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A Sim's Tale: The Equestrian
Eliza and Lightning cover
Name: A Sim's Tale: The Equestrian
Genre: Sport, Drama
Created by: Rizkirafu
Rating: E
Number of chapters: 19

Original run: 11/10/2015
Status: Completed

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A Sim's Tale: The Equestrian is a fanon by rizkirafu as part of A Sim's Tale series. The story isn't a sequel, but a spin-off sets in the same timeline with A Sim's Tale: Book 2 and taking place in Appaloosa Plains, focusing on Eliza Manhattan and her dream to become a professional Equestrian athlete.


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Minor Characters:

notes: more characters will be revealed through the story progresses.

Chapter 1: Crushed DreamEdit

December 25, Winter, Appaloosa Plains.

Almost everyone gathered in the Equestrian Center to watch the horse race. Many SimNation's famous Equestrian athletes gathered. Among them was Peter Manhattan, the recurring champion of the tournament. In the tribune, Peter's wife, Jessica Manhattan and daughter, Eliza also watched. "Aww man, become Equestrian athlete is so cool!" Eliza exclaimed, "Mom, do you think I can become an Equestrian athlete like dad?" she asked. "Well, we will see that" Jessica said smiling at her daughter.

Peter's accident

The fall of the legendary rider

After few minutes, the race finally started. The racers tried their best to won the race, everyone in the tribune cheered. After three laps, Peter and his horse, Lightning were able to reached the second position, there was one opponent remain and Peter need to catch him up to win the race.

When Peter and Lightning almost catch him up, something was wrong. "I will never let you won Manhattan!" his opponent said. The opponent hit his horse to Peter's, causing the two fall, Peter even hit by another racer who couldn't stop his horse in time, everyone screamed in horror. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Jessica and Eliza yelled in unison. The racer who hit Peter remained in first position and reached the finish line, wining the race.

However, everyone gave their attention to the unconscious Peter instead, the medical team rushed to the arena and carried him into an ambulance. Peter then brought to the hospital.

In the hospital, Jessica and Eliza waited in the waiting room. Later, Dave Redfield appeared, came from Twinbrook after hearing the accident. "Sis!" Dave called. Jessica approached her brother and hug him, crying. A moment later, John Redfield with his entire family (Lily, Leona, Jean, and Chris) also arrived. "Oh my God Jesse, we come here quickly after we heard about the accident!" John claimed. "How's Peter now, is he okay?" Lily asked.

"I don't know, the doctor still inside, I just hope my husband can be saved!" Jessica said in tears. A moment later, the doctor finally out from the ICU room. "Doctor, how's my husband?" Jessica asked. "Mrs. Manhattan, your husband is fine..." the Doctor said "...but unfortunately, some of his bones are broken and I afraid, he might won't be able to race again and need support to walk". Everyone in the room became silent. They were relieved because Peter was saved, but they also sad because Peter must end his career like this.

They then allowed to went inside the room to see his condition. Peter was already conscious, but still weak because of the medicine's effect. "" Peter called his daughter. "Y-Yes dad?" Eliza said approaching her father on the bed. Peter then hold Eliza's arm. "Y-you already know that b-become Equestrian athlete is dangerous..." Peter said in weak tone "If... If you really wanted to be an Equestrian athlete like me, you... you must think it twice, I don't want you to be end up like me...". Eliza didn't said anything.

Jessica then approached her daughter, "Honey, your father's right, it must be hard, but I think you... you must give up your dream, become Equestrian athlete is too risky" she convinced. "I... I don't know what to say mom" Eliza said, everyone could see her saddened face.

After three weeks, Peter finally went home, however, just like what the Doctor said, he need supports to walk. He also realized that he won't be able to race again. He greeted by his employees in his ranch.

In her room, Eliza watched her father's homecoming. She felt happy that her father was finally home, but she also sad because her parents now forbid her to riding horse again since they afraid she would end up like Peter.

Chapter 2: Eliza ManhattanEdit

Eliza and Maisy 1

Eliza hanging out with Maisy

Four months later.

It was 2.00 P.M, every High School students were about to returned to home. Eliza and her BFF, Maisy Miller decided to hanging out first at the park. "How's your dad Eliza?" Maisy asked. "Well, he's fine, but still need some medical attentions to heal his broken bones" Eliza answered. "I see, my father and I are a fans of your dad, it's so unfortunate his career must be ended in this way" Maisy claimed. "Thank you for your support" Eliza said smiling.

"Hi girls, can I join?" a voice suddenly heard greeting the girls, it was Cruz Martingale, the most popular guy in the school. "Hi Cruz" Eliza greeted him. "What are you doing here, I thought you supposed to be in Drama Club right now?" Maisy asked. "I quit from the club, it doesn't suit me after all" Cruz claimed.


Eliza's cellphone was ringing. "Hi mom" Eliza answered the phone. "Eliza honey, where are you, we need you in the ranch right now!" her mom, Jessica said in the phone. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm in the park right now, I will go home soon" Eliza said. "Okay, just hurry up, we are so busy here"Jessica claimed. "Okay mom!" Eliza said ending the conversation.

"Sorry guys, I need to go home right now" Eliza said putting her backpack on. "Well, if that so, see you tomorrow!" Maisy said saying goodbye to Eliza.

After Eliza leave... "So, Maisy, are you free tonight?" Cruz asked with flirty tone. "Sorry, I've a date with Calvin, so..." Maisy answered. "Aww come one, why make you so interested with that guy, isn't he too old for you?" Cruz asked with annoyance. "Nope, he just... you know... so mature" Maisy said admiring the guy named Calvin.

Eliza meets Holly
Eliza passed through the Equestrian Training Grounds. She saw many athletes and their horses there. Eliza reminisced the time when she first watched a horse race competition, she was so excited, it made her dreamed to became an Equestrian athlete. But now, after her father injured, since her family afraid she would ended like him, her parents now forbid her to riding horse again.

"Uh, excuse me" a woman in a car greeted her. "Yes?" Eliza turned her attention to the woman. "Do you know where is the JRA Equestrian Center?" the woman asked. "Oh, it still few Kilometers ahead" Eliza answered pointing at the direction. "Okay, thanks" the woman thanked her, driving her car to the direction.

"Hmm, that woman, I think I know her somewhere" Eliza thought wondering about the woman.

JRA International Equestrian Center

"Oh, I think this is the place" the woman said arriving in the lot. She then disembarked from her car and greeted by an employee of the Equestrian Center. "Welcome to the JRA International Center, miss... uh" the employee said, but he had problem remembering the woman's name. "Alto... Holly Alto" the woman said introducing her name.

"Oh yes, Miss Alto!" the employee exclaimed "the owner has already waiting for you, please follow me to her room". "Okay" she said following the employee inside the building.

Chapter 3: Holly AltoEdit

Eliza pig-tail 2

Eliza prepared to go

In the next day, due to a teachers meeting, the school was been canceled today. Eliza was at her room reading her fashion magazine, she then opened her Sim-Messenger to read a message from Maisy, "HI BFF, I HAVE GOT TWO TICKETS FOR WATCH AN AMATEUR HORSE RACE COMPETITION RIGHT NOW, I WAS PLANNING TO INVITED CALVIN, BUT HE WAS STILL WORKING. SO IF YOU NOT BUSY RIGHT NOW, JUST LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN COME WITH ME" the message said. "Well, since I also bored here why not?" Eliza said to herself as she texted Maisy back, "OKAY, WE MEET AT THE EQUESTRIAN CENTER, I WILL BE THERE SOON".

Eliza then changed her clothes with a pink tanktop and a short jean, her hair also tied in pigtail. "Mom, Dad, I will hang out with Maisy right now, I may return in afternoon!" Eliza yelled. "Okay, be careful honey!" Jessica aswered. "Oh, man, it's so hot right now..." Eliza said "Lucky I have bring my sunblock".

