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A Sim's Tale: Book 4
AST Book 4 cover
Name: A Sim's Tale: Book 4
Genre: Drama
Created by: Rizkirafu
Number of chapters: 33

Original run: 04/15/17
Status: Ongoing

Preceded by: A Sim's Tale: Book 3
Succeeded by: -

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A Sim's Tale: Book 4 is the fourth entry of A Sim's Tale series. Originally, the story would be called Sirenia: A Sim's Tale Book 4 and would be set in Isla Paradiso and feature all-new characters, including the titular character, Sirenia.

However, I scrapped the idea after I decided to made another new story which will still connected to the first A Sim's Tale trilogy.

The characters from previous A Sim's Tale will be featured, along with a whole new protagonist.


Once upon a time, there was a small, peaceful town located in the eastern part of SimNation. Everyone said that you could watch the sunset on the top of its valley. However, after Mortimer Goth elected as the town's new mayor, he decided to made few changes to his beloved town. Sunset Valley no more. Now the town known as Pleasantview.

Ten years later, a young photographer arrived in this town...

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Other CharactersEdit

Chapter 1: Memory of John RedfieldEdit

A lot of things happened in the town once known as Sunset Valley. After Mortimer Goth elected as the town mayor, the town got many changes. Even though some town's landmarks were still existed. After three years hard work, the town eventually had its new face, under a new name: Pleasantview.

Teenage Christine

Christine Redfield

One of the town's landmarks which still existed was the Mirabello Plaza. Outside the theater, a 16 years old Christine Redfield was sitting alone on a bench. She looked at her surroundings, waiting for someone.

"It's 05.15 P.M" she said looking at the clock in her Smart Phone. She then tied her long hair in pony tail.

"Sorry I'm late Christine" a voice of another teenage girl heard. Christine's cousin, Joana Delgado. "Where have you been Joana?" Chistine asked.

Teenage Joana

Joana Delgado

Joana then took a seat next to Christine. "I'm sorry" Joanna said, "Mom asked me to clean my room, so...". "Well no wonder" Christine said, "Aunt Leona is a Neat person after all", Joanna only nodded.

Christine Sirenia Redfield was the only daughter of Christoper James Redfield and Tamera Gerardo-Redfield. She inherited both her parents' traits, the good and caring traits from her mother and the charm from her father.

Joanna Delgado was the second child and daughter of Enrico Delgado and Leona Redfield-Delgado. She was a year younger than Christine. However, unlike Christine and her brother, Nathaniel Delgado, who inherited some of their parents' traits, Joanna inherited none. However, Joanna had almost identical face with her mother and aunt, Dr. Jennifer Redfield-Curtiz.

"It's almost been four years isn't it" Christine said.

"Sorry?" Joana said.

Old John photo

John Redfield

"It's almost been four years since grandpa John passed away" Christine said, "Next week we will celebrate his 4th year anniversary of his death". Joana didn't said anything, she only looked at her saddened cousin.

Christine then took something from her pocket, a photo of an elderly John Redfield. "So many good memories with him" Christine said. "You are right" Joana said, "I remember he promised us to took us on a vacation but...".

Both Christine and Joana then became silent for a moment. They remembered how their family saddened when they attended John's funeral four years ago.

Grandchildren of John

John's grandchildren

Four years ago, Pleasant-Rest Graveyard

"But brother, this is not fair, grandpa promised to take us on vacation once he recovered!" said a 11 years old Joanna to her brother Nathaniel. Nathaniel then hugged Joanna tightly, trying to comfort her. Meanwhile, a 12 years old Christine didn't said anything, she only watched her grandmother, Lily Redfield, was crying. John's another grandson, Daniel Curtiz was also quiet, didn't said anything.

"Oh John *sob*" Lily said in tears. Lily's twin daughters, Leona and Jean tried to console her. At the other hand, the Redfields' adopted child, Charlie just arrived. Everyone greeted him. "Oh gosh Charlie *sob*" Lily said hugging Charlie, "John, he... he...".

John's funeral

John's funeral

Charlie didn't said anything. He only looked at John's grave. He felt guilty since he couldn't be in his adoptive father's side when he was dying. "Father..." Charlie said in quiet tone. Charlie's ex-wife Sandi was also there, trying to comfort him.

"I will never forget his kindness" one of John's son-in-law, Enrico Delgado said "I knew Mr. Redfield since I was child, a really nice and charismatic man I've ever know". "You are right Enrie..." John's other son-in-law, Alex Curtiz said, "He treated everyone like his own family, that's what I like from him".

Meanwhile, John's daughter-in-Law, Tamera looked at her husband Chris, who was sitting alone on a bench. "Christine, honey" she said calling for her daughter, Christine. "Yes mama?" Christine said. "Would you like to accompany your papa there? I think... you can cheer him up" Tamera asked.

Christine then looked at her father, "Okay mama" she said.

John and Chris Book 4

John told Chris about being a father

Chris was quiet, he couldn't shed any tears even though he was really sad with John's death. He only frowned, he was reminiscing his conversation with John about the feeling of become a father twelve years ago when Christine was about to born.

"Son, don't be afraid, I'm sure you will be a good father for you child. Just believe in yourself. Just remember, do your best to make your family happy. I believe you can do it" it was what John told to Chris twelve years earlier.

"I will never forget what you taught to me, father" Chris said. "Papa" Christine said approaching Chris, "Why don't you join the others there?". Chris then looked at his daughter. "Papa?" Christine said. Chris then stood up, he approached his daughter, and then hugged her tightly. Christine could heard that her father cried, even though it wasn't loud.

Young Christine and John

Christine's memory with John

Back to present day.

"So many memories about grandpa John" Christine said. She took another photo from her pocket, this time time a photo of her hugging John. "I really miss him" Christine said. "Me too Christine" Joanna said, "Me too".

The two teenage girls then became quiet for a moment. "So.. uh... Where will we go now?" Joanna said wiping her tears. "Oh, well, I almost forgot" Christine said "How about the bookstore, the newest issue of fashion magazine is already available there".

"Oh, sure" Joanna said. "And after that, let's visit grandma Lily" Christine said. "Yeah, I agree" Joanna said smiling.

Chapter 2: Four Years LaterEdit

Another four years have passed. A car was parked in front of the cemetery. Dr. Jennifer "Jean" Curtiz was standing in front of John Redfield's grave. "It has been eight years" Jean said to her father's grave, "I miss you dad".

After put a bunch of flowers on John's grave, Jean's smartphone was ringing. "Oh, it's Leona, she's already waiting" she said, "I guess I need to go now". Jean then walked out from the cemetery heading to her car. She then started her car's engine and drove to Pleasantview Community Bar where Leona was waiting.

At the bar, Leona Delgado was sitting at the corner eating a piece of cookie she ordered earlier. Jean entered the bar and greeted her twin sister. "Sorry I'm late" Jean said "I was visiting father's grave". "I see" Leona said.

"So, uh, how's your job?" Jean asked, starting a conversation.

"Ugh, it makes me stressed" Leona answered "Honestly I miss my old days as an athlete, it was more fun". "Well, how long is it since you are retired as an athlete?" Jean asked. "20 years" Leona said "Yeah, 20 years, shortly after I found that I was pregnant with Joanna".

After got pregnant with her second child, Joanna 20 years ago, Leona decided to retired as an athlete. However, three years after Joanna's birth, Leona decided to join sport agent career. She had job to seeking and recruiting many young talented athletes. After more than 20 years worked as a Sport Agent, Leona was starting to bored with her current job.

"Then why don't you just re-join the athletic career? ha ha ha!" Jean said in hilarious tone. "I wished, but I'm old now" Leona said in sarcastic tone "You too". "Well, it couldn't help" Jean said "We are already in our 50s after all". "Hmph, the last time checked myself in front of the mirror, I found there are more wrinkles on my face" Leona frowned. Jean only chuckled, "Sounds like you finally have your mid-life crisis!" she said.

"Anyway, I've got message from Charlie yesterday" Jean said. "Oh really, how is he now? Is he still in Paris?" Leona asked. "Yeah, he said that he wouldn't be able to attend our family's feast party next week" Jean said. "It's so unfortunate" Leona said "Mom really want to meet him". Jean only nodded.

"And, how about Chris?" Leona asked. "Oh, he will join us, finally" Jean said. "So you mean he's already coming back from his tour? Nice!" Leona said excitedly.

Adult Jean and Leona

Jean told Leona about her son's situation

"By the way Leona, I slightly worried about my son Daniel" Jean said. "Oh, what happened to him?" Leona asked.

"It looks like he's alienating himself from everyone after his co-workers found out his secret" Jean said. "What secret?" Leona asked. "We just learn about this" Jean said, "Daniel... He confessed that he's gay".

"Oh, Is he bullied by his co-workers for being gay?" Leona asked. "I have no idea" Jean said "I hope not". "Well, Jean you are his mother, you should talk to him" Leona said "Tell him that it's okay for being different with the others". "I think you are right" Jean said.

Bryan in plaza

Bryan Schmidt

Meanwhile at the Plaza.

A young adult man was seen sitting alone on the bench reading a newspaper. Apparently, he was seeking for job. "Oh man, I really need a job right now" he said "It has been three days since I'm moving here".

This young man's name was Bryan Schmidt. For three years, he moved from one town to another in order to accomplish his dream to take pictures of many places in SimNation. However, at the same time he arrived in Pleasantview, he started to have financial problem.

"I wished the Doo Peas Corporate Tower there want to hire me as freelance photographer" he said.

Just before Bryan finished his reading, he heard a scream.

Chapter 3: Lily RedfieldEdit

Bryan and the old lady

The old woman

The scream heard from the back alley of the grocery store. Bryan promptly rushed into the back alley and found there was an old woman, around 80s, trying to reach some of her stuffs which fell to the ground. "Ouch... my back's hurt!" she said "My osteoporosis is getting worse!".

Feeling pity with the old woman, Bryan decided to help. "Excuse me, can I help you?" he asked in polite manner. "O-oh, s-sure, I'm having a little trouble here" the old woman said. Bryan helped to brought the old woman's stuffs, it was too heavy for someone on her age.

"Thank you very much young man" she said. "Not a problem ma'am" Bryan said "Anyway, where is your home, maybe I could escort you there". "O-oh, it's not too far from here" she said, "It's in the residential area located in the back of the City Hall".

"Okay, let me escort you there" Bryan said.

Bryan then escorted the old woman to her house located at residential area the back of the City Hall. The old-woman revealed her name was Lily Redfield. She was living alone after her husband passed away and her children had started their own family. Until ten years ago, she originally lived in a house near the beach, but relocated when Mayor Mortimer Goth started his project to expand the town, changing it from Sunset Valley to Pleasantview.

After twenty minutes walking, they arrived at her house. "Thank you for your help son" Lily said "By the way, do you wanna some tea first?". "Uh, well, sure" Bryan said. Bryan then entered the house. It was an average-sized house. For some reason, there was no Tv in it. There were so many photos of Lily and her late husband when they young.

At Lily's house

Lily offered Bryan a cup of tea

There were also photos of their children, a pair of twin daughters and two sons, which one of them had unusual green colored hair and much darker skin than the others. "Looks like this one is adopted" Bryan thought.

"Wait a second, this man looks familiar" Bryan gazed into picture of a man with brown colored hair. "That's my son, Christoper" Lily said, bringing a cup of tea "But we usually call him Chris, he's a rock star you know". "Christoper? Rock Star? Wait a minute, do you mean Christoper James Redfield!?" Bryan said in surprise, "He is your son!?". Lily only nodded. "Unbelievable, I'm a big fan of your son!" Bryan exclaimed "Is he in this town? Can I meet him?".

"Well, unfortunately, he's still in other town" Lily said "But he will come home today since there will be a family feast party here".

"Oh I see..." Bryan said.

As Bryan looked at the pictures, someone knocked the door. "Oh, looks like we have another guest" Lily said "I will open it".

Chapter 4: Nathaniel DelgadoEdit

"Oh, welcome Nathaniel" Lily said greeting a good-looking young man who stood in front of the door. The young man then looked at Bryan who sat at the corner. "Who's that grandma?" Nathaniel asked. "Oh, that man helped me bring my stuffs, he's a nice guy" Lily said "His name is Schmidt, I suppose...".

Nate Delgado

Nathaniel Delgado

Bryan then stood and approached them. "Hi, my name is Bryan Schmidt" he introduced himself "I... uh... I'm new in this town". "Oh I see" Nathaniel said shaking Bryan's hand. "Name's Nathaniel Delgado, but you can call me Nate, nice to meet you Mr. Schmidt". "Oh, just call me Bryan, because we appear to be in same age after all" Bryan said.

"Well, okay, Nathaniel, what bring you here? Do you need something?" Lily asked. "I'm here to take Joanna's cellphone, Apparently she left it here" Nathaniel said. "Oh yeah, so that's Joanna's phone" Lily said "Geez she's so careless. Wait here, I will bring it".

Lily then went to her room, leaving Bryan and Nathaniel in the living room.

"So, how long have you been here Bryan?" Nathaniel asked. "Three days" Bryan said. "Oh I see" Nathaniel said "What do you think about Pleasantview?". "Well, I think this town is very beautiful" Bryan said "And also busy at the same time".

"To be honest, I like this town more when it was still Sunset Valley" Nathaniel said "So much memories...". "By the way Nate, I noticed that your name is similar with this town's famous former athlete..." Bryan said "...I believed her name was Leona. Is she..."

"Yes, Leona Anne Delgado is my mother" Nathaniel said. "Whoa, first is Christoper James Redfield and now Leona Delgado, this town almost feel like Bridgeport" Bryan commented in awe "And they are your relatives". "Ha ha ha" Nathaniel laughed "My mother is already retired after all".

"By the way, are you an athlete too?" Bryan asked again. "Yeah, but I'm still in the amateur league" Nathaniel said "Still need years until I promoted to the pro". "Uh-huh" Bryan only nodded.

A minutes later, Lily returned with Joanna's cellphone. "Here your sister's cellphone, tell her to not being careless again" Lily said giving the cellphone to Nathaniel. "By the way, why didn't she just come here by herself?" Lily asked.

"She's on a date with her new boyfriend right now and she borrowed my cellphone" Nathaniel said. "Oh dear, why can't she become more like your mother or your father?" Lily said. "Well, her face is almost identical with mom and aunt Jean, so..." Nathaniel said. "That doesn't counted young man" Lily said, slightly upset.

"Uh guys, I think I should go back to my apartment right now" Bryan said cutting their conversation.

"Oh well, Nathaniel, mind if you drive Mr. Schmidt home? His apartment is far enough and it's in the same direction to your hose" Lily said. "What, No no! I appreciate it but, I can go myself" Bryan said. "Well, It's alright Bryan" Nathaniel said, "Let's say this is reward for helping my grandma, I don't mind either".

"Oh, well, if you insist" Bryan said. Lily smiled, "Okay, take care you two!".

At the way to Bryan's apartment. "So Bryan, how about going to the club first and hit some hot chicks there?" Nathaniel said. "Well, I'm not sure" Bryan said. "Come one, I knew a club where hot and beautiful young girls gathered" Nathaniel claimed "The Flamencos, even the club's owners, the Caliente sisters are hot even though they in my mom's age".

"Uh, sorry, maybe next time" Bryan said "Thanks for the offer by the way". "Oh, what happen?" Nathaniel asked. "Well okay" Nathaniel said, "By the way looks like we almost arrive in your apartment". "Oh yeah, you are right" Bryan said.

The car then stopped in front of Bryan's apartment. "Thanks for the ride dude" Bryan said disembarked from the car. "You're welcome" Nathaniel said, "See you later!". After Nathaniel left, Bryan walked into his apartment. He took the elevator to the third floor where his room located.

Arriving in his room, Bryan turned on his laptop and checked his e-mail. One mail was received from the Doo Peas Corporate Tower.

"Dear Mr. Schmidt, we already receive your resume. We found that your experience in photography is very interesting. We will happy to invite you for an interview tomorrow at our office building at 12.00 P.M" the mail said.

"YES!" Bryan exclaimed "Finally I can get money to pay the rent!".

When Bryan about to logged out, a new e-mail received.

"What's this?" Bryan wondered. Bryan then clicked the e-mail. He read it, and became quiet. The e-mail said:

"I knew were you live right now. I will come to you soon..."
-Your lover, Mikhaela-

Chapter 5: SummerEdit

Today was the first day of summer. Everyone really loved it since the vacation was just few weeks ahead. A middle-aged woman was standing alone in front of the City Hall. She was waiting for someone. She had short-black hair, purple colored eyes, and a mixed between Asian-Arabian-Spanish. Her name was Tamera Gerardo-Redfield.

Christine returns

Christine's home

"Oh, I think she's here!" Tamera exclaimed noticing a cab came up. The cab stopped in front of the City Hall, a young adult woman, with same eye color, but lighter skin and brown hair, disembarked from the cab.

"Mother!" the young woman hugged Tamera tightly.

"Oh Christine baby, I miss you" Tamera said. The person was Tamera and Chris' daughter, Christine. She was just returned from the university for her summer break. "How's college?" Tamera asked.

"Well, yeah sorta... We are very busy" Christine said, "I joined the campus' Newspaper club. "Nice, you are talented to become a reporter after all" Tamera said praising her daughter. "Ha ha thank's mom" Christine said.

"By the way, let's go home, your dad is waiting" Tamera said. "Oh dad's home?" Christine said "I thought he still on tour". "No, he's already home since couple of days ago, so he will be able to join our family feast party in next weekend".

"Oh that's great!" Christine said, "Hey will uncle Charlie join us in the party?" she asked. "Unfortunately no, he's still in France" Tamera said. "Oh, I miss uncle Charlie" Christine frowned.

"Anyway, let's get in to the car, shall we?" Tamera said. Christine only nodded.

At their way home, Christine told Tamera many things happened in her University. Tamera was the main campus reporter of the Newspaper Club. "So uh... How's Vernon?" Tamera asked suddenly, a guy named Vernon who had relationship with her daughter. Christine then sighed and her face became slightly upset. "We broke up" she said.

"Huh? What happened?" Tamera asked.

"He's a @!#$" Christine said, "I mean, who wouldn't mad if you caught your boyfriend slept with your roommate!".

"Well it's okay honey" Tamera said "Your father and I don't like him either".

