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A Sim's Tale: Book 3
AST3 cover
Name: A Sim's Tale: Book 3
Genre: Drama
Created by: Rizkirafu
Number of chapters: 35 + prologue

Original run: 04/16/16-03/07/17
Status: Completed

Preceded by: A Sim's Tale: Book 2
Succeeded by: A Sim's Tale: Book 4

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A Sim's Tale: Book 3 is the third entry of my A Sim's Tale series. The story set four and half years after the end of Book 2 and will be focuses more on Chris and Charlie as the main characters.

Characters (will be updated as story progresses)Edit

Main CharactersEdit

Major CharactersEdit


Supporting CharactersEdit

Other charactersEdit

Prologue: I wanna be a rock star!Edit

Friday, 05.00 P.M, Sunset Valley’s Sport Stadium.

At the stadium, a concert would be held and almost everyone in the town came to watched it. At a corner, a little girl, around 10 years old, was seen sitting alone waiting for someone. “Gosh, the concert is about to start and he hasn't came yet.” the girl said. She then bought a juice and drank it. "Hmm, tasty!" she said.

Unknown to her, a boy walked approaching her from behind. He then patted the girl’s shoulder, surprising her. "Hey Tamera!" the boy said.

“Great woolly llamas, Chris, you scared me!” the girl said. The boy's name was Christopher Redfield, or most commonly known as Chris while the girl’s was Tamera Gerardo. “Ha ha ha, I'm sorry Tamera” Chris said laughing. “What you took so long?” Tamera asked.

“I’m sorry, my mom told me that I must finish my homework first, so...” Chris answered explaining. “I see..” Tamera said, “Hey, I thought you said Charlie would come too, where is he?”. “Oh, Charlie won’t be able to come, dad brought him to the doctor after he suddenly got nausea” Chris explained, “Huh, what happen to him?” Tamera asked. “He ate some spoiled ice cream” Chris explained. “Oh, hope he will get better soon” Tamera said.

“Hey, I think the concert is about to start!” Chris said seeing entering the stadium. “You are right!” Tamera said. “Let’s enjoy this, this night will be a rocking night!” Chris exclaimed. He then ran, entering the stadium, followed by Tamera, “Hey Chris, wait!” Tamera said.

The concert started, everyone cheered, enjoying the music. Chris seemed very happy since the band was his favorite. “Aw man, I hope I can be like them!” he thought, “I wanna be a ROCK STAR!”

Chapter 1: First Day In High SchoolEdit

Four years later.

It was the most exciting day for Chris and Charlie Redfield. This day was their first day as high school students.

“Chris, Charlie, are you two awake yet!?” Lily Redfield knocked Chris and Charlie’s room, calling for her sons. “Yes mom!” Chris and Charlie answered in unison. “Hurry, you don't want to be late for your first day in high school right?” Lily asked. “Sure!” Chris said.

“Man, I can not believe we’re finally high schoolers Chris!” Charlie exclaimed. “Yeah me too” Chris said putting his books on his bag.

Several minutes later, the school bus arrived in front of the Redfield house. “Okay, there’s the bus” Chris said “See you later mom!” “Chris, Charlie, wait!” Lily said stopping them. “What’s wrong?” Charlie asked. Lily then approached them. “Well, uh nothing, I just still don’t believe that you two are already grown up” Lily said. “Aw mom, don’t be so dramatic” Chris said. “Sorry, I’m just so happy to see my four children already grown up!" Lily said wiping her tears “Your sisters are already in college, and now you two are high school students” Chris and Charlie didn’t said anything, they only smiled. “And I’m old already” “Oh mom, you are still 46, not that old” Chris said.

Charlie Chris at bus

Inside the bus

“Oh, well, okay, it seems that you have everything you need, so uh, have fun at school” Lily said. “Sure, bye mom!” Chris and Charlie said in unison, entering the bus.

Inside the bus, Chris and Charlie greeted by their friend, Sam Sekemoto. “Yo Yo Chris and Charlie! Wassup!?” he said, greeting them like a rapper.

“Hi bro, how was your vacation?” Chris asked. “It’s fun, the girls in Isla Paradiso are so beautiful, ya’ know?” Sam said "I even dated one of them!" “Dude, can you just stop talking like a rapper? Your rapping sucks!” Charlie said, feeling annoying about Sam's rapper style.

Several minutes later.

Everyone finally arrived in the school. “Hey Chris, do you have a plan joining an after school activity?” Charlie asked. “Yeah, I really want to join the music club” Chris said “And to join the school’s band”. “I see...” Charlie said. “And how about you? Do you want to join an after school activity?” Chris asked. “Well, I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet” Charlie said.

The bell rang, the first class was about to started. “Well, first period is about to start, see you later bro!” Chris said separating way with Charlie since they were in different classes.

Tamera in school

"Sweetest girl in my class"

On his way to his class...

“Hello Chris” someone greeted him. It was an Arabic/Chinese-descent girl with tan skin, purple eyes, and her hair tied in a ponytail... It was Tamera.

Chris was stunned for a moment. “Oh, h-hi Tamera, how’s your vacation?” Chris asked. “Well, it was so fun” Tamera said. “Really? Nice to hear that” Chris said. “By the way, is this your class too? I never expected that we would be in same class” Tamera said. “Yeah, I know right?” Chris said. “Hey, it seems that the teacher is already here, let’s get in, shall we?” Tamera said as she noticed that the teacher was already approaching to the class.

Chapter 2: An Old FriendEdit

Meanwhile in the City Hall.

Sunset Valley’s new mayor John Redfield was seen reading a newspaper in his room when someone knocked his door. It was his secretary. “Mr. Mayor, your guest is here” John’s secretary said. “Well, let him in” John ordered.

John and Walter

John and Walter

“Johnny, long time no see!” a tall, muscular middle-aged man entered the room. “Walter, long time no see buddy!” John said giving friendly hug to him. The name was Walter West, John’s old friend when he was in high school. He was SimNation’s legendary rock star.

“How’re you doing right now after you retired from music industry?” John asked. “Well, actually I’m not really retired from music industry, I’m only retired from my band” Walter explained “Now, I’m a manager of a band called The Frightful Four”.

“The Frightful Four? You mean the band which made their magnificent debut two months ago That’s cool!” John said “I’m a fan of them! I never know that you are their manager”. “Ha ha, thanks for supporting The Frightful Four dude” Walter said.

“By the way, how’s your family?” Walter asked. “Oh, well, my wife is still working in Hogan’s Deep Fried Dinner. She’s a line cook now. My daughters, Leona and Jean are in university and My son Chris and also my adopted son Charlie are now in their first day as high school students”.

“I see...” Walter said “By the way John, I heard that your son, Chris has talent in music, is that true?”. “Chris? Oh, yeah, he always told me that he really wanted to become a rock star too” John said “Everyday he always listening to rock music and even make a cover of some songs and upload it on SimTube”. “Is everyone like it?” Walter said. “Yeah, he got many likes for the video he uploaded” John said “Here, I will show you”.

John then accessed The SimTube site and show Walter a video showing Chris made a cover of The SixAM Crew’s Middle Finger song. “Whoa, your son is great!” Walter exclaimed, "He has a talent!". “Yeah, thanks” John said. “Can I meet him?” Walter asked “I really want to see his skill directly”. “Well, I will tell him later” John said.

Back to the school.

“Excuse me, how I can sign up for join this music club?” Chris asked to a senior student. “Oh you can talk to the club adviser, Mr. Edward there” the student said. “Oh, Okay thanks” Chris said.

After talking to the club adviser and received a registration form...


Chris got a message in his cellphone. It was from Charlie.


“Oh snap, I almost forget to meet Charlie and Sam in the cafeteria, I should go right now!” Chris said leaving to the cafeteria.

Chapter 3: Sandi FrenchEdit

AST3 Darlene

Darlene Bunch

The school was ended. Everyone went to their respective homes, however, Chris and Charlie decided to went to the Consignment Store for a while.

“Good afternoon Darlene!” Chris said greeting Darlene Bunch, who worked as a cashier in the store. “Oh hello Chris, is there anything I can help?” Darlene asked. “Yeah, I want to buy a new guitar” Chris said. “Okay, here” Darlene said giving Chris a guitar “It’s all 36 Simmoleons”. Chris then took the money from his wallet and gave it to Darlene.

“Okay it’s 36 Simmoleons, thank you for shopping here” Darlene said.

As Chris and Charlie about to left the store...

Sandi in grocery store


“Hi Chris, hi Charlie” a girl with short, sandy-colored hair greeted them. It was Sandra French, or better known as Sandi. “Hi there Sandi, you want to buy something?” Chris said. “No, I’m here to sell some of my old stuffs” Sandi said “Hey, you buy a new guitar, that’s cool”.

“Thanks” Chris said “My old guitar is broken a week ago, so I decide to buy a new one”.

“I see...” Sandi said.

“Uh Oh Sandi, a-are you free tonight, I will go to the art gallery, wanna join?” Charlie asked haltingly. “Oh, I’m sorry Charlie, I can’t, I have go to my friend’s house. She really needs my help” Sandi said. “Oh, okay, maybe next time?” Charlie said in a little disappointed. “Sure” Sandi said, smiling.

“Hey Charlie, I think we should go home now” Chris said looking at his watches. “Oh, well, if that so, see you tomorrow Sandi!’ Charlie said. “Okay, see you tomorrow!” Sandi said.

At their way home.

“Hey Charlie, can I ask you something?” Chris said. “Sure, go ahead bro” Charlie said. “What make you like Sandi so much?” Chris asked. “Uh, I don’t know, I just attracted to her when I first saw her four years ago” Charlie said “She’s really pretty and kind, maybe that’s why I like her”.

“If four years ago I gave you a girl’s name and made you turned into a girl, would you still had feeling for her?” Chris asked. “I don’t know, maybe yes, or maybe no” Charlie said.

“However, there’s one thing I worried about” Charlie said. “Huh what is it?” Chris asked. “If Sandi know that I’m not really a human, do you think she will never talk to me again?” Charlie asked. “Uh, I have no idea” Chris said, “The only one outside our family who knew your secret is Tamera since she helped me found the Rainbow Gem for you, remember?”

“I’m start to thinking that maybe I will tell Sandi myself as soon as I can” Charlie said “I hope she’s not afraid of me when she see my toy form”.

Chris didn’t said anything, he only nodded.

Meanwhile at Single Moms household.

After returning home, Sandi promptly went to her room and changed her clothes. Her house mate, River McIrish greeted her. “Where will you go Sandi?” River asked. “I will go to my friend’s house, if mom returned, tell her that I will home late” Sandi said.

“Sure, take care!” River said.

Chapter 4: At the UniversityEdit

The Sims University

The Sims University was one of the largest universities in the SimNation alongside The Sim-State University. It had more than 36.000 students, coming from their respective hometowns to received education here.

Leona Jean in coffeeshop

Leona and Jean

It was rainy today in the University.

A pair of twin young adult women were seen entering a coffee shop. They were Leona and Jean Redfield. They currently in their second year as college student. After took a seat, Jean took and turned her laptop on while Leona reading the menu.

“So, what do you want?” Leona asked. “One Arabica coffee please” Jean said. “And what about the meal?” Leona asked again. “Nah, I’m just want to drink” Jean said. “Well if that so” Leona said, she then called the waiter and begun to ordered the drinks. “One Arabica coffee, one cappuccino with chocolate swirl, and oh, I also want this Chocolate brownie” Leona said.

“Okay” The waiter said.

Ten minutes later, the waiter returned with an Arabica coffee, a cappuccino, and one Chocolate brownie. “Are these already all, miss?” the waiter. “Yeah, thank you” Leona said “By the way, here’s some tips for you. “Okay, thanks, enjoy your time!”.

“So, how’s your paper?” Leona asked, eating her Chocolate brownie.

“Well, my professor want me to make some revisions in the latest chapter so, yeah, I must rewrite it” Jean said, she took her Arabica coffee and drank it, “Ouch, it’s hot!”.

College Bella


Jean took Science & Medicine major, she was very focused on her study since she wanted to became a doctor. Jean often got praise from her professors due to her excellent papers and presentations about medical problems in SimNation.

As for Leona, she took Physical Education major since she wanted to join Professional Sports career and became an athlete.

“Hello Jean and Leona” a long haired woman in a red dress approached and greeting them, it was their friend, Bella Bachelor. “Oh hi Bella” Leona greeted her back. Bella also enrolled in Sims University just like her father and brother before her, she decided to took Business degree.

“There will be a bonfire party in my dorm, wanna come?” Bella asked. “A Bonfire party? That’s cool!” Leona said “Hey Jean, maybe we should come”.

Annie news

Annie in a newspaper.

“Sorry, I have to focus to finish my paper right now, maybe next time” Jean said. “You really a hard worker Jean” Bella said “I’m sure you can be a good doctor in the future”.

“She inherited this trait from dad” Leona said.

Leona then took a newspaper and read it. “Hey look, there’s an article about Annie here!” Leona said.


“That’s good for her!” Bella said “She deserved the award since she made a magnificent debut in her romance film” Bella said. “Yeah, I will congratulate her soon” Leona said, she took her cellphone and sent a message to Annie who currently lived in Bridgeport.

45 minutes later, after the rain stopped.

“Okay Jean, I will go to attend the party in Bella’s dorm, are you sure you don’t wanna to join?” Leona asked. “Nah, I’m good. I still need to continue my paper” Jean said. “Well, if that so, see you again in dorm Jean” Leona said.

They then separated, Leona and Bella went to the party while Jean returned to her dorm.

“You know Bella, it’s been two years since we enrolled in this university and haven’t meet our other friends yet, I wonder how’re they doing right now” Leona said, “Hey, how’re Mortimer and Malcolm in Sim State University?”.

AST3 Mortimer

Mortimer's photo

“Well, since Mortimer is my boyfriend so I always knew what he’s doing right now” Bella said “He often contact me. Yesterday he sent me this” Bella showed a photo of Mortimer in her cellphone. “What the... Ha ha ha, is that Mortimer? He has a mustache now!” Leona said laughing. “Yeah, but he’s still handsome right” Bella said “Speaking about boyfriend, how’s Enrico doing? Is he still in training in the Sunset-Valley’s police academy right now?”.

“Several days ago, he told me that his six months training already ended, he’s a traffic cop right now” Leona said. “Really? That’s great!” Bella exclaimed. “Yeah, I was so happy when heard it. After two years waiting, he finally got his chance to join the Law Enforcement career” Leona said “As you know, he was working in grocery store before finally enrolled in the academy”.

“Yeah I know that” Bella said “Oh I also have some news about Kaylynn in Academia Le Toure. It seems that she now engaged with her professor” Bella said. “Really? Wait, they’re on relationship for these whole times?” Leona asked. “Well, I don’t know about the detail, but when Kaylynn sent me a picture of her fiance, I surprised that he’s still young and yeah, I admit he’s handsome too, she said that her professor is somewhat popular among the girls there” Bella said. “When will they married?” Leona asked curiously. “She said they might married after she graduated” Bella answered.

“Hey Dina also called me yesterday, it seemed that she and Nina enjoyed their time in their university, and as usual, they still flirt with guys, Dina even had many boyfriends” Leona said “Well, yeah, some things never changed”. “I always wonder what major they take in their university”. “They both in Fine Art major if I recall” Leona said.

“The only person we lost contact with is...” Bella said. “Yeah, Alex Curtiz” Leona said “It’s been four and half years since he moved out from Sunset Valley to Roaring Heighs, we even don’t know where or what is he doing right now”. “Jean must be missed him so much” Bella said, Leona only nodded.

“It might surprising if he also enrolled in this university and suddenly appear before us” Bella said. “But he’s not” Leona said.

AST Astrid

Astrid Toadstool

“Hi Leona, hi Bella” a tomboyish girl in a blue-yellow jacket greeted them, it was Astrid Toadstool, she also enrolled in this university, along with Leona, she took Physical Education.

“Hi Astrid” Leona and Bella greeted her back in unison. “Where are you two going?” Astrid asked. “We will go to my dorm, there will be a bonfire party, wanna join?” Bella asked. “Bonfire Party? Great I will join!” Astrid said.

“Good, now let’s go to the party!” Leona said excitingly.

Y.A Jean sleepwear

Jean was about to sleep.

08.25 P.M.

Leona, Bella, and Astrid were seen enjoying their party at Bella's dorm.

Meanwhile in Leona and Jean’s dorm.

Jean turned off her laptop. “Well I think it’s enough for tonight, I’m already tired” she said "I have to sleep now, I will have a class tomorrow at 08.00 A.M".

After changing in to her sleepwear, Jean laid her body on her bed. She then took a photograph on a table next to her bed.

It was a photo of her and Alex Curtiz during the prom night four years ago.

For these years, Alex was never even made a call. Jean herself still loved and couldn’t forget him and always hoped that she would met him again someday.

“I miss you Alex” Jean said hugging the photo.

Chapter 5: New StudentEdit

In the next morning.

“Ah, I’m stuffed” Charlie said after eating his breakfast. “So, Charlie, do you already join an after school activity yet?” John asked. “Well, I don’t know dad, I can’t decided yet. I want to join the art club, but also interested in music club like Chris” Charlie said. “Why don’t you just join both? The school allow you to join two after school activities” Chris said “Considering you have skill in painting and you also can play drum”.

“Well, I will consider that” Charlie said.

AST 3 dining room scene

Chris was excited after learn that his favorite rock star wanted to meet him.

“By the way Chris, yesterday my old friend, a band manager told me that he wanted to meet you after I show him your video on SimTube” John said. “Your friend? Band manager? who?” Chris asked. “His name is Walter West, a former rock star” John said. “Wa-Wa-Walter-Walter West?” Chris surprised “That Walter West? The legendary rock star in his era who is now the manager of The Frightful Four!? WALTER BENJAMIN WEST!?”. “You know him?” John said.

“Of course I know him dad! He’s one of my favorite rock stars! His songs are really... Oh my God... How I can say this? I just like them!” Chris said in excitement. “Well, good to hear that, I never know that the current generation also knew about him” John said “So when can you meet him?”. “Tonight! Please, make it tonight!” Chris said. “Oh, okay, I will contact him, he’s currently in Sunset Valley’s hotel right now” John said. “Oh YEEEES! Charlie, please hit me, I can’t believe I will meet a legendary rock star!” Chris said.

“Errr, I admit that his songs are good. But for me, they are very old-fashioned, not really hardcore” Charlie commented “Well, he’s an old generation after all”.

“Hey, I think your bus is already here” Lily said after heard a honking noise. “Well, I guess we will go to school now” Chris said. “Okay, take care” Lily and John said.

09.00 A.M.

Chris’ first class was math class. “Ugh, I hate math” Chris grumbled. Chris then looked out of the window. “It seems it will rain” he thought. “Good morning Chris”, someone greeted him, it was Tamera, who took a seat next to him. “Oh, good morning Tamera” Chris greeted Tamera back. Chris then looked at Tamera. “Aw man, she’s so cute” he thought.

“Is there something wrong?” Tamera asked. “Oh nothing, I’m just. Well I think, you are... very beautiful today” Chris said. “Oh, really? Thank you” Tamera said, smiling.

“By the way Chris, do you want to accompany me to meet Mrs. Foster after the class? I want to join the drama club” Tamera said. “Okay sure!” Chris said. “Oh, I heard you join the music club” Tamera said. “Yeah, I really want to join the school’s band” Chris said.

“But I heard there’s no audition for new band member” Tamera claimed. “I know, but Mr. Edward said that I can form my own band if I want since the club allowed it” Chris said “Other members also formed their owns”. “I see...” Tamera said.