In the ranch, Peter sat at his wheelchair, accompanied by Jessica, overseeing his employees at the ranch, reminiscing the first time he became a horseman. In the middle of his daydream, his horse, Lightning approached him. "Oh hi boy" he said petting his horse "I know you miss being in race, but you should know that now I have retired due to my condition".

Suddenly, someone ring the bell. "I think we have a guest" Jessica said "I will see who it is". "I hope it's not a repoman since I forget to pay the debt" Peter said hoping. "Ha ha ha don't worry Peter, I have paid it two days ago" Jessica said. Jessica then went to the front door and opened it, she saw a young woman standing before her.

Holly arrives

Jessica meets Holly

"Excuse me mam, my car is broken, is there someone who can help me?" the woman said. Jessica then looked at the woman's car. "Oh, what happened, is it run out of gas?" Jessica asked. "I don't know, the gas is full, but suddenly my car stopped working and I don't know what happened" she claimed. "Honey, who is it?" Peter asked arriving in the front door. "Oh, this young lady need help with her car, it seems that her car is broken" Jessica answered. "Hi sir, nice to meet you" the woman greeted him nicely. "Oh hi ma... oh my God" Peter gasped.

"What's wrong Pete?" Jessica asked. "Jesse, do you know who is this woman?" Peter whispered. "Huh, I'm not sure, is she familiar?" Jessica wondered. Peter then approached the woman. "You are Holly Alto right?" Peter asked her directly, the woman only nodded. "Ah! You mean that Holly Alto!? The famous businesswoman, writer and motivator!? Oh my gosh, I can't believe my eyes! I always watch you on Tv, read your book, and... and... Oh my gosh, sorry I didn't notice it was you Miss Alto" Jessica exclaimed shaking Holly's hand. "Oh, he he, thanks mam" Holly said. "Sorry miss Alto, my wife is so excited to see you, she's your fan" Peter claimed. "Oh thanks again" Holly said "Just call me Holly by the way".

Jessica and Peter then invited Holly in.

"What are you doing in Appaloosa Plains?" Jessica asked. "Well, yesterday, I had a meeting with my business partner, the owner of the JRA Equestrian Center, she asked me to become the sponsor of the next national race competition" Holly answered. "And do you accept it?" Peter asked. "Yes, I accept it, since I also love to see horse race competition on Tv" Holly claimed.

Eliza and Maisy 2

Eliza and Maisy in Equestrian Center

Meanwhile in the Equestrian Center.

"Sorry I'm late!" Maisy said running to Eliza. "You are the one who invite me here and also the one who late" Eliza complained. "Do you have a sunblock? the sun is so blazing today" Maisy asked ignoring Eliza's comment. "Here" Eliza gave her the sunblock.

"I think the race is about to start" Eliza said looking at everyone who entered the building. "Well, okay then, let's go" Maisy said as she finished lubricating her body with the sunblock. As the two about to enter the building, a noise suddenly heard.

Chapter 4: New JockeyEdit

"You must be kidding me!" a man said in panic "The race is about to start and my jockey suddenly got sick!?". "Uh, sir, I think we must find someone who can replace him" the man's assistant suggested. "Then FIND him! Or her! Or whomever!" the man ordered again.

The man was Chuck Hobble, the town's cop and owner of Hobble family ranch. "Man, it's impossible to ask Johnny to be the replacement, he's more interested in music than become a jockey" he thought.

"Hi Mr. Hobble!" Maisy greeted him. "Oh, you are Mr. Miller's daughter right? You want to watch the race?" Chuck said asking. "Yeah, my friend and I were about to enter when we heard you grumbling here, what happened? and where's your jockey?" Maisy asked. "Oh, he's suddenly feel sick, I don't know what happened" Chuck answered "I think I need someone who can replace him, only for this time." "That's horrible!" Maisy exclaimed, Chuck only nodded.

Eliza in riding suit 3

Gear up

"Uh... maybe I can help!" Eliza suddenly said "Let me participate in the race". "Huh!? Are you serious?" Chuck and his assistant surprised. "Whoa whoa, Eliza honey, tell me that you're just joking!" Maisy exclaimed. "Young girl, do you have any experience?" Chuck asked. "Well, actually I didn't have any experience in race but, I have some skill in riding" Eliza claimed. "Are you sure?" Chuck asked raising her left eyebrow. "Guaranteed" Eliza said convincingly.

"Okay then, follow me" Chuck said ordering Eliza to follow him. "Hey, Eliza, are you serious about this? What if your parents find out?" Maisy asked whispering. "Well, I don't know. I just hope they will never find out." Eliza said, a little nervous.

"Here, change your clothes!" Chuck ordered giving Eliza the jockey outfits: a jacket, protectors, helmet, and goggles.

Eliza and a horse

Calming down the horse

Moments later, Eliza finished changing her clothes. "Good, now, meet your horse, her name is Shadow" Chuck introduced his horse. The horse was unfamiliar with Eliza as she started to made noises. "Whoa whoa, easy girl!" Chuck and some of his assistant tried to calm the horse down.

"Let me try to calm her down" Eliza said. Eliza then approached the horse, "Easy... easy girl" she said touching the horse very gently. Not for long, the horse started to calm down. "Good, nice girl" Eliza said smiling at the horse, everyone stared at each other. "Wow, she's very gentle. I think the horse really likes her!" they said as they couldn't believe his eyes. "Yeah, she inherited her charm from her father, Peter Manhattan" Maisy claimed, everyone shocked.

Eliza riding a horse

"Wait, did you just say she is Peter Manhattan's daughter!?" Chuck asked. "Uh yeah, her name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls her Eliza" Maisy said introducing Eliza "her gentle riding skills, are all inherited from her father, Mr. Manhattan." A moment later, Eliza mounted herself on the horse.

"Well, let's ride!" she exclaimed.

Chapter 5: First RaceEdit

"Okay all riders, prepare in your Starting Gates!"

The horses and their riders entered their respective Starting Gates. "Okay Eliza, you can do it, you can do it" Eliza thought to herself. At the tribune, Maisy watched using a binocular looking at Eliza, "Man, I hope you didn't get any trouble, Eliza" she said.

After several minutes, the gates were opened, the horses started to race, everyone cheered. "Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!" Eliza tried to keep her balance on the horse. She and her horse was in the last position. "MS. MANHATTAN! MAKE THE HORSE RUN FASTER!" Chuck yelled. "Come on girl, faster!" Eliza ordered, she pressed her heels into the horse.

The horse responded and begun to move faster, catching up to the other horses. "WOOHOO! YOU'RE GREAT ELIZA!" Maisy exclaimed in the tribune. "GREAT WORK MS. MANHATTAN!" Chuck said. "Huh, did he just say Manhattan?" a man surprised when he heard the surname 'Manhattan', "Has Peter Manhattan already recovered from his injury?" he wondered. The man then grabbed his binocular and looking at Eliza and her horse. "No, that's not Peter Manhattan, that person, it looks like a... teenage girl?" he observed "Wait, I remember now! Manhattan has a daughter, could it be?".

The final lap, Eliza and her horse finally reach the second position, everyone cheered on her. "Whoa, that Number 9 is GREAT!" a child commented. "Of course kid, she has magnificent riding skills!" an old woman named Marcy exclaimed responding to the child's comment. The finish line was on the head. "There is it! Finally, the finish line! FASTER!" Eliza said ordering her horse.

The two racers were catching up each others, everyone in the tribune could felt the struggle between them. "God in heaven, make my friend win!" Maisy prayed.

The two horses finally reached the finish line simultaneously. "Who's the winner, WHO IS IT!?" everyone in the tribune became noisy "Is it a draw?"