"..." Christine didn't said anything. "Anyway, have you call Joanna yet?" Tamera asked again. "Oh, not yet" Christine said, "Well, I miss her too, I wonder what's she doing right now...".

Joana argue with Leona

Joanna argue with Leona

The Delgado House

"Great woolly Llamas, Joanna!" Leona said in anger "Why are you dressing like this!?".

"Huh? Why? I love this outfit!" Joanna said.

Leona was very upset seeing how her daughter, Joanna Delgado, dressed herself. The young woman wore a red cropped top covered in dark blue sleeveless leather jacket, dark grey short jean, and stockings, completed with punk-like make up.

"For God sake Joana look at you! Do you ever realize how old you are now!?" Leona said, "You are almost 20 and still dressing like a street-punk-teenager!".

"Okay mom that's enough! I wear whatever I like!" Joanna yelled at Leona before leaving her room.

"Hey Joanna! Come back here you young lady!" Leona said.

However, Joanna didn't listen to her mother. She walked outside the house and went somewhere. From his room upstairs, Nathaniel watched. He only sighed.

"Ugh, what is so wrong with this outfit? This is my favorite style since I was 12!" Joanna said, grumbling. "I guess mom's really old-fashioned".

Suddenly, Joanna cellphone's was ringing. She took her cellphone and found that she got a message from Christine.

"Oh nice, Christine's here! Finally I have a friend to hang out in The Flamencos tonight!" Joanna said in excitement.

Chapter 6: The PackageEdit

Mid-aged Chris


"Dad I'm home" Christine said moment after she entered her house.

At the sofa, Christine's father, Chris has been waiting. "Welcome back dear" Chris said greeting her daughter "How's your college?".

"Well, it's very busy" Christine said while taking a glass of drink "In the next semester, I have to start to find a subject for my thesis". "Oh I see..." Chris said "How long until you graduated?".

"One or two years, depending on how fast I complete my thesis" Christine said. "Also depending on her credits" Tamera submitted, Christine only nodded.

"By the way, what time is it?" Christine asked.

"It's 09.15 A.M" Chris said looking at his watches.

"Oh I still have time for rest until 04.00 P.M" Christine said "Joanna asked me to hang out in The Flamencos".

"Sounds nice" Chris said.

They then became quiet for a moment. "By the way, I'm very tired" Christine said "I think I want to take a nap right now".

"Okay then, have a nice sleep" Tamera said as Christine went in to her bedroom.

"She's already grown up, isn't she?" Chris said looking at her daughter's picture. "Yeah, I couldn't believe she's 20 already" Tamera said, Chris only nodded.

"By the way, have you call Charlie yet?" Tamera asked "Christine really missed him".

"Well, we all miss him too" Chris said "It's been years since he left the town".

Tamera then sighed. "Poor Charlie, after being dumped by Sandi, he also fired from his job as Art teacher" Tamera said. "And now, he traveled around the world and became an Art appraiser" Chris said.

"Speaking about Sandi, how is she now?" Chris asked, "It's been a while since the last time I met her".

"Well she's fine apparently" Tamera said. "She's now living in an Apartment with her new family".

"Hmph, sounds like she finally got a happy family" Chris said in sarcastic tone, Tamera only sighed before she went to the kitchen to made some meals.

Meanwhile at his apartment, Bryan prepared himself to went to the Doo Peas Corporate Tower for his interview. He also seen printed out some of his photographs. "I think it's enough" Bryan thought.

Suddenly, someone knocked his door. Bryan then went to the front door and peeked out from the peephole. A mailman was seen standing in front of his door. Bryan then opened his door, the mailman greeted him.

"Mr. Bryan Schmidt?" the mailman asked.

"Yes?" Bryan answered in confused.

"There's a package for you" The mailman said, giving him a medium sized package.

"From who is it?" Bryan asked again.

"Well, the sender only write her initial" the mailman said. However, from how the mailman described the sender as a her, Bryan could figure out that the sender was a woman. "Don't tell me it was her again" he thought.

"Would you like to sign your name here?" The mailman asked.

"Oh... Okay, sure" Bryan said signing his name.

"Well, have a nice day sir, enjoy your package!" the mailman said before leaving.

Bryan then put the package on the table and opened it. It was a homemade sweater. There was also a letter in there.

"My dear Bryan, I will catch you up tomorrow, just wait for me"
-Your lover, Mikhaela-

Bryan then sighed. "You don't know when and how to give up, do you? Mikhaela..." he said reading the letter.

Chapter 7: Bella and CassandraEdit

Bryan arrived at the Corporate Tower, prepared for his interview. "Alright, I'm ready" he said to himself. Just before Bryan entered the building, he saw a young woman standing in front of her car. The red-haired woman looked so confused. "Darn it!" she said put her dirt-covered glasses off.

AST4 Cassandra

The woman

"Excuse me, can I help you?" Bryan asked. The woman surprised a little "Whoa! You surprised me" she said putting her glasses on. "Oh, I'm sorry" Bryan said "It looks like you are having a problem".

"Yeah" the woman said "I can not start my car, I don't know what happen". Bryan then looked the woman's car. "May I?" Bryan asked. "Sure" the woman said. Bryan then examined it, trying to figure out what was wrong with her car.

AST4 Bella 2

Bella Goth

After several minutes...

"Miss, I think you should bring your car to the Garage" Bryan said "Some of the machines need to be repaired".

"Oh man..." the woman said. A moment later, another woman appeared from inside the building. A middle-aged woman in a red-dress. Bryan looked at the elder woman and then surprised a little. "Great Llamas, I knew her" Bryan thought "This is Bella Goth, the wife of this town's ex-mayor, Mortimer Goth".

"Cassie, honey, how's your car?" Bella asked to the younger woman. Bryan then realized that the younger woman was Bella's daughter, Cassandra Goth, but she commonly known as Cassie.

"We should take it to the Garage mom" Cassie said. "I see" Bella said. "By the way, this guy was trying to help me" Cassie said about Bryan "He was the one who suggest to bring this car to the Garage".

"Oh, if that so, thank you young man" Bella said thanking Bryan. "What's your name? Are you new in this town?".

"Uh, Bryan Schmidt" Bryan said introducing himself "Nice to meet you.. uh... Mrs. Goth I presume".

"Oh, you know me?" Bella asked again.

"Well, yeah, you and your family are so famous. Almost everyone in SimNation knew about you guys" Bryan said.

"Oh, well, we feel honored" Bella said "By the way, this is my daughter, Cassandra, but you can call her Cassie".

"Oh, nice to meet you" Bryan said "By the way, I need to go inside now. I have an interview".

"Oh okay, good luck then" Bella said, Bryan only nodded before entering the building.

"Bryan Schmidt eh, what a handsome guy" Bella said complimenting Bryan. "Well, yeah, kinda..." Cassie said agreeing with her mother. "Maybe you should date him honey" Bella said jokingly. "Oh mom, he look younger than me" Cassie said "Plus, I was expecting an older man". "Ha ha ha, I'm sure that you will find a right guy for you someday" Bella said again, Cassie only smiled.

12.30 P.M

Christine was waking up from her nap. She was seen reading her favorite novel on her bed. Suddenly, she got a message from her cellphone. It was from Joanna. The message said:

"Hey cousin, I'm in the Dive Bar right now. Do you wanna come?"

"Hmm, the Dive Bar" Christine thought, "Okay why not". She then replied the message, telling Joanna that she would be there.

Christine then get up from her bed and looked at the mirror. She still wore glasses and her hair still tied in pony-tail. "Well, time to make over myself" Christine said. Christine then put her glasses off and untied her hair.

She then changed her top with a red tank top and her bottom with a blue tight jean and also styled her medium-long hair.  "Hmm, should I wear make up?" Christine thought, "Well maybe a little" she said.

Christine gussy up

Christine is ready to go

After several minutes...

"Well, Christine Sirenia Redfield, you look so great" Christine said complimenting herself.

Christine then walked out from her room and greeted by Tamera. "Where are you going Christine?" Tamera asked. "I'm going to the Dive Bar" Christine said "Joanna is waiting". "Oh okay, take care" Tamera said.

Christine then walked approaching her car. Unknown to her, someone was watching from afar.

Chapter 8: UncleEdit

Christine and Charlie

Christine surprised to see her uncle.

“Christine?” a voice heard calling for Christine. Christine then looked at her surrounding, searching for the source of the voice. “Christine, is this really you?” the voice was heard again. Christine looked at her back. A middle-aged man was standing in front of her. Christine gasped.

“Uncle Charlie? Uncle Charlie is that you?” Christine said. The man was none other than Christine’s uncle, Charlie Redfield. Christine then hugged him tightly, “Oh gosh uncle Charlie, I miss you!” she said. “Ha ha, you already grown up” Charlie said “I remember the last time I saw you was Eight years ago”.

“Yeah, during grandpa John’s funeral” Christine said. “By the way, where will you going?” Charlie asked. “Oh, I will go to the Dive Bar, Joana is waiting” Christine answered “After that we will go to the Flamencos”.

“Oh, I see... Speaking about Joanna, how is she?” Charlie said. “Well, you won’t believe until you meet her” Christine said. “Uh-huh” Charlie only nodded.

Suddenly, Tamera appeared from inside the house. She was very surprised seeing Charlie there. “Oh my gosh, Charlie” she said. “Hey Tamera, how’re you doin’?” Charlie asked. “I thought you said that you were still in Paris” Tamera said. “Well, I have returned since three days ago” Charlie said “And I’m planning to give you guys a surprise”.

“I see...” Tamera said “It’s good to see you back”.

“By the way, is Chris here? I heard he just return from his tour” Charlie asked. “Y-yeah, but he’s about to go to the Stadium right now, you know, meet and greet with his fans” Tamera said. “Well, can I meet him?” Charlie asked.

“Sure!” Tamera said “Chris will be happy to see you, please come in!”.

“I think I should go now” Christine said “See you later unc!”. Christine then entered her car and drove it to the Dive Bar

AST4 Chris and Charlie

Chris reunited with Charlie

Inside the house...

Chris just finished changing his clothes. He was standing in the balcony when Charlie approached him. “Hello bro” Charlie said greeting him. Chris then turned around and surprised to see Charlie, “Charlie? Oh gosh! You are already back from France!?” he exclaimed. “Yeah, long time no see Chris, you’ve changed a lot” Charlie said.

“Aw man, you also changed too” Chris said “How’s Hidden Spring?”.

“I like the town, it’s so quiet and peaceful” Charlie claimed.

Since divorced with Sandi 15 years ago and losing his job, Charlie decided to move to another town to get a new life. Charlie choose to lived in Hidden Springs. He believed that the town would give him a much better life.

Charlie also became a painter and everyone acknowledged his talent. He became a famous painter since then. His recent work was sold 56,000 Simmoleons. Charlie even received many awards from his works.

“I’m glad to hear that you are happy now” Chris said. “Not really” Charlie said “Sometimes I feel so lonely, especially because my son isn’t there”.

“We understand your feeling” Tamera said comforting Charlie. “How long is it since the last time you meet him?” Chris asked. “I don’t know, it’s been too long” Charlie said “He’s probably in college right now, just like Christine”.

“Have you ever call Sandi?” Tamera asked, but Charlie didn’t answer.

“You know Charlie, I always afraid that the reason Sandi divorced you is because she can not accept your identity as an... well.... Imaginary Friend” Chris said.

“No, It’s not” Charlie said “If that was reason she would end our relationship long before we married”. Chris and Tamera didn’t say anything.

“Well, actually Sandi was calling me couple of days ago” Tamera said “She was asking about you”. “Really? Are you sure?” Charlie asked. “Yeah...” Tamera said “I think you should call her”. “I don’t know” Charlie said “Is she already re-married?”.

“Yeah, but that’s not a reason to not make a call to her” Tamera said “Plus, if you want to meet your son, you have to call her and ask her permission”.

Charlie then sighed, “I think you are right” he said, “That’s the only way to see my son again”.


Bryan was just completing his interview at the Corporate Tower. “Aw yeah, I’m finally get the job!” Bryan yelled in excitement. He was accepted to work as the photographer for the newspaper. Suddenly, Bryan’s stomach was growling. “Oh man, I’m hungry” he said “Hmm I think I should try the restaurant across the street”.

Bryan then about to cross the street, unnoticing a car was moving to his direction. It was Christine’s car. “Hey Look Out!” Christine yelled, honking her car, surprising Bryan. “YAMAGADOODY!” Bryan yelled. Fortunately, Christine hit the brake just in time and stopped her car. Bryan was falling to the ground. The car was just few centimeters in front of him.

Awkward meeting

Christine apologized after almost hit Bryan with her car

Christine then get out from the car. “Oh my gosh, sir are you alright!?” she said in panic “I-I’m sorry! Can you stand up!? Are yo hurt!?”.

“I... I’m okay” Bryan said, he was still shocked. Christine then helped him to stand up. “Oh gosh, I’m terribly sorry” she said “I didn’t see you were there”.

“I-it’s okay miss, don’t worry” Bryan said “It’s my fault too, I attempt to cross the street without watching my surroundings”.

Christine said “Glad if you’re okay” she said “But I think I have to bring you to the hospital since you are in shock, right?”.

“No no no! It’s okay, I’m fine!” Bryan said.

“Are you sure?” Christine asked again.

“Pretty sure” Bryan said, smiling at Christine.

“Um okay, by the way, my name’s Christine, nice to meet you” Christine said introducing herself. “Oh, well, I’m Bryan Schmidt, nice to meet you Christine” Bryan also introduced himself “I’m... uh... new in this town and just get a job here”.

“Oh I see...” Christine said “Are you work in the Newspaper or in the Company?”.

“Well, I’m a photographer for the newspaper” Bryan asked.

“Oh I see... No wonder you have a camera” Christine said.

Suddenly, Bryan’s stomach was trembling again. “Oh excuse me” he said, a little embarassed. “Ha ha, it’s okay” Christine said.

“By the way, I think I should go now, nice to meet you Christine” Bryan said, heading to the restaurant across the street. “Well, okay then, take care!” Christine said waving her hands to Bryan.

Christine then returned to her car. “Bryan Schmidt eh? He looks so nice” she thought.

Chapter 9: Ex-LoverEdit

01.45 P.M

After hanging out for a while at the restaurant, Bryan decided to returned to his apartment. He was whistling along the way, expressing his happiness for getting a job. Once arrived at his apartment, he noticed a car was parking at the other side of the street. Bryan examined the car, “That car looks familiar” he thought.

Bryan then proceeded to his room at the third floor. When he arrived in front of his door, he noticed something was wrong. His door was opened a little. Bryan was surprised. “What the heck, I thought I already locked this door!” Bryan exclaimed. Bryan then promptly rushed in to his room.

Bryan then became quiet. In his room right now, there was someone standing in front of him. It was a young adult woman with silver-colored hair and dragon tattoo on her back. The woman then turned around. She looked at Bryan and Smile.

“Hello Bryan” she said in seductive tone.

Old lover

Bryan encountered Mikhaela

Bryan then sighed, he looked very upset. “How did you get into my room?” Bryan asked. The woman then put something out from her pocket. “Well, apparently you dropped your key in front of your door” she said showing Bryan’s key “You should be careful next time, my dear”.

Bryan then walked approaching the woman, “Mikhaela, what do you want from me?” he asked.

The woman’s name was Mikhaela Rogers. She and Bryan were once had romantic relationship in the past. However, for some reasons, Bryan decided to end their relationship. Despite this, Mikhaela was apparently still in love with Bryan and tried her best to get Bryan's heart back.

“Why? I’m coming to this town only to meet you baby” Mikhaela said stroking Bryan’s cheek "And actually, I also decided to move to this town only to be with you".

“For God sake Mikhaela, how many time I have to tell you that our relationship is OVER!?” Bryan said in angry tone.

“B-but Bryan, I can not live without you” Mikhaela said, “I-I have spend these whole years to find and meet you!”. Bryan didn’t said anything, he was very upset. He then sit on a sofa, followed by Mikhaela who sit next to him.

“How do you know that I’m living here?” Bryan asked.

"Well, when I was searching for you in Sunlit Tides, I met your old friend and he told me that you already moved to Pleasantview" Mikhaela said "So, since I also have friend living in this town, I was asking her about your whereabouts. She doesn't know about you however, but her boyfriend does"

“What? Who is he?” Bryan asked in confusion. “Well, if I remember correctly, his name is Delgado or something” Mikhaela answered "he told me that you two already met after I shown him your photo, and then he gave me your address".

Bryan then sighed, “Oh, yes, Nathaniel, I met him two or three days ago”.

Mikhaela then smiled, she held Bryan’s hand “Please Bryan, give one more chance...” she said. “Please, I really love you, I promise that I will be a better woman for you”.

Bryan angry at Mikhaela

Bryan reminds Mikhaela about what happened in the past.

Bryan then looked at Mikhaela. “No” he said releasing his hand “I’m sorry Mikhaela, I can’t”. “But why?” Mikhaela frowned. “Why? You asked me why? Do you ever remember what have you done to me!?” Bryan said in high tone "You cheated on me! You even pregnant with someone else! Do you know how hurt my feeling was!?".

“Please, I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to” Mikhaela said, she was started crying. “I... I have lose my child because of miscarriage back then and I don't want to lose you too, Please!”.

“Listen, I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sorry about your child, but once I said no, I mean it" Bryan claimed, “Since we broke up I have learned anything about you”

“Even before we broke up, there were rumors about you that made me uncomfortable” Bryan claimed.

“That’s not true Bryan, I...” Mikhaela said deffending herself, “Please... I love you”.

Bryan then sighed. “Please, just leave me alone” Bryan said.

Mikhaela then quiet for a moment. “Very well, If you really don’t want to meet me, I will leave now” she said “But, it doesn’t mean that I will give up to win your heart back”. Bryan didn’t said anything. “See you later Bryan, I will be back soon for you” Mikhaela said leaving Bryan’s room.

“She really doesn’t know how to give up” Bryan said. Bryan then stood up, approaching the window. Bryan noticed that Mikhaela was about to enter her car. She looked at Bryan for a moment before entering her car.

“I guess, I have to talk to Nathaniel” Bryan said. He then took his cellphone and dialed Nathaniel’s number.

Several seconds later

“Hello?” Nathaniel said answering the call.

“Nathaniel, it’s me Bryan, where are you now?” Bryan asked.

“Oh, hello Bryan, I’m in home right now” Nathaniel said in the phone “What happened? Is there anything I can help?”.