“Speaking about band, do you know Walter West?” Chris asked. “Walter West? Well, I just know that he was a legendary rock star in his era and he currently being a manager of a band called The Frightful Four or something” Tamera said “But I never heard his song”.

“Walter West is my father’s old friend, I even didn’t expected this, my dad told me that Walter wanted to meet me” Chris said. “Really? That’s cool!” Tamera said.

As Chris and Tamera enjoyed their conversation, their teacher and the principal entered. Chris looked at the clock. “Huh, I thought we still had 10 minutes until the first class” Chris said. “Yeah, you are right, maybe they have announcement for us” Tamera said.

“Okay class, we have an announcement today” the principal said “Today, you will have a new friend, come from Starlight Shores”.

“Starlight Shores? The town where many famous singers and magicians came from?” everyone whispered.

“Mr. Lewis, please come in and introduced yourself”.

Later, a good-looking teenage boy entered the class with fancy outfit. The class was quiet for a moment, until...

“AAAAAAAAAH! Lance Lewis! It’s Lance Lewis!” a girl suddenly screamed hysterically, followed by others. The class became so noisy.

“Lance Lewis? You man that guy is Lance Lewis? That pop teen idol!?” Chris, Sam, and other male students had their jaw dropped.

Lance Lewis was a famous pop teen idol in the SimNation. Almost every teen girls in SimNation were his fans.

“Everyone calm down, CALM DOWN!” the teacher ordered the girls in the class to calmed. But no one listened, they were freaked out seeing their idol now enrolled in their school.

“Everyone... calm... down” Lance suddenly talked. Even though it was in a small tone, it appeared that the girls could heard what he said as they stopped yelling. “Good, you are all good girls” he said.

“Oh my gosh. He’s so charming...” a girl said in excitement.

“Oh, I think I will break up with my boyfriend and dating him instead” another girl said.

"In your dream, nerd" a girl next to her said

“Okay Mr. Lewis, you can take a seat next to Tamera’s there” the teacher said.

“Sure thing” Lance said, he then took a seat next to Tamera. It made every girls in the class jealous.

“Hello there, you must be the one named Tamera right” Lance said. “Oh, yeah, nice to meet you Lance” Tamera said. “Hmm, you are cute” Lance complimented her appearance. “Oh,thanks” Tamera said again.

The two then had a nice conversation and get along well. "You know Tamera, I think I really want to get to know more about you" Lance said. Unknown to them, Chris was watching.

What the heck? He's just sitting there for less than ten seconds and now he already flirts with Tamera? I think I will keep an eye on him, as precaution if he do something bad to her” Chris thought.

“Looks like someone is jealous, he he he” Sam whispered, teasing Chris.

Chapter 6: Lance LewisEdit

After the first class ended, Chris accompanied Tamera to meet Mrs. Foster in the teacher’s room. “What’s wrong Chris?” Tamera asked, she noticed that Chris was upset about something. “Uh, what? Nothing” Chris answered. “Are you sure? You seems upset” Tamera said.

“Well, actually, I think I can’t get along with that Lance guy” Chris said “I just, I just dislike him”. “Huh? Why? But I think Lance is a nice person” Tamera said. “Well, uh, are you also fan of him?” Chris asked "Just wondering since you didn't freaked out just like the others". “Me? Well, I have some of his songs in my MP3 and enjoy them, but I’m not really a fan just like the others” Tamera said “I just simply like his songs”.

“Well, good to hear that...” Chris said. “Huh? What do you mean?” Tamera asked. “Oh, no, nothing, ha ha ha! Forget it” Chris said, laughing.

Later, after had a meeting with Mrs. Foster...

“Hello Tamera” someone said calling for Tamera, it was Lance. “Oh hi Lance” Tamera greeted him back, “Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked. “Well you know, I heard there is a good movie in the theater, wanna come with me?” Lance asked in a flirt tone. “Oh, well, I don’t know” Tamera said. “No! She can’t, she’s busy tonight! Let’s go Tamera” Chris said pulling Tamera’s arm, surprising her. “Huh, what? Chris?” Tamera said.

“Whoa whoa whoa, calm down buddy, you hurt her arm” Lance said stopping Chris. Chris then looking at Tamera, he could see that Tamera was felt a little hurt after he pulled her arm like that. “Uh, oh, sorry Tamera” Chris said, releasing Tamera’s arm. “Hey, Tamera, is this guy your boyfriend or something?” Lance asked. “Uh, no, we’re just friends” Tamera answered.

“Oh, I see...” Lance said stared at Chris “...Well, but I think he’s too overprotective for just a friend”. Chris didn’t said anything. “Well, yeah, maybe it’s because we already become friends for a long time, right Chris?” Tamera said. “Wha-Uh, yeah, you are right!” Chris said.

“That means you’re single then?” Lance asked again “Someone wouldn't mind if I take you out on this weekend, right?”. “Uh, well, I don’t know” Tamera said smiling. Chris became more upset. Lance could noticed it. A smirk appeared on his face.

“You know, Tamera, I think you are really my type” Lance said, flirting. “Ha ha ha, thanks” Tamera said.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna watch a movie with me tonight? I will treat you” Lance said “Oh, maybe we can dine at the Bistro after that, and...”. “OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH!” Chris yelled, surprising everyone in the corridor. “Chris?” Tamera said, she confused about Chris who suddenly became upset. “Let’s go to our next class, Tamera!” Chris said, pulling Tamera’s arm again. “Hey, Chris, wait!”.

As the two left, a smirk could be seen in Lance’s face. “Hmp, that Chris guy is really interesting” he thought.

“Chris, hey, hey! STOP!” Tamera said. Chris then stopped. Tamera looked at him in annoyance “What the heck is wrong with you?” she asked.

“I’m sorry Tamera” Chris said “I just really don’t like if someone flirts with you”. “Huh, what do you mean?” Tamera asked, she became more confused. “Uh, I... It’s because I...” Chris said haltingly, “Ugh!”.

“...” Tamera said. “Oh, well, just forget it, let’s we go to our next class” Chris said. He then headed to the next class, followed by Tamera, who still confused about Chris’ behavior.

The second class was Mr. Edward’s class.

Before entering the class room, Chris approached by Mr. Edward himself. “Mr. Redfield, don’t forget there’ll be an audition to join the music club” he said. “Oh, thanks for remind me sir” Chris said. “Do your best, I really hope young music talents like you two can join our club” he said.

“Thanks sire, I will... wait a minute, did you just said you two?” Chris asked, confused “Who’s the other one?”.

"Good morning sir" Someone greeted, it was Lance again.

“Him” Mr. Edward said pointing at Lance.

“...” Chris didn’t said anything, he was speechless.

Chapter 7: The AuditionEdit

The City Hall

John was fell asleep in his room when his cellphone ringing, surprising him. “GREAT WOOLLY LLAMAS!” John said in surprise, he even fell from his chair. He then took his cellphone and answered the call.

“Johnny it’s me” the voice on the phone said, it was Walter’s. “Oh, hello Walter, what’s up?” John asked. “Have you already talk to your son that I want to meet him?” Walter asked. “Oh, oh yeah, I have talk to him” John said, “and guess what, he really excited since it appears he’s your big fan”. “Really? Good to hear that, ha ha” Walter said “So when I can meet him?”.

“Oh, Chris said he want to meet you tonight” John said. “Tonight? Okay, tonight I will visit your home, and, oh, you haven’t give me your address” Walter said. “Oh, yes, here my address...” John said, giving his address to Walter. “Okay thanks, see you again tonight” Walter said hanging up the phone.

A moment later, someone knocked John’s door.

“Come in!” John said. Later, John’s secretary entered his office with a pizza delivery guy. “Sir, did you order a pizza?” she asked. “Oh, yeah I ordered them” John said. “Here’s your pizza sir” the pizza guy said “Mushroom pizza with extra onions and mozzarella cheese, it’s all 24 simmoleons”.

“Okay, here’s your money... and oh, a little tips for you” John said giving the pizza guy the money. “Thanks sir, enjoy your pizza!”the pizza guy said before leaving the room.

John then opened the pizza box and grabbed a slice of it. “Aw, it’s delicious!” John said enjoying his pizza. He then noticed his secretary was still in his room. “Oh, I’m sorry” John said, he then offered the pizza to her “If you want, you can grab a slice”.

“Oh, thanks Mr. Mayor, but I’m on diet, remember?” the secretary said. “Oh, yeah you are right” John said, “Is there anything else you want to tell to me?”. “Well, it’s about your tomorrow schedule...” she said “I need to remind you that...”, “Yeah, yeah I get it, tomorrow I must go to the military base to meet the general” he said.

“Oh, well, I think that’s all” the secretary said, grabbing a slice of Pizza. “I thought you said you were on diet” John said. “I did?” she said, leaving the room.

2.00 P.M. Back to the school.

Chris went to the music club’s room to attend the audition. He crossed path with Lance who also just arrived. “Hi there dude!” Lance greeted him. “Oh, hi” Chris snorted. “Oh, seems like someone still angry because his girlfriend seduced by me” Lance said, smirking. “What!? No!” Chris said “Tamera and I just...:”, “You can not fool me Chris, I can see from your eyes that you like her” Lance said “But for some reasons, you have no courage to tell her your feelings, what a loser”.

“Mind your own business, Lewis” Chris said. “Okay then, I will surely mind my own business...” Lance said “ get Tamera as my girlfriend”. “What the heck did you just say?” Chris said. “I said, I WILL SURELY MIND MY OWN BUSINESS TO GET TAMERA AS MY GIRLFRIEND” Lance said again.

I am the pop idol

"I'm the teen pop idol"

“You!” Chris grabbed Lance’s. “What’s wrong dude? You afraid that Tamera would choose me over you?” Lance asked “Well, it won’t be surprised if she choose me, I’m a pop Icon after all, and you are just an amateur SimTuber musician”.

“And yeah, I know you and I’ve watched all of your videos on the SimTube... did you call your songs Rock? Meh, you really have bad-taste on music dude” Lance said. “Who do you think you are talking like that?” Chris asked in anger. “Me? I’m a pop idol, every girls in this country love me, and Tamera will also love me too, ha ha ha!” Lance said “Yeah, I’m attracted to her if you want to know and no girls in this world would escape from my charm”.

“Oh, she will never attracted to you” Chris said. “Oh she will” Lance said “How about this, you and I, will compete to get her as girlfriend, if you really have courage”. “What are you talking about?” Chris asked. “Are you idiot or something? I said, how about we compete each other to get her attention? You and I both attracted to her” Lance said “But yeah, I think I have much bigger chance than you since I’m a pop teen idol. Oh every girls wanted to date an idol like me”.

“...” Chris didn’t said anything.

“So, how is it? Mr. SimTuber?” Lance asked. “Okay then, fine! I accept your chalenge!” Chris said. Lance smirked after hearing Chris’ answer.

Later, Mr. Edward appeared from inside. “Mr. Redfield and Mr. Lewis, it’s time for the audition, come in!” he said.

“Well, it looks like our rivaly is not only for Tamera...” Lance claimed “Let’s we see whose music is better”. “With pleasure Mr. Teen Pop Idol” Chris said, taking his guitar “With pleasure...”.

15 minutes later...

“Alright Mr. Redfield, your turn now” Mr. Edward said. Chris then get on to the stage. “Okay, everyone, I’m Christoper Redfield from class 9-B” Chris introduced himself, “Ther reason why I interested to join this club is because I like music and I want to form a band”.

“And now, I will sing a song from Queen called, Killer Queen”.

Chris then begun strumming his guitar and started to singing.

She keeps her Moet et Chandon
In her pretty cabinet
Let them eat cake she says
Just like Marie Antoinette
A built-in remedy
For Kruschev and Kennedy
At anytime an invitation
You can't decline.
Caviar and cigarettes
Well versed in etiquette
Extraordinarily nice
She's a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, guillotine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Ooh, recommended at the price
Insatiable an appetite
Wanna try?
To avoid complications
She never kept the same address
In conversation
She spoke just like a baroness
Met a man from China
Went down to Geisha Minah
(Killer, killer, she's a killer Queen)
Then again incidentally
If you're that way inclined
Perfume came naturally from Paris (naturally)
For cars she couldn't care less
Fastidious and precise
She's a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, guillotine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Drop of a hat she's as willing as
Playful as a pussy cat
Then momentarily out of action
Temporarily out of gas
To absolutely drive you wild, wild
She's all out to get you
She's a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, gelatin
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Ooh, recommended at the price
Insatiable an appetite
Wanna try?
You wanna try

Chris ended his song, everyone cheered. “Nice one Mr. Redfield, you really have talent” Mr. Edward said. “Thank you sir” Chris said. “Okay, you can back to your seat” Mr Edward said. “Okay, next, Mr. Lewis”.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Lance, I LOVE YOU!” girls voice suddenly heard. “Huh, since when those girls enter this room?” Chris shocked, she saw a group of girls suddenly appeared from nowehere. Lance then stood up, he looked at the girls and winking at them.

“Aaaaaaah! He’s winking at me!” a girl said.

“No idiot, that was for me!” the second girl said.

“On your dream you flat-chest! He’s winking to me!” the third girl said.

“Hey, all of you get out!” a teacher “You disturb this audition!”. “B-but sir!” one of the girl, named Vicky Toadstool protested, followed by the other girls. “Girls... Calm down” Lance said using the microphone, calming down the girls only with few words. “Oh, he’s so charming” Vicky said.

“Oh, okay, very well Mr. Lewis, you can start” Mr. Edward said “And for you girls, you can watch if you want but DO NOT be so noisy, okay?”. “Okay sir” the girls said in unison.

“Very well” Lance said, “My name’s Lance Lewis, you guys may be know who I am”. “AAAAAAH! Lance’s voice is so sexy!” Vicky and other girls yelled again, upsetting Chris and other participants as well. “Thank you” Lance said “Now, I will sing a song from my favorite band, Savage Garden, called I want you”.

“AAAAAAAHHH! So romantic!” the girls yelled again.

“Seriously, can’t those girls just shut their mouth!?” Chris said. “Calm down dude, they are girls, it’s normal for them acting like that” another participant said, calming Chris down “especially when there is a pop idol in your school”.

Lance then started to sing.

Anytime I need to see your face,
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
in the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola
I don't need to try and explain;
I just hold on tight
And if it happens again, I might move
so slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
of the human cannonball
That I need to, I want to
Come stand a little bit closer
Breath in and get a bit higher
You'll never know what hit you
When I get to you
Ooh, I want you
I don't know if I need you
But, ooh, I'd die to find out
Ooh, I want you
I don't know if I need you
But, ooh, I'd die to find out
I'm the kind of person who endorses
a deep commitment
Getting comfy getting perfect
is what I live for
But a look, then a smell of perfume
It's like I'm down on the floor
And I don't know what I'm in for
Conversation has a time and place
In the interaction of a lover and a
But the time of talking,
using symbols, using words
Can be likened to a deep sea diver
who is swimming with a raincoat
Come stand a little bit closer
Breathe in and get a bit higher
You'll never know what hit you
When I get to you
Anytime I need to see your face,
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
in the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola
I don't need to try and explain;
just hold on tight
And if it happens again, I might move
so slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
of the human cannonball
That I need to, I want to
So we can find out?"

Lance finished his song, the girls cheered, yelling for his name. “AAAAHHHHH LANCE! I LOVE YOU, LANCE! I LOVE YOU!” they said. Lance then blew a kiss to them, made them even crazier.

Chris didn’t said anything, he was very upset with Lance and his fan girls’ attitude.

After 20 minutes, the audition finally ended. Mr. Edward then get on to the stage to made announcement. “Alright, now I will announce how many participants who can join this club” he said. “Oh, it’s the time” Chris said.

“I have ten names who can be join our club” Mr. Edward said, “they are...” Mr. Edward then read the names one by one.

After reading the 8th name...

“9th, Christoper Redfield” he said.

“YEAAAAAH! WOOOOOOOO!” Chris said, the other participants cheered for him, except Lance, who only smirked.

“And as the last...” Mr. Edward said “Lance Lewis”.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Lance did it! Lance did it!” The girls yelled again.

“Okay that’s all, congratulations and welcome to our music club” Mr.Edward said congratulating them.

Chris walked out from the room and met Charlie. “How’s the audition?” Charlie asked. “The good news, I nailed it” Chris said “and the bad news, Lance Lewis also nailed it too”. “Lance, who? Who’s that?” Charlie asked. Chris then pointed at Lance who surrounded by his fan girls.

“Oh, that teen pop idol, I have heard about him from Sam” Charlie said. “Yeah, and it seems like he likes Tamera too” Chris said.

“No kidding?” Charlie said “Man, first two days of school and you have a rival already”.

“Whatever, let’s we go home now” Chris said.

Chapter 8: Lewis FamilyEdit

"Okay girls, my mom is already here, I should go home now" Lance said "See you tomorrow girls". "Bye Lance!" the girls said in unison.

Lance then approached a car parked in front of the school. A middle-aged woman was also waiting for him inside the car. "Hello mom" Lance said after entering the car, greeting her. The woman was his mother, named Irene, an actress. "Hello Lance, ready to go home? I have cook your favorite food for dinner" Irene said. "Really? Well, uh, thanks" Lance said.

Irene then started her car and begun to drive.

"So, how's your school?" Irene asked. "Well, I don't know, this school is just for peasants!" Lance said "My old school is better". Irene then sighed, "Lance, honey, don't be so rude" Irene said. "Sorry mom" Lance said.

"Well, at least, there's a pretty girl in my class" Lance claimed. "Really? What's her name?" Irene asked. "Tamera Gerardo, yeah, I must admit that she's very different with other girls" Lance said "She even didn't freaked out just like the other girls after she saw me". "Oh, I see..." Irene said "Maybe you can bring her to our house someday?".

"Maybe after I beat that Chris guy in our bet" Lance said, a smirk appeared on his face. "Who?" Irene asked. "Oh, huh? nothing, forget it mom".

"Oh, mind if we go to the grocery store first? I need to buy something" Irene asked. "Oh, okay, I will waiting in the car".

After parking her car, Irene went to the grocery store while Lance was waiting inside the car. "Now, what should I do to make Tamera attracted to me?" Lance said to himself "I can imagine how that Chris-guy react if I able to get Tamera as my girlfriend, ha ha ha!".

After 10 minutes

"Sorry if I took so long" Irene said entering the car "Let's we go home now".

Lance and his family

Lewis family

Irene and Lance finally arrived in their house. a house called Unabridged. After they entered the house, they greeted by George Lewis, Lance's father who was a famous movie director.

"Hello son, how's your school?" George asked. "Well, nothing special actually" Lance said, "But yeah, I met a very attractive girl in my class, Tamera". "Well, glad to hear that" George said.

"By the way, how's your press-conference George?" Irene asked. "Oh, I cancel it, I want to take a rest for several days from my activities" George said. "Yeah, me too, that's why we move to Sunset Valley now" Irene said.

They then quiet for a moment...

"Oh, honey, I've make my decision" Irene said, "I think it's time to me for retired". "Are you sure?" George asked. "Yeah, I'm tired being an actress, I want a normal life" she said. "Well, if that so, I support your decision, you can make a press-conference for announce your retirement later" George said.

"Thanks George" Irene said.

"I think I should go to my room, I have homework" Lance said, leaving to his room.

Officer Delgado

Enrico Delgado

Meanwhile at Redfield house

"Hey Chris and Charlie" someone said greeting Chris and Charlie, it was Enrico Delgado. "Hi Enrico, what are you doing here?" Chris asked. "Your father asked me to help him repaired the Tv" Enrico claimed. "The Tv broke again? I always knew we should buy a new one!" Charlie exclaimed.