Everyone looked at the large screen. The video was replayed in slow motion, the winner of the race was finally revealed. However, it was not Eliza. It was her competitor. Everyone cheered on the winner. Eliza felt saddened with the result.

Eliza met Maisy and Chuck in the locker room. "I'm sorry Mr. Hobble, I can't win the first place" she said. "Oh it's okay, you make me proud, Ms. Manhattan," Chuck comforted her.

"At least you still have the runner-up title. Plus this is only your first race!" Maisy exclaimed. "Well, yeah. I think you're right Maisy." Eliza said smiling "By the way Mr. Hobble, here's the money prize I owe you."

"Actually I've decided you can keep it as a reward. You've earned it." Chuck said sharing the prize with Eliza "Improve your skills kiddo, you have talent!" As Eliza opened her helmet and goggles, some reporters suddenly rushed in. "Hey, there she is! Eliza!" they exclaimed, shooting their cameras at Eliza. "Oh no..." Eliza said.

Chapter 6: The de la Vega FamilyEdit



A motorcycle stopped in a front of a ranch owned by a family called de la Vega. A dark-skinned teen parked his motorcycle before entering the house. The teen's name was Diego de la Vega, the son of the house owner. He entered the house and found his father flirted with a woman who much, much younger than him, Alani Shepherd.

"Welcome home son" his father greeted him "Where have you been?", his name was Nigel de la Vega, a horseman who known by public as Peter Manhattan's rival-in-track. "Lark asked me to accompany her buying some stuffs in the Consignment Store" Diego explained. "Are you really dating that babysitter?" Nigel asked. "Yes, I am, do you have problem with that?" Diego answered and asking his father back coldly.

Nigel D. Veg


Nigel didn't answer, he knew that his son actually had a grudge on him since he and his wife, named Lucy, divorced due to Nigel's womanizer attitude. Diego was actually wanted to lived with his mother, but Nigel won the right for the custody. "Just, go to your room and finish your homework" Nigel ordered.

Diego then head to his room and locked himself. "Jeez honey, your son so cold" Alani said. "Don't worry Alani, he will be fine" Nigel said. As the two were about to kiss, the door was knocked. "Nigel, it's me, Carlos!" a voice heard from behind the door. Nigel then approached the door and greeted his guest, Carlos Enrique, who also worked for him.

"Darn it Carlos, do you know that I'm so busy right now!?" Nigel said complaining. "Sorry sir, but I have a news for you" Carlos said. "What is it!?" Nigel asked again in louder tone. "Well, it's... It's about Mr. Manhattan" Carlos answered. Nigel then stunned for a moment, "Okay, come in then, let's talk inside" Nigel said inviting him in.

Nigel and Carlos

Nigel brought Carlos to the dining room and gave him coffee. Carlos revealed anything what he saw when he watched the Amateur Horse Racing competition, he also shown him a footage of Eliza Manhattan in the race and revealing her identity as Peter's daughter. "I see, so it seems like Mr. Manhattan already passed his torch to his daughter... Very interesting" Nigel said "It's only time that she will show up in the Advanced and Cross-Country competition with that kind of skill".

"What will you do now?" Carlos asked. Nigel then stood, "Well, since it seems my war with Manhattan isn't over yet, I need to improve my skills again" he said. "Then what will you do, breaking her bones and make her unable to race again? Just like what you did to Mr. Manhattan?" Carlos asked.

"Hey! I've already told you to not to pry it again!" Nigel said pointing his finger at Carlos.


Eliza just arrived in her house. "Man, what a bad day, it was lucky for me that Mr. Hobble could handle those Paparazzi" she said to herself "I just hope that my parents didn't watch or read any news about that race...".

Eliza and Holly

Eliza meets Holly (again)

As Eliza entered her house, someone greeted her, "Welcome back, you must be Eliza, right?" a young woman appeared from the upstairs. "Huh, y-you were the woman I met yesterday right? What are you doing in my house!?" Eliza surprised seeing the woman in her house. "Don't worry honey" Jessica then appeared "She will stay with us for couple of days until her car repaired in the garage".

"Uh okay..." Eliza said in awkward tone. Jessica then approached her. "Honey, do you recognize who is she?" Jessica asked. "Well, I don't know mom, but I think I have seen her face somewhere" Eliza claimed. "My name is Holly Alto, nice to meet you Eliza" Holly said introducing herself.

"Holly... WHAT!? IT CAN'T BE!" Eliza surprised after she learned that the woman in her house was the famous Holly Alto.

Chapter 7: CaughtEdit

The next day arrived.

"Good morning" Holly greeted Jessica and Peter in the Dining room, she saw that the breakfast was ready. "Oh, good morning Holly" Jessica greeted her back "How's your sleep last night? We're so sorry that you must sleep in the barn". "Ah it's okay Mrs. Manhattan" Holly said smiling "Where's Eliza by the way?".

"Probably still in her room upstairs" Peter assumed. Later, a dog entered the room bringing newspaper. "Oh the newspaper here, thanks Hunter!" Peter said thanking Hunter, the Manhattan family's dog. "Hey, there was an Amateur Horse-race yesterday, right? I wonder who's the winner" Jessica said. "Me too, I heard there was a mysterious newcomer who impressed everyone there, even though he... or maybe she didn't won the first place" Peter said as he started reading the newspaper.

A moment later...

"ELIZABETH!" Peter yelled calling for her daughter... angrily

Peter and Eliza


Eliza bowed her head. Her father stared at her with anger. A picture of her could be seen in the page of the newspaper. "Dad I...", "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR EXCUSE!" Peter said angrily, cutting Eliza's sentence. "HAVE I ALREADY TOLD YOU TO NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY RACE!? I REALLY DISAPPOINTED YOUNG LADY!" Peter said again.

Eliza started to crying. "Honey, please, I think you are to harsh" Jessica said trying to calm her husband."She deserve it!" Peter said leaving the Dining Room.

Eliza was still crying, Jessica and Holly tried to console her. "I... *sob* I just wanted to help Mr. Hobble *sob*, b-because, I... I think I'm the only one who can help him *sob*" Eliza said sobbing. "It's okay honey, it's okay..." Jessica said hugging her. "Your father is so afraid, so that's why he's very angry with you..." Holly said "...I can see that he really loves you, he didn't want something terrible happened to you".

"I'm really sorry..." Eliza said. "It's okay honey" Jessica said stroking her daughter's long hair. "Well... I think it's time for us to go to school, take your backpack, I will waiting in the car" Jessica said looking at the clock.

Chapter 8Edit

Nigel met Carlos in The Watering Hole Saloon. The two discussed about the next racing competition. "Is there any sign that Mr. Manhattan's daughter will participate?" Nigel asked. "Nah" Carlos answered drinking his nectar "I went to the Equestrian Center and there was no sign of her there," "I see..." Nigel said.

"Nigel, I wonder why are you afraid of her?" Carlos asked "She's just a teenager, I'm sure she isn't skilled enough yet to beat you in the race." Nigel sighed "Carlos, I have seen many teenage-racers in my entire life. But this young girl's skill is beyond the other youngsters" he assumed "And perhaps, her skill is almost matching with the pro-levels." Carlos only quiet.

"Do you want another drink Mr. de la Vega?" the female bartender asked. "Yes, please" Nigel answered, "and don't forget my phone number" he whispered to the female bartender with flirty tone. "Man, Nigel is really worse than the strange guy I knew from Riverview, no wonder his wife left him..." Carlos thought about Nigel's womanizer attitude.

