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A Story of SimNation
Genre: Drama

Science-fiction Soap Opera

Created by: Salammbo

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Don sat on his sofa, with a beer in his hand, and turned the TV on. He changed channels a bit, but nothing good was on. He sighed. “Oh well” he said to himself.

He went upstairs. He lived in Pleasantview, in a small house.

When he go to his room, he sat on his bed. He looked at his left, and saw his end table. There was a picture on it. He looked at it. It was a picture of him and his fiancé, Cassandra, in a park. Cassandra was a dark and mysterious girl, who came from a rich background. He proposed to her a couple of nights ago. He didn’t really know why. Was it for the money or for… something else?
He opened his drawer, and looked under the clothes. He picked the photo that lay underneath it and stared at it. It was a photo of Nina, his first love. Man, those were the good old days. Before he started his womanizer ways. And cheated on her. And seduced his made. And kissed Nina’s sister. And met Cassandra. And…

knock knock knock.

He headed down stairs and opened the door. It was Bella Goth, the mother of Cassandra.

“Hello, Don. I came by to welcome you to the family, and congratulate you on the proposal.” She said.
“Oh, well, come in.” He said, grinning. “Shall we talk on the roof?”

They went up to the roof and started chatting. She was in the middle of telling him this story about a cat, when he got an incredible urge to kiss her. So he did. She was not happy. She yelled him, a lot, and slapped him.

But then something happened. Lights appeared in the sky and Bella started floating. She was being abducted by aliens!

It wasn’t uncommon in SimNation. Except that they were usually put back down after a few minutes.

He waited for hours. But she didn’t come back.