"By the way, you are very cool with that uniform" Chris said complimenting. "Ha ha, thanks" Enrico said "I think I should go home now, see you later".

"Okay, bye!" Chris said.

A moment later

"Oh Chris, you already here" John said appeared from the house "Come in quick, there is someone who want to meet you!".

Chris and Charlie then quickly entered the house. After they entering the living room, Chris was gasped. A long-haired, tall, and muscular middle-aged man stood before him. "Hello Chris, nice to meet you, my name is..." he introduced himself.

"Walter Benjamin West..." Chris said in awe, his favorite rock star now in his house "Whoa, I, I can't believe it you are here. Charlie, please hit me, make sure this is not a dream"

Chapter 9: MusicianEdit

Little Corsican Bistro

"I can't believe I have a dinner with you Mr. West!" Chris said in excitement "It's a honor for me!". "No problem son" Walter said enjoying his meal. "By the way, what make you come to Sunset Valley?" Chris asked "Beside having reunion with my father of course".

"I'm here for searching for young music talents" Walter said "especially in Rock".

"Really?" Chris asked. "Yeah, I have travel to various towns in SimNation to find youngsters who have passion in Rock music" Walter explained.

"I see..." Chris said.

Chris and Walter
"Well, you know Chris, I have seen your music ability from SimTube. Your guitar playing is so perfect!" Walter said praising him. "Thanks!" Chris said "How about my vocal?". "Well, you vocal is very good too, but it still needs more improvement" Walter said again. "Oh, I see ..." Chris said.

"By the way, if you don't mind, I would like to see your skill directly, can I?" Walter asked. "Oh, but I left my guitar in my house" Chris said. "Well, it's not a problem" Walter then stood up and walked to his car, he took a white colored guitar and gave it to Chris, "You can use mine" he said.

"Really? Cool, thanks!" Chris said.

Chris then begun strumming the guitar. He performed The Arrow's "I love Rock and Roll". Walter really enjoyed Chris' performance.

After two minutes, Chris ended his performance.

"Bravo! You are better than I thought!" Walter said clapping his hands.

"Thanks Mr. West" Chris said.

"By the way, I need to tell you that in next two months, My former band and I will held a band competition here, in Bridgeport, if you wanted, you can participate" Walter said "But of course, you need to form a band".

"Really? That's great!" Chris said "Yeah, I have some friends who has talent in music, including my brother Charlie, he's very good in drum!".

"Great, if you need more information about the competition, you can call me anytime" Walter said, "You can ask my number from your father".

"Sure" Chris said.

Unknown to Chris and Walter, someone overheard their conversation... It was Lance! He seemed upset.

"It's not fair! I was the one who supposed to be asked by Walter Benjamin West to join the competition, not that SimTuber loser!" Lance thought.

"Fine, I also will form a band, participating in that competition, and beat that loser!".

Chapter 10: I Saw Him!Edit

Sims University, 09.00 A.M

Leona accompanied Jean to met her professor in order to gave her essay. Jean entered the building while Leona waiting outside.

Leona took a seat on a bench, looking at her surroundings. “Today is really nice day” she said. She then took her cellphone and browsing her Simstagram. She found that her latest post got so many likes from her followers.

“Well, not very surprising since I’m really hot in this picture, ha ha ha” Leona said complimenting herself “Well, I will take a selfie now, ha ha ha”.

Leona then stood and took several selfie picture of hers. “He he he, Nice” she said, “I will take one more”.

Leona then about took one more picture when suddenly...

“I’m done Leona!”.

“AAAAAAAAAAAH!” Leona surprised. Her cellphone was almost fell to the ground. “Great wooly llama Jeanie, you scared me!”.

“He he I’m sorry sis” Jean said.

“How’s your essay?” Leona asked.

“The professor likes it!” Jean said in excitement “Now I must prepare to make a presentation next week!”.

“Glad to hear that” Leona said “By the way, are you hungry? Wanna’ go to Sim Burger?”.

“Sure” Jean said.

Leona and Jean went to took their car in the parking area. When they about to entered the car, Jean saw something.

“What’s wrong Jean?” Leona asked.

Jean didn't answer. She suddenly ran to the other side of the parking area. “Jean, wait!” Leona said.

Jean then stopped in front of a building, Leona could notice that Jean was searching for something. “Where? Where is he?” Jean said “Is he inside?”.

“Jean!” Leona said “W-what’s wrong?”.

“I just saw him” Jean said, “Leona, I just saw him!”.

“Huh? You saw who?” Leona asked.

“Alex! I saw Alex Curtiz here! In our campus!” Jean exclaimed.

“Huh? Are you sure?” Leona asked. Jean nodded.

Leona then observed the building. “Oh. It’s Technology faculty building” Leona said, “I have a friend here, maybe I can ask her if there’s a student name Alex Curtiz in her class”.

“...” Jean didn’t said anything. She sure that the person she saw was her long-lost lover, Alex Curtiz.

Leona then begun to sent a text to her friend.

About a minute later, she received a reply.

Sorry, I never heard about that name. There is no student called Alex Curtiz in our faculty” the message said.

“Sorry Jean” Leona said.

“M-maybe he’s in different classroom with your friend, or maybe he...” Jean said.

“Jean...” Leona said.

“Oh, I’m sorry Leona. I just...” Jean said.

“It’s okay Jean, I know your feeling” Leona said, Jean didn't said anything.

“Let’s go to Sim Burger, shall we?” Leona said again, Jean only nodded.

Young adult Alex

Alex Curtiz

Meanwhile inside the faculty building.

“So, what do you think about our campus?” the professor asked.

“Well, It seems very big and comfortable for me” a young man said “I glad I will finally move here, my current campus is just... Well...”.

“Well, if that so, maybe this is too early since you will join us in the next semester but, welcome to our campus, Mr. Curtiz” the professor said.

“Thank you sir” Alex Curtiz said, "I really can not wait for the next semester!".

Chapter 11: Forming the BandEdit

Discussing the band

Discussing the band

Another day had passed...

In the school, Chris gathered with Charlie and Sam, discussing his plan to form a band to participated in the upcoming band competition in Bridgeport.

“So, that’s why I call you guys here” Chris said “Charlie, you can be the drummer and Sam, you can be the bassist”. “Whoa, that’s cool! Okay, I’m on it!” Sam said “I finally can show everyone what real music is!”. “Nice, I like your spirit, Sammy!” Chris said.

“What about the fourth member? the keyboardist?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah, you are right” Chris said “We need someone who can be a keyboardist”. “Maybe you can ask someone in the music club to join us?” Sam suggested. “I think it’s a good idea” Chris said “This band won’t be completed without a keyboardist”.

“Hey boys, what are you doing?” someone greeted them, it was Sandi French.

“Uh-oh, h-hi Sandi, h-how are you?” Charlie said haltingly. “Ha ha, I’m fine thank you” Sandi said “By the way, what are you guys doing?”. “We’re forming a band” Sam said. “A rock band” Chris said “We want to participate in the upcoming band competition in Bridgeport”.

“Really? That’s cool!” Sandi said. “But, we still need to find a fourth member for keyboardist position” Chris said. “ I see...” Sandi said “Well, I think I know someone who can join you”. “Really? Who is it?” Charlie asked. “Follow me, I think she’s in the cafeteria right now” Sandi said.

“Well, okay then” Chris said "bring us to her".

Chris, Charlie, Sam, and Sandi arrived in the school cafeteria.

“Okay, now where is she...” Sandi said looking for the person she talking about “This place is really crowded”. “It always crowded babe” Charlie said. “What did you just call me?” Sandi asked. “Uh, oh no, nothing” Charlie said again.

Ariana Rykov


“Oh, there she is!” Sandi said, pointing at a girl who sitting alone at the corner. The girl had long pink hair tied in pony-tail. She wore a white leather jacket with hot-pink colored cropped top and tight jeans.

“Ariana!” Sandi said calling her.

“Oh, hi Sandi, what’s up?” Ariana said greeting her back, talking with Russian accent “Is there anything I can help?”.

“Guys, let me introduce my friend. This is Ariana Rykov, a sophomore” Sandi said, “Ariana these are Chris, Charlie, and Sam”

"Hi Ariana" Chris, Charlie, and Sam said in unison "Nice to meet you".

"Oh, okay, nice to meet you too" Ariana said "So, is there anything I can help?".

"Well, I heard from Sandi that you have skill in music" Chris said "Charlie, Sam, I want to form a band to participate in a competition in Bridgeport and we still need a fourth member, and so...".

“No, I refuse!” Ariana said, cutting Chris' sentece.

“Huh? Why?” Chris asked.

Ariana then stood up, “It simple, I am juts not interested joining any band” Ariana said before walking out from the cafeteria.

“She’s really... Cold” Chris said. “You are right” Charlie said, “I don’t think we can get along well with that kind of person”. “No, you are wrong” Sandi said, “You guys can say that because you know nothing about her”.

Chapter 12: MatildaEdit

The Science Lab.

A middle-aged woman, around 50 years old, seen walked through the corridor heading to the lab where Nancy Landgraab was waiting. The woman, Matilda Romanova, was a renowned scientist in the Sunset Valley. She had created many spectacular inventions, especially a prototype of Plumbot, a humanoid robot which more advanced than SimBot.

Matilda in science lab

Matilda Romanova

In these past five years, Matilda had a top secret project, creating a machine which she believed could brought dead people back to life. Some of her co-workers thought she was crazy, but Matilda was very ambitious with this project.

“Good morning Mrs. Landgraab, sorry I am late” Matilda said in Russian accent. “It’s alright Ms. Romanova” Nancy said, “You said that you will show me your new invention right?”. “Yeah, it’s already complete now!” Matilda claimed.

Matilda then showed Nancy her ultimate creation. “Mrs. Landgraab, I present to you, Automagic Ghost-O-tron 1220-DR!” she said proudly, “This machine can bring all deceased people come to life! If you want to revive your family, you only need put their ashes here and...”.

“You know, Matilda, I respect your consistency to continue this project” Nancy said cutting Matilda’s sentence “but, do you really sure that we really can bring dead people back to life just like you said ? I mean will there be a problem if we ever do that?”.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Landgraab, I have calculated everything!” Matilda said “I’m sure that there won’t be a problem”.

“Well, if that so, let we see how this machine work” Nancy said.

“Okay, put the mouse’s remains in!” Matilda said ordering her co-workers to put a carcass of a mouse inside the machine.

“Gross... Did you really killed that mouse?” Nancy asked, but Matilda didn't answer.

The carcass stored inside the machine, Matilda prepared to pull the lever. “Okay, begin the resurrection procedure!” she said pulling the lever.

The machine turned on, everyone watched solemnly. “I hope this works, Ms. Romanova” Nancy said “I have spent 850.000 Simmoleons to fund this project”. “Don’t worry Mrs. Landgraab, you won’t be disappointed”.


“Ma'm, I think there’s something wrong!” a co-worker said. “What is it?” Matilda asked. Just before her co-worker could answer, the ground suddenly shaking. It was came from the machine.

“Great woolly llamas!” Nancy said. “The machine is gonna explode!” Matilda’s co-workers begun to panic “Turn the machine off!”.

“No! It’s okay! This earthquake means the machine is working!” Matilda claimed.

“Are you Crazy!?” Nancy asked "Turn the machine off!".

"NO!" Matilda yelled.

After two minutes, the shaking finally stopped.

“Oh, it’s over” Nancy said wiping her sweat “I thought the machine would exploded”. “Well, let’s we see the result of this test” Matilda said.

Matilda then opened the glass where the mouse’s carcass stored inside the machine. Matilda snapped, the carcass was destroyed into nothing, the experiment failed. “I have told you Matilda, it’s impossible for us bringing the deaths back to life” Nancy said.

“No, it makes no sense! I have calculated everything!” Matilda yelled “I think... I think we missed something important!”. “Matilda, please, stop” Nancy said

“...” Matilda didn’t said anything.

Nancy sighed, “Look, I know that the purpose you created this machine is to bring your sister back to life” Nancy said “I understand that you really love your sister, but please, doing something impossible like this is only wasting your time, you have other more important things to do”.

Matilda became quiet, she had spent her whole life to made a machine that could brought her sister back to life. But now, she must faced the fact that the resurrection machine was a total failure.

Matilda then sighed, “I think... I think you are right Mrs. Landgraab” Matilda said, “But, I do this not only for myself, but for my niece too, I just...”. “I know, I understand” Nancy said. “I am sorry Nancy” Matilda said. “It’s alright” Nancy said.

Meanwhile, back in the school.

“Oh gosh, that was the biggest earthquake ever!” Vicky Toadstool said. “Yeah you are right” her friend said. Some students were seen hiding themselves under the table while some of them ran outside. They thought the shaking was an Earthquake.

Valentina protrait

Ariana's mother

“No, it was not an earthquake” Ariana said “I am sure that my aunt is trying to resume her crazy work again”. “What do you mean?” Sandi asked. “Well, uh, it is hard to explain” Ariana said, “By the way, the next class is about to started. let’s we go to the class, shall we?”.

“Ariana, wait, you drop this!” Sandi said giving something to Ariana, it was a prhotograph. “Oh thanks” Ariana said “It means something to me”. Sandi then looked into the picture in the photo, it was a picture of a young woman with same hair color with Ariana’s. A name also written there: Valentina.

“Your mother was so pretty” Sandi said.

“...” Ariana didn't said anything, she only stared at her mother’s picture.

“Let’s we head back to the class” Ariana said.

Back to Matilda...

Accompanied by Nancy, Matilda visited Valentina’s grave in the cemetery. “It has been ten years...” Matilda said wiping her tears “I still could not believe my sister, Valentina was gone”. “But at least you still have your niece, Ariana” Nancy said.

“Yeah” Matilda said, “But I feel sorry for her. She is too young to losing her mother”. “What about her father? Where is he actually?” Nancy asked. “Her father... My sister’s ex-husband was the worse man that ever lived” Matilda said in an anger tone “After what has he done to my sister and niece, I will never forgive him!”.

“What happened actually in their family?” Nancy asked again.

Matilda sighed, she then begun to told the story.

“It was started, after Valentina’s 19th birthday...”

Chapter 13: The Sad TruthEdit

At age 19, Valentina met and fell in love with a rich man from Rykov family who was ten years older than her. The two then got married and decided to stay in Riverblossom Hills. Three months marriage Valentina finally became pregnant. Just two days after Valentina’s 20th birthday, Ariana was born.

The Rykov family lived happily until, Rykov got fired from his job after a security guard caught him stealing money. Rykov became very abusive toward Valentina. He also became an alcoholic. Every night, he would mercilessly hit Valentina.

In one day, Rykov left without Valentina’s knowledge. Valentina’s sister, Matilda, came to the town to stay with Valentina until she found her husband.

Valentina always tried to found her husband but she had no clue of his whereabout until three years later...

When Valentina went shopping in the town, she saw her husband kissing with another woman. Enraged, Valentina attempted to slap the woman, but Rykov pushed her to the middle of the street, causing Valentina getting hit by a truck. The horrified Rykov and his girlfriend escaped just before Matilda and the cops arrived.

Valentina was fell into coma for seven months until finally she passed away.

Ariana was three years old when Valentina’s passed. After this, Matilda decided to raise Ariana by herself to honor her sister. They moved to Sunset Valley one year after Valentina’s death. Matilda brought her sister’s ashes with them.

Now, Ariana didn't even know how her father looked like, but she know how her mother was from a picture given by her Matilda. Whenever Ariana asked about her father, Matilda simply stated that her father also already passed away, lied to her.

Back to present day...

“I’m sorry to hear that” Nancy said, “I’m really sorry”. “Thank you Mrs. Landgraab” Matilda said “I only hope to make my niece happy by reuniting her with her mother”.

“...” Nancy didn't said anything.

“Oh, by the way, I need to go home now, I need to make foods for dinner” Matilda said.

“Sure, take care” Nancy said.

Meanwhile in the school.

Ariana was in the locker room to got her math book. After she took her book, someone greeted her. “Hello there cutie” a red-hair teenage boy said, it was Lance. “Ariana right?”, he asked. Ariana looked at Lance, “What do you want?” she asked. “Nothing, I just want to say hello to you” Lance said “And want to give you an offer”.

Ariana Lance

Ariana rejected Lance's offer coldly

“What kind of offer?” Ariana asked again. “You know, I’m planning to form a band to participate in the band competition” Lance said “I heard that you have talent in music, so...”.

“Sorry, not interested, bye!” Ariana said cutting Lance’s sentence and about to walked out from the locker room. “Hey, Ariana, wait!” Lance yelled, Ariana stopped, looked at him coldly. "Talk to the hand" she said before leaving.

Lance was annoyed, “Man, what the heck is wrong with that pink-head?”.

2.00 P.M.

The school was ended. Chris was prepared to went home when Tamera approached her. “Chris, don’t forget your promise accompany me to go to the grocery store tonight” Tamera said. “Oh, sure, I won’t” Chris said. “Okay, remember, 06.00 P.M and don’t come late, okay?” Tamera said again before leaved.

“Sure, see you again tonight!” Chris said.

“Well, well, looks like someone will have a date tonight” Sam said teasing Chris. “Sam, I just accompany her to go to grocery store!” Chris claimed. “Well, it still sounds like a date for me” Sam said. Chris only sighed. “By the way, have you found the fourth member of our band yet?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know” Chris said “If we can’t find the fourth member, maybe we should make a trio instead”. “I see...” Sam said “Yeah, it’s better I think”.

“Hey Chris, come on!” Charlie said as appeared from the outside of the class.

As Chris, Charlie and Sam about to leaved, they met Ariana again.

“Oh, hi Ariana” Chris greeted her “Nice to meet you again”. “Oh, *sigh*, hi” Ariana said. “So uh, you wanna go home or you have an after school activities?” Chris asked, he tried to be nice with her. “Should you really ask about my activity? Are you a stalker or something?” Ariana became upset.

“Whoa whoa whoa, it’s nothing like that, I’m just asking!” Chris said. Ariana rolled her eyes. “Whatever! If you keep asking me to join your band the answer is still NO!” Ariana said before leaving.

“Oh my gosh, what is wrong with her?” Charlie asked.

“It’s a long story” someone suddenly said, it was Sandi. “Sandi? Can you tell me what the heck is wrong with that Ariana actually?” Chris asked.

Sandi then sighed, “Alright, I will tell you guys, I also knew this from her aunt, Miss Romanova who worked in the science lab”.

Fifteen minutes later...

Sandi finished telling the story about Ariana to Chris and his friends. They were stunned by the truth about Ariana's family's past. They were speechless for a moment.

“T-That was tragic...” Chris said.

“Yeah, we never expected that Ariana had a past like that” Charlie said.

“Ariana and I are the same, we never met our father. Even though you guys can say that I was luckier since at least I knew what really happened to my father or how he looked like..." Sandi claimed, "Promise me you will never tell Ariana the truth about how her father was, I afraid it will hurt her feeling”.

“Yeah, we promise” Chris said..

Chapter 14: TameraEdit

05.25 P.M

Chris disembarked from a cab, he then walked into a small house across. The Gerardo house. “Aww, man, even though this isn't the first time I’m hanging out with her, but, I always feel nervous” he thought, “But at least, I can be together with her, he he”. Chris then looked at his watches “Oh, I’m 55 minutes too early, but never mind”.

Chris then approached the house and rang the bell. After several moments, someone opened the door, it was Tamera’s mother, Lynn Gerardo. “Oh, hello Mrs. Gerardo, is Tamera home?” Chris asked. “Oh, yes, she’s here. She’s in the bathroom now” Lynn answered “Come in, wanna drink?”.