Peter Manhattan with Chuck

Peter and Chuck

Meanwhile in another place

"I see... I'm sorry I made your daughter participate in that race without your permission" Chuck Hobble said to Peter. The two met in Darris Teeter Grocery & The Koffi Cafe, discussing about Eliza. "Even though you asked me first I still won't let her participate in any race" Peter claimed. "So you say, you forbid her to ride horses again?" Chuck asked. "I didn't say I forbid her to ride again. I only forbid her to NOT PARTICIPATE in race, they're two different things" Peter said again.

"How unfortunate" Chuck said "Peter, your daughter has talent for this!" "Yeah, but her talent will bring her to her own doom some day" Peter said. "Oh my gosh Peter, you're too over-dramatic" Chuck commented "Sorry if I say this, but your fear that she will end up like you... I think, it's too excessive!"

"It's normal for me since I'm her father and also a former Jockey-who-forced-to-retired-after-a-freak-accident-in-his-last-race" Peter claimed. Chuck only sighed and couldn't say anything.

In the school, before class

"I'm sorry to hear that Eliza" Maisy said consoling Eliza. "Thanks Maisy" Eliza said. "I never expected your father to be so angry" Maisy claimed. "Yeah, it's because I didn't keep my promise to him to not participate in any race" Eliza said again.

Suddenly, a woman approached Eliza.

"Are you, Elizabeth Manhattan?" the woman asked. "Y-yes" Eliza answered. "Do you have a minute? There is something I want to talk you about." the woman said.

Chapter 9: An InvitationEdit

"What can I do for you ma'am?" Eliza asked. "Well, firstly, I will introduced myself" the woman said, "My name is Maggie Gray, I represent the JRA International Equestrian Center to meet you". "Huh, are you serious!?" Eliza surprised. "Yes, this is my ID Card" Maggie gave Eliza her ID Card.

"S-so, what do you guys want from me?" Eliza asked again. "Well, as you know that the national Equestrian racing competition will be held in the next three months. Since you have shown us your skill in the late Beginner competition, we'd like to invite you to participate" Maggie explained "...Of course you need to enter the Regional racing first".

"Uh, I don't Know..." Eliza said "I think, I can't". "Is there any problem?" Maggie asked. "It was my father" Eliza said "I've promise him to not enter any race competition again". "That's... unfortunate" Maggie said, Eliza only nodded. "I need a time to think about it" Eliza said. "Well, if that so, you can keep my ID Card so you can contact me" Maggie said.

The bell then ringing. "Uh, I think the class is about to started" Eliza said. "Okay, I also need to return to the Equestrian Center right now" Maggie said "Don't forget to call me if you want to join the race!".

The two then separated, Eliza went to her class while Maggie returned to the Equestrian Center.

Manhattan House

"Okay, Okay, I understand, thanks for your information" Holly said hanging up her phone. "Who's that Holly?" Peter asked. "It's my employee in Bridgeport" Holly answered "Since I can't return home yet so I need to check how's the business going via phone or e-mail".

"You know, it's been a while since I went to Bridgeport to participated in the national race, I think the city is to... glamour" Peter reminisced "I mean, there are so many celebrities there, nothing you can do except being chased by the Paparazzi, ha ha ha". "Yeah, Paparazzi are so annoying" Holly claimed, "I remember one of them sneaked into my house, only to be bitten by my dog". "You've a dog?" Peter asked. "Yeah, a puddle, I entrusted her to my neighbor before I go here" Holly said "Oh man, I really miss her so much...".

"By the way Mr. Manhattan, about Eliza...", "No, please, that conversation is over" Peter said cutting Holly's sentence "I've already told you that I won't allow Eliza to participate in any race, EVER!".

Chapter 10: Diego and ElizaEdit

Diego disembarked from his motorcycle. He walked in to the beach and sitting on the sand, watching for the sunset. "I always love this beach" he said "It's better than staying in home with that womanizer-dad". Diego begun to reminisced the old days when his mother still lived with him. Since his parents divorced, Diego wasn't able to see his mother as she now re-married and lived in another town. The only way they could interact was via phone or e-mail. "I wonder what's mom doing right now..." Diego said.

In the middle of his daydream, someone approached him. "Hello?" a girl voiced heard calling him. Diego turned his head. "Oh, you are... Eliza Manhattan" he said recognizing Eliza. "You know me?" Eliza asked. "Who's not, everyone in this town know who you are, the daughter of the best equestrian who make her outstanding debut in the amateur race" Diego said. "Uh, yeah you can say that" Eliza said awkwardly. "Uh, can I sit here?" Eliza asked. "Sure" Diego said allowing Eliza to sit next to him.

"Everyone talking about you, especially all jockeys in this town... Even my father afraid of you." Diego claimed. "Your father?" Eliza said "Is he a jockey too?". "Yes, you probably have heard his name before..." Diego claimed. "Really, who is he?" Eliza asked again "And what make him afraid of me?". "Nigel, his name is Nigel" Diego answered.

"Nigel? Nigel de la Vega? You're Nigel's son!?" Eliza surprised, Diego only nodded. "Whoah, you know, it's awkward since your and my father were...", "Yes, I know" Diego said cutting Eliza's sentence. The two became silent for a moment. "Uh, what are you doing here by the way?" Eliza asked. "Well, relaxing in this place is better than staying at home, especially when your is the worst man ever" Diego claimed. "You hate your father?" Eliza asked. "Nah, I really love my father... but, I can't stand with his bad attitude" Diego answered.

Diego then looked at Eliza, "What about your father?" he asked. "Well, I don't how to say it, but, since his accident in the race six months ago, my father won't allow me to participate in the race" ELiza said. "Huh? but you did appear in the amateur race" Diego said. "Yes, but, it was without my father's permission. And now, he's very angry at me" Eliza said saddened. "Sorry to hear that" Diego said.

The two became silent again. A moment later, Eliza's cellphone was ringing, it was from Maisy. "What's up Maisy?" Eliza said answering the phone call. "Eliza, where are you? Do you forget that we will watch a movie tonight? Kalliopi and I've already in the theater right now" Maisy said on the phone. "Oh, sorry, I'll be there soon!" Eliza exclaimed.

"Sorry, I think I will go right now, my friends waiting for me in the theater" Eliza said. "Oh, by the way, what's your name?" Eliza asked. "Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't introduce myself" Diego said "it's Diego... Diego de la Vega". "Nice to meet you Diego, see you again!" Eliza said as she quickly left for the theater.

Chapter 11: I Want!Edit

Several weeks had passed, 21 days before the regional race. Holly was seen in the kitchen when she got a phone call. It was from the garage which reapaired her car. "Oh really, thank you, thank you very much" Holly said. At the same time, Eliza entered the kitchen, "What's wrong Holly?" Eliza asked. "Oh hi Eliza" Holly said hanging up her phone "The Garage just told me that my car had already fixed, so I can go home to Bridgeport" Holly said. "Really? That's great!" Eliza said "When will you go home?". "As soon as I can" Holly said.

"Oh man, we will miss you" Eliza said. "Yeah, thanks" Holly said smiling, "By the way, I'm about to go to have lunch in the restaurant, wanna join? I will treat you" she said offering. "Oh, really? Thanks!" Eliza said excitedly, "I will change my clothes first, I will be quick".

Eliza hanging out with Holly

Eliza and Holly in the Dinner place

At the Darris Teeter Grocery & The Koffi Cafe, both Eliza and Holly were enjoyed their lunch. "Aww, I'm so full..." Eliza said holding her stomach, "I might have weight gain right now". "By the way Holly, you said that you were originally from Sunset Valley right? When did the last time you make a visit there?" Eliza asked. "Oh well, It was during the New Year holiday, there are so many good people, they are like family to me" Holly answered "Especially the Landgraabs and, yeah, your uncle, John Redfield".

