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A Sim's Tale: Book 2
A Sim's Tale book 2 cover ve.1.jpg
Name: A Sim's Tale: Book 2
Genre: Drama, Romance
Created by: Rizkirafu
Number of chapters: 41 + Epilogue

Original run: September 13th 2015-March 29th 2016
Status: Completed

Preceded by: A Sim's Tale
Succeeded by: If Astrid met Leona
A Sim's Tale: Book 3

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

When I almost finishing the first story, I also already made a script for this second entry of my A Sim's Tale series. For this second story, it will feature some new characters to support the story. Older characters will also appear. The story set Seven years after the end of the first one.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

Major Characters[edit | edit source]

Supporting Characters[edit | edit source]

Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Other Characters[edit | edit source]

Guest Character

Chapter 1: Leona Redfield[edit | edit source]

Leona and her "boyfriend"

The Old Pier Beach was so beautiful today. Leona Redfield was sitting alone when a handsome guy approached her. "Oh, you came..." Leona said. She smiled at the handsome guy. The handsome guy stroked her cheek, made her blush. The two then closed their eyes and were about to kiss when suddenly...

"Leona... Leonaaaaa!" A voice heard from nowhere, calling for Leona. Leona ignored it and continue to do her "business" with the handsome guy.

"LEONAAAAAA!". The voice was heard again, became louder and louder. Leona became scared. "Who's there!?" she asked.

Leona just awake from her sleep

"LEONA ANNE REDFIELD! WHAT TIME DO YOU THINK IT IS!?". Leona awakened from her sleep, the voice was came from her mother, Lily, who tried to wake her up. Leona confused, she then realized that it was just a dream.

"Quick, take a shower and eat your breakfast!" Lily ordered. Leona then looked at the clock, it was 08.25 A.M. "OH MY GOSH, I'M LATE!" Leona panicked, she jumped out from her bed and took her towel and rushed to the bathroom. Lily shook her head.

15 minutes later, Leona quickly returned to her room and changed her outfit. Lily entered her room and brought her a bread. Leona took it, eating it quickly. She then ran to her bike. "Bye Mom!"

Leona pedaling her bike very fast. She even almost hit a chipmunk, but she luckily could dodge it. "STUPID ANIMAL!" she yelled.

09.10 A.M

Leona is late

Leona finally arrived in the school. After parked her bike, she rushed to her classroom, knowing she was already late. A hall monitor caught her running in the corridor, but Leona ignored him and continue her way to her class. She eventually arrived in her classroom. The first class was already begun, the teacher looked at Leona angrily.

"Redfield! This is the third time you are late! Get out now!" the teacher ordered. Leona stunned. Her classmates laughed... Except Bella and Darlene, they only shook their head.

"O-Okay ma'am" Leona said in embarrassment and went out from the classroom. "Oh man, what a bad day for me..." she thought.

Chapter 2: At the School[edit | edit source]

Leona, Darlene, Bella, and Kaylynn during the lunchtime

During lunch time, most students were gathered in the school cafeteria as usual. Leona, Bella, and Darlene were greeted by Kaylynn who was waiting for them. The four girls were always together. They lived just like other ordinary teenagers: shopping in the mall, hanging out in cafe, etc.

"So Bella, tell us about your date with Mortimer yesterday," Darlene teased Bella "I heard you kiss him!". Bella blushed, everyone laughed. Bella Bachelor and Mortimer Goth had became a couple and just went on a date. "Well... Yeah, it was really fun" Bella answered "Morty is really sweet, you'd never know that he's clumsy". The girls laughed.

"And how about you Leona?" Darlene asked. "Huh, about what?" Leona said in confusion. "When will you get a boyfriend Leona? I mean, we never seen you on a date with a guy. Do you even have a crush?", Darlene clarified her question. "Well I have no idea." Leona answered. "I heard few days ago there were three guys asking you for a date, but you rejected them. Is that true?" Bella asked.

"Yes it's true" Leona answered "They aren't really my type". "What kind of guy do you like anyway?" Kaylynn asked. "That's kind of my secret" Leona answered. "Oh, come on. Tell us pleaseeeeee!" they persuaded Leona to tell them, but Leona only smiled.

Alex Curtiz

Leona, Darlene, and Bella departed to their next class. "Hey Leona..." Someone called. It was Alex Curtiz "Come here, I want to ask you something!". Leona told Bella and Darlene to go ahead while she approached Alex.

"What is it Al?" Leona asked. "Well, I know this is awkward but... do you know how Jean's doing in France right now?" Alex said. Leona chuckled hearing Alex's question. It had been three weeks since Jean Redfield was chosen to participate in the exchange student program in France for a month. She was chosen after beating other potential students in the selection.

"Oh, I see! You miss my sister." she said in a manner of thoughtfulness "Well I can understand that". Alex blushed "I was wondering since it's already been three days and she hasn't replied to any of my messages". "I see..." Leona said "...well, last night, she chatted with me in the Sim-Messenger, she said she's okay right now".