“No, but I will go to your house right now” Bryan said “There is something I have to tell you”.

“Well okay, you know my adress right?” Nathaniel said again.

“Of course” Bryan said “Don’t go anywhere, I will come soon. This is important!”.

“Oh okay, see you later” Nathaniel said hanging up his cellphone.

Chapter 10: The TruthEdit

Bryan disembarked from the cab in front of the Delgado house. “Keep the change please” he said to the taxi driver before approaching the house. In front of the house, there was Leona who checked for some mails. “Excuse me?” Bryan said. “Yes?” Leona said.

Mrs. Delgado

Leona in front of the Delgado house

“I’m Nathaniel’s... friend, is Nathaniel home?” Bryan asked politely. “Oh, you must be Bryan, I’ve heard about you from my son” Leona said. “Oh, you must be... Leona Redfield, oh sorry, I mean, Leona Delgado, the former athlete!” Bryan exclaimed “I’ve read everything about you!”. “Ha ha ha, well, yeah, thank you” Leona said “Please come in, my son is inside, he told me that you will come”.

“Thank you Mrs. Delgado” Bryan said, following to Leona inside the house.

At the living room, Nathaniel was seen watching a movie in the tv. “Hey Bryan, come sit! This movie is good, I just borrowed it!” Nathaniel said. Bryan then took a seat next to Nathaniel. Nathaniel then looked at Bryan and noticed that he looked very upset about something.

Nathaniel then took the remote control and paused the movie. “Okay, what’s wrong dude?” Nathaniel asked. “Well, I heard that you were met a woman who asking about me, right?” Bryan asked. “Oh, you mean that Mikhaela girl? Yeah, she actually asked my girlfriend, but when I found that she was looking for you so...” Nathaniel said. “You should not tell her” Bryan said cutting Nathaniel’s sentence.

“Huh? Why? Is she your girlfriend? She claimed herself to be your girlfriend” Nathaniel asked in confusion. “She WAS” Bryan said “Not anymore”. “Wait, she’s NOT your girlfriend anymore?” Nathaniel asked again. “Yes” Bryan said.

Nate and Bryan

Nathaniels learns the truth about Mikhaela.

“Oh, what happened between you two actually?” Nathaniel asked. Bryan then sighed, “I actually don’t want to remember it but, I think I should tell you” he said. Bryan then told Nathaniel everything about his past relationship with Mikhaela. Starting from when they first met at the university until he ended their relationship. He also told Nathaniel about Mikhaela’s attitude when she came to his apartment.

“Oh man, that’s creepy” Nathaniel said “And, uh, I’m sorry, I have no idea that you actually don’t want to meet her again”. “Well, it couldn’t help, I must face it” Bryan said.

“You boys want some cookies?” Leona said in sudden, offering a plate of cookies she took from the kitchen.

“Oh sure, thanks Mrs. Delgado” Bryan said taking a piece of cookie.

“Just enjoy it, by the way Nathaniel, I’m going to visit the Caliente house now, if Joanna return, tell her to clean her room, okay?” Leona said. “Oh, sure, leave it to me” Nathaniel said. “And one more thing” Leona said “I might return home at night, I already store your diner in the refrigerator”.

“Okay mom, I understand, take care!” Nathaniel said.

“Joanna? Your sister?” Bryan asked. “Yeah, she’s very rebellious” Nathaniel said “She’s often having argument with mom almost everyday, especially about her appearance”.

“Oh I see...” Bryan said.

Meanwhile at the Curtiz house.

Jean was seen in the living room with her husband, Alex Curtiz. The two were relaxing after returned from their respective jobs. “Aww I’m getting to old” Alex said, feeling a pain on his back. “Careful darling, it might be osteoporosis” Jean said while drinking a cup of tea.

“Oh man, it’s still three years remained until my retirement” Alex said. “Well, but you enjoy your work, right?” Jean said “Joining military career is always your long time dream”. “Yeah, you are right” Alex said took a seat to Jean. He then took a newspaper on the table.

The couple then became quiet for a moment. “Honey, we need to talk about our son” Jean said.

AST4 Alex and Jean

Alex learns from Jean that Daniel is a gay

“Well, okay, what happen?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know if you will be able to accept this” Jean said “But, I... I knew that he was hiding a secret from us and I just found it”.

“Huh? What kind of secret?” Alex asked in confusion.

“Well, you know that some people has, well, different sexual orientation right?” Jean said “Well, I just found that...”.

“Stop right there” Alex said cutting Jean’s sentence “I think I know what you will say”.

“Uh-huh” Jean only nodded.

Alex then sighed, “Daniel is gay, isn’t he?” he said.

“Yes...” Jean said.

“Where is he now?” Alex asked.

“He said that he want to meet someone, he just left thirty minutes ago” Jean said.

In the Karaoke Center.

Daniel Curtiz was seen entering the lot. It was not very crowded, but there were still many people hanging out. Daniel then went to the second floor. He saw a good-looking man with blond hair was sitting at the sofa.

Lucas and Daniel

Donald and Daniel

Daniel approached the man and the man greeted him. “S-sorry I’m late, Donald” Daniel said haltingly. The man then held Daniel's hands “It’s okay sweetie, I just came too” he said.

Daniel only smiled and his face turned red. The man’s name was Donald Lucas, Daniel’s secret-boyfriend. He was working as a bartender at The Flamencos. Unlike Daniel, he was very open about his sexual orientation being a gay.

They were already dating for about three years. However, Daniel asked Donald to kept their relationship secret. “So, uh, wanna drink?” Donald said offering a nectar “This is grape, your favorite”. “Sure” Daniel said. Lucas then poured the nectar into glasses.

“For our third anniversary” Donald said in excitement. “Y-Yeah” Daniel said.

Chapter 11: The FlamencosEdit

The Flamencos was the most popular club in Pleasantview. It was founded by the twins, Nina and Dina Caliente. The club itself named after their late father, Flamenco. Dina and Nina were so proud about their business. Today was the club's 25th anniversary.

Christine and Joanna just arrived at the club. "Oh yeah, I always love being here" Joanna said "I can not wait to greet some of cute boys here". Christine looked at her surroundings, there were so many young people here. "Hey Christine, are you looking for someone?" Joanna asked. "No, nothing" Christine answered.

"Well, whatever, let's go the 3rd floor, the boys usually gathered there!" Joanna exclaimed, she grabbed Christine's arm and promptly walked approaching the elevator. "Hey Joanna, wait!" Christine said. However, as Christine and Joanna about to enter the elevator, two young adult women approached them.

Marlena and Malika

Marlena and Malika

"Christine! Joanna!" said the dark-skinned girl with brown-curly-medium-length-hair calling for Christine and Joanna. The other girl, a light skinned women with short-blond-hair only stood looking at Christine and Joanna while enjoying her cigarette, some parts of her body were covered with tattoos.

"Oh gosh! Malika Williams, long time no see!" Christine said hugging the dark-skinned girl, Malika Williams, "How are you now? Gosh look at you now, you've changed!".

"Who are you again?" Joanna asked in confusion. "Seriously Joanna, you don't recognize me? It's me, Malika" Malika said trying to made Joanna remember.

"Oh, you're that Malika, right? The fat Malika?" Joanna finally remembered. "Yeah yeah, I know that you don't recognize because I'm no longer fat" Malika said, lightly annoyed.

"If you don't recognize me I will surely punch you in the teeth, Joanna" the blond-haired girl said. "Sure, sure, who will forget about the self-proclaimed Queen in our school, Marlene Caliente" Joanna said in sarcastic tone.

"It's Marlena, not Marlene!" the blond-haired girl said. Her name was Marlena Caliente, and she was daughter of the club's owner Dina Caliente.

"By the way, do you wanna go to the third floor?" Malika asked. "Yeah, wanna go there together?" Christine asked. "Sure" Malika said "I heard from Marlena that Mrs. Caliente invited a jazz band to perform here, I can not wait!".

"Jazz? Meh, not my taste of music" Joanna said "We are here for the boys, Christine needs a new boyfriend".

"Ugh" Christine snorted. "You were having a boyfriend?" Marlena asked. "Yeah, but we already broke-up" Christine said "That guy was a j*rk". Marlena and Malika only nodded, "Well, some boys are j*rk actually" Marlena submitted "Well, what are we waiting for, let's go to the third floor".

The four girls then entered the elevator and heading to the third floor. Arriving in the third floor, they encountered numbers of good-looking guys gathered. "Oh my, look at those handsome boys" Joanna said. "Ugh, I think, I need to go to the bathroom" Christine said "You girls go ahead". "Sure, don't be so long okay?" Joanna said, but Christine didn't listen as she quickly walked to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there were two girls having a serious conversation. Christine was unintentionally hearing their conversation. "Have you heard that there was a body found in the old mine?" the black haired girl said. "Yeah, I've heard it!" the other girl with red hair said "It's fourth time already a murder occurred in this town, and the victims are all young girls like us".

"What if the rumor about the Pleasantview murderer is true, I'm scared!" the black haired girl said. "Me too, I wished the cops find and capture the culprit as soon as possible" the red haired girl said before they leaving the bathroom.

"Gosh, it sounds terrible. What will happened with this town?" Christine thought

Chapter 12: Murders in PleasantviewEdit

Lieutenant Enrico Delgado was sitting alone in his office. He typed at his laptop writing a report about the recent investigation of the Pleasantview Murder which we known already happened for the fourth time. “Oh gosh, how could we find the culprit if there are no witnesses or clues?” he thought.

Suddenly, someone was knocking the door. “Come In!” Enrico said. One of his subordinates entered his room. “Sir, Mr. Mortimer Goth is here to meet you” the officer said. “Oh, let him in” Enrico said. A moment later, a man with black fancy outfit entered the room. It was Mortimer Goth. “Well, well, it’s really an honor that Mr. Goth came here” Enrico said shaking Mortimer’s hand.

AST 4 Mortimer and Enrico

Mortimer and Enrico discuss about the Pleasantview Murderer

“Ha ha, don’t be so formal Enrie, we are friend after all” Mortimer said. “By the way, is there anything I can help?" Enrico asked. "Well, uh, it's about the recent murders in our town" Mortimer said, "The citizens begin to worried, especially the women".

"Yeah, I know about that" Enrico said. "My wife also worried about our daughter's safety since she knew that the four victims are all young women around her age" Mortimer said again. "Well, I kind of worried about my daughter too" Enrico claimed "I can only pray for her safety".

"If you need someone to watch your daughter you can tell" Mortimer said "I have hired several men to guard my daughter, maybe I can send one or two to guard your daughter too". "Well thanks, but you don't need to do that" Enrico said, Mortimer only nodded.

"I heard the fourth victim is a High School student, is that true?" Mortimer asked. "Yes, the fourth victim was 17 years old, she was murdered after returning from the Prom, like the others victim, she was strangled to death with some kind of rope or something like that on her neck" Enrico said. "Oh gosh, she was too young..." Mortimer said in surprised tone. "We counted that she killed at 12.00 P.M at the midnight, eight hours before her body found in the alley" Enrico said giving a picture of the victim.

"Will you guys find and capture the culprit?" Mortimer asked. "We will" Enrico answered.

05.30 P.M

Bryan was still in the Delgado house. About few hours ago, he received a message from Mikhaela who claimed that she was in his apartment again. Bryan was getting more upset when Mikhaela attempted to call him numerous time. "Oh man, she really doesn't know how to give up, does she?" Nathaniel commented. "Yeah, this girl is worse than a stalker" Bryan said.

A moment later, someone entered the house, it was Joanna, who just returned home. Joanna was stunned seeing Bryan in her house. "Oh my..." she said "Brother, why did you never tell me that you have a cute friend like this?". "Huh?" Bryan raised his right eyebrow. Joanna then walked approaching him.

Bryan meets Joana

Joanna meets Bryan

"Hello there handsome, my name is Joanna" she said in flirty tone "What's your name?". "W-well, I'm Bryan Schmidt, nice to meet y-you" Bryan said haltingly. "Oh my, Bryan Schmidt, a beautiful name for a handsome man like you" Joanna said again, still flirting "Tell me Bryan, what kind of drink you...".

"Joanna? You left your cellphone in my car again" someone else entered the house, cutting Joanna's sentence, It was Christine, she brought Joanna's cellphone who left in her car. "Oh, you are..." Bryan surpised. "Oh my" Christine said after seeing Bryan.

"You are Christine right?" Bryan asked. "Uh-huh, and you are, if I recall, Bryan" Christine said. Both Christine and Bryan were recognizing each other. "Wait, you two are knowing each other?" Joana asked in confusion. "Yeah, I met him when I was on my way to get you" Christine said.

"Is the Delgados your friend?" Bryan asked. "Well, they are my cousins actually" Christine said. "For real?" Bryan surprised more "W-what is your family name, Christine?" he asked. "Oh, I haven't tell you?" Christine said with smile on her face "Well, it's Redfield, my full name is Christine Sirenia Redfield".

"Redfield? Is your father's name Christopher James Redfield?" Bryan asked again. "Yes, Christopher James Redfield is my father" Christine answered. "Oh I see..." Bryan said "Y-your father is my...". Suddenly, Bryan's cellphone was ringing again, cutting his sentence. However, this time, it was not from Mikhaela. It was from his boss.

"Yes sir?" Bryan said talking to his boss. "Huh? For real?" he said again in surprised tone. "Okay, I will go to the location right now, I will take some pictures!"

"What happen?" Christine asked.

"My boss said there was a body found in the Crystal Spring, I need to go there to take some pictures for the Newspaper" Bryan said.

"My gosh, a body again? It's the fifth already" Joanna said.

"What do you mean with the fifth?" Bryan asked.

"Oh, you don't know yet?" Nathaniel said "Since few months ago, there were murders occurred in this town. All of the victims were young women, strangled to death with a rope or something like that". "And I thought this town was peaceful" Bryan commented. "It used to be peaceful darling" Joanna said.

"The Pleasantview murderer" Christine thought "Oh gosh, how could something terrible like this happened in this town?".

Chapter 13: A WarningEdit

11.30 P.M

Bryan was in a cab on his way back to his apartment, just returning from Crystal Springs. “Gosh, a serial killer is on the loose in this town” Bryan thought. As we know that Bryan was asked by his boss to took several photos of the body found in the Crystal Spring. It wasn’t easy for Bryan as several cops tried to prevent him to enter the crime scene until Bryan managed to convince them that he was with the press by calling his boss.

At the crime scene, Bryan met Lieutenant Enrico Delgado. Of course Bryan known that Lieutenant Delgado was the father of Nathaniel and Joanna, even though it was the first time he saw him in person. After taking several pictures, Bryan was interviewing Enrico a little. He learned that the police was troubled in finding the killer’s true identity.

At that time, Bryan suddenly felt interested with this case. Bryan asked Enrico if he could help, but his offer was declined since it was job for the police.

“Well, Mr. Delgado was right” Bryan thought “A civilian like me should not be involved, but...”.

After 20 minutes drive, Bryan arrived at his apartment. “Keep the change please” he said to the driver. Bryan then headed to his room and he found something hung on his door knob. It was a plastic bag full with foods inside it. There was also a letter.

Dear Bryan, I’m sorry that I came twice today, I just want to give you these foods for diner, so you wouldn’t be hungry
With Love, Mikhaela”.

Bryan only sighed, “Well, I have no choice” he thought “I can keep these for tomorrow after all”.

At the same time at the Delgado house, Enrico was just returning home and greeted by Leona. “Welcome home dear, I have cooked diner for you” Leona said, kissing Enrico. “Oh, thank you” Enrico said. “You look so tired” Leona said while putting Enrico’s coat off “You should take a rest”.

“Yeah, I know” Enrico said “But I need to focus to solve these whole murder cases”.

“I understand that” Leona said, “Everyone in this town is afraid right now, especially parents with a daughter like us”.

“That psycho is still out there and I will never forgive myself if I can not arrest them” Enrico said “This is my responsibility as a Law-Enforcement”.

“Dear, please, you still need rest, don’t push yourself” Leona said, hugging her husband.

Enrico didn’t said anything, he’s only smiled at Leona. “Is Joanna already home?” he asked. “Yeah, she’s in her room right now” Leona said. “Maybe I should ask Nathaniel to watch her whenever she go out” Enrico said.

“Well, perhaps” Leona said “But right now, since Christine is home...”. “Oh, Christine is home already?” Enrico asked. “Yeah, she was also here for a while” Leona claimed “She’s on her summer break”. “Well, that’s good” Enrico said, “I think I’ve to visit her and tell her about what happen in this town when she was away, for precaution”. Leona nodded in agreement.

The next day.

At the Redfield house, Chris was seen playing chess with Tamera. “Checkmate!” Tamera said. “Aww snap!” Chris said after he realized that he lost. “Ready for second round?” Tamera asked. Just before Chris could answer, Enrico and Leona arrived in their house.

“Good morning” Enrico said. “Oh, good morning big sis and brother-in-law” Chris said greeting Leona and Enrico “is there anything we can help?”.

“Well, is Christine home? We need to talk” Leona asked.

“Well, Christine is out for jogging with her friends right now, maybe you can wait for her inside?” Tamera said. “Well, of course” Leona said, “This is very important”.

Several minutes later, Christine was finally home, but she wasn’t alone, she was with Malika and Marlena, “See you later Christine!” Malika and Marlena said before leaving Christine in front of her house. “Okay, see you later!” Christine said while wiping her sweat.

“Oh she’s home” Tamera said looking from the window.

Christine and her uncle and aunt

Christine greeted by her uncle and aunt

Christine then entered her house, “Mom, is my breakfast ready? I’m really... Oh, aunt Leona and Uncle Enrie, good morning” Christine said after seeing her aunt and uncle were in her living room. “Good morning Christine, wow, you look so fit” Leona said complimenting her niece “I can see abs starting to appear in your stomach”. “Ha ha ha, nice one auntie Leona” Christine said, laughing “By the way, what make you two come here?”.

“Well, we are here to tell you about something” Enrico said “This is about your safety”. Christine then raised her left eyebrows, “Oh, okay, I will listen” she said. Enrico then started to tell everything about the Pleasantview Killer to Christine, especially the part about the victims were all women around her age. Christine listened to her uncle solemnly until he finished.