At Tamera's house

In Tamera's house

“Oh, sure” Chris said as they entered the house. Lynn then gave Chris a glass of water. “Thanks Mrs. Gerardo” Chris said. “Sure” Lynn said before entered her room.

Several minutes later...

“Oh, I swear I will never eat any spicy foods again” Tamera said as she appeared from the bathroom. She wore pink T-Shirt and white short, her hair was also untied. She looked at the sofa and found Chris was already there. “Oh, Chris, you came early” Tamera said. “Y-Yeah, I was bored in home so I decided to go here early” Chris said.

“Oh, I see...” Tamera said “Well, since you’re already here, maybe we better go right now”. “Oh, Sure” Chris said. “Well, just wait here, I will change really quick!” Tamera said entering her room to changed her clothes.

After fifteen minutes.

Tamera 2

Tamera changed her clothes.

Tamera done changing her clothes. She wore purple colored top and a grey colored jean. She also wore make up and kept her hair untied.

Chris was stunned and had his jaw dropped, “Whoa...” he said. “What do you think? I just bought these outfits yesterday?” Tamera asked “Do I look good?”. “You... You are gorgeous!” Chris exclaimed, “I think I’m falling in love”. “Ha ha ha, Oh Chris, you are so funny!” Tamera said laughing, “But thank you, I glad you like it”.

“Oh, yeah, ha ha ha ha ha!” Chris said in awkward tone. “But, I really like you...” he thought.

“Okay we should go now” Tamera said “Mom! I will go shopping with Chris, I might have my dinner outside!”.

“Sure, take care!” Lynn yelled.

15 minutes in ride, Chris and Tamera arrived in the Mirabello Plaza. They walked to the grocery store which next to the theater. “Okay, I need shampoo, some snacks for the quick meal...” Tamera said reading her shopping list.

Tamera then noticed that Chris was staring her. “Uh, Chris, what’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” She asked. “Huh, n-nothing” Chris said haltingly.

The two entered the store, while Tamera searching for her needs, Chris kept stared at her. “Tamera, there’s always something I want to confess...” Chris thought “...I like you since the first time we met, I wished I could tell my true feeling on you. But, I’m too afraid to tell it. If just, If just I have a courage...”

“Hey Chris, do you think which one is tastier?” Tamera asked, bringing two diferent products of cookies . “Oh, I... I think this one. It has low calories, he he he” Chris said. “Oh, okay, thanks! Now I can snacking without afraid of being fat, ha ha ha!” Tamera said laughing.

Around twenty minutes later, they finally done shopping.

“Ah, I think it’s already all” Tamera said checking on her shopping list. “Well, where will we go now?” Chris asked. “Well, let’s see, maybe we can hang out in the Dive Bar or maybe watch film in the theater until 10.00 P.M” Tamera said. “Well, that’s cool, I’m think what about we dine at the Bistro” Chris said

“Oh, but I don’t have enough money” Tamera said looking at her pocket. “Don’t worry I will treat you” Chris said. “Really? Yay! Thank you! You are my bestest friend ever!” Tamera said, hugging Chris in excitement. “He he he y-yeah...” Chris said “...friend”.

“So, what are we waiting for, let’s go the Bistro!” Chris said pulling Tamera’s arm.

But, when they just about to left,...

“Hello Chris and Tamera” someone greeted them, it was Lance Lewis.

Oh... No” Chris thought “What is he doing here?

Chapter 15: TroubleEdit

“So, what are you doing here?” Tamera asked.

“Well, I’m bored in home so I decided to go out. Beside I want to get to know every cool places for hang out in this town since I’m still new here” Lance said, “And, hey, did you guys just went shopping?” he asked noticing Tamera brought some stuffs.

“Yeah, we also planned to eat at the Bistro right now, wanna join?” Tamera said. “The Bistro? Do I have a choice...” Lance said, he secretly looked at the annoyed Chris. “Well, okay then, I will join” Lance said. “WHAT!?” Chris said. “Great, then let’s go!” Tamera said.

“Oh, by the way, let me bring your stuffs, it seems heavy” Lance said. “Oh my, thanks!” Tamera said, “Not a problem!” Lance said, he then looked at Chris with a smirk, “No problem he he he”. Chris seemed really upset, hoping that he could punch Lance on his face.

At the Bistro...

“Aw! It’s so good!” Tamera said after eating her favorite meal, Sushi. Both Lance and Tamera were seen enjoying their meals. However, unlike them, Chris was really upset. He hoped that he could spent the night only with Tamera. “So Tamera, I wonder, what movie do you like?” Lance asked.

“Movie? Well, I really like Anita Delgado’s newest movie called Unforgotten” Tamera said, “That movie was so romantic and made me cried”. “You were crying? yeah, me too, ha ha ha” both Lance and Tamera laughed. “Ugh...” Chris grumbled.

“What’s wrong Chris?” Tamera asked. “Well, maybe he don’t want to see me here” Lance said. “Huh? Why?” Tamera asked. “Huh, uh oh, nothing, I just... I think my spaghetti is too spicy, he he he” Chris said. “Oh, I see...” Tamera said.

“By the way Lance, I heard that you will have a new single” Tamera said. “Oh yeah, do you like my songs?” Lance asked. “Yeah, I admit you songs are really good, they are very enjoyable” Tamera said praising Lance’s songs. “I glad you like it” Lance said.

Lance and Tamera were having a nice chat. It made Chris more upset...

After finishing their dinner...

“What happen Chris?” Tamera asked, noticing Chris became nervous and even sweating.

What the heck? My money isn't enough for all of these” Chris thought looking at his pocket. Lance could notice it. “Okay, I will treat you all” Lance said “Don’t push yourself if you don’t have enough money Chris, it’s okay”. “O-oh, yeah thanks, he he he” Chris said haltingly.

Darn it!” Chris thought, looking at Lance in annoyance.

“Don’t worry pal, you don’t need to change it” Lance said smiling at Chris. “Oh, you are so nice Lance” Tamera said “You know, I think I started to like you, Te-he”.

“WHAT!?” Chris said yelling, surprising everyone.

“Chris, you scared me!” Tamera said.

“Tamera, let’s we go home!” Chris said pulling Tamera’s arm. “Hey, ouch! Chris that hurts!” Tamera said. “Hey dude, knock it off!” Lance said “You hurt just hurt her...”.


Chris suddenly punched Lance in the face. Lance fell to the ground while Tamera screamed. Tamera then looked at Chris, she became upset. “CHRISTOPER JAMES REDFIELD, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?” Tamera yelled in anger. Chris then snapped, he realized he just unconsciously punched someone, “I.. I just...” he said.

Tamera then checked on Lance’s condition. “You alright?” she asked. “Don’t worry, I’m alright” Lance said as he stood up, “I think Chris just has a mood swing tonight”.

Tamera than walked back at Chris, “Listen, I don’t know what happened between you too, but, punching someone else for unknown reason like that is really shame you know?” Tamera said. “Tamera I... I can explain” Chris said. “Then explain! You know that I hate someone who rude to other people!” Tamera yelled.

“I... I just... he, oh” Chris said haltingly, he didn't know what to say.

“Okay fine...” Tamera said, “Now I know you actually have got some issues, I don’t want to talk with you until you fix your attitude, okay?”.

“Wait, Tamera, I just...” Chris said.

“Come on Lance, would you like to accompany me home?” Tamera asked ignoring Chris. “Sure” Lance said. The two then walked, leaving Chris there. Chris only stunned.

“Darn it Chris, you are totally an Idiot!” Chris said cursing himself.

Lance then secretly looked at Chris with a smirk. "I won." he thought.

Chapter 16: DepressedEdit

09.30 P.M, Redfield house.

Charlie Redfield was just returned from watching the SimFest in the Flyng V’s Coffeehouse. “I’m home” he said entering the house. “Oh, welcome back Charlie” Lily said greeting him “Are you hungry? There are still some meals in the refrigerator”. “Thank you mom, but I've dine in the coffeehouse” Charlie said. “Oh, okay” Lily said.

“Oh Charlie, can you talk to Chris? I think there’s something wrong with him” John said. “What happen?” Charlie asked. “I don’t know, but he locked himself for two hours” John said. “Really?” Charlie asked again, “Did something happened during his date?” Charlie thought.

“Okay, don’t worry I will talk to him” Charlie said as he walked upstairs, heading to their room.

Charlie tried to open to the door, but it was locked. Charlie could heard a sound of guitar from inside.

“Chris, bro, it’s me, open the door please?” Charlie said knocking the door.

There was no answer.

Charlie then knocked the door again, “Hello? Chris? Are you there?”.

Still no answer, but the guitar’s sounds was became louder.

Charlie became upset. “Alright Chris! If you don’t want to open this door I will smashed this door open!” he yelled, “On three! One... Two...”.

Finally, Chris unlcoked the door. “You don’t need to do that...”.

Charlie was surprised, he noticed that Chris looked so messy. His hair tangled, his face looked pale, he even only wore a singlet and short.

Chris at his worse

Chris depressed

“What the heck?” Charlie said “What happen to you?”.

“Well, nothing, I’m fine” Chris said returned to his bed, strumming his guitar.

“Dude, I can feel that something’s wrong with you” Charlie said “I can see it from your looks now”. “Then why don’t you just guess about what happen to me?” Chris said, still strumming his guitar. Charlie then sighed, “I guess, there’s a problem with Tamera, right?”.

“...” Chris said nothing.

“What happened?” Charlie asked.

“It was Lance” Chris said, “he made me out of control and now Tamera probably hate me”.

“What do you mean?” Charlie asked, “Can you tell me the detail?”.

Chris then sighed, he then started to tell about what happened between him, Lance,and Tamera earlier.

“Sorry to hear that...” Charlie said.

“Now I really afraid that Tamera will never want to talk to me again after she saw what I’ve done” Chris claimed.

“Don’t give up dude, I’m sure tomorrow Tamera will forget about everything happened tonight” Charlie said giving Chris a hope, “Beside, you haven’t lose yet, you and Tamera have been friends for four years, so it means, it will be easier for you to get her heart”.

“...” Chris didn’t said anything.

“Come on dude, don’t be so fractious! You are a man!” Charlie said, “Don’t be like this just because you have a problem with a girl because... It’s just a girl you know?”.

Chris then sighed, “You are right, I’m sorry” Chris said. “Good, now, I think we should think about our band now. Remember, we have a competition to attend in next two months” Charlie said reminding Chris about the band competition.

Chapter 17: ArianaEdit

Discussing the band2

Discussing about the band's name

Friday, 4.30 P.M.

After the school, Chris, Charlie, and Sam gathered in the SUNSET BAR to discuss their band. They agreed that their practice would be started at Saturday. “Okay, we agree that our practice will start tomorrow” Chris said, “Now, we must thinking about our band’s name”.

“We should give our band a very-cool name” Charlie suggested. “I think I have an idea!” Sam exclaimed “How about The Trinity?”. “Trinity? Well, it sounds cool, but since our band will be a rock band, I expecting names such Devil in the Sunset or Bloody Valley” Chris said.

“Err, I think that name is too... I don’t know, creepy” Charlie said. “I know! What about Queen?” Sam said. “Dude, there was already a band named Queen out there” Charlie said. “Prince?” Sam said again. “There was already a legendary singer named Prince too” Charlie said.

In the middle of the conversation, Chris looked at the window and noticed a pink-hair girl parked her scooter in the parking area.

“Hey, that’s Ariana” Chris said.

“Oh you’re right” Charlie said.

Ariana entered the restaurant. After ordering some meals, she then searched for an empty seat. “Hey Ariana, here!” Chris yelled calling for her.

“Oh, that’s Redfield and his band” Ariana thought “Should I join them or find another seat?”.

Ariana then looked at her surrounding again... There were no empty seats remained.

Ariana is here


“Well, I think I do not have any choice” she thought.

Ariana then walked approaching Chris, Charlie, and Sam. “Mind if I join?” Ariana asked. “Not a problem” Chris said. “So, um, you come alone?” Sam asked. “Yeah, I actually asked Sandi to accompany me, but she is working now” Ariana said eating her meal.

“Oh, I never know Sandi has a job” Charlie said. “Well, she works at the Day Spa as receptionist” Ariana said “She just got this job yesterday”.

“I see...” Charlie said.

“By the way, what are you guys doing here?” Ariana asked. “Well, we are discussing about our band’s name” Chris said. “Oh, so your band has not named yet?” Ariana said. Chris only nodded.

They the became quiet for a moment.

“By the way, Ariana, can I ask you something?” Chris said, “If you don’t mind”.

“What?” Ariana said.

“Why do you always alienating yourself in the school? I mean, we rarely see you interacting with others, except with Sandi maybe” Chris asked, “We even didn't know that you actually... existed in our school”.

Ariana chuckled, “Well, It because I am a loner” she answered “And I really can not stand with the other teenagers’ lifestyle in our school”.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“The reason why I never socialize with others—except with Sandi—is simply because I hate their lifestyle” Ariana said clarifying her sentence.

“Like what?” Chris asked.

“Well, bragging about how popular or rich they are, vandalizing everything they see, throwing stupid teen party when their parents out, pulling stupid pranks on each other even though some of their pranks could be dangerous, going to night club and acting like adults even though they are actually just brats, and yeah, there are many more...” Ariana claimed.

“Oh, but it’s not all of them acting like what you think” Chris said “There are still many nice people in our school”.

“Yeah, hating their lifestyle doesn't mean you must alienating yourself from them” Sam said.

“(*sigh*) I just think that I will not be able to get along with most of you” Ariana said “Beside, most of you already see me as a weird emo girl”.

“I think you only to need to try to socialize with the others” Chris suggested “We knew that you actually a good girl, Ariana, Sandi told us everything about you. I’m sure they will change their view about you”.

“...” Ariana didn't said anything.

“Well, maybe you are right, thanks for your suggestion” Ariana said.

After 15 minutes, Ariana finished her meal while Chris, Charlie, and Sam still discussing about the name for their band. Charlie and Sam even had a little argument about it which made Ariana chuckled by only seeing how antics they are. Ariana suddenly felt comfortable hanging with them. She then smiled.

“Alright, I think I will change my mind” Ariana said.

“About what?” Chris asked.

“Since I found that you guys are actually nice, and hanging with you here is not really bad, I think I will join your band” Ariana said with smile on her face.

“Really? Are you sure?” Chris said.

“Pretty sure” Ariana nodded.

“Oh, well if that so, welcome to our band Ariana” Chris said shaking Ariana's hand "I hope we can make this band succeeded".

“That’s cool! Our band is now complete with four members!” Sam exclaimed, "And she's actually hot too" he whispered to Chris.

“Uh, but we still need a name for this band...” Charlie said reminding them.

Chapter 18: Something More Than Best FriendEdit

Saturday, the weekend was here

Tamera was seen visiting the Bunch house. After she rang the bell, Judy Bunch opened the door. “Oh hello, is there something I can do for you?” Judy asked. “Good morning Mrs. Bunch, my mom said that you have a parcel for her” Tamera said “She asked me to take it”.

“Oh, you must be Tamera right, your mom already told me that you will come here” Judy said “Come in then, you wanna’ drink?”. “Oh, okay, sure” Tamera said.

Tamera then waited in the living room, Judy gave her a glass of cold water before headed to her room upstairs. Later, someone came in, it was Darlene Bunch. “Oh, hello there” Darlene said. “Oh, g-good morning” Tamera said in awkward tone. “Hey, I know you! You are the girl who always together with Chris, right?” Darlene asked. “Chris? O-oh yeah, I’m his classmate” Tamera said.

Tamera chat with Darlene

Darlene chat with Tamera.

“I see, I never know that Chris has such a cute girlfriend” Darlene said as she took a seat in the sofa next to Tamera. “Girlfriend? Oh, no-no, we’re just friend! Nothing more!” Tamera said. “Oh, I see...” Darlene said, “By the way, what are you doing here?” she then asked.

“Well, my mom said that Mrs. Bunch has a parcel for her” Tamera answered “She asked me to take it”. “Oh, you come here alone?” Darlene asked. “Y-yeah, my mom and dad are visiting a relative in other town and will return tomorrow and my brother is still in university” Tamera said explaining.

“Oh, why didn't you just ask Chris to accompany you? You two seem very-very close” Darlene said teasing her. “Oh, I... I haven’t talk with Chris again for these few days” Tamera answered. “Oh, What happen?” Darlene asked. “Well, I just, slightly disappointed on him” Tamera explained.

“I thought he was a really nice person for these whole time. But I never expected that he can be so rude” Tamera said “And I really don’t like rude people”. “Well, you can tell me what happened, I know Chris too, his sisters are my good friends” Darlene said, “I know that he won’t suddenly be so rude without a reason”.

Tamera sighed, she then told everything happened to Darlene.

“Oh, I see...” Darlene said in manner of thoughtfulness.

“Well, Tamera right? Do you ever feel that Chris actually see you as MORE than as a friend?” Darlene asked. “He is my best friend” Tamera said. “No, no, I mean, something which even MORE than a best friend” Darlene said. “Something MORE than a best friend? What do you mean?” Tamera confused.

“You should know what I mean” Darlene said “It’s normal if he suddenly act like that”. “I still don’t understand” Tamera said. “It’s okay, but soon, I’m sure you will understand what I mean” Darlene said, smiling. “Oh, okay” Tamera said.

A moment later, Judy returned with the parcel.

“Here your parcel, be careful” Judy said giving Tamera the parcel. “Oh, okay, thanks Mrs. Bunch” Tamera said, “I think it’s time for go home, see ya’!”.

Tamera then left the Bunch house with the parcel, returning to her house.

On her way home, Tamera was still thinking about what Darlene told to her. “Something that MORE than a best friend? I wonder what it really means”.

Chapter 19: Sunset RidersEdit

Chris and his band

The band

Meanwhile at the Redfield house, Chris and his band begun their practice in the yard. Chris as their lead guitarist and vocalist, Charlie as the drummer, Sam as the bassist, and Ariana as the keyboard player.

However, in the middle of their practice, Claire Ursine and Pauline Wan suddenly appeared from their respective houses. They looked angry.

“Can you kids be quiet! Your music is too loud!” they yelled at them. “Oh, we-we’re sorry Ms. Ursine and Ms. Wan, we just, we’re just practicing” Chris said. “Then find another place!?” Claire yelled again. “O-Okay, we will, don’t worry” Chris said haltingly.

They then stopped before entering the house and discussed about where they should begun their practice.

“We need find a place for our practice” Chris said “A place where we won’t disturb our neighbors”.

“How about your house Sam?” Charlie asked. “I don’t know, my grandmother hate noises, she won’t let us to practice in my house” Sam said. “Maybe we can use my house?” Ariana suggested. “Are you sure?” Chris asked.

“Well, my house has a garage, we can practice there” Ariana said. “Oh, okay, but what about your aunt? Will she let us to use the use the garage?” Chris asked. “Don’t worry, I will ask her” Ariana said. “Oh, okay, maybe we can go there now?” Chris asked again.

“Sure” Ariana said “I will make a call to my aunt”.

Meanwhile at Lewis house.

Lance Lewis was also beginning his practice with his band, called Red Underground. His band only consisted three members: Lance as lead vocalist and guitaris, Topher Baker as bassist, and Lawrence Lum as drummer.

The band played Dark Sky City song. This was the first time Lance sang a rock song. However, he quickly adapted with the genre.

After finished their song, the band decided to rest for a while. Lance’s mother, Irene appeared giving them some drinks. “Whoa, I still can’t believe that you also able to sing a rock song, Lance” Topher said. “I can do anything since singing is my main skill” Lance said proudly.