"Oh, thank goodness. I was worried about her!" Alex said.Leona stared at Alex and smiled "Well, do you really like her Alex?". "Huh what! I... I just..." Alex surprised. "Hahaha, don't worry Alex, it's okay if you have feelings toward her" Leona winked "Beside, it's already three weeks. Since the exchange student program is only for one month, she will return next week."

Alex nodded, and he was so glad to hear that.

Chapter 3: Mysterious Doll[edit | edit source]

Chris and his friends

Crystal Springs was one of many places that often was used for camping by the scouts. Among the scouts there was Chris Redfield. Chris and his friends, Sam Sekemoto and Sandi French just unloaded their tent. The scouts were prepared to return home after three days camping.

"Ah, its finally over!" Sam Said "Hey Chris, I just got a new game console in my home, do you want to play?". Chris didn't listen, his eyes gazed into another direction. "Hey Chris! Did you listen to me?" Sam patted Chris's shoulder.

"Huh! What? What?" Chris surprised "Sorry I didn't hear you". "Man, what are you looking at?" Sam wondered. "He's looking at the girl who sitting over there!" Sandi said. Sam then turned his attention to the girl who Sandi mentioned. A girl with medium-length hair and purple eyes.

"Oh, you mean her! I know her!" Sam exclaimed "She is my neighbor, a half-Asian just like me. Her name's Tamera Gerardo. Do you like her Chris?". "What? No... I... I just..." Chris was blushing. "Oh come on, it's okay! You can tell everything to me, I'm your best friend." Sam told Chris.

"Well, I.. I think she's cute" Chris said staring at the girl. "Well, why don't you be friends with her?" Sam suggested. "Well... I don't know" Chris said as he continue to put his belonging in his backpack. "Let me help you then!" Sam pulled and dragged Chris approaching the girl. "Wait Sam, please! No! Noooooo!" Chris yelled.

Sandi looked at the two curiously. "Why boys are always so stupid?" she thought.

Chris be acquainted with Tamera

"Hey, Tamera!" Sam greeted her.

"Oh hi Sam!" Tamera greet him "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"No, but my friend here said he want to talk with you" Sam claimed. "Okay Chris, this is up to you know, good luck!" Sam whispered before left Chris with the girl. Chris just stood there awkwardly. Tamera gazed at him.

"Hmm... are you Chris Redfield?" she asked. "Huh, H-How do you know my name?" Chris surprised. "Ha ha, of course I know you! You are famous in my class!" Tamera exclaimed. "Oh, really? I think it's because my antics, ha ha ha!" Chris said in awkward tone and then laughed.

"Ha ha ha" Tamera chuckled. "Uh... What's wrong?" Chris asked nervously. "You are cuter than I thought," Tamera said. "Oh, yeah, everybody said that. Ha ha ha ha ha!" Chris said. The two then laughed together and finally be acquainted.

"Everyone to the bus!" the teacher ordered the children to enter the bus.

"Finally the bus came! Come on Chris!" Sam said. "Go on without me, I need to tie my shoes," Chris replied. "Alright! See you in bus Chris!" Sam left Chris and enter the bus. When Chris finished tying his shoes, a voice was heard from the bushes.

"whose doll is it?"

"Hello?" Chris said "is anyone there?". There was no answer. Chris approached the bushes and he found something: a strange doll. Chris picked up the doll and thought it was very unusual. "Whose doll is this? It's... strange" he wondered.

"Redfield! How long are you gonna stand there?" the teacher called him. "Oh, sorry sir!" Chris said. He put the doll in his backpack and ran to the bus.

Then the bus left...

Chapter 4: Dina Caliente[edit | edit source]

School already ended, but some of the students were still there for after-school activities.

The Sport Club was the most popular among the after school activities. The club divided into six different kind of sports: soccer, football, basketball, athletics, baseball, tennis, and volleyball.

"Good afternoon captain!" everyone in the women's basketball team greet their captain who just arrived, Leona.

"Good afternoon everyone!" Leona greet them "Are you guys ready for training now?"

"YEEEEES!" everyone answered.

The training session started. The Sunset Valley community school's women basketball team had been the recurring champion of the national tournament. Leona also achieved the MVP title twice and crowned as the captain after the previous one graduated. Since then, Leona became one of the most popular girl in the community high school.

Leona and Dina arguing

In the middle of training, Leona noticed one of her teammates was slacking off.

"Hey Dina! The training has already started and you are slacking off right now?" Leona approached the blonde, tan-skinned girl who just sitting in the field. Her name was Dina Caliente, the one who matched Leona's skill in sport. Everyone often saw them as rivals.

"Yeah I'm slacking off right now, you got a problem with that?" Dina answered. "Do you remember that we will have another tournament in three months!? Now stand up and continue your training!" Leona ordered her. Dina then stood up, she then gazed at Leona. "You have been our captain for not too long and you already dare to order me!?" Dina yelled,

Leona crossed her arm. Everyone felt uncomfortable seeing the gap between Leona and Dina. They knew that Dina always jealous with Leona, and Leona disliked Dina's attitude. They even once had a fight when they were still freshmen team and both suspended for two matches.

