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A Year Under The Sunset
Name: A Year Under The Sunset
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Created by: Sophic2

Original run: July 22, 2013 - TBA
Status: In progress

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Elli Blue is just a normal teenager, she likes pop stars, she likes candy, she loves watching romantic comedies... But at the age of 15, her parents decided it was time to move to another place. Her mother Doris had a huge conflict with her sister about the inheritance of a far cousin. They were that furious they decided not seeing each other for the rest of their lives...

On a beautiful summer's day, she and her parents arrived in Sunset Valley. One of Elli's neighbours River McIrish guides her through the town to escape from her difficult home situation.

Even before her first day at school, she is the victim of a suspicious crime going on in the neighbourhood. How does this end for Elli? Will all mysteries be unfold? It sure is going to be an interesting year under the sunset!


  • Elli Blue: Elli is the protagonist of the story. She's a 15 year old girl, who is new in town. From the moment she came to Sunset Valley, she has been plagued by some suspicious events. The curious Elli tries to find out what is wrong in this once so peaceful village.
  • River McIrish: Elli's first friend. She guides Elli through the neighbourhood to escape from her difficult situation at home.  
  • Candy Ashleydale: A babysitter in Sunset Valley and originally friend of Elli.
  • Parker Langerak: A guy trying to hit on Elli for some dark, unknown reasons with a criminal past and present (and who knows, maybe future...)
  • Anne Song: The private detective hired to follow up the case about Elli's incidents.
  • Vita Alto: Mayor of Sunset Valley, and head of some less peaceful practices. 


Chapter Name Release date
1 Pilot July 22, 2013
2 Meet The Girls July 25, 2013
3 The Strange Accident July 28, 2013
4 The Party Incident July 31, 2013
5 Parker August 3, 2013
6 Inspector Handsome August 8, 2013
7 Private Detective August 11, 2013
8 The Nightmare October 29, 2013
9 Autopsy October 31, 2013
10 Parker's Side Of The Story November 3, 2013
11 The Garden Lady November 30, 2013
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