Back to Chris and his band.

“Thank you for let us to practice here Mrs. Romanova” Chris said. “Not a problem” Matilda said “Beside, I’m so happy to see my niece Ariana finally has more friends”.

“Oh, I should go to the lab now, enjoy your time!” Matilda said.

“Uh, wanna some drinks first?” Ariana offered.

“Well, sure” Chris said. Chris, Charlie, and Sam waited in the living room while Ariana went to the kitchen. Sam was looking at her too much. “Guys, do you think Ariana is single, now?” he asked. Chris and Charlie then stared at him. “Don’t tell me that you like her” Chris said. “Well, I found that she’s actually attractive” Sam said.

“Well, I think you shoud aks her by herself” Charlie said.

Ariana then returned with three glasses of nectar. “Here your nectar, please enjoy it” she said.

“Aw, grape nectar, I love it!” Charlie exclaimed drinking his nectar.

“Sam, is there something wrong?” Ariana asked noticing that Sam was staring her too much. “Oh, no, nothing” Sam said haltingly.

“By the way, we haven’t give our band a name yet” Charlie said. “Oh, yes, you are right, we still need a name” Chris said.

The four then became quiet, thinking about what name they should given for their band.

“I know! Funky Sunset Valley’s Teens!” Sam said suggesting.

Everyone then looked at Sam with awkward stare. “Oh, I guess, that name is ridiculous for a rock band, right?” Sam said.

“I actually have an idea” Ariana said.

“Really, what is it?” Chris asked.

“Well, I have four names in my head” Ariana said “Daredevils, Sunset Riders, Moonlight Valley, and...”. “Wait, say it again!” Chris said. “Which one?” Ariana asked. “The second one” Chris said again. “Oh, Sunset Riders” Ariana said.

“Hm, Sunset Riders” Chris said “I like that name”.

“Yeah, you are right” Charlie said, “That name sounds cool, what do you think Sam?”.

“Well if you two agree, I also agree!” Sam said.

“Alright guys, our band name will be Sunset Riders!” Chris exclaimed. “Now, let’s we begin our practice!”.

“YEAH!” everyone said. They then begun their practice.

Chapter 20: Leona and JeanEdit

Almost one month later, three weeks before the competition.

Chris was seen in the central park, playing his guitar. He and his band decided to took a break from their practice for a while since Sam was out to visit a relative in another town.

Chris was thinking about Tamera. They rarely talked to each other for these weeks, she even rarely replied to Chris’s text. It appeared that Tamera is still upset with him.

“Maybe I should try to text her again” Chris thought. He then took his cellphone from his pocket and started to text her.

After fifteen minutes, there was still no reply.

“Alright, I think she’s busy” Chris said. He then stood up and decided to went home. On his way home, someone approached him, it was Enrico.

Enrie in plaza


“Hi buddy, what’s up?” Enrico said greeting him.

“Oh, hi Enrie” Chris greeting him back “You don’t have work right now?”

“Ha ha ha, funny, of course not, today is weekend, remember?” Enrico said laughing, but Chris only sighed.

“What’s wrong Chris? Do you have a problem?” Enrico asked.

“Oh, yeah, but don't worry it's just a teen problem” Chris said. “Oh I see, I guess it has something to do with a girl, right?” Enrico said. Chris nodded.

“Well, that’s normal for someone your age” Enrico said, “If you need advice, you can talk to me."

“Oh, okay, thanks” Chris said, “By the way I want to go home now, you want to visit?”

“Oh I need to buy some stuff first, you can go ahead” Enrico said.

“Oh, okay, see you later” Chris said.

Several minutes later, Chris arrived in his house. He opened the door and was about to get in when suddenly...

“Oh, my little Chris, I really miss you! Here, big sister really want to kiss you!” a young adult woman suddenly ran approaching him. Hugged and kissed him several times.

Chris was surprised, “What the heck? Leona!? I thought you were still in college!”

The woman was none other than Chris’s sister, Leona Anne Redfield.

“I can’t breathe! Get off of me! I'm not a kid anymore!” Chris said pushing Leona, surprising her.

Four siblings

"That was rude..."

“That was rude...” Leona said, “I just miss you”

Chris then sighed, “Well, okay I miss you too. But please, don’t do that again, I might get a heart attack next time” “Te-he, okay then” Leona said smiling. 

“(Yawn), why is it so noisy in here? Can’t you see I’m taking a nap right now?” Charlie said, awakened from his nap on the sofa. "Then why didn't you just take your nap in our room upstairs?" Chris said.

“By the way, why are you here? Shouldn't you be at the college right now?” Chris asked to Leona. “We are on semester break right now” someone answered, it was Jean “So we can go home for three weeks” “Beside, we will have a reunion tomorrow!” Leona said.

“High school reunion?” Charlie asked.

“Uh, nope, only our group. Bella, Kaylynn, Darlene, Astrid, Dina...” Leona said.

“Well then, have fun with your reunion” Chris said cutting Leona's sentence and heading to his room upstairs.

Both Leona and Jean could see that something was wrong with their brother. “Looks like our little brother is currently having a problem right now” Leona said “Hey Charlie, what happened to him?”

“Well, it’s a long story...” Charlie said, still felt sleepy, “By the way, what time is it now? Looks like dad forgot to fix the clock”

Jean then looked at her watches, “It’s 12:45 P.M."

“Well, I need to go now, I have a date, bye” Charlie said, leaving the house.

“Well I guess our little brothers are already grown up” Jean said, smiling. “Yeah, you are right” Leona said “It's so funny remembering that we also used to be like them when we were their age”

Chapter 21: Charlie and SandiEdit

Charlie Redfield was very enthusiastic today. He was whistling and humming along his way. He then took something from his pocket, a sunglasses. “I must look good in front of her” he said. After twenty minutes walking, Charlie finally arrived in his destination, the Single Moms household.

Charlie then combed his hair and sprayed a perfume into his body before ringing the bell. “I’m coming!” a girl’s voice could be heard from inside the house answering the bell. Later, Sandi French appeared opening the door from the inside. She wore a white tanktop and blue colored jean. She was stunned seeing Charlie.

Why do you dressing like that

Charlie in Sandi's house.

“Err, can you explain why are you dressing up like this?” Sandi asked. “Why? Of course to be looking good” Charlie answered. “Err, okay..” Sandi said raising her right eyebrows “Whatever, please come in”.

Charlie then walked in to the house, waiting in the living room while Sandi entered her room. “Just wait for a moment, I need to find clean my room first” she said.

“Sure” Charlie said, smiling.

Later, Sandi’s mother, Molly appeared from the kitchen. “Oh good day Charlie” she said greeting him “Hey, you’re looking good with that suit”. “Oh, hello Mrs. French” Charlie said “and thanks fro the compliment”.

A moment later, Sandi returned from her room. “Mom, Charlie and I will go to hang out right now, we might return in the afternoon” Sandi said “Do you want me to buy something?”.

“Well, I just remember that we are run out of sugar right now, maybe you can buy some of it in the grocery store?” Molly asked. “Sure” Sandi said. “Okay then, here’s the money” Molly said, “And Charlie, take care of her okay?”. “Yes ma’m” Charlie said. “Ugh, mom, please, I can take care of myself, I’m not a kid anymore” Sandi protested.

“Let’s go Charlie” Sandi said. “Sure thing, see you later Mrs. French!” Charlie said.

Charlie and Sandi were walking in the park. There was a festival today. Sandi was sitting on the bench, reading a novel as Charlie was seen in the food stand to bought some drinks. “Two French-fries and two Iced Chocolates please” Charlie said. “Sure, it’s all 30 Simmoleons” the food merchant said.

Charlie then returned to the bench with some meals. “Here you go” Charlie said giving Sandi the French-fry and the Iced Chocolate. “Oh thanks” Sandi said receiving the meals.

Charlie then sat next to Sandi. “Aw, man, Sandi’s so cute” he thought.

Sandi then turned her view on Charlie, realizing that he was staring her too much.

“Is there something wrong?” Sandi asked.

“Uh well, I think... you are very cute today” Charlie answered. “Oh, okay, thanks for your compliment” Sandi said, eating her French-fry.

“Uh, Sandi, can I ask you something?” Charlie said.

“Sure, what is it?” Sandi asked.

“Err, do you... do you have a boyfriend?” Charlie asked.

Sandi then looked at Charlie. “Why do you suddenly ask that?” Sandi asked back. “I-I just wondering” Charlie claimed. “Oh, okay...” Sandi said “Well, for now, I’m not interested to be in relationship with any guys because, from what I saw, most guys always did something stupid”.

“...” Charlie didn’t said anything.

“Especially you today” Sandi said. “Huh? Me? Why?” Charlie asked. Sandi then sighed and pointed her finger on Charlie, “Your appearance, it makes you look like a hipster, especially with those stupid sunglasses!”. "Really?" Charlie asked.

Sandi then face palmed. “Do you even realize that almost everyone in this place are looking at you?” she said.

Charlie then looked at his surrounding, he found that many people were staring at him. “Oh gosh, she’s right” he thought, some of them even chuckled. He took his sunglasses off and felt embarrassed.

“I-I’m sorry Sandi” Charlie said “I just want to look cool in front of you”.

“Then, why did you do that?” Sandi asked.

“It’s... It’s because...”

Just before Charlie finished his sentence, he saw, almost out of sight, a child was getting abused by a street punk.

“Oh gosh...” Charlie said.

“What’s wrong?” Sandi asked.

“I think that boy is in trouble!” Charlie exclaimed.


VJ Alvi!

Spencer Funke was scared. The street punk, VJ Alvi pulled him into an alley between the Theater and the Grocery Store. He then forcibly took the young boy’s wallet.

“Please, don’t!” Spencer cried, “I need the money to buy a medicine for my sister!”. “Yeah yeah” VJ said “And I need your money to buy some cigarettes and drinks”.

“Please don’t take my money plese!” Spencer said begging.

“Would you shut you mouth you little brat!” VJ said, kicking Spencer right on his face. The boy was very helpless until...

“You disgusting punk leave him alone!” someone shouted, it was Charlie.

Chapter 21: That's my Sandi!Edit

“Well well what is this? An odd-looking teen with weirdo hairstyle is trying to play a hero?” VJ said. “Give his money back you punk!” Charlie yelled again “I warn you!”. “Oh, I’m scared!” VJ said sarcastically.

Charlie then charged at VJ, but the punk could dodge him and hit him on his back. “Argh!” Charlie groaned as he fell to the ground. “What’s the matter boy?” VJ said pulling Charlie’s said “Aren't you gonna’ fight me or what?”.

“Te-he” Charlie chuckled, VJ then realized that Charlie was taking the wallet. “What the!” VJ said. “Here kid, I give this back!” Charlie said, tossing the wallet back to Spencer, “Now run! Save yourself!”. “But, how about you?” Spencer asked. “Don’t worry about me! Now run!” Charlie yelled.

Spencer couldn't do anything, he decided to run leaving Charlie with VJ in the alley. Just after the child left, Sandi appeared. “Oh my gosh, Charlie!” she yelled.

“Oh is that your girlfriend? She’s cute” VJ said.

VJ suddenly grabbed Sandi’s arm, pulling her. He made her his hostage. “Nooooooo! Let me go!” Sandi yelled. “Hey, this is between you and me!” Charlie yelled.

“Well then little girl, as a teen, you’re gorgeous enough” VJ said. “Get your hand off of me you pervert!” Sandi said.

“Let her go!” Charlie yelled again.

“If you give me your money, I will... AAAAAAAAARGGGH!” VJ screamed, he found that Sandi bite his arm and released herself. “You little!” VJ then slapped Sandi, made her fell to the ground.

Charlie snapped, his body was trembling. It was the first time Charlie felt so furious. “You! YOU HURT MY SANDI!” he yelled, charging at VJ once again. This time, he managed to push VJ and made him almost fell to the ground. “What the!?” VJ surprised.

Sandi also stunned by the scene. “Charlie, did you just...” She thought.

“I won’t forgive you for hurting my Sandi you b****rd!” Charlie yelled, swearing. He then attempted to land his fist to VJ, but the young adult was able to blocking his punch.

VJ then kicked Charlie on his stomach. “CHARLIE!” Sandi yelled as she saw Charlie fell again to the ground and holding his stomach. “You little brat! Eat this!” VJ begun to kicked Charlie several times. “Sandi... run” Charlie said in a small tone.

Sandi couldn't do anything, she was crying and too scared. “Please, stop it...” she begged.

“HA HA HA HA HA! Die you little brat!” VJ said, he was laughing very loud, “You see, this why you should never mess with me, VJ Al... ARRRRGH!”

AST3 Kaylynn

Kaylynn Langerak

Just before VJ finished his sentence, someone knocked him out from his back, hit him with a wood, and saving Charlie’s life. “Are you alright?” the savior said, it was Kaylynn Langerak.

“Y-yeah, thanks” Charlie said.

“Charlie!” Sandi the rushed into Charlie, hugging him. “Miss, thanks for saving us!” she said thanking Kaylynn.

“Oh, you’re welcome” Kaylynn said, “Well, I just came here to buy some stuffs in the store when I suddenly heard a noise from this alley” she explained.

“Charlie, can you stand up?” Sandi asked.

“O-oh, sure, don’t worry” Charlie said, standing up.

“Charlie come on, let’s we go home, I will treat your wound” Sandi said. “Get in to my car, I will escort you” Kaylynn said “But first I must call the police to make sure that VJ Alvi will be imprisoned for a very long time”.

“Oh man, VJ, you are really a trouble maker. No wonder your family left you four years ago” Kaylynn thought.

Back to the Single Moms house.

“Ouch! It hurts!” Charlie said as Sandi cleaned his wound. “Gosh, Charlie you really made me worried” Sandi said. “I’m sorry...” Charlie said, “I just think that boy was really in trouble. So I decided to help him”.

After several minutes, Sandi finished treating Charlie’s wound. Now, some parts of Charlie’s face was covered with bandage.

“Better?” Sandi asked.

“Y-yeah, thank you” Charlie said.

CharlieXsandi kiss

Charlie and Sandi kissed.

Sandi then smiled at Charlie. “You are so brave...” she said. She then held Charlie’s arm, “You risked your life to save that child and then, to protect me. Thank you”.

“...” Charlie didn't said anything, his face was blushed.

The two stared at each other, and then, they kissed. The love was sparkling between those two young sims. And now, they both shared their first kiss on each other.

05:00 P.M.

After hearing about what happened to Charlie, John and Lily decided to picked him up from the Single Moms household. In their way home, John was asking about what happened. “Son, can you explain about what really happened?” he said.

Charlie sighed, he then told John and Lily the whole story about what happened back in the alley.

“I see...” John said, “But you shouldn't act by yourself. You should call a cop or a nearby adult for help”. “You could call Enrico for help, he’s a cop...” Lily submitted, “Thank God Kaylynn was there”.

“Yeah, I’m sorry” Charlie said.

“It’s alright, just remember to call the cops if you found that kind of situation again, okay?” Lily said stroking Charlie’s hair.

Chapter 22: Reunion (part 1)Edit

In the next day, Jean and Leona were preparing themselves for attend their reunion. Meanwhile in Chris and Charlie's room, Chris and Charlie were also prepared to visit Ariana’s house for continue their practice.

“Are you sure okay Charl?” Chris asked.

“Y-Yeah, I’m good...” Charlie said “even though it still feels hurt a little.

Suddenly, Chris cellphone was ringing. It was from Walter West.

“Hello?” Chris answered the phone call.

“Good morning Chris” Walter said from the phone, “I want to inform you that the registration for those who want participate in the band competition is already opened. You can sign your band up in our website”.

“Really? Thank you for the information, Mr.West!” Chris exclaimed.

“Sure, see you later in Bridgeport!” Walter said ending his call.

“Alright Charlie, let’s we continue our practice” Chris said.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna’ ride?” Leona asked. “Nah, it’s okay” Chris said “We will take a cab”. “Okay then, good luck with your practice” Leona said.

Chris and Charlie then entered the cab and left.

A moment later, Jean went out from her room. “Leona, did you used my deodorant again?” Jean asked. “Te-he, sorry Jeanie” Leona said “Mine is out and I haven’t buy a new one”. “Yuck, no wonder it smells like it covered in your sweat. “That was mean...” Leona frowned.

“Whatever, Bella already in the Misc Master Karaoke now, she said that everyone is already there” Jean said.

The two then entered their car and heading to the Misc Master Karaoke.

After arriving in the place, they met Astrid. “Hi Astrid, where are the others?” Leona asked. “Maybe they are inside” Astrid said, “I just came too”. “Oh okay, let’s we go inside” Leona said.

AST3 support cast

The girls

Leona, Jean, and Astrid then entered the lot. They looked at their surrounding. There were so many people here.

“Now where are they...” Leona said looking for Bella and the others, "Do you guys find them?". "I can't, this place is too crowded" Astrid said.

“Hi girls, over here!” a voice heard, it was Darlene’s.

“Aw girls, I really missed you” Leona said.

The three women finally found where their friends were. There were Bella Bachelor, Darlene Bunch, Kaylynn Langerak, and Dina and Nina Caliente.

They were so happy for seeing each other again after four years.

“It looks like you never skip your training, isn’t it Leona?” Dina commented as she noticed the changes on Leona’s body shape.

“So, do you you enjoy your time as a medical student, Jean?” Kaylynn asked to Jean.

“Of course” Jean said “Being a doctor is my long lifetime wish. This is the only opportunity I have”.

“And how about you Astrid? Do you like being in Sim University?” Kaylynn asked.

“Well, yeah, kinda...” Astrid said with a straight face.

“By the way Kaylynn, Jean and I need to thank you that you saved our brother Charlie yesterday, we don’t know what would happen to him if you weren’t there” Leona said.

“Not a problem” Kaylynn said.

“Anyway, we are really curious about your engagement. Is that true you already engaged with one of your professors?” Leona asked.

“Yeah, we’re also curious too” Dina and Nina said in unison.

“Oh well...” Kaylynn said.

“Wait, you are already engaged? Oh NO! Looks like I’m the only one who still single here!” Darlene exclaimed, made everyone laughed.

“Easy Darlene, I’m still single too” Jean said.

“Yeah... at least for this time” Darlene said sarcastically “There’s a clear difference between can’t have a boyfriend and don’t have a boyfriend”.

“Err, Darlene, I’m single too...” Astrid said, but Darlene was still grumbling and everyone laughed.

“...” Jean said nothing, she only smiled a little.

Meanwhile in Sunset Valley’s entrance, a car was seen entering the town. The driver, a young adult man, stopped the car and disembarked. He looked at the town’s view and smiled.

“Ah, Sunset Valley, you don’t know how much I missed you” he said, “you really changed for a little bit”.

The young man then put a photo from his pocket. It was a photo of Jean Redfield when she was teen.

“I wonder if you ever want to meet me again, Jean” he said.

The man was none other than Alex Curtiz. He was here, in Sunset Valley.

Chapter 23: Reunion (Part 2)Edit

Alex Curtiz parked his car in front of the Redfield house. “Man, I’m so nervous” Alex thought, “I have lost contact with Jean for these four years, I hope she isn’t mad at me”.

A moment later, Lily was out from the house to checked his mail box. He then noticed Alex’s car parked on the other side. “Who’s that?” Lily wondered.

“Oh, it’s Mrs. Redfield, she doesn’t even change for a bit” Alex thought.

Alex then encouraged himself to disembarked from his car. He then walked approaching the Redfield house. “Eh, good morning Mrs. Redfield” Alex said greeting him, “You might not remember me, but I...”.