"Oh man, I really hope that I can visit Sunset Valley right now" Eliza said. "Wait, you guys never visit?" Holly asked. "The last time we went to Sunset Valley was 5 years ago" Eliza said, "Oh I remember when Leona challenged me to enter tha haunted house, but then she...", "Ms. Manhattan?" someone said cutting Eliza's sentence, it was Maggie Gray.


Maggie asked Eliza about the her participation in the regional race

"Oh, hello Ms. Gray" Eliza greeted her "Is there anything I can help?". "Well, you still remember my offer to you to participate in regional race, right?" Maggie asked. "Oh yeah, I'm sorry, I almost forget about that" Eliza said. "What race?" Holly asked confused. "Well, several weeks ago Ms. Grey invited me to participate in the regional race, but I said I need time to think about it, since, you know... my father" Eliza explained.

"Ms. Manhattan, there are 21 days left until the race, the registration will be closed in next two weeks" Maggie said informing "If you want to participate, you can come to the Equestrian Center for sign up". "Well, thanks for the information" Eliza said. Maggie then returned to her car "We still hope that you can join, Ms. Manhattan, You are so talented" she said before left Eliza and Holly.

"Eliza? Are you okay?" Holly asked. "I really want..." Eliza suddenly said, her body trembled. "Eliza?" Holly became worried. "Holly... I really want to join the race!" she exclaimed.

Chapter 12: FatherEdit

Peter and Eliza argue

Eliza argued with her father

The Manhattan house

"NO!" Peter said yelling "I SAID NO!". "But dad, I really want to participate in that race!" Eliza said. Peter and Eliza were seen arguing each other. Eliza decided to confront her father by herself to ask his approval to allow her join the race. But, just like what Eliza expected, it would be hard to gain his father's approval.

Holly and Jessica only could watched. "I HATE YOU!" Eliza said leaving the dining room, heading to her room upstairs, "Elizabeth! Wait, come back here!" Peter said. Eliza didn't listened, she locked herself in her room.

"Peter?" Jessica said approaching her husband. "She told me that she wanted to participate in that race" Peter said. "Yeah, I know, I heard all of your conversations" Jessica said. "Oh God Jesse, I really afraid" Peter said "I afraid that something terrible will happen to her if she join that race". Jessica couldn't said anything, she only tried to console her husband.

"Mr. Manhattan, I know I don't have right to talk about your family situation but, I really want to give you my thought" Holly said. "It's okay Holly, just go ahead" Peter said. "Mr. Manhattan, I can understand why you do this to Eliza, but, can't you just believe in her?" Holly said "Eliza's only dream is to become an Equestrian athlete just like you, her father...". "So?" Peter asked.

"Mr. Manhattan, I think you should give her a chance" Holly said "Think about it, she's your daughter, you just need to trust her". Peter and Jessica became quiet for a moment. "I think you are right, Holly" Peter said "I... I was so afraid that Eliza would ended up like me, I supposed to be support her dream, not destroying it".

Everyone became quiet for a moment.

"Now I feel that I've become a bad father for her" Peter said. "No, that's not right" Holly said.

Chapter 13: Nigel de la VegaEdit

In the next morning.

Eliza was prepared herself to went to the school when someone knocked her door. "Eliza, can we talk?" a voice heard from behind the door, it was her father's. Eliza opened the door. "What do you want, dad?" Eliza asked, she still annoyed. "Listen, I'm sorry I was rough to you last night, I just, I just worried about you" Peter said, Eliza only quiet.

"I have thinking about this, but if you really want to participate in that race..." Peter said "Well, yeah, I think I can help you with your training". Eliza surprised, "Y-you mean you allow me to participate in that said?" she said. "Yes" Peter nodded. Eliza was beamed in happiness, she then hugged her father tigthly. "Thank you dad" Eliza said "I promise I will be careful". "Remember, don't go anywhere after the school, I will make your training schedule, we only have 20 days left" Peter said, Eliza only nodded.

"Eliza honey, are you ready to go?" Jessica called. "Yes mom" Eliza said. She went to the first floor to met her mom who already wait. "You look enthusiastic today" Jessica commented, Eliza only smiled. "Where's Holly?" Peter asked. "She's going to the garage to take her car, it seems that she will return to Bridgeport tonight" Jessica said.

"What? But I thought she would stay here longer here" Eliza said, "I will miss her". "Yeah, me too" Jessica said.

Meanwhile in other place.

Nigel was seen training his horse for the race. His horse was the fastest and the strongest horse in the town. "Perfect!" Nigel said "Together, we will won the regional race and enter the national's". At the same time, Carlos arrived with Maggie Gray.

"Ah, good morning Miss Maggie Gray, is there anything I can do for you?" Nigel said in proper manner. "Mr. de la Vega, I'm here to inform you that we need someone to give a speech in the race's opening ceremony..." Maggie said "...and since you are the current defending champion of the regional race, the comittee want you to do the speech".

"Well, if that so, I will do it for sure" Nigel said. "Good, I think I must return to the Equestrian Center right now, I have...", "Whoa whoa, wait, not sp fast Miss Gray" Nigel said cutting Maggie's sentence. "What's wrong? Do you have any question?" Maggie asked in confusion.

"Yeah, I have" Nigel said in flirty tone. "Urgh, here we go again" Carlos thought. "Are you free tonight? You know, I'm planning to go to watch a movie but I need someone to accompany me" Nigel said. "Sorry Mr. de la Vega, maybe next time, I'm so bussy with my work" Maggie answered. "Well, yeah maybe tomorrow we can lunch together?" Nigel asked. Maggie sighed, "Well, I will my check my schedule" she said.

"Okay then, take care, say hello to your boss for me" Nigel said winking. Maggie ignored him and walked to her car, leaving the de la Vega ranch and drived back to the Equestrian Center. "Ugh, he's so disgusting" Maggie said.

"You see Carlos? That's how you should treat a woman" Nigel said proudly. "Yeah, I know" Carlos said, "By the way Nigel, I have a bad news for you". "What is it?" Nigel asked. "I just passed the Manhattan ranch and I saw Peter Manhattan trained his horse" Carlos answered.

"What are you serious? Is he already recovered" Nigel surprised. "I don't think so, he still walked with his crane, according to his workers, it seems that he will train his daughter for the race" Carlos said. "Just like I expected..." Nigel said "That girl is already a treat for me, just imagine how far she will evolved if Manhattan train her by himself".

"Then, what will you do now?" Carlos asked. "I will train myself harder, I can't let Manhattan to defeat me!" Nigel said getting on to his horse.

Chapter 14: LightningEdit

2.00 P.M

The school was ended, Eliza was prepared to return home and begun her training. "It's good to hear that your father finally let you to join the race, Eliza" Maisy said "Good luck with your training!". "Thanks Maisy" Eliza said smiling "Oh hey, my mom is already waiting, see you tomorrow!".

After 20 minutes, Eliza and her mother arrived home. "Oh welcome back" Peter greeted them "Eliza, finish your homework first, then we will meet at the barn, I have make the training schedule for you". "Oh, okay, sure dad" Eliza said running to her room upstairs. "Where's Holly?" Jessica asked. "She's in her room packing her belongings" Peter said. At the same, Holly entered the living room. "Oh, there she is" Peter said.

"I've done packing my belongings" Holly said. "Holly, can't you just stay here for one or two more days?" Jessica asked. "Oh, thank you Mrs. Manhattan but, my place is in Bridgeport, and my employees there need me" Holly said. "Yeah, I know" Jessica said.

After finishing her homework, Eliza headed to the barn and met her father who already waiting. "Okay Eliza, the first thing you need to do before being a jockey is befriending your horse" Peter said, "Boys, let Lightning out!" he said ordering his workers to let his horse, Lightning, out of its cage.

Eliza Peter Horse

Introducing: Lightning.