“Yeah, I already heard about that” Christine said “I never expected there is a psycho hiding somewhere in this town”. “Yeah, glad if you already knew about that” Enrico said, “You should be careful, especially when you go out during the night, make sure you bring friends with you”.

“I understood” Christine said.

Christine and Enrico

Christine asked if she could join the investigation

They then became quiet for a moment. “Uncle, can I ask you something?” Christine suddenly said. “What is it?” Enrico said.

“Can I help with your investigation?” she asked. “What, no! For god sake no! It’s too dangerous!” Enrico claimed. “But uncle, you do know that I want to be an investigative reporter right?” Christine said “I think...”.

“No, Christine please, I don’ want to put you in danger” Enrico said. “But, uncle I...” Christine still insisted. Enrico and Christine started to had an argument, Leona, Tamera, and Chris couldn’t do anything. “Dear, do something” Tamera said to Chris.

“Christine, please, your uncle was right” Chris said to his daughter “This is case is very serious, we are talking about a murderer who already killed five people”. “I know dad, but...” Christine said.

Christine in sport wear

Christine learned that Bryan also interested about the murder case.

“Christine, listen to us!” Chris said with high tone “We don’t want something happened to you if you involved!”. Christine couldn’t say anything after being scolded like this.

“Christine honey, please, I understand you only want to help, but just like what your dad and uncle said, this is too dangerous” Tamera said. “Y-yeah, I’m sorry” Christine frowned. “Oh man, this is the second time someone asking to join the investigation” Enrico said.

Christine then looked at Enrico “Who was the first?” she asked. “A guy named Schmidt, he’s a photographer who claimed that he new in this town”. “Oh, I see...” Christine said, an idea suddenly came from her head.

After had a little chat, Enrico and Leona decided to return home. “Take a shower Christine, you are smelly” Tamera jokingly said. “Ugh” Christine snorted. Christine then entered the bathroom and took a shower. After done, she promptly went to her room and dressing up.

She then thinking for a while. She took her cellphone and started searching for someone in her contact list. She stopped at Nathaniel’s name.

“Hello?” Nathaniel said from the phone, his voice tone indicated that he was just awake from his sleep. “Don’t tell me you are overslept again?” Christine said. “Oh, well, yeah, there was a football match last night” Nathaniel said “So I...”.

“Nate, can you tell me the address of Bryan Schmidt’s apartment?” Christine asked in sudden, cutting Nathaniel’s sentences.

Chapter 14: Christine's offerEdit

09.00 A.M, In front of the Corporate Tower.

Bryan was just delivering the pictures he took in the Crime Scene last night, his boss was very impressed with the pictures and gave Bryan his first payment. “Well, I think it’s enough” Bryan said counting the money “Time to go home and take a nap!”.

Bryan then called a taxi and return to his apartment. Arriving at his apartment, Bryan noticed someone was standing in front of the entrance. “Huh, isn’t that Christine?” Bryan thought. The person was none other than Christine. Bryan then disembarked from the cab and approaching her.

“Oh, finally! Hi, good morning Bryan” Christine said greeting him. “What are you doing here?” Bryan asked. “Well, I’m here waiting for you home” Christine said with smile on her face. “Huh? What for?” Bryan became confused “Plus, how did you know... Oh, right, it was from Nathaniel wasn’t it?”. Christine only nodded.

Bryan then looked at the surroundings. “Thank God there is no sign of Mikhaela here...” Bryan said. “Who?” Christine asked. “Oh nothing” Bryan said, “Well, what make you come here?”. “I’ve an offer for you” Christine claimed. “What kind of offer?” Bryan asked again.

“Well, I know that you are interested with the Pleasantview Killer case, aren’t you?” Christine said. “Uh, well, yeah, sort of...” Bryan said. “Listen, if you want to investigate and cover this case, I think we can work together” Christine whispered.

“Huh? Are you serious?” Bryan raised his left eyebrow, but Christine only nodded. Bryan then looked at Christine’s eyes, he could tell that Christine was being serious. “Okay, get in, let’s talk inside” Bryan said.

Bryan brought Christine in to his room. “Whoa, this room is really nice decorated!” Christine said in awe. “Do you wanna drink?” Bryan asked, opening his refrigerator. “Well, if you have a diet coke...” Christine said. “Unfortunately, I don't have any diet coke, but I have frappe nectar stored here” Bryan claimed. “Oh okay, I like nectar too” Christine said.

Bryan then brought two glasses of nectar. “Aw, delicious!” Christine said enjoying her drink. “So uh, about what you said earlier...” Bryan said starting the conversation. “Oh yes, I almost forgot” Christine said “Well, I knew that you are interested in these whole serial-killer things, I think you and I can work together to investigate this case”.

Christine in Bryan's room

Christine asks Bryan to co-operate.

“Of course we will investigate it with our own way, independently” Christine said “since the police, especially my uncle, won’t allow us to do this since we are not part of Law Enforcement”. “Well, I still have a chance to investigate this case since I’m with the press” Bryan said “but you, well, you are just an ordinary civilian”.

Christine then snorted “Dude, my lifetime wish is to become an investigative reporter once I graduated from college, this is my chance to get my first BIG SCOOP by solving this crime” she said in a little high tone. “What Big Scoop? you are still a student, not a reporter yet” Bryan said. “I’m a reporter in my campus!” Christine claimed. “Just in your campus, not an actual reporter” Bryan said again.

Christine then became annoyed “Do you want to investigate this case or not?” she said pointing her finger to Bryan. “Uh, well, yeah, but...” Bryan said, looking at Christine’s eyes which coldly staring at him, he felt that it would be pointless to argue with her. Bryan then sighed “Well, okay” he said since he didn't have any choice.

Christine then smiled “Glad to hear that, from now on, you and I will be partners, deal?”. “Okay, deal” Bryan said shaking Christine’s hand.

Chapter 15: To The HospitalEdit

“Son, we need to talk” Alex said to Daniel. Daniel then looked at Alex, he felt uncomfortable. “It’s okay son, you no need to be afraid” Jean said persuading him, “Al, I will go to the hospital, I need to deliver this autopsy report” she said.

“Sure, by the way, I also need to go to the base after this, I might home late” Alex claimed. “Okay then, see you guys soon” Jean said leaving the house.

“Okay, son listen, I... Your mother, already told me everything” Alex said starting the conversation “about your secret”. Daniel then snapped “Do you mad at me because I’m a gay?” Daniel asked, he looked so afraid. Alex then sighed, “No son, I ain’t mad, but, yeah, I admit that I was surprised” Alex said. Daniel didn’t said anything.

“Listen Daniel, I won’t talk about your sexuality or something, because I think it’s up to you to embrace it or not” Alex said “I just want to say that just because you are being different, you don’t have to alienate yourself”.

“So, you didn’t mad?” Daniel asked again. “Nope” Alex said, he then took and light his cigarrette “Just like I said, it’s up to you to embrace your sexuallity or not”.

Daniel then smiled, “Thank you dad, I feel slightly better right now” he said.

The hospital.

After delivering the autopsy report, Jean decided to went to cafeteria to get some meals. While enjoying her food, a tall young man with curly sandy hair walked approaching her. “Uh, Dr. Curtiz?” the young man said. “Oh, hello Kevin, is there anything I can help?” Jean said.

Kevin the Paramedic

Kevin the paramedic

The guy’s name was Kevin, he was working as Paramedic in the hospital. “There is someone who want to meet you” Kevin said “She claimed to be your niece”. “Niece? Is it Joanna or Christine?” Jean thought, “Oh okay, tell her to come here” Jean said.

Several moments later, Kevin returned with none other than Christine and also an unfamiliar guy—Bryan. “Hello auntie, sorry to disturb you” Christine said hugging Jean. “Oh, Christine my dear, what make you come here? And who is this?” Jean asked. “This is... uh... my friend, Bryan Schmidt” Christine said, intdorucing Bryan. “Oh, it’s an honor to meet you, Dr. Curtiz” Bryan said shaking Jean’s hand “I’ve heard everything about you back then”.

“Hmm, you look familiar” Jean said looking at Bryan. “Huh, have we ever meet?” Bryan asked. “Well, I’m not sure but your face is similar with someone I know in the past, but I couldn’t remember who” Jean claimed. “Oh well, maybe that person has similar face with me, because you know, people said that there are 7 persons who have similar face, right?” Bryan said. “Hmm, perhaps” Jean said again.

“Uh, by the way aunt Jean, can we ask you a permission?” Christine asked. “Sure, what kind of permission?” Jean said. “Would you mind if you show us the profile of the Pleasantview Killer’s victims?” Christine asked.

Jean then snapped, “Huh? What for?” she asked. “Well, Bryan and I decide to investigate these whole Pleasantview Killer things” Christine said “We believe that we could solve this case and expose the killer”.

“No, sorry Christine, I can not do that” Jean said “The profile of the victims is confidential, I can not give it unauthorized people”.

“Oh come on, even though if it just a copy?” Christine said. Jean still said no, it made Christine very disappointed. “Christine, please, just go home, don’t do anything stupid like this” Jean said “This could be dangerous since we are facing a lunatic serial-killer out there”.

“And you, I don’t know what’s your purpose dragging my niece into this, but I hope you also not involved, let the police do their job” Jean said. Bryan didn’t said anything, he only could took the blame even though he was the one who dragged by Christine.

“Well, okay then, I think we should go home, sorry to interupt you auntie” Christine said.

Christine and Bryan walked out from hospital. Bryan looked so upset. “Seriously, you were the one who dragged me into this and I was the one who took the blame” he said. “Well, sorry about that” Christine said. “So what now? We can not continue our investigation if we don’t investigate the victims first” Bryan said.

“Actually I have an idea” Christine said. “What is it?” Bryan asked. “We can ask him for help!” Christine exclaimed. Bryan became confused, “Him?” he asked.

“My other cousin, auntie Jean’s son” Christine said “Daniel Curtiz”.

“Are you sure he will help us?” Bryan felt pessimistic.

“Oh he will” Christine said “I will call him now and ask him to meet us now”.

Christine then dialed Daniel’s number. After several seconds, Daniel answered the call. “Hello?” he said on the phone. “Hello Dan, whassup!?” Christine said. “Oh, hey Christine, is there anything I can help?” Daniel asked.

“Well, I’d like to ask you a favor” Christine said “Can we meet today? It’s important”. “Oh, I’m so sorry Christine, I can’t, I have another business today” Daniel said. “What about tomorrow?” Christine asked again. “Well, okay, but I have to work until 2.00 P.M” Daniel said. “Alright tomorrow at 2.30 P.M, we will wait for you in The Green Plaza’s cafe” Christine said.

“You will bring a friend?” Daniel asked. “Well, yeah, we have some kind of... project, and we need your help” Christine said. “Okay if that so, I will see you tomorrow, bye!” Daniel said hanging up his phone, ending their conversation.

Chapter 16: Can you help us?Edit

In the next day at 2.30 P.M, Christine and Bryan were already in a cafe located in the Green Plaza—the most favorite hanging place for the youngsters after the Mirabello Plaza. They were waiting for Daniel who would came to met them as promised yesterday.

Unlike yesterday, Christine wore new outfit and had different hairstyle. "I just bought this outfit" she claimed while styling her hair.

“This place is really beautiful” Bryan said in awe. “This plaza is the coolest hang out place in this town” Christine explained “Originally, this lot was where the Landgraab’s house located in the past, until Malcolm Landgraab decided to move out to another town”.

“He sold this lot, allowing his old mansion to be demolished” Christine continued her explanation “For several years, this place became an empty lot until Mr. Goth—who was the town’s mayor back then—decided to built a new plaza here”.

“I see, and how about the Lounge, the large penthouse, and the movie studio there” Bryan asked pointing at three places located near the Plaza.

“Well, I don’t really know about the movie studio or the Lounge, but I know that penthouse was built by a wealthy businessman from Bridgeport three years ago, personal penthouse apparently” Christine said “The lot itself was originally owned by the Alto family until they sold it and last thing I heard, they...”.

Dan Curtiz

Daniel arrived

In the middle of the conversation, someone was coming. “Sorry I’m late Christine”. It was Daniel, Christine was calling and asking him to met them in the Green Plaza. “It’s okay Dan, do you want to order something?” Christine said.

“Oh, and you, what’s your name?” Daniel asked to Bryan. “Oh, I’m Bryan Schmidt, nice to meet you, Daniel” Bryan introduced himself. “Nice to meet you too, Bryan, you can call me Dan if you want” Daniel said.

“By the way, what can I do for you guys?” Daniel asked.

“Well, actually...” Christine then told everything to Daniel. About her plan to investigate the Pleasantview Murderer and solve the case along with Bryan. Daniel was very shocked, especially when Christine asked her to sent copies of the victim’s profile.

“Are you crazy!? My mom will kill me if I do that!” Daniel exclaimed.

“Easy Daniel, if you be sneaky, your mom will never find out” Christine said.

“But the files are stored in her personal laptop and protected with password!” Daniel said again “What make you think I could copy and give them to you!?”.

“Well, here, let me tell you how” Christine said. She then whispering something to Daniel, it only made him sighed.

“Ugh, okay, that sounds like a plan” Daniel said “But, still, I don’t like this”.

“So you will help us?” Bryan asked.

Daniel only nodded. “Yay!” Christine beamed in happiness “I knew that we can counting on you!”.

“I think I should go now, I have a promise to meet my, uh, boyfriend” Daniel said looking at the clock. “Boyfriend?” Christine asked. “Oh well, yeah, boyfriend, you understand right?” Daniel said again. “Uh-huh” Christine nodded, apparently understand about Daniel’s situation.

“Well see you later, I will text you if I succeeded to get the copies” Daniel said “I hope...”

4.30 P.M

“Man, I’m very stuffed” Christine said holding her stomach. “I’m broke...” Bryan said “You were eating like a dinosaur!”. “Ha ha ha, sorry about that, you know how girls would react to their favorite foods, right?” Christine said, laughing. Bryan rolled his eyes.

Bryan laughed at Christine

Bryan noticed the mark at Christine's neck.

“By the way can I ask you something?” Bryan said. “Sure, go ahead” Christine said. Bryan then walked to the left side of Christine and gazed at her. It made Christine felt uncomfortable.

“Uh, dude, why are you stare at me like that?” she said. “Is that a hickey on your neck?” Bryan asked pointing at the left side of Christine’s neck. Christine then snapped and promptly hide the pink-colored mark on her neck.

“What? No, it’s a birthmark! It’s a BIRTHMARK! I swear!” Christine exclaimed in embarrassment

Mikhaela in park

Mikhaela surprised to see Bryan with Christine.

“Geez, why did everyone always mistakenly this as a hickey?”.

“Oh, sorry, just curious” Bryan said with a smirk shown on his face. “Ugh” Christine snorted.

“By the way, we should go now” Bryan said. Christine only nodded and followed him leaving the Green Plaza. Unknown to them, someone was watching from far. It was none other than Mikhaela.

“What is Bryan doing here? And w-who is that girl?” Mikhaela thought.

Chapter 17: JealouslyEdit

Two days later, the day of Redfield family feast party was here. At Lily’s house, Tamera was seen helping Lily cooked some meals. Charlie was also here, staying since his arrival in the town. He felt that Lily needed someone who could kept an eye on her since she was living alone.

Later, Someone was knocking the door. “I will open it” Lily said approaching the door. Lily opened the door and found it was Enrico’s father, Bob along with her daughter, actress Anita "Annie" Delgado.

Bob and Annie

Bob and Annie

“Oh, welcome Bob and Annie, come in” Lily said inviting them in. “Hey Lily, sorry we are late, we made a visit to the graveyard first” Bob said. “Yeah, it’s okay” Lily said. “I couldn’t believe that we will have a great family feast party again since...” Bob said, he didn’t continue his sentence.

“Yeah, I know, usually John was the one who arranged this party” Lily said “I know without John, Ana, Dieter and Tina here, this party will be so different”. “Yeah, you are right, only you, me, and the Gerardos remained now” Bob said, a little saddened.

“Tamera, have you call Christine yet? I thought you said she would helping us” Charlie said to Tamera. “Don’t worry, Christine said she will join us soon, but she needs to buy some stuffs at the grocery store” Tamera said.

“Anyway, thank you for your help Tamera” Lily said to Tamera.

“Not a problem” Tamera said.

“Uh, mom, is it just me or you look so pale today? Are you sick?” Charlie said noticing that something was wrong with Lily.

“Yeah, I noticed that too” Bob also commented “Are you okay?”.

“Well, I guess because I couldn’t sleep last night” Lily said “I think it because I miss John so much”.

“Oh, I can understand that” Bob said.

Mikhaela outfit 2

Mikhaela came to Christine

At Christine’s house, Christine was prepared herself to went to the grocery store, she changed her clothes into light blue tube top and short jean, she also wore glasses.

“Okay, I guess I have to go now” she said after checking herself on the mirror.

Christine then took her car key and went approaching her car. However, as Christine about to enter her car, someone was calling for her.


Christine then looked at the direction where the sound came from. A young adult woman with silver-colored hair was approaching her with anger. “Who’s that?” Christine thought.

The woman was none other than Mikhaela Rogers, looking mad for an unknown reason. Christine looked very confused with the sudden appearance of Mikhaela, whom she just barely met, in front of her.

Christine vs. Mikhaela

Mikhaela accused Christine for stealing Bryan from her.

“Yes, is there anything I can help?” Christine asked.

However, instead of answer, Mikhaela slapped Christine in sudden. Christine was shocked and her glasses almost fell to the ground.

“Hey, what was that for!?” Christine yelled while fixing her glasses, “And who are you anyway!?”.

Mikhaela then pointed at her finger at Christine's face with anger, “Listen @#%$&, I will only give you a warning” she said in high tone “STAY AWAY FROM BRYAN! HE’S MINE!”.

Christine became more confused, “What the hell are you talking about? There is nothing between me and Bryan, we are just... work partner!” she said defending herself.

Mikhaela chocked Christine

Mikhaela chocked Christine

“Do you think I’m stupid? Now I’m know that what make Bryan neglecting me” Mikhaela said, accusing Christine “YOU ARE STEALING HIM FROM ME!”.

Mikhaela then pushed Christine and made her fell to the ground and then chocked her.

“*koff*, *koff*” Christine was coughing uncontrollably. She couldn’t breath.

“DIE! DIE! DIE!” Mikhaela was still yelling.

Christine was about to losing her consciousness until...