“Alex Curtiz? Is that you?” Lily asked.

“Y-yeah, Mrs. Redfield, it’s me” Alex said.

“Oh my gosh, Alex, it’s been a while!” Lily said shaking Alex’s arm “John, darling we have a guest!”.

A moment later, John appeared from inside the house. “John, this is Alex Curtiz, do you remember him?” Lily asked. John then looked at Alex, and he was surprised. “Oh my, nice to see you again Alex!” John said. “Y-yeah, nice to see you again Mr. Redfield” Alex said, smiling.

“Please, come in, my wife just make a delicious meal” John said inviting Alex in.

“Oh, okay, sure” Alex said, entering the house.

Alex had a nice chat with John and Lily. He revealed that several things happened after he moved to Roaring Heights. His parents, Dieter and Ana Curtiz were both department heads in their respective divisions. John and Lily also learned that Alex would enrolled Sim University for the next semester.

“We glad to hear that you and your family are fine” John said.

“Thanks” Alex said.

“By the way, Leona and Jean are also enrolled in the Sim University” Lily said. “Really? Whoa, that’s surprising” Alex said. “Yeah, Leona takes P.E major and Jean takes Science and Medicine” John claimed. “I see...” Alex said in manner of thoughtfulness.

“That means I will be in same university with Jean, glad to hear that” he thought.

“And yeah, Bella and Astrid also enrolled there” John submitted.

“Bella and who?” Alex asked, it was the first time he heard about Astrid.

“Oh, well, three months after your family left, there’s a family called Toadstool family moved here. Their eldest daughter, Astrid, is friend with our daughters and she also enrolled in Sim University” John said, explaining.

“Oh I see...” Alex said, “By the way Mr. Redfield, is Jean already home? I guess that she’s also in her semester break”.

“Oh, yes, but she’s out right now” John said “she and Leona have a reunion with Bella and the others”. “Oh, where’s the reunion held?” Alex asked again. “I’m not sure, but Leona said that it’s in Misc Master Karaoke” John said “You still know where’s the place, right?”.

“Oh, yeah, I still remember” Alex said, “Maybe I will go there now. Thanks for the meal”.

“Sure, take care!” John said.

After leaving the Redfield house, Alex drove his car to the Misc Master Karaoke. Along his way, Alex could felt that his heart was beating. “Man, I’m so nervous...” he thought “What if she’s mad at me and don’t want to meet me?”.

After 15 minutes drive, Alex finally arrived in the lot. “Alright Alex, be brave!” he thought encouraging himself. As Alex about to enter, suddenly...

A group of young adult women appeared from inside. They were stopping their step after they noticed Alex was in front of them. The women were Bella, Darlene, Kaylynn, Dina, Nina, Astrid, Leona, and of course, Jean.

“Uh, hi everyone...” Alex said in awkward tone “Long time no see”.

Jean passed out

Jean fainted

They became silent for a moment. Alex then looked at Jean who had her jaw dropped. Alex smiled. “Hi, Jean, long time no see” he greeted her. Everyone then looked at Jean, she looked stunned with Alex’s presence.

“Jean, it’s me, Alex” he said again.

“Who’s Alex?” Astrid whispered to Leona.

Jean didn't said anything, she was trembling and panting. And then... She fainted.

"Oh gosh! JEAAAAAAAAAN!" everyone screamed, they became panic after seeing Jean was losing her consciousness.

Chapter 24: More ProblemEdit

We now visited the Romanova household where Chris and his band continued their practice. There was one empty room that could be used by them for practice.

They had performed three different rock songs. At the same time, Matilda just returned home. She looked at her niece, Ariana and smiled. “I glad you finally have more friends, Ariana” she thought, “And it seems like you also found your passion in music”.

After several minutes, the song was over, the band decided to rest for a while.

“Woo, that was great! I’m sure we can beat everyone in that competition!” Sam exclaimed. “Yeah! We will be a true ROCK STAR if we won!” Charlie submitted.

“I don’t think it will not be easy since we also must face Lance Lewis too” Ariana claimed.

“What do you mean?” Charlie asked.

“Ariana’s right” Chris said, “Among our competitors, there will be Lance Lewis and his band. I knew this since Ariana told me few days ago”.

“He also tried to recruit me to his band” Ariana said “But I rejected his offer since I think he looks annoying”.

“Wait? Lewis will be participating too? This isn’t a pop competition right?” Sam asked. “Except if he also can perform a rock song too” Charlie said.

“Oh man, this competition will be harder than I thought!” Sam said.

At the middle of their conversation, Chris suddenly received a phone call. Chris took his cellphone and found it was from Tamera. “Guys, I need to receive this phone call” Chris said “I will be back soon”. “Sure” Charlie said.

Chris then went outside the room and answered the phone.

“Hello?” Chris said.

“Uh, hi Chris, do you have a time?” Tamera asked “I want to ask you something”.

“Oh, sure, what is it?” Chris said.

“Well, I don’t know where should I start, I’m so confused.” Tamera said again. Judging from how Tamera talked, Chris noticed that something already happened.

“It’s alright, just go ahead” Chris said “Tell me what happened”.

“Well, last night Lance came to my house...” Tamera said, “And... And he confessed me!”.

“Oh I see, he came to you house and... WHAT THE HECK!?” Chris said loudly, “HE DID WHAT!?”.

Charlie, Ariana, and Sam then get out from the practice room after getting surprised by Chris’ loud voice. “What happened?” Sam whispered. “It sounds serious” Charlie said.

Chris talk on phone

"I'm coming to your house!"

“Listen, I'm coming to your house right now” Chris said, “Just stay there!”.

“Uh, Chris, I just asking for your opinion, but why do you make it sounds like an emergency?” Tamera commented.

“Because, it’s an 'EMERGENCY' for me!” Chris said, “Just wait there, I’m coming to your house!”.

“Chris, hey, you don’t need to—“.

Unfortunately, Chris was hanging up his phone before Tamera could finished her sentences. “What happened?” Charlie asked. “That annoying pop idol is just one more step ahead from stealing my girl! I need to end this as soon as possible!” Chris claimed “You, continue your practice without me!”.

“Hey Chris, wait!” Charlie and the others tried to stop Chris, but it was too late. Chris stopped a cab and left to the Gerardo house.

Back to the Misc Master Karaoke.

Jean was just passing out after she saw Alex Curtiz suddenly appeared before her. Her friends laid her on a bench. After several minutes, Jean finally regained her consciousness. Leona gave her a glass of water.

Jean then looked at Alex. She apparently still stunned by his sudden appearance. Alex didn’t said anything, he only stood up there, didn’t know what to say. Jean then sighed, “Girls, if you don’t mind, I need some privacy now” she said, “I want to talk with him”.

“Uh, okay” Bella said “W-we will wait in the parking area, take your time”.

Bella and the others the decided to wait in the parking area. “Leona, come on!” Bella said to Leona who was still in there. “B-but” Leona said.

“Leona, please, you can go ahead” Jean said.

“Oh, okay” Leona said before leaving to the parking area.

After the other girls left, Jean and Alex finally had some private moment. Jean then stood up and approaching Alex. They were quiet, only staring at each other.

Alex then sighed, “Jean, listen, I...”


Just before Alex could finished his sentence, Jean slapped him very hard on his face.

Chapter 25: After Four YearsEdit

Jean slapped Alex very hard, he could noticed that Jean was very angry at him. But, he understand why Jean did this. He could saw Jean was very disappointed. He knew that Jean was waiting for him to, at least, made a call for these four years.

AST 3 Jean and Alex scene

"I really want to apologize"

Jean crossed her arm, “Is that hurt?” she said suddenly.

“Y-yeah” Alex said.

Jean then sit on the bench and sighed, “But that’s noting compared to how hurt my feeling” she said, “Do you ever know how much I worried about you? Where have you been for these four years!? If you really love me, you should at least made a call!”.

“That’s why I’m here now” Alex said, “I really want to apologize for never call you. I know that you might disappointed”.

“...” Jean said nothing.

Jean's old picture

Jean's old photo

Alex then took Jean’s old photo from his wallet. “See? I’m still holding your old picture” Alex said showing the photo, “I always bring this photo wherever I go because I also can’t forget about you”.

“Then why did you never call me?” Jean asked, “Even though you were busy, you probably had a little time to made a call!”.

“If I wasn’t enrolled in For Stracht Military School, I probably would” Alex said.

“For Stracht Military School?” Jean asked raising her left eyebrow, “Did you just said you enrolled in For Stracht Military School?”.

Alex nodded, “You do know how strict that school, don’t you? We only allowed to made one call per each day to our family since we must really focused on our study”.

“Then why didn’t you made a call after you graduated?” Jean asked again.

“Well, just one day after I graduated from the military school, a buglar robbed our house, stealing some of our stuffs, including my cellphone” Alex claimed “Every important numbers, addresses, and e-mails were stored in my stolen cellphone”.

“You... You were getting robbed?” Jean asked.

“Yeah, and the worst part, my father was injured when he caught the buglar. But thank God that it only a minor injury” Alex said.

Jean Alex reunion

Alex calmed Jean down.

Jean then stood up, she now felt regret for slapping Alex at the first time. She realized that she shouldn't do that. “Oh gosh, I... I’m sorry” she said, “I’m really sorry, I don’t know if that your family had that kind of incident”.

“No Jean, I’m the one who should say that” Alex said.

“But I accused you without knowing your reason to never call me” Jean said, she begun to crying again, “And I even slapped you”.

“Jean, it’s okay” Alex said, he then gave her a hug, “it’s okay, I’m not mad at you. I do understand why you did that”.

The two then stared at each other, Alex wiped Jean’s tears. A smile could be seen at Jean’s face. “I... I’m so happy that you come back to me Al” she said.

“Me too, I’m so happy that I can finally meet my love again” Alex said.

Jean’s face was blushing. Her anger was gone. She now beamed in happiness. Four years getting separated, the two lovers finally reunited. The lovers then closed their eyes, and they kissed. Meanwhile, Leona and the others secretly watched the whole events, they couldn’t hold their tears.

“We’re glad you’re back Alex” Leona said approaching them, followed by the other girls.

“Oh, b-by the way, this is Astrid” Jean said introducing Astrid, “She was moved here three months after you and your family moved”. . “Nice to meet you Astrid” Alex said shaking Astrid’s hand.

“Y-yeah nice to meet you too” Astrid said in awkward tone, “Oh gosh, he’s handsome. Jean is really lucky” she thought,

Enrico cs

Enrico, Malcolm, and Mortimer

“Alex? Alex Curtiz, is that you?” a voice suddenly heard. Alex turned his head, it was Enrico Delgado who calling. Not only Enrico, Mortimer Goth and Malcolm Landgraab were also there.

“Hey, that’s Alex! That’s really Alex!” Malcolm exclaimed.

“Long time no see, bud!” Mortimer said, shaking Alex’s hand, “Glade we can meet you again”.

“Yeah, thank you everyone” Alex said, smiling.

Meanwhile at other place.

Chris just arrived in the Gerardo household. “Keep the change please!” he said to the taxi driver before rushing in the house. He then knocked the door very loud. “Tamera! Tamera!” he called for Tamera’s name several times.

A moment later, Tamera appeared from inside the door, she looked annoyed. “My gosh Chris, there is a bell there, you don’t need to knock my door very loud!” she protested, “Beside, why did you suddenly acting like this?”.

“Because you said that Lewis confessed his attraction on you!” Chris exclaimed.

“Y-yeah, but I haven’t give him my answer” Tamera said, “I think I’m not ready for a relationship”.

“Then don’t! Please, I beg you!” Chris said holding Tamera’s arm. It made Tamera more confused with Chris’ behavior.

Lance again

Lance arrived in Tamera's house.

“Chris, why do you suddenly acting like this?” Tamera asked.

“I... it’s because I—“

Because Chris could finished his sentences, someone else arrived in the Gerardo house. Chris then turned his head.

“LEWIS!” he yelled after found that it was Lance Lewis who came.

Chapter 26: I'm not for bet!Edit

“Well well, look who’s here” Lance said, “How’re you doin’ Chris? How’s your band? I can’t wait to face you in that band competition”.

“Oh, by the way Tamera, I come here for your answer, have you make a decision?” Lance said in flirty tone. He then pushed Chris away from Tamera. He gazed into Tamera’s eyes. However, it made Tamera felt uncomfortable.

“I... I don’t know Lance” Tamera said, “I’m glad that there is someone who like me but...”.

Lance then held Tamera’s arm. “Tamera, I promise that I will be the best for you” he said, “I will be always in your side whenever you need me, I also will give everything you want”.

“Lance, but I—“ Tamera said. Her face blushed, Chris noticed this and became more upset. Finally, Chris couldn’t control his rage, he punched Lance until the latter fell to the ground. Both Lance and Tamera surprised.


Your Tamera? Hmp, how can she be yours since you are too coward to confess your feeling on her?” Lance said with a smirk, mocking him.

“...” Tamera said nothing, she was stunned. She was too shocked seeing Chris suddenly enraged.

“I'm sorry Chris, but I will win our bet! Ha ha ha!” Lance proclaimed, laughing very hard, “You lose, you will never get her as your girlfriend!”.

“SHUT UP!” Chris yelled.

“Wait a minute, did you just said, a bet?” Tamera said suddenly.

“Oh snap, she’s heard it!” Lance thought.

Tamera then walked approaching them. “What do you mean with our bet?” she asked.

Chris and Lance then stared at each other. They realized that Tamera became upset. “Uh, well, we... we” Chris said haltingly.

Lance then sighed. “I challenged Chris for a bet. Whoever got you as girlfriend, he won.”

“What!? So you mean I already become your betting material!?” Tamera yelled.

“N-no, it wasn’t like that!” Chris said.

“How could you!” Tamera said.

“I... I’m sorry Tamera, I did it because I... I don’t want to lose you” Chris said, “I did this because I love you”.

Tamera is upset

Tamera is upset!

“I don’t want to hear your excuse anymore! I'M NOT A BETTING MATERIAL!” she yelled, “I HATE YOU BOTH!”. Tamera slammed the door right in front of Chris and Lance’s face. The two young men were speechless. This was also the first Chris saw Tamera becoming this angry.

“LEAVE MY HOUSE NOW!” Tamera yelled from inside the house, “AND DON’T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!”.

Both Chris and Lance then left the Gerardo house. Chris was still in shock. Lance then approached him, unlike Chris, he was still confidence.

“Well, at least there are still more girls in the school” he said, "What a peasant, she's now become nothing after rejecting me like that". Chris then snapped, he then attempted to punch Lance again, but someone held his hand, stopping him.

Chris then turned his head, he found that it was Charlie who stopping him. “Bro, don’t” Charlie said. Not only Charlie, Sam and Ariana were also there.

Lance and co 2

Lance and his band

Later, Lance’s band members also appeared. The two bands finally face-to-face.

“Well, maybe we should focus more to our competition” Lance said, “But I doubt you won’t be able to concentrate after this, ha ha ha”.

“Lewis you are really son-of-a-#!@%$” Ariana said.

“Whoa whoa, watch your mouth lady” Lance said “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t talk like that”.

“Boss, I think we should go now, you said we will have our practice today” Lawrence said watching at his watches.

“Well, you are right” Lance said. “Bye losers, see you tomorrow in school, ha ha ha!” he said before leaving with his band.

“Oh man, he’s so rude...” Sam commented, "Now I'm hopping that an alien appear and abduct him".

“Chris, let’s we go home, I don’t know what happened in Tamera’s house, you can tell us later” Charlie said, “But you need to recover yourself now”.

“Thanks, Charlie” Chris said.

They then stopped a cab and heading back home to the Redfield house. Along the way, Chris didn’t said anything. He was thinking about Tamera. He knew that it would be hard for him to apologize to her. “Oh gosh, what should I do?” Chris thought.

Another day passed.

In the school, Tamera was sitting alone in the hallway. She still sad with what happened last night. She felt disappointed, especially with Chris. “Chris you are stupid!” she thought, tears shed for her eyes “How could you do that to me? I thought you were a nice guy”.

Sad Tamera
“Tamera?” someone called her, it was Sandi French who just arrived in the school, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”.

“Oh, hello Sandi” Tamera said wiping her tears.

Sandi then sat next to her on the bench. “What’s wrong girl? Is there any problem?” she asked again.

Tamera sighed, she then told Sandi about what happened last night. Sandi learned that Tamera was very disappointed on Chris. It was the first time Tamera felt angry to someone else. Sandi gave Tamera a lot of tissues to wipe her tears.

“Well, I understand your feeling. I probably will be as mad as you if I found myself become betting material” Sandi claimed.

“But, I also understand why Chris did that” Sandi said, “He only doesn’t want to lose you”.

“But he didn’t need to accept Lance’s challenge for betting!” Tamera exclaimed.

“Yeah, you are right...” Sandi said.

“I need to go to my class now, thanks for your time listening my story” Tamera said, “I really appreciate”.

“Oh okay, take care” Sandi said.

Just after Tamera departed, Charlie appeared. “Hi babe” Charlie said greeting Sandi, “You’re looking good today”.

Charlie and Sandi in school

"If you wanna' be romantic, just wait until the school ended, okay?"

“Charlie, we’re in school right now, if you wanna' be romantic, just wait until the school ended” Sandi said, “Or at least until the lunch time”.

“Oh, okay sure, sorry, I just excited” Charlie said. Sandi only smiled.

“By the way, where’s Chris?” Sandi asked, realizing that Chris wan’t there since he and Charlie usually came together.

“Oh well, he already in his class I believe” Charlie said, “Beside, he’s really in bad condition right now”.

“It’s because Tamera, isn’t it?” Sandi said, “I just met and talked with Tamera just before you arrived here. She told me everything about what happened”.

“I see...” Charlie said, “Well, I actually want to help him but, this is between him and Tamera, so we don’t have right to interfere except giving them advice”.

“By the way Charl, about what you said to me back then...” Sandi said.

“What?” Charlie asked.

“Well you said that you have a secret you want to share with me” Sandi said, “What secret actually?”.

“Oh y-yeah about that, I’m going to tell you after the school” Charlie said, “But, when I tell it, I hope you won’t be pass out or something”.

“Err... Okay” Sandi said.

“Oh, my first class will be started, see ya later babe” Charlie said leaving to his class

Chapter 27: Mr. Edward's StoryEdit

After the first period ended, Chris was seen scolded by his geography teacher. The teacher accused him for his lack of attention during the class. Plus, he found out that Chris forgot to did his homework. “If you do this again Mr. Redfield, I will surely call your parents, do you understand?” the teacher said.

“Y-yes sir, I’m sorry” Chris said.

“Good, you can leave now” the teacher said allowing Chris to left.

After leaving the teacher’s room, Chris met Charlie, Sam, and Ariana who were waiting for him. They felt sorry for Chris. “What a bad day for me” Chris said.

Charlie, Sam, and Ariana then approached Chris, trying to cheered him up. “Come on dude, don’t be like this” Charlie said, “Should us remind that we will have an important ban competition at the end of this month?”.

“Yeah, we should focus on the competition” Ariana said, “This is what you have dreamed for your entire life, isn’t it?”.

“After the competition, we promise we will help you deal with Tamera” Sam said.

Chris then looked at his friends. He then smiled. “Thank you guys, I really appreciate it” he said.

2.00 P.M.

The school was ended. As usual, some students who had after school activities were staying. Chris was on his way heading to the music club. He was still thinking about Tamera. But, he also knew that he had to focus on the next band competition.

Arriving in the club’s room, Chris met Mr. Edward, but he didn’t saw everyone else. “Mr. Edward, where are the others?” Chris asked.