Lightning, a four years old male horse, once crowned as the fastest horse in the town--with Nigel de la Vega's horse as its only rival. "Okay Eliza, when was the last time you interacted with Lightning?" Peter asked. "Well, it's only when you ask me to feed him" Eliza said. "Do you ever touch him?" Peter asked again. "Well, when I tried to touch him, he bite me" Eliza said. "Well, if that so, it may be hard for you to make him trust you" Peter said rubbing Lightning's neck "But, since I heard you can tame Mr. Hobble's horse, I'm sure you also can handle him".

"Well, I will tried" Eliza said. Eliza approached the horse slowly and tried to rub his neck. But the horse suddenly yelled at her. "Whoa whoa, easy, easy boy!" Peter said tried to calm the horse. "Don't worry boy, I won't hurt you" Eliza said tried to convince the horse. Slowly, Eliza tried to rub the horse's neck with her arm. Peter watched solemnly.

Eliza Lightning

"Aww you are so cute"

Eliza's arm then touched Lightning's neck and rubbed him gently. At a moment, Peter thought that the horse would yelled and attacked her daughter, but, he then saw that Eliza was able to calm the horse. "I can't believe it" Peter thought. "Good boy, good boy" Eliza said rubbing Lightning's neck. The horse then licked Eliza's face, "Aww, you are so cute" Eliza said laughing.

"Well, congratulation Eliza, it seems that you gain Lightning's trust" Peter said, Eliza only smiled. Suddenly, Jessica entered the barn. "Guys, Holly will leave now, I think it's time to say goodbye to her" she said.

05.30 P.M.

"Thank you for everything, Mr. and Mrs. Manhattan" Holly said. "Not a problem Holly, just take care yourself" Jessica said. "And by the way, Eliza" Holly said. "Yes?" Eliza said. "Good luck with your training and win the race" Holly said, giving Eliza a thumbup. "O-oh, sure!" Eliza said "I'll do my best!".

"Well, I think I should go now, goodbye everyone, thanks for everything, I will never forget you" Holly said, hugging the Manhattans before get in to her car. "Will you visit us again someday?" Eliza said. "Well, off course" Holly said smiling.

Holly then started her car engine, she looked at the Manhattans for a moment and smiled before finally departing, leaving Appaloosa Plains. The Manhattans watched, waving their arms. "Good luck Eliza" Holly said.

Chapter 15: TrainingEdit

In the next day, after returned from school, Eliza finally begun her training. "Good Eliza, keep your balance!" Peter said. "Whoa, it's totally diferent with when I ride Mr. Hobble's horse!" Eliza said. Lightning's movement was really fast, for the first time, Eliza had got a little problem to kept her balance.

"How's our daughter going?" Jessica asked. "It seems that she has a little problem with her balance" Peter said "I think it because Lightning is moving too fast". "But I believe she can do it, she inherit her skill from you" Jessica said. "Yeah, I hope so" Peter said.

45 minutes later

"Okay, it's enough for today!" Peter said "Good job Eliza". Eliza then get off of the horse and unsadle him. "Man, I know Lightning is fast, but I never expected that he's actually faster than I thought" Eliza said wiping her sweat.

"That's why he was once crowned as the fastest horse in this town, he he he" Peter said, rubbing Lightning's neck "You must adapt yourself with his speed". "I know, but with speed like that..." Eliza said. "Starting from tomorrow, you must ride him whenever you go out" Peter said. "Huh? Are you serious?" Eliza surprised. "Yes, that's the only way to train your balance" Peter said "If you really want to won, you must do it!". "Oh, okay dad" Eliza said.

In the next morning.

"Dad, when you said I must ride him whenever I go out, is that including when I go to school?" Eliza asked. "Yes" Peter said. "I don't know, I can't imagine what my friends will say if they see me riding a horse to school" Eliza said.

"If you really want to be a professional jockey than you must do it!" Peter yelled, "Horses are our main transportations, you must remember that!". "But dad" Eliza said. "Do you want to win the race, or not?" Peter asked. Eliza suddenly snapped, "I-I'm sorry dad, you are right" she said "From now on, Lightning will be my main transportation".

"Good" Peter said. Eliza then get on to the horse "Okay, dad, I will go now, see you after the school!" Eliza said, riding her horse to the school.

Arriving in the school, everyone watched Eliza in awe, off course everyone knew the horse Eliza brought: Lightning, the fastest horse in the town. "Hey Eliza!" Maisy greeted her, "Whoa, is this Lightning?" she asked. "Yes" Eliza answered. "Whoa, I can't believe that the fastest horse in the town is here, in our school" Maisy said.

"Hey Eliza, can I touch him!" a student said. "Hey Manhattan, can I take a picture with your horse?" another student said. "Hey hey guys calm down!" Eliza said trying to calm her friends. The noise startled Lightning so much and he begun to panic.

"Hey you guys back off! You startled the horse!" Maisy said. Lightning begun to yelled, surprising everyone. "Back off everyone, back off!" Maisy said. Eliza then rubbed Lightning's neck. "It's okay boy, don't be afraid" she said calming the horse.

"Whoa, she's very gentle, she calm the horse down, I think I'm falling in love" a male student said, apparently had crush on Eliza. "Yeah, me too..." another male student said. "Why did you bring Lightning to our school Eliza?" Maisy asked. "This is part of my training" Eliza said "I still has trouble with my balance whenever I ride him, so I must ride him whenever I go to train my balance". "I see" Maisy said.

"So you mean you will participate in next race?" Cruz Martingale asked. "Yes Cruz, I will" Eliza said, she felt so confident. "You are rock Eliza!" Cruz said "We will support you in the race!". "Yeah, we will surely come to watch and support you!" other students said in unison, "Good luck Eliza!". Everyone cheered, giving their support to Eliza.

A teacher also approached her, "Make us proud, Ms. Manhattan" she said.

Eliza couldn't hold her tears "Thank you mam, and thank you everyone, I will do my best in the race and make you all proud!" she said.

Meanwhile inside the building, Diego also watched from the window. "What will you do now, father? It seems that she will be the one who beat you in the race" Diego thought to himself.

Chapter 16: One day leftEdit

Day after day, under her father's direction, Eliza's training was so intense. Everyday, she also had to ride Lightning wherever she went outside. Ninteen days passed, Eliza finally fully mastering her riding skill, now she equal to her father's and Nigel de la vega's skills.

After one last training session...

"Eliza, our training is finally over and the the race will be held tomorrow" Peter said "I never expect that you can mastering your riding skill just for these ninteen days, congratulation". "Thanks dad" Eliza said smiling.

"Now listen, tomorrow one of your opponent will be Nigel de la Vega, you must becareful, he's the type of person that will do everything to win" Peter said, warning her. "Yeah, I know that" Eliza said "I will becareful". Peter smiled, "Alright, now return Lightning to his cage, he need to rest before make his comeback in the race tomorrow" Peter said "And as for you, make sure you sleep enough tonight so you will have stamina for tomorrow.

"Sure dad" Eliza said, "Come on Lightning".

Eliza put Lightnig in his cage. "Take a rest Lightning, tomorrow we will make history" Eliza said rubbing Lightning's neck. Lightning gave a respond by licking Eliza's face. "Aww, a ha ha ha, stop" Eliza said laughing "Awww, you are so cute!".

"Okay I think I should leave now, see you tomorrow Lightning!" Eliza said leaving the barn.

After having her dinner, Eliza decided to went sleep earlier. At her room, she found that she got some messages on her cellphone. They were came from her friends who whished her luck in the race. A message from Holly Alto also received.


"Thanks everyone" Eliza said. She then set her alarm clock and begun to sleep.

Meanwhile, in Peter and Jessica's room.

