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Name Aberdeen
Game(s) The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
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Aberdeen is a neighborhood created by Boom98765. It was named after the city of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The main storyline of this neighborhood is the life of Roy Cunningham, the renowned farmer who lives far away from the suburb.


Roy Cunningham, Brian Cunningham, Annabelle Cunningham
Roy has the farmhouse but no one want it. Can he convince his youngest son to inherit the house?
Frantiček Spencer, Frances Spencer, Charles Spencer, Diana Spencer, Sarah Spencer
  • Lundberg family 1 Scandinavian Way
Kasper Lundberg, Cecilia Lundberg, Freya Lundberg, Karin Lundberg, Karia Lundberg
Franceska Greaves, Sara von Heiderstein, Ruth Spencer
Finally, after Lara left, Franceska found new roommate to share in large house of her family. This roommate will be the answer of her lonely-life?