“Oh, is nobody tell you that today’s activity canceled?” Mr. Edward said.

“Canceled? What happened?” Chris asked again.

“Yeah, I have to go to Twinbrook today, it’s so sudden” Mr. Edward said.

“Oh, I see...” Chris said nodding, “I think I will go home now”.

“Wait, you look so pale” Mr. Edward said, “Are you sick?”.

“Really?” Chris said, “Oh, no, I’m alright. I’m just having bad days”.

“Oh what happen?” Mr. Edward said, “It’s okay, tell me, I still have enough time before I go”.

Chris then took a seat next to his teacher. He told everything abou what happened between him and Tamera. Mr. Edward nodded, he apparently understand what Chris’ problem was, “Well, your problem is very complicated” he said.

Edward and Chris

Mr. Edward tells Chris his story

“Yeah, I don’t know how to apologize to her. She’s really mad at me” Chris said.

“Well, you know, when I was in college, I also had an almost same problem with you” Mr. Edward said, “It was in 30 years ago if I recall, I remember that I had a relationship with a girl, but, something happened and the girl was really mad at me”.

“What happened?” Chris asked.

“Well, yeah, it’s very complicated” Mr. Edward said, “But, the point is she really mad at me. She told me that she would never wanted to met me again” he claimed. “Just like you, I felt hopeless back then, I was thinking that she would never forgive me”

“And, what happened next?” Chris asked again.

“I then remember that this girl liked a romantic song” Mr. Edward said, “So I took my guitar, went to her dorm, and serenade her with her favorite song, and it’s working!”

“Oh, yeah, that was awesome...” Chris commented, “But, what happened with that girl now?”.

“Well, in 1998, she became known as Mrs. Edward” Mr. Edward said.

“Wait, so you mean that the girl is your own wife!?” Chris asked, "That was the story about you and your wife?".

“Yes, she is” Mr. Edward, “But, to be honest, before we’re married, there were so many struggles in our relationship. We even broke up several times”.

“However, since it appeared that we destined to be together, we finally could settle our problems and eventually married” he said ending his story.

“...” Chris said nothing.

“So, Mr. Redfield, is Ms. Gerardo like music?” Mr. Edward asked.

“Well, kinda...” Chris said, “I knew she’s a fan of several romance songs”.

“Maybe you should try to serenade her with her her most favorite song” Mr. Edward suggested.

“Well, I think I will try it” Chris said.

“Great!” Mr. Edward said, “Oh, I must go now, good luck Mr. Redfield”.

Later in the Redfield house, Chris decided to went to Tamera’s house to settle their problems. He decided to took Mr. Edward’s advice.

“Are you sure you wanna’ do this?” Charlie asked.

“Yes” Chris said taking his guitar, “It’s better than do nothing and crying in the corner like a crybaby”.

“Well, if you said so, good luck then” Charlie said.

Redfield siblings book3

Leona, Jean, and Chris

Chris then left his room and walking down the stairs, heading outside. “Where will you go Chris?” Leona asked, “And why do you bring your guitar?”.

“Oh well, I have a... uh... date... and this is for serenade her” Chris claimed, “See you later!”. Chris then went out from the house and stopped a cab, heading to Tamera’s house.

“A date huh? Well, time has been really changed” Jean said, smiling. “What do you think Leona?” she asked for Leona’s opinion, but...

“Leona, are you crying?” Jean asked. Leona was crying for an unknown reason. “What happened?” Jean asked again.

“No-Nothing” Leona said wiping her tears, “I *Sob*, I’m just so happy that *Sob* our little Chris has already grown up *Sob*”.

Jean the sighed, “You don’t need to cry girl”.

Chapter 28: Suggestion from LeonaEdit

Chris arrived in the Gerardo house. The house was so quiet. Chris then disembarked from the cab and asking the driver to wait. “A minute sir, I need to make sure if someone inside” he said before walking to the house, ringing the bell.

A moment later, Tamera’s brother, Andrew appeared from the house.

“Oh, hello Chris, is there anything I can help? Andrew asked.

“Hi Andrew, is Tamera home?” Chris asked.

“Oh, unfortunately, Tamera isn’t home right now” Andrew said, “I remember she said she will going to hang out with Casey somewhere”.

“Casey? Casey Ursine?” Chris asked.

“Perhaps” Andrew said, “I don’t really know all of her friends beside of you”.

“I see... Very well, thanks, I think I will go home now” Chris said.

“Oh, Chris, you come in the right time” another person appeared from the house, it was Lynn. “I just made these cookies, wanna’ try?”.

“Oh, okay, sure, thanks Mrs. Gerardo” Chris said taking a piece of cookie, “It’s delicious”.

“Thanks, your mom was the one who taught me, I should be the one who said thank you” Lynn claimed.

“Oh, okay, I will tell her” Chris said “I need to go now, bye!”.

However, just before Chris left, Tamera appeared. “Chris? What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Uh-oh, hi Tamera” Chris said in awkward tone.

“I asked you what are you doing here?” Tamera said again, “And why do you bring your guitar too?”.

“Uh, this...” Chris said haltingly, he then sighed, “Tamera, I would like to tell you something in private. Would you like to come with me”.

Tamera sighed, “Sorry, maybe next time, I’m so tired right now” she said.

“B-but” Chris said.

“Chris, please, I’m so tired now, plus, I have an assignment from my history teacher” Tamera said.

“Oh, okay...” Chris said.

Disappointed, Chris was returning home. He walked to his room upstairs and laid his body on his bed. “Maybe she really doesn’t want to talk to me again” he thought. Chris then looked at the date in his calendar, he also remembered he and his band would had a competition in next several weeks.

“What have I done” Chris thought. “We will have an important competition in several next weeks but I still whining about my problem with Tamera”.

“Charlie?” someone was calling from outside of his room. Chris noticed it was Leona’s voice. “Can you open the door? I need to store these clothes in the dresser”. Leona thought Charlie was the one inside the room since she didn’t know that Chris already home.

Chris then opened the door, he saw Leona brought some of his and Charlie’s newly freshen clothes. Leona was surprised seeing Chris there. “Oh, I thought it was Charlie who the one inside” Leona said, “You return so early, Chris”.

“Yeah...” Chris snorted.

“So, uh, how’s your date?” Leona asked while putting the clothes into the dresser.

“I don’t want to talk about that” Chris said laid his body again on his bed.

“Sounds like you actually have problem with that girl, right?” Leona guessed, “What’s her name again? Tamara?”.

“It’s Tamera” Chris said.

“Oh okay, do you actually have a problem with Tamera?” Leona asked.

“You don’t need to know” Chris said.

“Well, I’m your sister, it’s normal for me asking my little brother whether he has a problem or not” Leona said.

“You’re right... I’m sorry” Chris apologized, “I just have a bad day”.

Leona then approached him, “You can tell me what happened, maybe I can help you” she said.

AST 3 Chris and Leona

Chris tell Leona his story.

Chris told Leona everything what happened between him, Tamera, and also Lance Lewis. Leona was a little surprised after she known that Chris and Lance put a bet on Tamera. But, it made her understood why Tamera was so angry at Chris.

“Well, I’m a girl too, I might get angry if someone put a bet on me” Leona said.

“...” Chris said nothing.

“But, I think your attempt to apologize by serenading her is great!” Leona said complimenting her brother, "And it would be romantic too!".

“Yeah, thank you” Chris said.

“Well, maybe you should try again later” Leona said.

“But I’m afraid she won’t forgive me” Chris said.

“Don’t worry, she will” Leona said, “considering that you two are already close for these whole time”.

“But how?” Chris asked.

“Well, maybe you also should give her a gift. I don’t know, something she likes” Leona suggested, “Every girls love when they got a gift from someone special”.

“If she also think I’m special” Chris said again, “but very well, I will try to give her something”.

“Good!” Leona said, smiling at her brother.

Chapter 29: Seven Days Before CompetitionEdit

Days passed, both Chris’ Sunset Riders and Lance’s Red Underground were making improvement in their practice. 10 days before the competition, Chris, Charlie, Sam, and Ariana were just finishing their practice for today. “Aw man, we still have 10 days but I already nervous” Sam claimed. “We’re all nervous Sammy” Charlie said, “Especially after we know that the judges will be famous celebrities in this country”. “Is your family will be able to come?” Ariana asked.

“Mom and Dad will probably come, but I don’t know about Leona and Jean, it appears that they must return to the University three days before the competition held” Chris said, “I will ask them later if they can attend or not. Considering the competition will be held on Sunday”.

“By the way Chris, have you talk with Tamera again?” Sam asked. Chris didn’t answered, he became quiet. “Oh, I guess, it’s not” Sam assumed. “We need to focus on our competition” Chris said, “Ariana, you said that you have designed the clothes for us, can I see it?”.

“Oh, okay, sure” Ariana said, she promptly took a sketches of the clothes design. “Man! This is very Rock N Roll!” Sam said “Nice job honey!”. “Thanks I... What did you just call me?” Ariana said staring at Sam. “Oh, I mean, nice job, he he he” Sam said.

“Guys, I think Charlie and I should home now” Chris said. “Me too, I promised my grandma to help her clean the house” Sam said. “Okay, see you tomorrow guys” Ariana said.

At their way home...

“Charl, mind if you accompany me to visit someone first?” Chris suddenly asked. Charlie then stopped, “Who?” Charlie asked. Chris didn’t answered, it made Charlie realized who Chris wanted to visit. Charlie then sighed, “Okay then, I will accompany you” he said. “Thanks brother” Chris said.

Chris and Charlie then headed to none other than the Gerardo House. Suddenly, Tamera out from the house. She was stopped seeing Chris and Charlie there. Chris and Tamera stared at each other. “H-hello Tamera” Chris said in small, awkward tone. “Oh, hi” Tamera greeted him back “Is there anything I can do for you Chris?”. “Well, I... We...” Chris said haltingly, “Oh, where will you go?”.

“I will go to the grocery store to buy some foods” Tamera said. “Oh I see...” Chris said. The two then became quiet. There was an awkward silence. “I need to go now, see you later” Tamera said. “Wait, Tamera!” Chris said stopping her. “What?” Tamera said.

“Well, you know if our band will have a competition next week in Bridgeport righ?” Chris said, “I... I’m here to ask you if you can come to watch or not”. Tamera then sighed, “Well, we will see. I don’t know if I will have another plan or not in next ten days” she said, “Is there anything else you want to say?”. “Well... I... I just want to apologize for what happened back then” Chris said.


"Don't be bothered about me".

Tamera then sighed, “Just forget it Chris, I don’t want to talk about that anymore”. “Do you mean that you forgive me?” Chris asked. “Maybe” Tamera said, “I think you should focus on your competition instead, don’t be bothered about me”.

Chris then frowned, “Well, I need to ho now, bye” Tamera said leaving Chris and Charlie.

“Let’s we go home Chris” Charlie said. Chris only nodded.

Chapter 30: FarewellEdit

Friday, two days before the competition.

Today was the last day Leona and Jean in Sunset Valley. They would return to the University tonight. Meanwhile, Bella and Astrid who also went to the same University with them decided to stay for a little longer since they still wanted to be with their respective families and relaxed until Sunday.

In the Redfield house, Jean and Leona were packing their belongings, "Well, I think it's already all" Leona said. Suddenly, Lily entered their room with a plate of cookies. "Here, I just baked these cookies, you girls hungry right?" she asked. "Thanks mom" Leona and Jean said in unison, "Your cookies always the best".

"Oh gosh, I *sob* really wished you could stay for any longer" Lily said, she started sobbing. "Oh mom, come on, we won't leave forever" Jean said "Beside, we always return home during summer or new year, right?".

"Yeah" Lily said, "But I always feel so lonely without you girls". She then hugged her daughters, "You two already grown up" she said. Leona and Jean only smiled, "Dad, Chris, and Charlie are still here mom" Leona said.

"Speaking about Chris and Charlie, I really wished we could watch their competition in Bridgeport" Jean said. "Don't worry, dad said that he will bring his video camera and record the whole competition" Leona said. "I thought that video camera was broken" Jean said. "Well... he... he just bought a new one months ago" Lily said wiping her tears.

In Ariana's house, the Sunset Riders just had their last practice. "Okay guys, today's practice is over" Chris said. "Aw man, I can not believe tomorrow we will go to Bridgeport!" Sam exclaimed "I hope I can meet my favorite celebrity who lived there!".

"By the way guys, I think Charlie and I should go home now. Our sisters will return to University tonight" Chris said. "Your sisters will not come?" Ariana asked. "Unfortunately, yeah, they are so busy in their college" Chris said, "Especially Jean". "Oh, okay, see you again tomorrow then" Ariana said.

YA Redfield twins

Leona and Jean prepared to return to the University

07.00 P.M.

After the dinner, the Redfields gathered in the front yard. Enrico also there too. "Take care of yourselves" Lily said hugging Leona and Jean. "Sure mom" Jean said, "You guys too". "See you later Enrie" Leona said holding her boyfriend, Enrico. "Oh, Take care" Enrico said in awkward tone. "Don't worry son I will pretend that I don't see anything" John said teasing Enrico, "Ha ha, so funny dad" Leona said, everyone then laughed.

"Okay, this time for us to leave, see you later guys, I love you!" Leona said. "We will miss you" Jean submitted.

As Leona and Jean about to entered the cab, Leona suddenly remembered something. "A moment" she said to the driver before approaching Chris and Charlie. "Chris, Charlie, there is something I forgot to tell you" she said. "What is it?" Charlie asked.

Leona then smiled, she then held the boys' shoulders, "Do your best in your competition" she said. Chris and Charlie smiled, "Of course sis, we will do our best!". "Good, and for you Chris" Leona then whispered, "Don't give up about her". Chris didn't said anything, he only smiled.

Shortly afterward, Leona and Jean eventually leave, returning to Sims University.

Chapter 31: Welcome to Bridgeport!Edit

Saturday, 12.30 P.M, Bridgeport.

A bus was seen entering the City entrance. It was coming from Sunset Valley. The bus stopped in the bus station. Four teenagers disembarked from it, they were the Sunset Riders (Chris, Charlie, Sam, and Ariana). They already arrived in Bridgeport.

"Oh man, I can not believe it! This is BRIDGEPORT!" Sam said in excitement. "This city looks bigger than I always heard" Charlie said. Everyone looked amazed with the city. "In the past, Bridgeport was once a shipping town that was full of sailors and smugglers, where the only beach in Bridgeport is named the Smuggler's Cove, situated on a small coastline facing the bridge and the bay. Some time later, Bridgeport has turned into a nightlife city when the film industry came to the city, changing the small town into a bustling downtown with high-rise buildings" Ariana said.

"Whoa, you really know much about Bridgeport" Sam said. "It was written in this website" Ariana said as she browsing the website. "Oh okay" Sam said.

Chris and Charlie looked at their surrounding, they looked search for something. "That's strange, she said that she will pick up us here" Chris said. "Who?" Sam asked curiously. Just before Chris could answer Sam's question, someone called him.

Blond Annie 1


"Chris!" a beautiful young woman ran approaching the teenagers. She wore white cropped top and black jeans, her long hair dyed in blond. It was Annie Delgado, the famous actress, as well as Enrico Delgado's sister. Sam was stunned seeing a famous actress stood in front of them.

"Am I late?" Annie asked "Sorry, I just had a meeting with my producer and...". "It's okay Annie, we are just arrived too" Chris said, "By the way, I would love to introduce you to Ariana and Sam, our band members".

"Nice to meet you Ariana and Sam" Annie said shaking Ariana and Sam's hand. "N-nice to meet you too Miss Delgado" Ariana said in awkward tone. As for Sam, he still didn't said anything, he only nodded.

Anne rode Chris and the others to her apartment which located not to far from the station. "So, is Mr. Edward still teaching art in the school?" Annie asked. "Yeah, he's very kind, almost everyone in my class and music club like him" Chris said. "I see..." Annie said, "By the way, how're Leona and Jean doing?". "They already returned to University last night" Charlie was now the one who answered, "They said they won't be able to come here since they are so busy".

"Oh, that's so unfortunate" Annie said. "Do you have a plan to enroll in University too, Ms. Delgado?" Ariana asked. "I'm not sure" Annie answered "I already decided that I want to focus on my career first". "I see..." Ariana said again.

After twenty minutes drive, they arrived in Annie's apartment. "Welcome to my apartment" she said. The room was so big and the interior was so beautiful. "Whoa, it's so big" Sam said in awe, "I still can not believe we stay at a celebrity's house". "Hahaha, It's not my house, I just rent it" Annie said laughing, "Okay, now I will show you your rooms".

Meanwhile in Sunset Valley

In Gerardo house, Tamera was seen in her room, browsing her Simstagram. "I'm bored..." she thought. She put her cellphone on the table and laid her body on her bed. She was daydreaming for couple of minutes until she awoke and took her backpack.

Tamera then opened her backpack and took something from inside it, a ticket. The ticket was given by Chris in the morning. It was the entrance ticket to watch the band competition in Bridgeport. Tamera then sighed.

"Alright" she said, "Maybe I should come".

Chapter 32: Competition Starts!Edit

In the next day, almost every music enthusiast gathered in Bridgeport Movie Cineplex. Not only ordinary citizens, some celebrities were also spotted. Many young folks with musical instruments arrived, they were the participants of the band competition who came from various towns and cities.

SR without chris

The Sunset Riders waiting for Chris

The Sunset Riders were already there entering the building. All of them wore black colored tops, Charlie and Sam wore ripped jeans, and Ariana wore Gothic accessories and make up. "Great llamas, this place is bigger than I thought!" Ariana said in awe. "Guys, I think I wanna throw up" Sam said, feeling nervous. "Do you guys know where Chris is?" Charlie said looking for Chris. "I believe that he go to the Rest room now" Sam claimed.

Meanwhile in the Rest Room, Chris was seen washing his face. Suddenly, someone greeted him, it was Lance. "Well well, look who's here" Lance said "The Mr. SimTuber is already in Bridgeport. I thought you were in home crying like a baby after what happened with your girl".

"Your provocation won't affect me again Lewis" Chris said, "You will see that I still can focus and win this competition". "Hmph, we will see" Lance said leaving the Rest Room. Just after Lance left, Chris' cellphone was ringing. He got a new message.

Chris read the message, it was from Leona.



"Thank you sis" Chris said, smiling. Suddenly he got another message. He read it and surprised after found that it was from Tamera.


"Tamera is here" Chris said. He paused at moment, and then he smiled and texted her back.

"SURE :D" he said.

Tamera and Sandi

Sandi asked Tamera about her feeling on Chris

At the tribune, Tamera who was already in the Cineplex received the message. She only read it and smiled. "Aw, so romantic" someone teased her, it was Sandi. The two were coming together. Sandi also got the ticket from Charlie.

"So it means that you already forgive him, right?" Sandi said. "Well, maybe" Tamera said. Sandi then sighed. "Tell me something Tamera" Sandi said "What is your true feeling for Chris?". "I only see him as my best friend but..." Tamera said "since I knew that he actually has feeling on me I really don't know what to say".

Sandi then smiled, "Chris is a good guy. He's actually liked by everyone in our school" Sand said. Tamera nodded in agreement. "Remember during the Love Day when he got many chocolates and love letters from his fan girls?" Sandi said again. "Yes" Tamera said. "He actually rejected all of them because in his heart, there is only you, Tamera" Sandi claimed, "I know because he always talking about you, claiming that he will do everything to make you happy".

"He really loves you since he first met you four years ago" Sandi said, "That's why he really afraid when he knew that Lance Lewis also attracted to you".