"You seems worried" Jessica said. "Yeah, I admit, I'm still worried about Eliza" Peter said "But, now, what I can only do is trusting her". "You have do a great job as her coach, Peter" Jessica said "Our daughter is surely inherited her skills from you". Peter didn't said anything, he only smiled.

"Now, let's we get to sleep" Jessica said.

Chapter 17: The Race StartedEdit

The day finally here.

Almost everyone in the town gathered in the Equestrian Center to watched the regional race. The winner of the race would became Appaloosa Plains representative in the nationals. "Okay everyone, we are here for support our friend, Eliza!" Maisy said "By the way, where's the cheerleader squad?". "Cheerleader squad? For what?" Cruz asked. "Off course for give her a support you dumb!" Maisy said.

"B-but, this is horse race competition, not football nor basketball" Cruz said.

"Whatever, okay everyone, let's we get in" Maisy said leading her friends.

Meanwhile at the locker room, Eliza already changed into her uniform. "Alright, you can do it Elizabeth, make everyone proud!" she said to herself. "Eliza? Are you ready?" Peter and Jessica entered the room. "Yes, mom and dad, I'm ready" Eliza said.

"Do your best Eliza, don't forget what I have teach to you" Peter said smiling.

"Yes dad" Eliza said.

Suddenly, someone approaching the Manahattans. It was Nigel. "Well, long time no see Manhattan, it looks like you finally passing your torch to your daughter" Nigel said. "Hello Nigel, I heard that you will make speech in the opening ceremony" Peter said. "Yeah, I'm a little nervous, but it's okay" Nigel said.

"By the way young lady, it's nice to finally meet you" Nigel said shaking Eliza's hand. "Yeah, me too Mr. de la Vega" Eliza said. "See you in arena Eliza, let's we do our best" Nigel said. "Sure" Eliza answered.

"Hmph, I will completely beat you little girl, don't think you can beat me in this race. The victory is always be mine" Nigel thought.

"Okay, I think I will go to podium right now, see you in the arena kiddo" Nigel said.

After listening for Nigel's speech, all athletes and their respective horses now must prepare themselves. "Okay Eliza, it's almost the time. Make us proud" Peter said "and be careful". "Yes dad, off course" Eliza said, she then hugged her parents before get on her horse, Lightning.

"We will watch from the tribune" Jessica said.

At the tribune, Jessica and Peter joined Eliza's classmates and teachers who came to watch. "Good morning Mrs. Manhattan?" Maisy said, greeting. "Ms. Miller, how's the homework I give to you yesterday?" Jessica asked. "Oh well, about that..." Maisy said haltingly. "No excuse like my dog ate my homework!" Jessica said. "Oh o-okay, Mrs, Manhattan, I will do my homework after watch this race" Maisy said.

Jessica then took her cellphone. "Do you think I should tell John about Eliza?" Jessica said. "Off course, John is his uncle after all, maybe you should tell Dave too" Peter said.

In Bridgeport

Holly Alto was seen made a coffee in her kitchen. "Aww, I'm still tired, what time is it now?" she said. Holly looked at the clock. "Oh my God!" Holly snapped "The race! I almost forget the race!". Holly then quickly rushed to her TV room and turned her television on.

"Oh, they are just about to start" Holly said drinking her coffee "Do your best Eliza".

In Sunset Valley

In the Bachelor house, John and Simis were seen playing chess in the backyard. "Checkmate!" John said. "Awww come on!" Simis yelled as he know that he lose in the game... again. "Don't forget your promise to treat me some drinks in the Sunset Valley Bar tonight! Ha Ha Ha" John said laughing, Simis only rolled his eyes.

A moment later, John's cellphone ringing, it was from Jessica. John then answered the phone. "Hi sis!" John greeted his sister. "Hello John, how are you? it's been a while..." Jessica said in the phone "...How are you and your family right now?". "We're fine thanks, and how about you and Peter and... Eliza right?" John asked back."We are fine too" Jessica said.

"By the way what make you call me today?" John asked. "Well, if you don't mind, would yo go to watch the sport channel right now?" Jessica said. "Sport Channel?" John said, "Hey Simis, what is in Sport Channel right now?" John asked to Simis. "They aired a horse race tournament right now" Simis answered.

"Hey Jesse, don't tell me that Peter returned to the race! Is he already healed from his injury" John said. "Nah, it's not Peter" Jessica said. "Huh, if it's not Peter, then who?" John wondered. "Well, just turn your Tv on and you will know, by the way I must hang up the phone since the race is about to start, see ya again John!" Jessica said ending the conversation.

"Hey Simis, mind if I...", "Off course, I also want to watch the race" Simis said cutting John's word. The two then went to the Tv room upstairs. The Sport Channel aired the Horse race in Appaloosa Plains, the race was about to start.

John observed the participants, and he realized that one of the participants was so familiar. "Oh my gosh" John said after recognized her as Eliza. "What happened John?" Simis asked. "That teen girl, it's my niece, Eliza Manhattan!" John exclaimed. "Really? Which one?" Simis wondered. "There, number 45, the blonde-haired girl" John pointed. Simis could see, "whoa, she's probably the youngest participant in the tournament" he commented, John only nodded.

In Twinbrook

Dave Redfield was just returned home and greeted by his family. "Yay, daddy's home!" Dave's 4 and 6 years old children, Hansel and Gretel greeted him. "Welcome home darling, I have make a dinner for you" Dave's wife said. "Thanks Felicia, I'm hungry" Dave said.

Later, Dave's cellphone was ringing, it was from Jessica. "Hi Jesse, what's wrong" Dave said. Just like when she contacted John, Jessica then told Dave about Eliza, made him surprised. "Are you serious? Eliza participated in that race!?" Dave said. "Yeah, it's also aired on Tv" Jessica said. "Oh, the race is about to started, see you later" Jessica said hanged up the phone. "Hey, Jesse wait, hello!?".

"What happen with your niece, Eliza?" Felicia asked. "Jessica said that Eliza participated in the regional horse race" Dave said. "Really, that's great!" Felicia said "Let's we go to the TV room and watch the race!".

Back to the Appaloosa Plains

Eliza felt a little nervous since this race was her debut. "I can do it... I will prove that I can become the champion" she thought. She then looking at the tribune where her parents and friends watched. "Mom, dad, everyone watch me, I'll make you proud".

"Okay, everyone ready!?" the referee said, asking the participants to prepare. Eliza sighed.

And then... the race then started.

Chapter 18: For honor of my family!Edit

The first lap

The race had been started. There would be 3 laps for this race. Eliza and Lightning were seen in 6th position.

"Come on Lightning, you can do it!" Eliza said, persuading Lightning to run faster. Meanwhile, Nigel was seen in third position, but his horse was really fast. "Looks like she in the sixth position, but I've prepared myself if she able to catch me up" Nigel thought watching Eliza who was three positions behind him.

At the tribune, Eliza's friends were seen yelling for her name. "GO ELIZA GO!".

Meanwhile, Peter used his binocular to not only watch for his daughter, but also Nigel. "Nigel is currently in third position, I think it's better if Eliza keep her distance from him" Peter thought.

Before reaching the end of the first lap, Nigel and his horse finally able to catch up two horses in front of him, he now in the first position, everyone cheered very loudly. As for Eliza, she still stuck at the sixth position.

The second lap

"Come on Lightning, faster! faster!" Eliza said.

After several minutes struggling, Eliza and Lightning finally able to reached the third position. "GREAT ELIZA!" Peter and Jessica said in unison. At the first position, Nigel looked at her in surprise. "Very well little girl, catch me if you can" he thought.

"Two more and I will be in the first place" Eliza thought.

Eliza and Lightning tried to catch up the horse in the second position, but the horse was also fast. "Ugh, we must catch him up!" Eliza said.