Someone stopped Mikhaela from chocking Christine. She released Christine and looked at the direction of the voice “B-Bryan?” Mikhaela said in surprise.

Bryan outfit 2

Bryan arrived n the time to stop Mikhaela attacking Christine

Christine then looked at her back and saw that Bryan was standing in front of them. “B-Bryan, what are you...?” Chrstine said.

“Christine, Are you alright? Can you stand up?” Bryan said helping Christine. “Y-yeah, thank you” Christine said, still coughing.

Bryan then looked at Mikhaela furiously. “Bryan, I... she” Mikhaela said haltingly. Bryan then walked approaching Mikhaela and slapped her on her face very hard, made her fell to the ground.

Mikhaela was shocked. “What the @$#% are you thinking!?” Bryan said in anger “You almost kill this girl for unknown reason!”.

“For an unknown reason!? She’s trying to steal you from me!” Mikhaela.

“For God sake Mikhaela, how many times I should tell you that our relationship is already over!” Bryan said “And what the heck do you mean by Christine tried to steal me from you? We are just partners!".

“You are lying! I know that she’s the reason you left me! I LOVED YOU AND YOU DID THIS TO ME!” Mikhaela yelled. “Oh God Mikhaela, you are delusioning!” Bryan exclaimed. Mikhaela then stood up, Christine could see that she was now full of hatred. “I HATE YOU!” she yelled before ran away, leaving Christine and Bryan.

Bryan shook his head. He then took his attention to Christine. “Christine, oh gosh, I’m sorry” he said “I’m so sorry”. “Would you mind to explain who was that?” Christine asked.

“Well, I think there is no other choice, I will tell you” Bryan said, he then told Christine everything about his past relationship with Mikhaela from the beginning until what made them broke up.

Christine was speechless, she also felt a little sympathy for Mikhaela after learned that the woman loss her child due to misscariage despite she was attacking her earlier.

“That’s all what happened” Bryan said.

“I... I don’t know what to say” Christine said, "Sorry to hear that" she put her hand on Bryan’s shoulder.

“By the way, I’m about to go to my grandma’s house, wanna join?” Christine asked “I know that you’ve met my grandma, Lily, but you haven’t meet my other relatives, right?”.

“Well, do I have a choice?” Bryan said and thinking, “Yeah, I admit that I was bored at my apartment, maybe I could join”.

“Okay then, let’s get in to the car, I’m sure my relatives would be like to meet you” Christine claimed.

Suddenly, Christine’s cellphone was ringing, it was from Tamera. “Yes mom?” Christine said answered the call.

A moment later...

“Grandma is WHAT!?” Christine said in surprise, Bryan could see that something wrong was happening to Lily. “Okay, okay, I will be in the hospital soon!” she said in panic.

“What’s wrong Christine? Is there something happened with Mrs. Redfield?” Bryan asked.

“My mom said that my grandma was passing out!” Christine said “And she’s now in hospital!”.

Chapter 18: The WitnessEdit

Three days had passed, Lily Redfield had been hospitalized due to leukemia. However, she had recovered a little since taken to the hospital. Christine, accompanied by Bryan came to made a visit, they brought flowers and fruits for her.

"Oh my, thank you for the fruits Christine" Lily said "And you too, Bryan". "Anything for you grandma" Christine said holding Lily's hand. "Oh, look at you, you've already grown up Christine" Lily said staring at her granddaughter "I wished you could found a nice guy for you someday".

Christine didn't say anything, she only smiled. Lily then looked at Bryan who sat at the sofa chatting with Chris and Jean. "Well, he could be the right one for her" Lily thought, a smile could be seen at her face, she then looked at Christine again.

"What's wrong grandma?" Christine asked.

"Well, honestly I think Bryan is perfect for you" Lily said, whispering "He's nice".

"Oh grandma, let's not talk about that, okay?" Christine said, "Beside, he just, uh, a friend".

"Oh, okay" Lily said.

"Mam, I think I should go home now" Bryan said.

"Oh, okay, take care" Lily said.

Bryan then left the room and went home. Christine then looked at her aunt, Jean, who was thinking about something. Christine then approached her aunt, she looked very serious. "Aunt Jean, what happened?" Christine asked "What are you thinking?"

"Oh, no, nothing" Jean said, "By the way, I need to go to another room to check on another patient, I will be back soon".

"Okay" Christine said.

Jean then left the room, she was thinking about Bryan. "I swear that there is something familiar with Bryan Schmidt, but, I can not remember what" she thought "He somehow made me uncomfortable, do I actually know him somewhere, or....

Meanwhile at the Delgado house.

“Mom, dad, I now this is not the right time, but I would like to introduce you to my... you know, boyfriend” Joanna said “Since I used to introduce him in the feast party, but...”. “It’s alright, go ahead, let him in” Leona said.

A moment later, a young adult man with curly hair entered the house. Both Leona and Enrico were surprised, they recognized the guy.

“Wait a minute, you are the paramedic from the hospital, right?” Leona said.

“Y-yes Mrs. Delgado, my name is McHolmes, Kevin McHolmes, I... uh, well. Oh well this is awkward” Kevin said in awkward tone.

“He’s shy” Leona whispered to Enrico.

“Hmm, but he seems nice, I've talk to him several times in the hospital” Enrico said.

"By the way, are you in day off or something? I didn't see you at the hospital today" Leona asked.

"Yeah, I took a day off and will back at my job in next two days" Kevin said.

"Oh I see..." Leona said.

Joana and Kevin

Joana introduces Kevin.

“Well, what do you think, mom and dad?” Joanna said, hoping they would gave their blessing. Enrico and Leona were looking at each other. However, just before Enrico and Leona could answer, Enrico’s cellphone was ringing. It was a call from his office.

“Yes?” Enrico said answering the call. “Oh, alright I will be there”.

“Sound like I need to go to my office right now, emergency meeting” Enrico said, “Joanna, you can continue talk with your mother about your boyfriend”.

“Oh, okay” Joanna said.  

20 minutes later, Enrico arrived in the police station. One of the officer greeted him. “What is it?” Enrico asked. “Sir, about the fifth murder, there is actually a witness” the officer said.

“For real?” Enrico said in surprise.

“The witness is already here, she gave us some information we needed to solve these whole murder cases”.

“Okay, then allow me to meet her” Enrico said.

Watson Cindy

The witness

Enrico then walked into the room where the witness already waiting for him. The witness’ name was Cindy Watson, 21 years old.

“So tell me what did you saw that night?” Enrico started to interrogate her.

“I-I was just coming back from the Karaoke Place” Cindy said “When I was about to enter my car, I heard a scream from the Crystal Spring”.

“And then?” Enrico asked again.

“I was very curious back then, I decided to check what happened” Cindy continued her story “When I arrived at the lake area, I. Saw. Him”.

“Him?” Enrico asked again.

“Y-yes” Cindy said “I’m very positive it was a man, a tall-muscular man, about 170 cm. I... Oh God, it was very horrifying!”. Cindy started to cry.

“What was he doing?” Enrico said “Was he...”

“Yes, he strangled that girl with his rope until she died” Cindy said “I was screaming and that guy noticed me there, I quickly ran into my car and... I... oh God, I’m so afraid!”.

Cindy and the killer

Cindy escaped from the Killer

“Since then, I was afraid to go out” the girl said “But, my father encouraged me to make a report to you guys about what I saw that night”.

“Did you see his face? How he looked like?”

“I couldn’t see his face clearly since he wore a motorcycle helmet to cover it. Everything he wore was in black, his leather jacket, pants, shoes, everything!”

Enrico and the officers only nodded. “Thank you for your information” he said, “Don’t worry, we will guarantee your safety”.

“T-thanks officer” Cindy said.

After Cindy left, Enrico and his fellow officers started a discussion. “That’s the only information we have” Enrico said “We at least know that the killer is a man”. “But we still don’t know how his face looked like” another officer said.

“This guy is smarter then we thought” Enrico said.

Outside the Police Station, Cindy was greeted by her parents.

“Don’t worry Cindy, the officers will guarantee your safety” Cindy’s mother said, “But if you still afraid, we can send you to your cousin’s home in Belladonna Cove”. “Yes mother” Cindy said “I still couldn’t believe I would saw that killer right in front of my eyes”.

“Do you mean The Pleasantview killer?” someone suddenly asked. It was Bryan. He was overheard the Watsons' conversation. “I’m sorry I was overheard your conversation, but are you sure you saw the Pleasantview Killer?” Bryan said again.

“And who are you supposed to be?” Mr. Watson asked.

“Oh, right, I’m Bryan Schmidt, I’m working for the newspaper” Bryan said showing his I.D card.

“Oh, you are a reporter then?” Cindy asked.

“Not exactly, I’m just a freelance photographer” Bryan said “But I’m really interested in this case and looking for information to solve it”.

“You are brave...” Cindy said complimenting Bryan.

“Oh, uh, well, perhaps” Bryan said, “So, uh, can I ask you few questions?”

“Oh, okay, sure...” Cindy said.

Bryan then asked Cindy many questions and Cindy gave him many useful information to him. Bryan was very excited, especially when Cindy described how the killer looked like.

“I see, thank you for your information” Bryan said, “I have to go now, see you guys later”.

Cindy and Bryan
“Uh-oh, Wait!” Cindy said stopping Bryan.

“Yes?” Bryan asked.

“Would you, uh... Would you like to go to hang out sometimes?” Cindy said, her face was blushing “Well, if you want of course”.

“Well, perhaps, maybe later, okay?” Bryan said smiling “See you later!”. As Bryan walked leaving the Watsons, Cindy was staring at him, her heart was trembling. She was falling in love.

“He’s. So. Cool...” she said.

Chapter 19: Kidnapping (Part 1)Edit

Another day had passed, Christine and Bryan had a meeting at Bryan’s apartment. As usual, they discussed about the Pleasantview Killer. “So, according to that Watson girl, the killer was a man, about 170 cm tall, wore black outfit, and his face was hidden beneath his helmet?” Christine said to clarified what Bryan had told to her.

Christine in Bryan's room

Bryan tells Christine the info he got from Cindy

“Yeah, but it doesn’t enough” Bryan said. “Yeah, you are right” Christine said “This killer is very smart, smarter then everyone think”. Suddenly, someone was knocking Bryan’s door. “Let me check who is that” Bryan said. Bryan than looked at the peephole, it was a Pizza guy.

“Oh great, the pizza’s here” Bryan said opening the door. “Good day sir, did you order an Italian Pizza with extra-cheese” the pizza delivery guy asked. “Yes” Bryan received the pizza. “Okay, it’s all cost 25.00 Simolleons”.

Bryan then gave the pizza guy his money. “Alright, thanks, enjoy your pizza sir” the pizza guy said before leaving the apartment.

“You ordered a pizza? Nice!” Christine said. Bryan then served the pizza on the table. Christine then grabbed a slice and ate it, “DELICIOUS!” she exclaimed. Bryan gazed at Christine, he didn’t know why, but something looked different with her now. “Is its just me or Christine actually looked so beautiful?” he thought to himself.

“Uh, Bryan, is there something wrong?” Christine asked, surprising Bryan. “Uh, what, no, I just... I think you look different now” Bryan said haltingly. Christine then gazed at Bryan with smirk on her face, “Are you falling in love with me?” she said in flirt tone, she put her arm on Bryan’s shoulders “Aw, so cute”.

“Huh, what!? no no, how could I fall in love with someone who I only know in about... a week?” Bryan said haltingly, his face was blushing. “Aha ha ha ha! Look at your face, it turns red!” Christine laughed very loud. “Relax, I’m just kidding”.

“Ugh...” Bryan snorted.

“Oh, I need to go now, there’s something I’ve to do, see you tomorrow Bryan” Christine said looking at the clock, it 06.30 P.M already.

“Oh, okay, take care” Bryan said eating another slice of his pizza.

Christine then walked out and headed to the parking lot where she parked her car. She stopped for a moment and thinking about Bryan. “Well, Bryan is actually nice too” Christine thought with a smile on her face”.

Unknown to Christine, someone was silently approaching her. The person grabbed Christine in sudden from behind, “Hey What the...!” Christine was surprised. The unknown assailant then smothered Christine on her mouth a handkerchief. Christine could smell something at the handkerchief, she soon realized it was smell of chloroform.

Christine wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. After a couple of seconds, Christine started to losing her consciousness. The assailant then brought Christine and thrown her in to a car. The assailant then tied Christine’s hands and feet before starting the car and left the area.

In the next day...

It was 07.00 A.M in the morning. Bryan was preparing his breakfast when someone knocked his door. Bryan then walked approaching the door and looked at the peephole. He saw that his visitors were Chris and Tamera Redfield. However, Bryan could see that something was wrong. The two looked very worry of something. Bryan then opened the door.

“Oh, good morning Mr and Mrs. Redfield, is there anything I can help?” Bryan said greeting them. “Bryan, where’s Christine?” Tamera said “Where’s our daughter!?”. “Huh? What are you talking about?” Bryan asked in confusion.

“She did came here yesterday, didn’t she?” Chris asked again.

“Yes, she did” Bryan said “But she went home at the afternoon”.

“A-are you sure?” Tamera said “But why is her car still her parked at the parking lot back there!?”.

“Fore real?” Bryan said in surprise “You mean she didn’t home!?”.

“No, she didn’t” Chris said. Tamera then started crying, “Oh God, where is she?”. Bryan then promptly went to the ground floor and headed to the parking lot, followed by Chris and Tamera. They were right, Christine’s car was still parked there.

“That’s strange, I swear that she left at the afternoon!” Bryan said trying to convince Chris and Tamera. “Did you guys have tried to call her?” Bryan asked. “Yes, but her phone was inactive for an unknown reason” Tamera said. Bryan then promptly took his cellphone and dialed Christine’s number, but just like Tamera said, Christine’s cellphone number was suddenly inactive.

“Oh, God, I have a bad feeling about this” Bryan said. “Oh No! Could this be...” Tamera became panic. “No, Mrs. Redfield, from what I observed, the Pleasantview Killer only attack during the midnight” Bryan claimed “Because it could be dangerous for him if he appeared during the day or afternoon”.

“I hope you are right son” Chris said. “Oh God, don’t let anything bad happen to our daughter” Tamera begun to pray. “Mr. Redfield, have you call Mr. Delgado yet?” Bryan asked. “Y-yes, our entire family has already knew” Chris said “Enrico said that he will assemble a team to find her”.

“Maybe I can help” Bryan said. “Y-yes, please Bryan” Tamera said “I know you are a good guy, help us to find her!” Tamera said, begging. “Don’t worry Mrs. Redfield, I will try my best to find her” Bryan said giving Tamera hope.

Meanwhile at an unknown place

“Where am I?” Christine regained her consciousness, she looked at her surroundings and found herself tied in a small room “H-how long I’ve been here!?”. Chirstine tried to released herself, but it useless. “Oh, God, tell me this is not happening” Christine started to afraid.

Evil Mikhaela

Mikhaela confront Christine

Suddenly, Christine heard a footstep from outside the room. The door then opened, Christine could see someone was standing there, it was a woman.

"Well, well, looks like our sleeping beauty is already awake" the woman said, "Maybe the chloroform we used was too much since you slept for about, uh, 14 hours".

Christine recognized the woman, “Mi... Mikhaela?” she said in surprise. Mikhaela then walked approaching her. She looked at Christine coldly.

“Mikhaela? What is the meaning of this!?” Christine asked in confusion.

However, instead of answering, Mikhaela slapped Christine very hard on her face, “SHUT UP YOU FILTHY!” she said. Christine was very shocked.

“I’ve tried my best to get my Bryan back, but because of you, he dumped me! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” Mikhaela yelled at Christine.


Christine kidnapped

Christine is horrified with what Mikhaela did to her

“SHUT UP!” Mikhaela slapped Christine again, even harder than before. Christine felt hurt, Mikhaela then grabbed Christine’s hair,

“You have stole Bryan from me” she said “And now, I’ll make you suffer for it!”.

“W-what will you do to me?” Christine said. “Oh you will see, boys, send her to TORTURE ROOM” Mikhaela said.

Two men then entered the room and dragged Christine into what Mikhaela called the Torture Room.

“Wait, what, no, STOP! HELP!” Christine said in fear.

Chapter 20: Kidnapping (Part 2)Edit

Three days had passed, the entire Redfield family and their relatives were in chaos. Christine was still missing and the cops didn’t have any clues except from the security cam recording. Everyone in the town were already aware about this kidnapping.

“Oh gosh, I wished they found Christine as soon as possible” Marlena Calliente said, reading the newspaper in her room.

Christine's other friend, Malika Williams also volunteered to find Christine with some of her other friends. “Sir, have you seen this girl?” Malika said asking a pedestrian. Unfortunately, the guy claimed he didn’t know. “Oh man...” Malika said, “Where are you Christine?”.

Meanwhile at the place where Christine was imprisoned...

“Oh God, please, STOP!” Christine screamed in pain.

Christine was so messed up. She was undressed, tied up, and tortured by Mikhaela, who continuously whipped her back. “Ha ha ha ha ha! Did you like that you filthy!?” Mikhaela said with crazy laughter, she kept hit Christine with a whip, injuring her back.

Christine was already weakened, it had been three days she was being tortured. She received many physical abuses from Mikhaela either hit slapped, kicked, and for the worst, getting hit with a whip. Mikhaela even gave spoiler food for Christine to eat. Mikhaela was very enjoying it, she tortured Christine like a crazy.

“Stop.... It... hurts...” Christine said haltingly, she started to crying as Mikhaela whipped her back several times.

Mikhaela tortured Christine

Christine was unconscious

“Oh wow, look at that, the filthy girl is crying now” Mikhaela said, “Don’t ever think I will release you just because you crying you @#%^!”. She then started to hit Christine again. After several hits, Christine didn’t move. Mikhaela was panting, she then checked on Christine and thought she was unconscious.

“Boys, send her back to her cell” Mikhaela said ordering the thugs. The two thugs then dragged Christine back to a room and locked her. Christine was very weak, she was injured in all over her body after Mikhaela mercilessly tortured her.

Mikhaela looked very satisfied, an evil smile could be seen on her face. “This is the payment for stealing my boyfriend!” she said.

“I will go back to my apartment, you two stay here, make she doesn’t escape, okay?” Mikhaela said to the thugs before leaving the place. “Sure boss” the thugs said.

