teen should would be a vampire.

Adam also thought it would be good to have kids so they can carry on his inventing and legacy. But he didn't know how to persuade someone like Helen to have kids. He asked Lindy for help and she started rubbing it into Helen face that she has kids. Adam thought was mean but worked and Helen later gave birth to twins. 

Six month later Lindy has Thomas, Lindy hadn't relised her nephew was called Thomas. So there were two Thomas in the family.

When the twins were babys they slept soundly and didn't make much noice. Adam was happy and relived about that because Helen wouldn't like it. He looked ater them most of the babyhood and toddlerhood as Helen was busy working.

As toddlers they were quite as well. They also showed talent. Thomas loved experimenting with stuff espically on his sister whilst Lily learned to talk very quickly and showed signs of following in her mother footsteps.

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