"God in heaven please let Eliza win" Maisy said, praying at the tribune. "I never know that you are so religious" Cruz commented. "Shut up Cruz!" Maisy said, yelling.

Back to the tracks...

Just before finishing the second lap, Eliza and Lightning finally able catch up the horse in front, now they in the second position, right behind Nigel.

"You are good Eliza, but I will totally win this race!" Nigel proclaimed.

The third lap

The final lap which would decide who was the best jockey in Appaloosa Plains. At the tribune, Peter begun to sweating, he knew that Nigel would probably do something terrible to Eliza, however, he decided to believe in her daughter.

"Be careful, Eliza" Peter said.

Thanks to Lightning's speed, Eliza and Lightning eventually catched Nigel and his horse up. They were equal!

"I need to congratulate you that you are able to come this far, Eliza" Nigel said "But you should know, the victory will be mine!". Nigel suddenly bumped his horse into Lightning, surprising Eliza.

"Hey, Mr. de la Vega, you are cheating!" Eliza said.

"I don't f@#*ing care, I will do anything to achieve victory!".

Nigel then bumped his horse into Lightning again, Eliza begun to lost balance and about to fell to the ground.

"NO! ELIZAAAAAA!" Peter and Jessica yelled in unison. Maisy and Eliza's other friends also screamed in horror.


"WHAT!?" Nigel surprised, Eliza still on her horse, she still could kept her balance. "It can't be, she didn't fell!" Nigel thought.

"Mr. de la Vega, I really disappointed at you" Eliza said "If you think cheating is the best way to achieve victory, you are NOT a true jockey then!".

Nigel was snapped by Eliza's word. "Mr. de la Vega, in this race, I will be the one who defeat you for honor of my father" Eliza said again "FOR HONOR OF MY FAMILY!"

Eliza and Lightning finally able to left Nigel and his horse behind, they were in first position. Everyone cheered louder . Jessica couldn't hold her tears seeing her daughter's struggle to achieve victory. "No, not now Jesse" Peter said "If you want to shed your tears, just wait until our daughter win" Peter said.

At other side of the tribune. Nigel's son Diego also there, accompanied by Carlos. "Carlos, let's we go home" Diego said. "Huh, but the race..." Carlos said. "The winner of this race has been decided" Diego said.

Before leaving, Diego turned his attention again at Eliza. "Elizabeth Manhattan, I can't wait to face in you in a race" he thought "Because the one who destined to beat you is not my father. It's me".

"Come on Carlos, we're leaving" Diego said. "Hey, Diego? wait!" Carlos said.

Back to the tracks.

The finish line is just 300 meters ahead. Eliza led the race in the first position while Nigel in the second. "You said I'm NOT a real jockey? I will show you what a REAL JOCKEY is!" Nigel said riding his horse faster. Now they were in same position again.

"I WILL WIN THIS RACE!" Eliza yelled. "In your dream little girl!" Nigel also yelled.

Their horses were in same speed. After many struggles, they finally able to reached the finish line in same time.

Everyone in the tribune became so noisy. "Who's the winner!? Who is it!" they yelled in unison.

"Pe-Peter?" Jessica said. "Oh God, they crossed the finish line in the same time" Peter said "I couldn't tell who win this race".

"It just like what happen in Eliza's first race one month ago" Maisy said "That time Eliza also crossed the finish line in the same time with her opponent".

At the tracks, both Eliza and Nigel also felt worried about the result.

After several minutes...


Everyone looked at the large screen. The video was replayed in slow motion, the winner of the race was finally revealed.

Everyone stunned, especially Eliza and Nigel. At the tribune, Jessica, Peter, and Eliza's friends were gasped.

"The winner of the regional race is..." the commentator started to made annoucement.


Eliza stunned, she even couldn't believe that she won. "I... I win" she said. Her body was trembling and tears shed from her eyes.

At the tribune Maisy and her other friends yelled, they were so happy. "YAY! ELIZA WON! ELIZA WON!" Maisy said hugging Cruz.

"Darling... Eliza, our baby... she..." Jessica said. "Yeah, she's a true jockey now" Peter said "An Equestrian".

Everyone in the tribune yelled, calling for Eliza's name. Meanwhile, Nigel still stunned with the result.

"I... I've lose" he said, "That little girl, she... She defeated me".

Eliza's friends and parents then went in to the tracks to congratulate her. "Congratulation Eliza!" Alani said. "You made it! You made it to the national race!" Maisy exclaimed.

"National... race" Eliza said, she still couldn't believe that she would be able to compete in the national race.

While Eliza cheered by her friends, Peter approached Nigel. "Nigel?" Peter said. "Your daughter has defeat me, you must be proud of her now" Nigel said. "Of course I am" Peter said "She's my daughter after all".

Nigel then stood up at stared at his rival, "Congratulation then" he said "Since you are the one who trained her, so you can said that you've indirectly defeated me, Manhattan". Peter only smiled, the two men then shaking their each other hands. "Wait until my son's debut in a next race" Nigel said. "Sure, I will wait" Peter answered.

Nigel then approached Eliza.

"Eliza" Nigel said, "Congratulation for your victory". "O-oh, thanks Mr. de la Vega!" Eliza said. "In the national, there will be many strong opponents, do your best and make this town proud" he said again. "Sure, Yes!" Eliza said smiling "I will do my best!".

Later, Eliza, Nigel, and the third jockey stood in the podium. Maggie Gray gave Nigel and the other Jockey silver and bronze trophies respectively.

As for Eliza, she got a golden trophy. "My first trophy" Eliza said. She then kissed the trophy and later lifted it. Everyone cheered when Eliza lifted the trophy.

Chapter 19: The EquestrianEdit

Eliza Manhattan advanced to the national race and showed everyone her magnificent skills. However, Eliza failed to became the champion as she stuck at the second position, right behind an athlete from the capital SimCity.

Despite this, everyone in entire SimNation recognized her as the youngest national race participant in the history.

Several months later, Nigel's son, Diego de la Vega finally made his debut in an amateur race. Everyone saw him as the only one who could match Eliza in the race. The Manhattan/de la Vega rivalry still continued.

4 years later...

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm late!" Maisy Miller, now a young adult, was seen running to the Equestrian Center where her friends already waiting. "What you took so long? The race is about to started" Cruz asked. "I'm sorry, I had something to do in my office" Maisy explained, "You have bought the tickets?". "Sure" Cruz said showing the tickets "you owe me 250 simmoleons for this".

"Whatever, let's we get inside" Maisy said.


"How's Rocket doing?" Peter asked. "Oh, he's in a good condition sir..." Peter's employee said. Rocket, a three-years old horse who replaced Lightning as the Manhattan family's main horse. He also Lightning's young.

"Great, I will call Eliza in the locker room right now" Peter said, "It's okay dad, I'm already here" Eliza Manhattan suddenly appeared. "Seems like you are ready" Peter said. "Sure, I'm always ready" Eliza said, smiling.

"Hello Eliza" a voice heard calling for Eliza. Eliza turned her head, and found it was Diego de la Vega with his horse. "Oh, hi Diego, it appears you also ready for the race" Eliza said greeting him. "Of course" Diego said, he getting on his horse "I'm always ready".

All participants were ready in their positions.

In the tribune, Peter, Jessica, Eliza's friends, and also Nigel watched solemnly. "Do your best, Eliza" Peter thought. "Diego, show them your magnificent skill" Nigel thought.

"Okay all riders, prepare in your Starting Gates!" the referee yelled.

And several seconds later, the gates were opened, the race started. Everyone cheered.

Eliza and Diego both in same position in front of other participants, they were equal. The two then starred at each other

"Diego..." Eliza said.

"Eliza..." Diego said.

"THE VICTORY WILL BE MINE!" Eliza and Diego yelled in unison.

-The End-

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