Tamera than became quiet. "Honestly..." Tamera said, "I actually have a feeling on him too". Sandi then smiled, "As I expected" she said, "You two already close since in elementary school after all". Tamera only smiled, her face blushed.

Several minutes later, the MC appeared, get on to the stage, declaring that the competition started.

"Oh, it's starting!" Sandi exclaimed. "Am I late?" a voice heard from Tamera and Sandi's back. It was John Redfield. Not only Tamera and Sandi, John also came for watch the competition. So, the three came to Bridgeport together. "Oh man, this is the most important day for my sons but my wife can't attend since she has to go to work" John said.

"Bu at least you can record the whole competitions and show it to Mrs. Redfield, right?" Tamera said. "Yeah" John said taking a video camera, "Thank God I already fix it".

"Are you guys ready?" Chris asked. "YES!" Sam, Charlie, and Ariana answered in unison. "Alright then, let's do our best!" Chris exclaimed.

Chapter 33: Rock N RollEdit

The competition started at last, all of the bands did their best performance to impressed the judges. Some of the audiences were dancing, while some of them yelled at their favorite bands. Now, it was Lance's band turn. "Alright guys, let's we show them what song really is" Lance said, he looked so spirited.

"That guy is really confidence" Ariana said. "Guys, I wanna go to bathroom!" Sam said holding his crotch, he really needed to went to the bathroom. "Then go! There are still three bands left before us" Chris said. "Okay, a moment" Sam said, he then promptly ran into the bathroom. Lance looked at Chris and his band with smirk on his face.

After several minutes, Lance and his band finally did their performance. Everyone cheered, especially Lance's fan girls. The audiences who familiar with the song was singing too. The judges were also impressed. "Oh, never know that Lance Lewis, the teen Pop Star, can sing a Rock song too" said one of the judge, everyone agreed.

"That boy's great" John said at the tribune "He has natural voice". "Yeah, he's a famous teen pop idol, so that's not very surprising if he has that kind of voice" Sandi said. "Wait, he is a teen pop idol?" John said. "Gosh Mr. Redfield, do you ever heard Lance Lewis' name before?" Sandi asked raising her left eyebrow. "Nope" John said "Because I like Geek Rock and Classical musics more than pop". Tamera and Sandi only nodded.

After two songs, Lance and his band finished their performance. The three judges gave them 9, 10, and 10 points respectively, made it 29 in total which currently the highest points in this competition. Everyone cheered at them. Lance and his band then returned to the backstage. Lance looked at Chris with smirk. Chris didn't said anything.

"Don't worry Chris, we will get a perfect point" Charlie said. "Yeah" Chris answered, "We will show them.

30 minutes later, after a band of Riverview finished their performance, it was finally the Sunset Riders' turn. The Sunset Riders served as the final contestant of the competition. Chris, Charlie, Sam, and Ariana get on to the stage, they looked so confidence. At the tribune, John promptly turned his video camera on. "Show them your skill son" John said.

Sunset Riders performance

Rock N Roll!

After a brief introduction, the Sunset Riders begun their performance. Chris served as both guitarist and lead singer performed Black Sabbath's Iron Man as their first song. Just like when Lance performed, everyone who familiar with the song were singing too.

After finishing the first song, the Sunset Riders sung their second song, Unholy Confession from Avenged Sevenfold. "You are great Chris" said Walter West, who served as one of the judge. He then begun to wrote a point for Chris and the Sunset Riders.

After four minutes, the Sunset Riders were finally finishing their performance. The audiences cheered and clapped their hands. The judges discussed their performance. "Man, I'm so nervous" Sam said. "Me too" Charlie said wiping his sweat.

After a brief discussion, the three judges finally gave them the points. 9.5, 9.5, and, from Walter, 10. It was 29 in total, tied with Lance and his band.

"Woolly llamas, we tied with Lewis!" Sam said in surprise.

Chapter 34: The Winner Is...Edit

The audience cheered on both Chris' Sunset Riders and Lance's Red Underground bands. The judges were gathering to discuss how to decided the winner "How do you think the judges will decide?" Sam asked nervously, wiping his sweat. At the other hand, Lance was seemed upset about the result. "How could I tie with that loser?" he thought.

After a brief discussion, Walter stood up and made an announcement. "Since the result is draw between Sunset Riders and the Red Underground, the winner will be voted by the audiences here".

"What!?" Sam surprised. "Well I think it's fair enough" Chris commented. "I agree" Ariana said "let the audiences decide which band is better". Lance then stared at the Sunset Riders, "Hmph, and we know that they will choose me and my band here" he said in arrogant tone "Because we are the best!".

"We will see that Lewis" Chris said.

Eventually, the audiences started to vote. The members of both bands were looked so nervous, even Lewis. "Ugh, I never feel so stressed like this" Chris said. "I want go to the bathroom again" Sam said. "Do you always want to go to bathroom whenever you are stressed?" Ariana asked, raising her left eyebrow.

At the tribune, Tamera was leaving her seat. "Where are you going Tamera?" Sandi asked. "It's already settled" Tamera said, "I will waiting and congratulate him outside". "Huh, what do you mean?" Sandi became confused. Tamera didn't answered, she only smiled before went outside. "Strange" Sandi thought.

After several minutes, the result of the vote was finally out.

Sunset Riders: 51% Red Underground: 49%

It was Sunset Riders who won the competition. Everyone cheered. Chris, Charlie, Sam, and Ariana beamed in happiness. "Horay! We Won! We won!" Sam yelled in excitement. All the four band members hugged each other.

"Well, it's settled" Walter West said, "The winner of the competition is SUNSET RIDERS from Sunset Valley!". Everyone in the tribune shouted Sunset Riders' name. "Oh, my sons won!" John said, wiping his tears.

The Sunset Riders stood in the podium, receiving the trophy and the prize.

However, someone was not happy with this result. "NOOOOO!" Lance said in anger "This is NOT fair! The winner supposed to be... ME!". Lance then walked approaching the podium. "Wait, boss, what will you do?" Lawrence and Topper asked. "Out of my way you useless peasants! I still have unfinished business with that SimTuber loser!".

"Did he just call us useless peasants?" Topper asked "After what we done for him!?". Lawrence didn't said anything, he only stared at Lance in annoyance.

Lance rushed into the podium. "CHRIIIIIIS!" he yelled in anger. Everyone looked at him. As Lance about to landed his fist on Chris, someone grabbed his arm from behind. It was Ariana. Both Chris and Lance surprised. "You know Lewis, there is something I always wanted to say since we first met" Ariana said.


Ariana lifted Lance and slammed his body to the ground very hard. It was an unexpected martial art move from Ariana. Everyone who witnessed it became speechless. "You PISSED ME OFF!" Ariana yelled at Lance who his body lied on the ground.

"W-What's...just...happening...?" Lance said before passing out. Some people then get on to the podium and took Lance's unconscious body to the backstage.

Everyone then cheered again, this time for Ariana. "Nice move girl!" some of them said on the tribune. "Oh... Well, okay, congratulation for you win, Chris and his friends" Walter said congratulating Chris, shaking his hand. "Thank you Mr. West" Chris said.

"If you guys don't mind, I want you guys to sing a song from The Frightful Four with me" Walter said. "R-really!?" Chris said in surprise, "Oh gosh Mr. West, that's an honor for us". Walter smiled, he then took a microphone. "Alright guys, HIT IT!" he said.

And then, the music started...

07.30 P.M.

Tamera was seen enjoying a drink she bought from a food truck nearby. "So tasty" she thought. Later, someone came approaching her, it was Chris, holding a trophy. "Tamera!" Chris said. Tamera looked at him, a smile was seen on her face.

"I knew that you will be the winner, Chris" she said, "congratulation". "Y-yeah, thank you" Chris said. The two then became quiet for a moment, staring at each other. "Tamera, about the other day..." Chris said. "Shh, it's okay" Tamera said. She then gazed at Chris with smile, "Confess to me" she whispered.

Chris x Tamera

I love you

"What?" Chris said. "Confess to me" Tamera clarified her words. Chris surprised, he couldn't believe what he heard. "A-are you sure?" Chris said. Tamera only nodded. Chris felt that his heart was trembling. He suddenly beamed in more happiness.

"I... I love you, Tamera" Chris said, confessed his feeling on Tamera. "I love you too" Tamera said with a heartwarming smile. The two gazed at each other for a moment, and then, they kissed.

"Well well, looks like someone finally HIT it" a voice suddenly heard from behind. It was Charlie, holding John's video camera and recorded everything. Sam, Sandi, and Ariana were there too. cheering on them.

"Hey Charlie what are you doing? Give that camera!" Chris blushed, he chased Charlie who playfully teasing him with the camera. "Ha ha ha! come and get it bro!" Charlie said teasing him more, made everyone laughed.

Chapter 35: Ten Years LaterEdit

Sunset Valley, year 2034.

Today was the first day of spring. A lot of people gathered in the stadium to greet the Sunset Valley's athletic team which just participated the Sim-Games which held in Sim City. The Sunset Valley's team was winning the gold medal. As the athletes' bus arrived, everyone cheered. The cheering became louder after the athletes disembarked from the bus.

30 years old Leona

Leona Delgado

Among them, there was one person who contributed most for the team's victory, Leona Delgado, the captain of the team. "Thank You, thank you for your support every one" Leona said thanking her fans.

After the press conference, Leona and others attended the autograph session. Leona's fans were really happy when they got her autograph. "This is the best day of my life!" a fan shouted in happiness.

Leona, now 30 years old, had become the superstar athlete on SimNation. She made her debut at age 21, shortly after graduated from Sim University. Since then, Leona recognized as one of the most talented athlete in the nation, winning so many competitions, and even chosen to participated in the olympic.

At age 26, Leona eventually married to her fiance, police Liteunant Enrico Delgado. One year later, shortly after her 27th birthday, their first child was born, a baby boy named Nathaniel.

AST3 New Goth

The Goth Family

After the autograph session was over, every athletes returned to their respective homes. Except Leona who was still there waiting for her husband, Enrico. Leona was seen enjoying music in her MP3 when someone greeted them.

A couple and their daughter were approaching them. They were the most respected family on Sunset Valley, Mortimer and Bella Goth with their 4 years old daughter.

"Congratulation for your win Leona" Bella said congratulating her. "Thanks Bella" Leona said, "Oh hi Cassie, you are so cute today" Leona said to Bella and Mortimer's daughter, Cassandra Goth, or better known as Cassie.

Cassie looked so shy especially to someone outside the Goth and Bachelor family. "Aw, she's so shy" Leona said, Bella and Mortimer only laughed.

"Hi baby" a male voice heard calling for Leona, it was her husband, Enrico, with their now two years old son, Nathaniel. "Sorry we're late" Enrico said. "Oh, You don't know how I miss you two" Leona said embracing her husband and son, "Oh Nathaniel, mommy's home".

Enrico and son

Enrico and Nathaniel

"I... miss... mommy " Nathaniel said. Leona only smiled before hugged her son. "By the way do you wanna go home or visit your parents first?" Enrico asked.

"Well, I think I want to visit my parents first" Leona said. "Oh, okay, let's go then" Enrico said. "Okay, see you later, Bella, Mortie, and Cassie".

"Yeah, take care!" Bella and Mortimer said, waving their hands.

Meanwhile in somewhere else...

Doctor Jean

Jean and her patient

"Thank you for your help Dr. Curtiz *cough*" an elderly patient said. "It's okay ma'am, it's my job after all" Dr. Jennifer "Jean" Curtiz said "Now you can go home now, don't forget to have your medicine. If something happened, don't hesitate to call me, okay?".

Jean, now 30 years old, had become a doctor, a neurosurgeon. After graduating from The Sim University at age 21 with Cum Laude, Jean promptly took the education to became a neurosurgeon. After six years, Jean passed the training and eventually became a neurosurgeon herself.

Jean and family

Jean with her family.

At age 29, Jean married her fiance, Alex Curtiz, now a flight officer in SimNation's air force. From their marriage, a healthy baby boy was born. They named him Daniel Curtiz. Daniel was currently 3 months old.

Shortly after entered her car, Jean received a call from Alex. "Honey, we’re already in your parents' home right now, we are waiting”.

“Oh, I almost forgot that we will have a diner together” Jean said, “Well, I also need to give dad a new medicine after all”.

Grown up charlie


A motorcycle parked in front of the Redfield house, a man disembarked from the motorcycle, greeted by the Delgados. The man was Charlie Redfield, now 24 years old--physically. “Oh gosh Charlie, how are you?” Leona said hugging her adopted brother, “You don’t know how much we miss you, how’s your journey? Do you having fun out there?”.

“Well, yeah, you can say that” Charlie said, “I can not wait to show my newest painting to you guys”. “That’s great!” Leona said.

After graduating from University, Charlie Redfield decided to became a painter. His art was incredible. He even received many awards for his works. Recently, Charlie decided to travel around the nation in order to seek new inspiration. Charlie’s girlfriend, Sandi French also joined.

“Why don’t you bring Sandi with you?” Leona asked. “She said she wants to take a rest” Charlie said, “Well, I can understand since she looks so exhausted after all”.

“Hello everyone” someone said, it was Jean who just arrived with a taxi. “Oh hello Jean, how are you?” Leona said greeting her twin sister. “Oh Leona, congratulation for your win in the SimOlympic” Jean said congratulating Leona, “We are so proud of you”. “Thanks” Leona said, smiling.

Old John and Lily

John and Lily

“Oh, everyone is already here” someone said coming from inside the house, it was a middle-aged man in his mid 50s. He walked using a crane, followed by his wife. The man was none other than John Redfield and his wife, Lily. “We are all already waiting for you” John said. “Come in, I also already made some cookies” Lily said.

“Yay cookies!” Leona and Jean exclaimed before rushed into the house. “They are really like children when they heard about cookies, aren’t they?” Enrico said commenting about his wife and sister-in-law. “Yeah, some things never change” Charlie said, smiling.

“By the way, have you heard anything from Chris?” Enrico asked. “Nah, I haven’t” Charlie said, “Chris is a rock star now, I guess, he’s still on his tour”. “I see...” Enrico said, “By the way, I always curious, why did you stopped playing music? you are as talented as Chris after all”.

Grown up Sam

Sam Sekemoto

“Well, my real passion is in painting” Charlie said, “I always dream to become a painter instead of music player or band member. After graduating from high school, we, the Sunset Riders decided to follow our respective dreams”

"Well, Sam Sekemoto is now working as an architectural designer. He had did many good jobs in his career. Last time I heard about him that he's recently moved to Hidden Spring" Charlie explained to Enrico about Sam Sekemoto's whereabout.

"I see..." Enrico said.

Singer Ariana

Ariana in her concert

“Well, I guess only Chris and Ariana who still have passion in music. However, in Ariana’s case, unlike Chris who joined a band, she chooses to going solo” Charlie explained. Enrico only nodded, "I heard that her debut was magnificent" Enrico said. "Yeah" Charlie nodded.

"Few days ago, Ariana sent Sandi an e-mail, she said now that her first album will be released next week" Charlie said again, "Ariana Rykov is now living in Starlight Shores. Sandi is planning to make a visit soon".

"I think we should get in" Enrico said. "Oh, you are right, let's go" Charlie said.

As Charlie and Enrico about to entered the house, a voice heard from their back.

“Looks like the dinner is not started yet, is it?” the voice said. Charlie and Enrico turned their head and found it was none other than Chris, together with his girlfriend, Tamera Gerardo. “Hello brother and brother-in-law” Chris said greeting them.

“Oh gosh, Chris!” Charlie said hugging him, “We thought you wouldn’t came!”.

“Ha ha ha, yeah, the tour is ended today actually, so I decided to go home and join you guys. And oh, I also want to bring my beautiful girlfriend here, I hope you guys don’t mind” Chris said, making Tamera blushed. “Ah, she’s still shy, isn’t she?” Chris said teasing his girlfriend, making everyone laughed.

Grown Up Chris and Tamera

Chris and Tamera

Christoper "Chris" Redfield, now 24 years old, he had become a famous Rock Star. He made his debut at age 19 during his college years when he and some of his college friends decided to forming a band. They had released at least three albums and 24 singles and they were so popular. Recently, Chris and his band were having their first tour.

Tamera Gerardo, 24 years old, had become a famous novelist. Her first novel was written and released when she was 17, during her last high school years. Since then, Tamera decided to become an author. So many of her novels had been written and released, mostly drama. Tamera now recognized as the best author of Sunset Valley, even crowned as the most beautiful author, even thoug she didn’t really liked it. She sometimes wrotte articles for some newspapers and magazines. Her most recent popular and best-seller novel was titled “Sirenia: A Mermaid’s Tale”.

Chris, Tamera, Charlie, and Enrico entered the Redfield house. Everyone surprised seeing Chris there. “Oh, son, you don’t know how much we miss you” Lily said hugging Chris. “I’m sorry if I make you worried, mom, dad, sisters” Chris said. “By the way, what’s for dinner, I’m already starving?” Chris said. “Well, we have Hot Dogs, your favorite” Lily said.

“Okay everyone, let’s gather in the dining room” John said. Everyone then went to the dining room, there were delicious foods already served on the table. They looked enjoying their foods. “Ah, I really miss your cook mom” Leona said, “Me too” Jean said, “You are really the best chef in the world!” Charlie said. The compliments really made Lily happy. Both John and Lily felt nostalgic seeing their children gathered. They reminisced the old days when their children were still young, Lily even couldn’t hold her tears. “What’s... wrong... grandma?” Leona and Enrico’s son, Nathaniel asked.

“Oh, nothing Nathaniel” Lily said, “Grandma’s just so happy”.

08.00 P.M, the dinner was ended, Leona, Enrico, and Nathaniel decided to return to their home while Alex, Jean, and Daniel decided to stay for a while since Jean still need to check on John’s health condition.

“Chris” Tamera said approaching Chris who strumming his guitar in his sofa, “I think I should go home now” Tamera said. “Oh okay, I will accompany you” Chris said, “But mind if we go to somewhere else first?”.

“Well, okay” Tamera said.

Looking at stars

Watching the stars

Chris and Tamera then went to the Ol’ Pier Beach, Tamera was confused why Chris brought her here. “Chris, why do you bring me here” Tamera said. “Well, I always love to watch stars in this beach” Chris said.

Tamera then looked at the sky, there were so many beautiful-looking stars. “Yeah, me too” Tamera said. Chris then looked at Tamera, “You know, I always think that there is something brihther than the stars” he said. “Really what is it?” Tamera asked.

Chris then smiled and holding Tamera’s hand, “It’s you” he said. Tamera’s face blushed again, but, she also smiled.

“Okay, I think this is the time” Chris said. "What time?" Tamera asked in confusion.

Will you marry me

Will you marry me?

Chris suddenly kneel before Tamera. He put his hand in to his pocket and grabbed something. Tamera could see that it was a small box. After a moment, Chris opened the box, revealing a beautiful, shining wedding ring. Tamera gasped, "Oh gosh!" she said.

"Tamera Gerardo..." Chris said, "Will you marry me?".

"Chris, I... I... Oh gosh!" Tamera said haltingly. "Please, Tamera" Chris said again.

Tamera was trembling for a moment, she was beamed in a happiness. She started to shed tears, "Oh Chris..." she said, "It's so beautiful". Chris only smiled.

"Yes..." Tamera said, "I will".

Chris then put the ring on Tamera's finger. Tamera was so happy. She then hugged Chris tightly. "Thank You Chris, thank you" she said. Under the moonlight and stars, the two lovers then gazing at each other, and then, they shared a kiss.

From now on, a new story begins.

-The End-

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