The thugs then looked at Christine who still looked unconscious. “Well, actually, she’s very cute” he commented “No wonder our boss is very jealous on her”.

“I agree with you Henry, she’s very beautiful” the other thug said, “She’s my type actually”.

“By the way, Scott, I have go to the bathroom, watch her for me” Henry said.

Henry and Scott, the name of the thugs. Unknown to the them, Christine was actually conscious and holding something on her hands: a pocket knife.

At the center of the town, Bryan, alongside Nathaniel and Daniel was spreading Christine’s pictures, asking the townies if they saw her or not. After several hours, the trio decided to take a rest. “Oh gosh, today is very exhausting” Nathaniel said, “The whole family is really in chaos since Christine kidnapped, I swear that I will found her kidnapper and make them pay!”.

“How will you find the kidnappers? the security camera shown that the kidnappers hide their face with hat and masks and it’s hard to identify them!” Daniel said. “Y-yeah, you are right” Nathaniel said. “What do you think Bryan?” Daniel said. However, Bryan didn’t answer. “Hey Bryan, are you listening?” Daniel said again.

“One of the kidnappers...” Bryan said, “The body shape is looked like a woman, isn’t it?”. “Huh? What do you mean?” Daniel said. “Last night I asked Lieuteunant Delgado’s permission to have a copy of the security cam recording” Bryan said, “I’ve noticed that one of the kidnappers had shape of a woman”.

“A woman? Are you sure?” Nathaniel asked curiously. Bryan only nodded.

Don’t tell me one of the kidnappers was... Mikhaela” Bryan thought to himself. However, he didn’t want to jump into conclussion if Christine’s kidnapper was Mikhaela since he needed more evidence. “But, considering what Mikhaela did to Christine days before she kidnapped, it makes sense if she involved, or even being the mastermind behind all of this”.

“Hey Bryan, are you daydreaming or something?” Nathaniel said.

“What? No, No, I’m just thinking” Bryan said.

“Guys, I think we should continue to spread this pictures all over the town” Daniel said

Chapter 21: Kidnapping (Part 3)Edit

05.30 P.M, the place where Christine was imprisoned.

“Oh no...” Henry said looking at Christine’s cell. “What happened Henry?” Scott asked. “Scott, I think she’s escape!” Henry exclaimed, surprising Scott.

“That’s impossible! I’ve been here for these whole time, how could she escape!”.

Scott then promptly took the room’s key and unlocked it. “Be careful Scott” Henry said. However, as Scott entered the room, someone hit him very hard with a block. “ARGH!” Scott screamed in pain and losing his consciousness.

Henry then entered, and saw Christine was already untied. “You, how could you...!?” Henry said, he then noticed there was a pocket knife laying on the ground. “That’s my pocket knife!” Henry thought “She fooled us!”. Christine then kicked Henry on his crouch. “EAT THIS!” she yelled. Henry was in pain, holding his crotch.

Christine escape

Christine managed to break free

Christine promptly get out from the room and locked the two thugs in there. “HEY! UNLOCK THE DOOR!” Henry yelled, but Christine thrown the key to another side.

“Okay, I’m free now, but I’ve to find my belonging first!” she thought. The building she imprisoned was dark. Not much lights. However, somehow, Christine could hear the sound of ocean. Christine explored the building. It wasn’t very big, but filled with many rooms.

Christine then saw a round stairs. She carefully get on to the second floor and found a single room there. She entered the room and found her belongings were there. “Oh thank God, they’re all here!” she said “Including my phone!”

Christine then checked on her cellphone. It had 35% battery remained, enough to made several call.

Christine then tried to dial her parents’ number, but it was useless since the numbers were busy “oh, come on!” she yelled in frustration.

However, she then remembered Bryan’s number was also on the list. “Please, please, Bryan, answer this call!” Christine said.

Meanwhile at the town, Bryan was still with Nathaniel and Daniel. His cellphone was ringing. Bryan then took his cellphone and surprised after he found that it was from Christine. “Guys! It’s Christine!” Bryan exclaimed, made Nathaniel and Daniel surprised.

“Dude, answer it and don’t forget to turn on the loud-speaker so we can heard it!” Nathaniel said.

Bryan then answered the phone and turned the loud-speaker on. “Hello? Bryan? Oh thank God you answered!” Christine said.

“Oh God Christine, I’m with Nate and Dan right now, we are looking for you for these whole days!” Bryan said.

“Oh Bryan, p-please, I really need your help...” Christine started to crying “I’m scared!”.

“Christine, tell me where are you now? And who did this to you!?” Daniel asked.

“I-I don’t know either, it was a dark building. I don’t know where is the location, but I somehow could hear the sound of the ocean!” Christine said, “And... and it was that woman, Mikhaela! She kidpanned and, she... she...”.

“WHAT!?” Bryan yelled in shocked “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?”

“Y-yes, please Bryan, help... I... I.... AAAAAAAAH, NOOOOOO!” Christine’s call suddenly interupted she was screaming in sudden.

“Hello? Christine, HELLO!” Bryan said trying to reach Christine, but it useless since the connection was cut “Darn it! That must be Mikhaela or one of her men!”.

“Oh God, we should help her A.S.A.P!” Daniel said.

“But how could we find her? She even doesn’t know where she is!” Nathaniel exclaimed.

“She said she can heard sound of the ocean right? Could it be she’s in a building near the beach?” Bryan said.

“Yeah, but where!?” Nathaniel asked again.

They then started to thinking, they sure that Christine was still in town. They only need to figure out in which beach area Christine was held captive.

“Wait, I think I remember!” Daniel said.

“What is it Dan?” Bryan asked.

“I remember there is an abandoned house located in the Recurve Strand. I think that’s where Mikhaela brought Christine” Daniel said. “Are you sure?” Nathaniel asked again, Daniel only nodded. “Okay guys, what are waiting for, let’s go to the Recurve Strand, Christine needs us!” Bryan said.

The three men then get in to Nathaniel’s car and headed to the Recurve Strand where they believed Christine was imprisoned.

Chapter 22: RescueEdit

Weakened and tired, Christine could no longer hold the pain she got when Mikhaela mercilessly hit her back. Mikhaela caught her when she called Bryan for help. She then dragged back into the torture room and being punished for what she had done.

“You think you are smart, eh? Don’t ever think that Bryan will come and found you here!” Mikhaela said, taunting Christine. “I know your plan, you’re about to make me looked bad in front of Bryan for kidnapping you, aren’t you?”.

Christine then looked at Mikhaela, “Y-you are insane!” she said.

Mikhaela and co

Scott and Henry reported about Bryan's arrival

“Insane? Oho ho ho ho ho ho!” Mikhaela laughed, she then slapped Christine in her face. “I AM NOT INSANE! I JUST WANTED MY LOVE BACK!” She yelled, “I... I’ve spent the last three years to get him back to me, and you... YOU’VE RUINED MY DREAM TO BE WITH HIM AGAIN!”.

“M-miss, there is a problem!” Henry, who already freed from the cell room, sudeenly rushed into the torture room, he looked so panic.

“What is it?” Mikhaela asked in very-high tone.

“we’ve got company” Henry answered.

Mikhaela then snapped, “Could it be... Bryan?” she thought. Mikhaela then looked at Christine. A smile could be seen at Christine’s face. Mikhaela felt so irritated. “Y-you are in trouble now Mikhaela” Christine said.

“You #@&^%!” Mikhaela said, swearing numerous times.

“Ma’m, what will we do now?” Scott asked.

Mikhaela then promptly approaching the window and saw Bryan with Daniel and Nathaniel there, “There is no other choice, you boys take care those two!” she ordered “I will handle Bryan myself”. Mikhaela then grabbed something from her bag, a pistol.

“This is it” Daniel said, “I believe this is the place where Christine at right now”.

“I hope you are right Daniel” Bryan said.

As the three about to entered the building, someone was shooting at them. “WATCH OUT!” Nathaniel yelled. “TAKE COVER!”

Bryan, Nathaniel, and Daniel quickly took cover behind a large rock. A moment later, two men with guns appeared from the inside the building. “Who are they!?” Bryan said. “Hey, I think I’ve seen those guys before!” Nathaniel claimed “Scott Turner and Henry Ryman, they are criminals whom my father caught several years ago! I never expected they are involved!”.

“Darn it! We need to disarm them!” Bryan said.

“I think I know how to do it” Daniel said “Don’t make any movement for a while”.

Two criminals

Scott and Henry fired their gun at Bryan and the others

Ten minutes passed, there were no movements from Bryan and the others. Scott and Henry begun to think that the three had moved from their place. “That’s strange...” Scott said, “They don’t even make a move right now, are they...?”

“Find them!” Henry said. The two criminals then begun to move to where Bryan and the others hide.

“You to the left” Henry said again.

The two criminals walked slowly approaching the rock where Bryan and the others hide. Scott to the left while Henry to the right side of the rock. The two cocked their gun, ready to fire when suddenly...


Much to the two criminals' surprise, Daniel and Nathaniel jumped out and charged into them. "Bryan! Get in! Save Christine!" Nathaniel yelled. Bryan quickly rushed in to the building while Daniel and Nathaniel struggled to take the two criminals down.

Bryan entered the building and begun to search the room where Mikhaela hold Christine. After several minutes, he suddenly he received a message from his cellphone. It was from Mikhaela.

"Go upstairs if you want to see her" the message said.

Bryan then went to the second floor and entered a room where he finally found Christine and Mikhaela. "Bryan!" Christine yelled. Bryan couldn't say anything, he saw Christine was very messy. In front of him, Mikhaela stood.

"Let her go, Mikhaela" Bryan said.

"Let her go? Oh, should I...?" Mikhaela said.

"For God sake Mikhaela, what are you after!? Why did you do this!?" Bryan said.

"Why!? It's because I love you!" Mikhaela yelled "She's trying to steal your heart from me! I can not accept that!".

Mikhaela started to rant "I-I-I have been looking for you for these years, I was trying to fix our relationship!" she said, "But when I finally found you... This filthy girl... She..."


Mikhaela aimed her gun at Bryan

"Oh God, you... you are insane!" Bryan said.

"Insane? Maybe" Mikhaela said with a creepy smile on her face "Ha ha ha, yes, I must be insane! I'm insane because of you!".

Mikhaela started to laugh uncontrollably, Chirstine and Bryan watched in horror. "Mikhaela, calm down" Bryan said.

Mikhaela then stopped laughing. "Well... I have a great idea" she said in sudden.

Suddenly, she took something from her pocket, a pistol. She was pointing it at Bryan. Both Christine and Bryan surprised. "Mikhaela, please, don't".

Chapter 23: The End Of LoveEdit

"Mikhaela please, why don't we just... talk?" Bryan said trying to convince Mikhaela to put her gun down. "If... If I can not be with you, then no one can" Mikhaela said. "What the heck are you talking about!? Are you going to kill him!?" Christine said.

"Shut Up!" Mikhaela yelled cutting Christine's sentence.

Bryan hold his breathe. "I must find a way to take that gun from Mikhaela" he thought. "Mikhaela, okay I understand" Bryan said "You only want to rekindle our relationship right? Then okay, let's do it!".

"Are you sure?" Mikhaela said "Do you wanna be together with me again?".

"Y-yes" Bryan said "As long as you... put that gun down and release Christine".

Mikhaela didn't say anything. It looked like she was thinking. "What are you planning Bryan?" Christine thought.

"No, it's too late" Mikhaela said as she pointing her gun at Bryan again.

"NO!" Christine yelled. She get up and charged at Mikhaela at the same time she fired her gun, causing her shot missed. "YOU FILTHY #@$^$!" Mikhaela slapped Christine with her gun, causing her fell to the ground. Bryan quickly ran into Mikhaela and grabbed her from behind.

"LET ME GO!" Mikhaela tried to resist.

"Bryan!" Someone entered the room, it was Nathaniel. "Nate, grab the gun!" Bryan said. Nathaniel quickly took the gun from Mikhaela, successfully disarming the woman. Mikhaela pushed Bryan and attempt to escape, but she was shocked seeing the cops had entered the building, led by Nathaniel's father, Enrico. She was surrounded.

"We called the police shortly after we handle the criminals you sent to kill us" Daniel Curtiz said "It only took twenty minutes for them to come here".

"It's over Mikhaela" Bryan said.

Mikhaela was trembling. She then fell on her knees and started to crying in agony. Bryan, Nathaniel, Daniel and Christine only watched in silent when the cops handcuffed her.

Chris and Tamera Redfield arrived in the location soon after they heard that Christine was found. Not only Chris and Tamera. Joanna also came with her mother, Leona. Jean and Alex also arrived after Daniel called them.

Tamera and Chris hugged Christine tightly. They were so happy that their daughter saved. "Thank you... Thank you for saving our daughter, Bryan" Chris said thanking Bryan, who only nodded.

"I guess it's already all, we are ready to send them" Enrico said. The police cruiser which brought Mikhaela and her men were departed. Bryan and Christine watched in silent. "I wonder what will happened with Mikhaela after this" Christine said. Bryan didn't say anything.

"Bryan, tomorrow, I wished you could come to the police station as well" Enrico said "We also need more information from you".

"Okay sir" Bryan said "I will see you tomorrow".

"Good" Enrico said before leaving the location alongside his family. "See you tomorrow Bryan!" Nathaniel said.

"Bryan, I heard you were shot, I think I should check the wound" Jean said. "No Dr. Curtiz, it's okay, it's just a scratch". "Son, even though it's just a scratch we need to clean it up to avoid any infection" Alex said.

"Uh okay" Bryan said. Bryan then sit and took off his jacket. Jean started to clean his wound and gave him bandage. "Thanks Dr. Curtiz" Bryan said "I feel better".

When Bryan about to put his jacket on, Jean stopped him. "Wait" Jean said. "What's wrong?" Bryan asked. Jean then looked at the back side of Bryan's neck. She noticed there was a mark. Jean gasped. "Is there something wrong?" Bryan asked.

"Uh, nothing, I thought I saw another wound in the back side of your neck" Jean said.

"Oh, okay" Bryan said. "By the way, I need to go home now, see you soon!".

Bryan left the location. Jean was sweating, she looked horrified."What happened Jeanie?" Alex asked "Is there something wrong?".

"Oh, what, No... I just feel cold since I forgot to bring my jacket" Jean said.

"Well, I think you are right sis, I feel cold too" Chris said, "We should go home now, we need to accompany Christine to the police station tomorrow".

"S-sure, see you later" Jean said.

Chapter 24: Memory of his parentsEdit

A week had passed, Mikhaela Rogers had been delivered to SimCity Asylumn due to her mental condition and her family’s request. Meanwhile, Henry and Scott were in Sunset Valley prison. In his apartment, Bryan was sitting alone in his room. Several days before Mikhaela delivered to SimCity, he made a visit. Bryan remembered how messed Mikhaela back then. She didn’t say anything, she only gazed at him.

Meanwhile, Christine Redfield was having therapy in the hospital in case the incident traumatized her. However, as usual, she acted though. She even secretly message Bryan to allow her continue the investigation on the Pleasantview Killer.

Suddenly, Bryan heard someone was knocking his door. Bryan opened the door and found it was Jean. “Uh, Good day Bryan, are you busy?” Jean asked.

“Oh, hello Dr. Curtiz” Bryan answered in polite manner “Is there anything I can help?”.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’m here because I want to ask you some questions” Jean said in slightly awkward tone.

“Oh okay, please come in” Bryan said inviting Jean in.

Bryan escorted Jean to the living room. The two then started their conversation. “So, what do you want to ask?” Bryan asked.

“Well, I don’t know how to say it but... I really want to know about your past” Jean said, “I mean like your childhood or parents or anything”.

“Okay...” Bryan said raising his left eyebrows. He became confused with Jean’s strange behaviour. He could notice that Jean looked afraid.

“W-well, I know it sounds awkward, but honestly, you remind me of someone I know” Jean said “Maybe you are related... I just want to confirm”.

“Oh okay, just go on” Bryan said.

“Well, I think I will strainght up to the point” Jean said “Would... Would you mind if you tell who your parents are?”.

“My parents?” Bryan asked back.

“Yes, your parents” Jean said clarifying her questions.

“Well, both my parents already died when I was young” Bryan answered “My father died by cancer while my mother died in a car accident”.

Jean gasped, “C-car accident?” she asked “Mind if you tell me their name?”.

“My father’s name was Jefferson Schmidt, and my mother’s was Joyce” Bryan said. He then took a photograph from his pocket. A photograph of his late parents.

Bryan's parents

Bryan's parents

“It's them” Bryan said showing Jean a photo of his parents, “This is my first photograph, I took it when I was child shorlty after my father gave me my very-first-own camera”.

“My father was a photographer, as well as an adventurer. He travelled around the world and took many nice photos of places he visited. He was the one who taught me photography, I really wanted to be like him...” Bryan continued his explanation, “While my mom... I really don’t really remember her job, but she told me that she was... Uh, Dr. Curtiz, are you okay?”.

Bryan stopped his sentence, he noticed that Jean was stunned seeing his parents’ picture. “Dr. Curtiz?” Bryan patted Jean’s shoulder, surprising her a little.

“O-oh, sorry, well, I can see that you were a very happy family” Jean said.

Bryan didn’t say anything, he only wondered with Jean’s strange behaviour. “Oh, by the way, I need to go to the hospital, see you later Bryan” Jean said.

“Oh okay, see you next time Dr. Curtiz” Bryan said.

Jean drove her to the hospital and looked very upset. “It’s so unexpected” Jean thought “I never know that the child is here, already grown up, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad”.

After several minutes drive, Jean arrived in the hospital. She parked her car in the garage before heading to her room. At the corridor, Kevin greeted her. “Good day Dr. Curtiz, how’s your lunch?” Kevin said in proper manner.

“Oh hi Kevin, well it’s very... nice” Jean said “And how about yours?”.

“Delish!” Kevin said “By the way, I should go now, we just received an order to pick a patient in Ol’ Pier Beach”.

“Oh what happened?” Jean asked.

Joyce black hair


“Apparently someone was stung by jelyfish, I wished we could arrive in time. See you later!” Kevin said before joining the other paramedics.

Jean entered her office, she turned her laptop on and looked at a picture of a woman there. The woman looked like Bryan's mother, but with different appearance.

Her hair was black instead of red, but her blue eyes were same. Jean then sighed while looking at the photograph.

"You may changed your appearance, but I could recognize you from your eyes" she thought, "I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you, I even didn't know you're already gone"

Chapter 25: Mother and DaughterEdit

Joanna Delgado was sitting alone in the Pleasantview Bar. She was enjoying the punk rock music played in the jukebox. She hummed following the lyric of the song. "Aw yeah I like this song" she said to herself.

A moment later, someone was approaching her. Joanna turned her head and found it was Charlie Redfield. "Hello Joanna, how're you" Charlie said greeting her. "Oh, hello uncle Charlie" Joanna said "I'm fine, thanks, and how about you?".

"Well, I'm fine too" Charlie said, "Are you alone here?" he asked.

"Yeah, I was so bored in home" Joanna said "I'm sick with mom... She always scold me for almost everything".

"It because she loves you, Joanna" Charlie said, "Your mother cares about your future, she only want you to become a better person".

"But I like to be myself!" Joanna exclaimed, "I'm 19, almost 20, not a kid anymore!".

Charlie then sighed, "Like mother like daughter" he said with a little smile on his face.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Joanna asked.

"Honestly, you remind me of Leona when she was a teen" Charlie said "I believe she was even younger than you back then, and your attitude is almost same".

Joanna rolled her eyes, "Don't compare with her, she is too old fashioned".

"Joanna, she is your mother, give her some respect!" Charlie said warning Joanna.

"Yeah, I tried, but..." Joanna tried to defend herself.

"I'm sure that one day, you will know how Leona's feeling toward you" Charlie said "You just haven't understand about being a parent yet".

Joanna didn't say anything, she only frowned.

"By the way, I need to go now" Charlie said "I need to buy some stuffs, see you later girl".

Joanna watched Charlie leaving the bar. She then sighed before ordering a round of drink for herself.

Leona was visiting Lily in her house. Leona decided to having sleepover at Lily's place until she fully recovered. "You don't need to stay here, Leona, you know that Charlie is staying here" Lily said. "No, it's okay mom" Leona said.

Lily then stroked Leona's cheek. "Look at you, I still couldn't believe that you are already grown up" Lily said "I remembered 52 years ago when you and Jean were born. Your father and I were so happy hearing your angelic voices".

"You two are the best gift from God for us" Lily said, "And now, you are already a mother too".

Leona didn't say anything, she only smiled. "By the way, how's your relationship with Joanna? I'm so worried about you two... Nathaniel said you two often fight".

"Yeah... I really don't understand with Joanna's attitude" Leona said, "She's very... stubborn, and too rebellious. She doesn't want to hear every single words from me".

"I... I just want her to be a good person" Leona said again, "I just want her to be... matured".

"Well, honestly she's kinda like you when you were a teen" Lily said.

"Yeah, I know that, but it was when I 14 to 17..." Leona claimed, "But Joanna, She's still acting like a teenager even though she already 19, older than me back then".

"I know..." Lily said with smile on her face. "You just need to show her how great your love to her. I believe she will realize that you actually care for her".

"Yes mother..." Leona said.

"I'm so proud of you, Leona" Lily said, making Leona smiled.

Chapter 26: His IdentityEdit

Christine and laptop

Christine checked the messages she got from her friends.

12.45 P.M, the Redfield residence.

Christine Redfield was sitting on her desk. She turned her laptop on and opened her SimSocial account. There are so many messages left in her profile, giving her support. Christine replied the messages one by one, thanking them.

Suddenly, someone knocked her door. “Christine honey, lunch is ready” Tamera’s voice is heard from outside of her room. “Okay mom!” Christine answered, she quickly locked her laptop, “I am coming!”. Christine quickly walked to the dining room where her family await. There, there was no only her family, but also a woman with pink hair.

Ariana and christine

Ariana returns

“Long time no see Christine” the woman said in Russian accent, “Whoa, you’ve grown up”.

“Oh my Gosh, Ariana!” Christine said, hugging Ariana, “Oh my, I really missed you”.

The woman was Ariana Rykov, Chris and Tamera’s old friend, as well as former member of Sunset Riders, the band Chris and the others formed during their high school years.

“I miss you too, girl” Ariana said stroking Christine’s head.

“By the way, where is Genevieve? She doesn’t come here?” Christine asked, “I really want to meet her, how old is she now?”.

“Unfortunately, my daugther is unable to come since she’s now enrolled in boarding school” Ariana said, “She’s 15 now and currently in her sophomore years, I have her picture, wanna see it?”. Ariana then took photo of her daughter.

“Sure” Christine said taking the picture “Oh my, she’s already grown up into a pretty teenager”.

Genevieve rykov

Genevieve, Ariana's daughter.

“She has your hair” Tamera submitted, “And her father’s eyes”.

“Ha ha ha, everyone said that” Ariana said.

“If Genevieve goes to Boarding School, doesn’t it mean you are alone in home?” Christine asked.

“Well, yeah, you know that my husband is always busy with his business trip” Ariana said “I always feel so lonely”.

“So that’s why you decide to come here to visit us?” Chris asked.

“Well, yeah, you can say that” Ariana said, “You know, since I retired from my career as a singer, I am planning to build my own business too”.

“Really? That’s great Ariana!” Tamera exclaimed, “What kind of business do you want to build?”.

“Well, I am interested to build my own perfume company” Ariana said, “I already have the concept”.

“Nice!” Tamera said, complimenting.

Suddenly, someone was knocking the front door. “Oh, we’ve got another guest” Tamera said. “Let me open...” Christine said approaching the door. She then opened the door and found Bryan was the one who standing there.

Bryan Christine2

Bryan makes a visit

“Oh, hi Bryan, what’s up?” Christine asked. “Hi Christine, how’re you? Have you feel better already?” Bryan asked back. “Well, yeah, I’m feeling better now, come in, my mom just make a lunch” Christine said inviting Bryan in.

“Oh, hello Bryan, you’re looking good today” Tamera said greeting Bryan. “Hi Mrs. Redfield” Bryan greetd Tamera back. “Whoa, who is this handsome young man?” Ariana said, “Christine’s boyfriend? Whoa, you are so lucky Christine”.

“Oh, no, we... we are just,... work partner” Bryan claimed.

“Y-yeah, just work partner, ha ha ha” Christine submitted in awkward tone.

“You guys never tell me what kind of work you do together” Tamera said, “Is this has something to do with your college?”.

“Y-yeah, you know I wanted to be a journalist, right? So, since Bryan is working for newspaper, I...” Christine said.

“Oh, yeah, understandable” Tamera said, “By the way Bryan, I just cooked these Frog Legs for lunch, wanna taste?” she asked offering a plate of Frog Legs.

“Nah, thanks, I won’t be too long here, I need to go to another place soon” Bryan said.

“Oh, I see...” Tamera said.

“By the way Christine, can we talk outside? There is something I need to tell you” Bryan asked.

“Oh okay” Christine said, “Follow me to the balcony, we will talk there”.

Christine and Bryan then headed to the balcony. Christine closed the door to make sure Tamera and Ariana didn’t listen to their conversation. “So, what is it?” Christine asked, “Is it has something to do with the Pleasantview Killer?”.

“Yeah, I have a new info” Bryan said. He took the cellphone from his pocket and shown Christine several online articles. “Read them” he said.

Christine then read the articles solemnly. A moment later, she gasped. “My... Gosh” Christine said in small tone.

“It’s similar isn’t it?” Bryan said, Christine didn’t answer, she only nodded.

“These articles were written four years ago. Back then, there was a mass murder occured in Beladona Cove” Bryan said, “And as you can see, all of the victims are young women, and they....”.

“Chocked to their death by rope” Christine said, “Gosh, do you think this is the same person?”.

“I’m not really sure...” Bryan said, “It’s only 45%”.

“Why?” Christine asked.

“Look at this article...” Bryan said, “According to this, the victims were having connection to a guy named Tom Virgil, and he...”.

“Then the killer’s identity is Tom Virgil!” Christine said cutting Bryan’s sentence “Yes! We finally figure his identity, let’s go to uncle Enrie and...”.

“I’m not done talking yet!” Bryan exclaimed.

“Oh, okay, sorry...” Christine said, “I’m just really excited now because we have figure out the killer’s identity”.

“Christine, let me show you something” Bryan said, showing Christine another article. “Look at this” he said.

Christine then read the article. “Is this for real?” she asked in confusion.

“Yes, according to this article, Thomas Virgil is already died due to a sort of desease two years ago” Bryan said, “He was already in prison back then”.

“Then it is pointless for you showing me these articles!” Christine exclaimed.

“Not really” Bryan said, “The news about Virgil’s death is actually premature, there are so many rumors that Tom Virgil was actually faking his death”.

“For real?” Christine asked raising her left eyebrow.

“Yes, we need to investigate about this” Bryan said, “We need to make sure if this guy is really Tom Virgil, or just a copycat”.

“By the way, I have picture of him, look at it” Bryan gave Christine a picture of Tom Virgil.

Tom Virgil

Tom Virgil

“So this is him...” Christine said, observing the picture.

“Yeah, but it was him before his... death” Bryan said, “If Virgil is really still alive and become the Pleasantview Killer, there is also a chance that he changed his look”.

Christine didn’t say anything, she focused herself on the picture. "Wait a second..." Christine suddenly said.

“Is there something wrong?” Bryan asked.

Christine didn't answer, “This Tom Virgil guy... why he look so familiar?” she thought to herself.

Chapter 27: JoannaEdit

01.00 A.M, The Flamencos

Joanna just had another argument with Leona back in her house. She decided to went to the Flamencos to relieved her stress. Joanna took so many drinks and already drunk. Dina and Nina Caliente watched her from afar.

Book 4 Calientes

Nin and Dina observed Joanna

"Looks like she's having argument with her mother... again" Nina said.

"Yeah, I honestly feel pity for both her and Leona. It's really hard for them to get along well" Dina commented.

"RELOAD!" Joanna yelled to the barista, asking him for another drink. The barista however, was too afraid since Joanna looked so creepy when she was drunk.

"Are you deaf? I said RE-LOAD!" Joanna yelled again.

"It's her 20th drink already" Nina said.

"Wow, she tougher than her mom" Dina said.

After finishing her drink, Joanna left the counter and staggering to a couch. She was quiet for a moment. She looked at her surroundings and then, she closed her eyes...

"Miss, miss? wake up" a voice was heard.

Joanna was awakened. She realized that she was asleep in the club. A bouncer approached and wake her up. "Miss, it;s 03.00 A.M already and we are about to close" the bouncer said.

"O-oh, okay, whatever, s-sure, I will go home now" Joanna said. She felt a little dizzy to due having 20 glasses of drink.

After washing her face, Joanna left the club. "I bet mom's gonna mad because I'm coming home late" Joanna said, "Bah, I don't care, this is my live. I can do anything I want!".

When Joanna passing through a junkyard, she heard a very loud scream.


Joanna surprised, "What was that?" she said looking at the junkyard. "I think I heard a scream".

Even though she was terrified, Joanna decided to investigate. She entered the junkyard quietly. "Gosh, this place is so stink!" Joanna said. Joanna then looked at her surroundings. At first, there were only big pile of junks. "That's strange, I thought the scream was from here".

Suddenly, a silhouette appeared before Joanna. Joanna was shocked. She saw a tall muscular man with black outfits and his face was hidden beneath his helmet. The man was bringing a rope. Under the man's feet, hidden beside a pile of junk, Joanna could a body laying on the ground.

The killer attacks Joana

Joanna attacked!

"Oh my God... No... NO!" Joanna screamed. She realized that the mas none other than the Pleasantview Killer.

Joanna about to run, but her fear made her felt difficult to move her legs. The killer quickly rushed on her. He pushed and chocked her with his strong muscular arm.

Joanna was trying to break loose. However, it was useless. Joanna was about to losing her consciousness when suddenly, another man showed up. "Hey! What's going on in here!?" the man said. The killer was surprised. He released Joanna and then escaped by jumping out of the fences.

Joanna was stunned. Fear could be seen on her eyes. She was trembling, sweating, and then, she fainted.

Chapter 28: TraumatizedEdit

“Mom, wait!” Nathaniel yelled watching his mother Leona ran into the hospital. It was 06.00 A.M. Leona received a phone call from Jean who inform her that Joanna was found unconscious in the junkyard. According to the witness, she was attacked by a man with helmet, who just killed another girl whom her body found in the same crime scene. Leona arrived in front of Joanna’s room, in which other family members were already waiting for her.

“Leona...” Leona’s husband, Enrico approached her. “Darling? H-how is she? How’s our daughter?” Leona said, her eyes in tears. Chris, Tamera, Christine, Charlie and Lily didn’t say any words. Alex and Daniel also arrived once they got the news. “My gosh, w-what happened?” Daniel asked.

Shortly after, Jean appeared from the room. “Everyone, you can come in” she said escorting the family members into the room. Inside, they saw Joanna actually awake on her bed, however, she was in catatonic state. “Joanna?” Leona said approaching her daughter, “C-can you hear me? I-it’s me, your mother”.

Joanna didn’t say anything, it was only blank stare. “Oh God, Joanna please, say something” Leona said crying. She hugged Joanna very tight, hoping that her daughter would answer her call. Seeing her aunt and cousin’s condition, Christine felt something she never had before. Deep in her heart, she felt angry. “It was because of him” Christine thought.

Christine then walked out from the room. “Where are you going?” Chris asked. “I... I just want take a walk for a little bit” she said before leaving the room. Christine walked through the corridor, she stopped in front of a vending machine and decide to bought a soda. “Hello” some greeted her, Christine turned around and found it was Joanna’s boyfriend, Kevin.

“Oh, hi, uh.... Kevin right?” Christine said. Kevin nodded. “I... I can not believe this is happening to Joanna” Kevin said, “If just... if just I was there”. “There is nothing we can do” Christine said. “The killer, I swear I will find him and make him pay!” Kevin exclaimed. “I know” Christine said, “that psycho brings fear to our peaceful town, we should stop him”. “But how?” Kevin said.

“Actually, my friend and I have already conducted an investigation toward the killer.” Christine said, “We have gathered some clues, including the killer’s possible identity. We...”. “You have found the killer’s identity!?” Kevin surprised. “POSSIBLE Identity” Christine said clarifying, “There is one suspect, a guy name Tom Virgil, however, we are not really sure since there are rumors which claimed that Tom was already died”.

“Oh, okay” Kevin said, “do you guys work with Mr. Delgado?”. “No, we are independent” Christine said, “if my family found out they will probably kill me”. “You are crazy” Kevin said, “But I like your style”. Christine chuckled.

“Anyway, I will go to Joanna’s room, see you later” Kevin said heading to Joanna’s room. “Sure” Christine said, “I’m glad Joanna finally found a good guy”. A moment later, Bryan Schmidt arrived in the hospital. “I just heard what happened” Bryan said, “I am sorry for what happened to your cousin”.

Christine then frowned, “She’s really traumatized...” she said, “She even in catatonic state right now”. “My God, that’s terrible” Bryan said. “I want to capture him, Bryan” Christine said, “I want to make him pay!”.

Bryan nodded, “Yeah, let’s do this”.

Back to Joanna’s room. Leona still tried to communicate with Joanna. However, there was still no response. “Leona, it’s enough, just... rest” Lily said. Shortly after, Joanna’s finger begun to move. “Mo... mom” Joanna spoke. “J-Joanna, can you hear me?” Leona said. There was a silence for a moment. Later... Joanna screamed, surprising everyone.

“AAAAAH! NO! HELP ME! HE WANTED TO KILL ME! HE WANTED TO KILL ME!” she yelled. Her family tried to calm her down, but it was useless. “My God, Kevin, bring some sedatives quick!” Jean ordered Kevin to brought some sedatives. Christine and Bryan then entered the room. “My God” Christine said.

Kevin gave Jean a syringe filled with sedative. Jean injected Joanna with the sedative and eventually, managed to calm her down. Joanna was panting, and then, she fell asleep. “It’s okay, let her rest” Jean said.

08.00 A.M.

As Bryan and Christine went out from the hospital, Nathaniel approached them. “Oh, hello Nate, what’s wrong?” Christine said. “I hear you guys also want to capture the killer, right?” Nathaniel asked.

“Uh, yeah” Christine said. “Let me help!” Nathaniel said, “After what that psycho has done to my sister, I can not let him roamed free in our town!”. “Nathaniel’s right” Daniel appeared, “I may be not as brave as you are, but I also want to join you two”. “That killer has pay for his crime” Nathaniel said again.

Bryan and Christine then looked at each other. “Well, okay then” Bryan said. “But, promise us to keep our investigation secret from your parents, okay?” Christine said. “Sure” Nathaniel and Daniel said.

Chapter 29: Origin of Bryan Schmidt (Part 1)Edit

Two days later, Joanna was already recovered. She could talk with her family and friends, even though she still weak. Meanwhile, Jean just arrived in the hospital. In the parking lot, she met Bryan.

“Hello Bryan, how are you doing?” Jean asked nicely. “Oh, hello Dr. Curtiz” Bryan said, “I am here because to accompany my co-worker interviewing Mr. Delgado. I am late for a little bit, ha ha ha”.

“Oh, I see” Jean said unpacking her belongings. “Let me help” Bryan offered. “Thank you” Jean said appreciating. Suddenly, a photograph fell from Jean’s bag. “Oh, I will take it” Bryan said noticing the photograph. “Wait, Bryan!” Jean said. Bryan took the photograph, it consisted a picture of Jean in her younger years posing with another woman who hold a baby. Bryan looked at the photo. “This woman beside... She looks familiar” Bryan said. Jean didn’t say anything. Bryan then examined the picture more. Bryan could notice that the black-haired woman wore a necklace similar with his late mother’s.

Bryan stunned for a moment, the woman’s face also very similar with her mother’s but with different hair color. “Dr. Curtiz...” Bryan said, “Can... can you tell me who are these?”.

Jean then sighed, “Okay then” she said. “The woman in that picture... Her name was Felicia Carter, or perhaps, you knew her better as Joyce Schmidt... Your mother”. “W-what? What are you talking about?” Bryan asked, “You... You knew my mother and you said her REAL name was Felicia? Not Joyce?”. “I know everything about you” Jean said.

“And my father? What about my father, Jefferson Schmidt? Do you know him too?” Bryan asked again. “Bryan...” Jean said, “I... I don’t know how to say this since it would make you hurt”. “What? What are you talking about?” Bryan asked, “What are you hiding, Dr. Curtiz?”.

Jean then sighed, she quiet for a moment. “Jefferson Schmidt...” Jean started to spoke “Jefferson Schmidt was NOT your real father”. Bryan stunned, shocked by this revelation. “W-what are you talking about?” Bryan asked haltingly, “Why did you say that Jefferson Schmidt was not my father?”.

“Tell me Dr. Curtiz! What do you know about me!?” Bryan said again, “If Jefferson Schmidt was not my father, then who?”.

“Very well...” Jean said “I will tell you everything”.

24 years ago, Bridgeport.

Jean was 31 years old back then. She went to Bridgeport after being invited by Vincent McMangold into his mansion. “I am so glad to see you Dr. Redfield” Vincent said, “Oh, I apologize, I mean Dr. Curtiz”. “Ah, it’s okay Mr. McMangold” Jean said, “you can call me Jean if you prefer”.

McMangold scene2

Vincent McMangold

Vincent McMangold, 56 years old at the time, was a famous business tycoon in the SimNation. He owned various companies across the country, from pharamaceutical to robotic industry. Jean was personally recruited by him to join a super secret project. Jean herself didn’t know what kind of project McMangold did, however, the businessman claimed that his project would help the world to get a better future.

After a brief chit chat, McMangold gave Jean a ride out of the City, into a forest miles from Bridgeport. Since then, Jean became uncomfortable. “Mr. McMangold, why do you bring me to this kind of place?” Jean asked. “You will know” McMangold simply answered. After one hour ride, they arrived in a large building located in the middle of forest. “Whoa” Jean said in awe. Jean and McMangold disembarked from the limo and entered the building. Jean noticed that the building possessed high security system and guarded with armed guards.

Once entering the building, Jean discovered that the building was some kind of laboratory. There were so many stuffs produced in this place. “Mr. McMangold” Jean said, “are these... weapons?” she asked. “No, Dr. Curtiz” McMangold said “This is the future”. “My gosh” Jean thought “Is this somekind of weapon factory, or...”.

“We are here”. McMangold and Jean stopped in front a large door. At the door, a sign could be seen, it was written: “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY”. McMangold unlocked the door using a key card. The door opened, McMangold escorted Jean into a room, and then, Jean became shocked. Inside the room, there were numerous tube with human babies in it. The babies were alive, but they were asleep inside the tube. Jean became horrified. “Jean, welcome to the future” McMangold said with a sinister smile carved on his face.

“What the hell is this!?” Jean asked “Whose children are these!?”. “Well, these children... These children are technically me” McMangold said. “What are you talking about?” Jean asked in confusion. “These children are created from my own DNA, so, basically they are my clones, or children, or whatever you want to describe them” McMangold said. “My God, what are you planning actually, Mr. Mangold?” Jean asked again.

“My plan, or perhaps I should say my Project, is creating an army of Super Soldier created from my own D.N.A” McMangold said revealing his plan, “After they grown up, we will train them to become a fighter, and...”. “And you can sell them once they ready to be used in the battlefield?” Jean said. “Correct!” Mr. McMangold, “As I expected from a genious person like you, Jean”.

“Oh my God, Mr. McMangold, isn’t this illegal? You are planning to sell human beings?” Jean said. “They are my creation, Dr. Curtiz” McMangold said “So I can do whatever I want about them”. Jean didn’t say anything.

“So, do you want the job, or... Maybe we can find an alternative” McMangold asked Jean in menacing look. “I...” Jean became horrified, she felt threatened. She felt that McMangold would threatened her family if she declined or reported the crime to the authority. “I... O-okay, I will join you” she said.

McMangold then smiled, “Very well, you are hired” he said, “Your job is simple. Just to make sure that the babies are healthy enough until we get them out from their tube” McMangold said before leaving the room.

Jean dropped her body on her knees, she still scared. “Oh my God... I... I can’t” she thought. Suddenly, another person entered the room. It was a young woman, about 20 years old, she wore scientist wardrobe. “Is she one of McMangold’s scientists?” Jean thought.

The young woman stood in front of a certain tube code-named MC-008. The woman looked at the baby stored in the tube. Jean could notice tears dropped from the woman eyes. Jean then stood up and slowly approaching the woman. “Hello...” Jean said, “Are you...”.

“I am this child’s mother” the woman said. “What?” Jean said. The woman then turned around and looking at Jean with tears, “These children are born from surrogate mothers” she said, “...and this one, #008, is my child... my son”.

Jean didn’t say anything, she looked at the woman’s ID card. Felicia Carter, that was the woman’s name.

Chaper 30: Origin of Bryan Schmidt (Part 2)Edit

Three months had passed since Jean’s arrival at McMangold facility. Jean and Felicia became good friends, the sisterly bond between them was very strong. Jean and Felicia were afraid of the children’s future in the facility. Especially when a strange disease infect so many of them. In the next two weeks, most of the babies died due to the illness, only three survived: #004, #008 and #015.

Both Jean and Felicia concerned about the children’s future. Not wanting McMangold to use them as weapons, they formulated a plan to escape with the three remaining babies and report McMangold’s crime to the authority. “What will we going to do after we escape?” Jean asked. “You can get your life back, Jean, but... But I will leave this country with the babies, especially Bryan” Felicia said. “Bryan?” Jean asked. “008, that was the proper name I gave to him since he was my own child” Felicia answered while looking at #008/Bryan’s tube. Jean only nodded, she could understand Felicia’s feeling since she was a mother herself.

Unlike other cloned babies, #008/Bryan was unique. He had red colored hair while neither McMangold or his surrogate mother, Felicia, had such of color. The other scientists believed it was caused by a sort of “genetic glitch” or something like that. McMangold himself appeared to took his interest most to #008/Bryan.

After weeks waiting for chance, both Jean and Felicia eventually started their plan. They sneaked into the lab and safely removed #008/Bryan from his tube—since #008 was Felicia’s son, he was the first one who freed. Unfortunately, #008/Bryan’s loud cry alerted the security guards. “Oh my God, what will we going to do!?” Felicia said in panic. “We don’t have any choice, we have to run!” Jean exclaimed. “B-but, the other two babies!?” Felicia said. “We will call the authority to save them later!” Jean said.

With baby Bryan in their possession, Jean and Felicia quickly left the laboratory. They ran in to the corridor, only to getting caught by McMangold and his security guards. “What on earth are you doing!?” McMangold asked in anger, “I trusted both of you, but now you betrayed me!?”.

“We don’t want you to ruin this child!” Felicia yelled. “That child was manufactured, a living weapon, he has no right!” McMangold said. “You are monster!” Jean exclaimed. “Enough of this, guards, stop them!” McMangold ordered. The two guards shot their tasers, Jean pushed Felicia to the ground. The tasers hit her, made her immobile. “R-run!” Jean said haltingly due to the tasers effect. Felicia looked in horror, she looked at a window. She hold the baby tightly before she jumped out of the window. At the same time, Jean was collapsed.

“NO!” McMangold yelled, “After her!”. The guards quickly jumped out of the window, chasing Felicia and the baby. Jean saw the scene, before she finally passing out.

Much... much later. “Oh, she’s awake” a voice was heard. Jean opened her eyes, regaining her consciousness. With her, there were two paramedics. “Ma’am, just rest, we are on our way to the hospital” the paramedic said.

According to the paramedics, Jean was found unconscious by two hikers in the forest several kilometers from the city. The hikers promptly called for the ambulance to help her. After seven days later, Jean’s husband Alex came to Bridgeport. Jean revealed everything to Alex about what happened in the McMangold facility.

Returning to Sunset Valley, Jean was still haunted by Felicia and Bryan’s fate, hoping that they were saved. Shortly afterward, Jean heard a news that a SWAT team stormed the facility and freed the remaining two children. However, they were unable to capture McMangold since he was disappeared. Jean assumed that Felicia may be still alive and made report to the authority about McMangold's illegal activity.

Pleasantview hospital, today.

“...and since then, I never saw Felicia again” Jean said ending her story. Bryan listened to her story solemnly. He said nothing, his eyes were blank, shocked by this revelation. “You mean... I was manufactured?” Bryan asked “I was manufactured to be a weapon?”. Jean only nodded, she could notice the sadness in Bryan’s face.

“But now, most importantly, you are alive” Jean said, “Even though it was for a short time, I glad that you and your mother were safe”. Bryan stared at Jean. “I... I think I need to process this” Bryan said, “But thank you for telling me the truth, Dr. Curtiz”. Bryan then walked out from the parking area. His feeling never been so complicated.

“Hi Bryan” someone called him, it was Christine. However, Bryan didn’t notice her, he was too sad. Christine could see it. “Uh, Bryan?” Christine called him again. “Christine, just leave him alone for now” Jean said. “Aunt Jean? What happened” Christine asked again, but Jean didn’t answer.

Chapter 31: Hospital AttackEdit

12.30 AM, the hospital.

Leona decided to stay at the hospital to accompanied Joanna. It was a rain outside. Leona awoke from her sleep, she felt thirsty. She open the fridge located at the corner to get some drinks, but it was empty. "Oh, I think I should go to the Sim-Mart to buy some new drinks" she thought.

"M-mom?" Joanna said, awakened from her sleep "Where will you go? Please don't leave me here". Leona looked at her daughter before approaching her. "Don't worry baby, I will be back" she said "I just want to get us some drinks" she said. "O-okay" Joanna said, her voice was still weak. Leona smiled, "Good girl, now return to sleep" she said before leaving the room.

Joanna closed her eyes and felt asleep. 30 minutes passed and Leona had not returned yet. Suddenly, the door was opened. A figure was stood in front of Joanna's bed. Joanna awakened, "m-mom?" she said while opening her eyes. Joanna thought it was Leona who stood in front of her. But it wasn't her mother. A tall muscular man, wearing black wardrobe with his face hidden beneath his helmet stood before her. The Pleasantview killer, he was here.

Joanna attempted to scream, but the killer smothered her. Joanna tried to resist, but she was too weak. "Joanna, I.... OH MY GOD!" Leona entered the room only to found her daughter was attacked by the killer. The killer surprised, he hit Leona with his fist, causing her fell to the ground. "MOM!" Joanna screamed. The killer then grabbed Leona and chocked her. However, Leona grabbed a fork and stabbed the killer's hand. The killer screamed in pain and released his hands.

The killer then ran away. At the same time, Jean and two nurses rushed into the room and saw the killer. "Oh my God, IT'S HIM!" Jean exclaimed, "WHERE IS THE SECURITY!?".

Two hours later, the police officers were already in hospital. Enrico tried to console both her wife and daughter. Bryan and Christine also came once they heard about what happened. The police found that the security guard who supposed to be watch the surveillance cam was murdered, explaining how the killer could enter the hospital undetected.

"My gosh, I never expected the killer would follow Joanna her, but why?" Christine said. Bryan didn't say anything, he was thinking. "Hey Bryan, what do you think?" Christine asked. "I am not sure" Bryan said, "The killer is very intelligent, he even murdered the security first so he could freely enter this hospital".

"Yeah, you are right" Christine said. Suddenly, Joanna's boyfriend, Kevin appeared. He looked worried. "I-I just heard what happened, is Joanna okay!?" he said. "Oh, She is still in shock" Christine answered. "My God, can I see her!?" Kevin asked again. "Sure, go ahead" Christine said again.

As Kevin entered Joanna's room, Christine noticed that Bryan was staring at Kevin. "What's wrong Bryan?" Christine asked. "I don't know Christine" Bryan said, "But that Kevin guy, I can feel that he is hiding something".

Chapter 32: KevinEdit

Three days later.

Christine Redfield was accompanying Joanna who sat on a wheelchair travelling through the hospital area. Joanna was already recovered a little. Since the attack, her room now guarded for every 24 hours by the police officers tasked by her father, Enrico.

“Want some water?” Christine offered Joanna a drink. “Thanks” Joanna said accepting it. “So, how’s Kevin?” Christine asked. “Well, he’s a good man” Joanna said, “He’s very nice and loves to help everyone, that’s why I really like him”. “I see...” Christine said, “Well, he’s a paramedic after all”. Joanna only nodded.

“Girls?” someone calling, it was none other than Kevin himself. “Oh, speak of the devil” Christine said. “I am here to give Joanna her medicine” Kevin said. “Oh okay” Christine said. She then looked at her watches. “Oh crap, I need to go to grandma’s house now” Christine said. “Oh, okay, just go then” Joanna said “Grandma needs you more”. “Are you sure you will be okay?” Christine asked. “Don’t worry” Joanna said again, “Beside, I have Kevin here”. Kevin only smiled.

“Well, okay then, see you later cousin” Christine said. “Say hello to grandma from me” Joanna exclaimed.

Meanwhile in Bryan’s apartment.

“Thank you for your help Daniel” Bryan said, “Thanks to your hacking skill, I can get this information about Kevin McHolmes”. “Not a problem” Daniel said. “Uh, Bryan, can I ask you something?” Nathaniel said in sudden. “Sure, what is it?” Bryan asked him back while reading the file.

“When you said that Kevin is hiding something from us, what do you actually mean?” Nathaniel asked “do you really suspecting him that much? I mean, he looks nice to our family”. “I don’t know, it is just my instinct” Bryan simply claimed. “What?” Nathaniel became confused “Man, you are really an odd fellow”.

“So, according to this file, Kevin McHolmes was born in Veronaville, December 25th 2032. He was graduated from Sim State University and already worked in three different hospitals in Veronaville, Ubrzville and Miniopolis” Bryan read the file.

“Hey, take a look” Daniel said “He only worked for six months in each hospital”. “Yeah, you are right” Bryan said, “Don’t you think it’s strange?”. “Y-yeah, if you mention it” Nathaniel submitted.

“And now his parents are... Wait a minute, only his mother’s name listed in here” Bryan said. “Yeah, you are right” Daniel said. “Laura McHolmes...” Bryan read the name”.

Back to the hospital

“So, you are finally getting along with your mom?” Kevin asked. Joanna then sighed, “Well, I don’t hate my mom, I just, don’t like her old-fashioned attitude” she claimed. “I see...” Kevin said, “Your mom looked so nice though, I wonder what kind of person she was when she young”.

“Well, my grandma always said that I’m actually a spitting image of my mom. I don’t really know how she was when she young, but everyone said that she was a tomboy who obsessed with sports like basketball and even soccer” Joanna said, “She was never dating anyone until she met my dad during her sophomore years”.

“Mom and dad actually met when they were children in Twinbrook, and reunited when my dad moved here” Joanna continued her story, “Just like I said, I don’t really know how they were back then”. “Oh, I see...” Kevin said.

“And how about your family Kevin? you never talk about them” Joanna said, “Are you still in contact with your family?”. “I... I only lived with my mom, and it’s been a while since the last time I visited her” Kevin said. “I see... do you miss her?” Joanna said. “Yeah...” Kevin nodded.

Chapter 33: The Pleasantview KillerEdit

12.00 A.M, the hospital.

It was raining outside. Joanna was sitting alone inside her room, she couldn’t sleep at all. Outside, Bryan and Christine was talking with Enrico. “YOU TWO DID WHAT!?” Enrico exclaimed. “Y-yeah, we are sorry Mr. Delgado, but we only want to help you guys to capture the Pleasantview Killer” Bryan claimed.

“Y-yeah, especially since that killer has attacked Joanna twice, he already made it personal!” Christine exclaimed, “I can not let him to hurt Joanna anymore!”. Enrico then sighed, “Okay then, show me what you guys have found” he said. Bryan and Christine smiled, they then revealed their findings, including the killer’s possible identity as Tom Virgil.

“Well, you guys actually did great job but, we know that Tom Virgil was already death years ago” Enrico said, “Hanging himself inside his cell”. “Are you sure?” Christine asked. “Pretty sure” Enrico said again. “Damn it!” Christine felt upset, “Bryan, what should we do now?”.

Bryan paused for a moment, “Mr. Delgado, do you have any data about Tom Virgil?” he suddenly said. “Well, from what I know, Tom was once lived with a family of his own. For some reason, they moved from one town to another” Enrico saild, “One day, shorlty before he arrived at Belladona Cove, Virgil murdered his wife in front of his child”.

“My God...” Christine said. “He burried his wife in his backyard and, to make sure his child didn’t say anything about the murder, he would mercilessly beating his child up” Enrico continued his story. Bryan and Christine couldn’t say anything.

“And finally, the Belladona Cove murder happened in which he killed several young women in there” Enrico said, “the police managed to capture him, and his child was sent to an orphanage”.

“And you guys know? When the police interogated him, he simply said that murdering women was his hobby or something like that” Enrico finished his story. “He was really a psycopath” Christine said. “Yeah, I can not he was even a human” Bryan submitted.

“By the way, about his wife, do you know who her name was?” Bryan asked again. “Well, if I remember correctly, her name was....” Enrico said.

Bryan paused for a moment, he then gasped after Enrico said the wife’s name. “Oh my God...” he said in sudden. “What’s wrong Bryan?” Christine asked. “That’s it! It’s all make sense now!” Bryan exclaimed. “What? What is it?” Enrico asked in confusion. Before Bryan could answer, a scream was heard from Joanna’s room. Bryan, Christine and Enrico quickly rushed into Joanna’s room. The guards outside the room were knocked unconscious. The three entered the room and, much to their horror, the killer was standing there, holding Joanna as hostage while Leona was begging him to release her daughter.

“Please, don’t hurt my daughter please!” Leona said. Next to Leona, Nathaniel was fell unconscious. “You monster let my daughter go!” Enrico said aiming his gun at the killer. “M-mom, dad, help...” Joanna said in tears, she looked terrified. However, the killer jumped out of the window with Joanna still with him. The two fell into a dumpster located right under the window.

“NOOOOOO!” Leona screamed. Bryan and Enrico saw the killer put Joanna inside a car. “Kevin!” Bryan yelled, surprising everyone. “What?” Christine said in confusion. The killer looked at Bryan and then removed his helmet. Everyone, including Joanna shocked by this revelation. The Pleasantview Killer was none other than Kevin McHolmes, Joanna’s own boyfriend.

“K-Kevin... Why?” Joanna said before passing out due to the shock. Jean then arrived at the time to saw Kevin’s true color. “I-impossible” she said, “how could he...?”. “There is no doubt, it was him all along” Bryan said. Kevin started his car and left. “Darn it!” Enrico said, he then ran into his cruiser and calling for reinforcement.

-To Be Continued-

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