"I didn't ask you to obey me, but I only want to remind you that we will have an important game in three months!" Leona said. "Ugh, whatever, beside, I'm already skilled enough and there's no need for me to participate in this stupid training!" Dina said loftily, she then took her bag.

"Wait, where are you going? Practice isn't over yet!" Leona asked. "I already said I don't need this stupid training? I'm already skilled enough." Dina replied before left. "Wait Dina! Come back!" Leona yelled, but Dina didn't listen. In the tribune, Bella, Darlene, and Kaylynn also watched. "That Caliente girl... I never really liked her," Darlene commented". "I agree, she's so arrogant!" Kaylynn said in agreement.

Nina's waiting

Outside the sports hall, Dina was greeted by her twin sister, Nina Caliente who had been waiting for her.

"What you took so long?" Nina complained. "Sorry, I had problem with that stupid captain," Dina answered. "I see..." Nina said "Whatever, let's go to The Grind now!". "Alright then, let's go!" Dina exclaimed.

The two sisters entered the car and headed to "The Grind", the dance club in Sunset Valley. Dina was the one who drove the car.

Leona in her room

The training session was over, everyone returned home. Arriving in her home, Leona was so tired.

"Welcome home sis!" Chris greet her. "Hey Chris, how was your camping?" Leona asked nicely. "It was so fun!" Chris answered. "Oh, mom and dad are out right now, but they left some dinner for you". "Oh really? Unfortunately, I'm not hungry yet, I need to rest before I have dinner" Leona said.

"Okay, I'll put the meal in the refrigerator for you," Chris said again. "Oh thanks, that's why I willl always love my little brother!" Leona rubbed Chris's head, making him smile. Leona then enter her room and laid her body in her bed. "Oh man, I'm so tired..." she thought. She then took her smartphone and browsed the photo album that contained photos of Jean and herself. She stopped at her selfie picture with Jean. "I really miss you Jean," she said.

Chapter 5: Delgado Family[edit | edit source]

It was a new day in Sunset Valley; the weekend was finally here. "So, are you sure you wanna keep the doll, Chris?" Leona asked "Well, it looks like this doll doesn't have an owner. I'll keep it" Chris answered. "Besides, I've heard this type is really rare". "Well, have fun with it!" Leona said before she left Chris' room.

Leona then walked down the stair and met her father, John. "Hey Leona, I'm about to go out right now. Wanna come?" John asked. "Well, I don't have any plans for today, so why not?" Leona answered. "I'll just change real quick and I'll be right down". "Okay, I'll wait in the car," John said.

John and Leona in car.jpg

About fifteen minutes later, Leona finally came out from her room and joined John in the car.

"You took a while," John laughed. "So, where are we going?" Leona asked, ignoring her father's comment. "We're visiting our old friends," John replied. "Old friends? Who?" Leona said, raising her right eyebrow in confusion. "Remember the Delgado family, our neighbors when we were in Twinbrook?" John answered. "They just moved here, to Sunset Valley!".

"Delgado? Oh I remember now, they only lived in Twinbrook for a year before they moved to another town!" Leona exclaimed. "Yes, last night Bob called me. Your mother and I went to their house and helped them unpack their belongings," John said. "I see...," Leona said. She laughed. "Now I'm curious about how Bob's son, that weirdo Enrico ended up. I wonder if he still as weird as when the last time I met him".

"Oh Leona, even though you always call that boy a weirdo, but I know that you secretly admire him, don't you?" John teased his daughter. "What!? No! I... I'll never like someone with kind of antics like him," Leona said defensively. John only laughed.

Leona and Annie meet after ten years.

The car stopped in a house dubbed "Condor Museum Lofts" by the family — the nickname was emblazoned on a metal plate fixed underneath the house number on the wall. John and Leona disembarked from the car. Leona saw a short-black haired girl with blue dress came out from the house. Leona then approached her.

"Annie?" she asked. "Annie, is that you?" "Huh, who are you?" the girl said, confused. "It's me, Leona! We were neighbors and went to school together when we still in Twinbrook, do you remember?" Leona exclaimed.

"Oh my Gosh... Leona!?" Annie was surprised, "I can't believe it!". The two girls then hugged each other. "Oh gosh, it's already been ten years and... look at you, you've... changed!" Annie commented. "Not really" Leona laughed. "Oh, please, come in. You too Mr Redfield!" Annie invited them in. "Oh, and thanks for your help last night".

John and Leona greeted by Bob Delgado and his wife, Tina. They had a nice, nostalgic conversation, reminiscing the time when they still in Twinbrook. Bob also told then where he and his family had been after moving out from Twinbrook.

"I see, Jean is in France right now and will return next week," Bob said after John told him about Jean. He nodded his head in contemplation.

"And how's about you Leona?" Tina asked.

"Oh, I'm just like other ordinary teenager...," Leona said before trailing off and laughing at her own thoughts.

Meet Enrico

"By the way, you haven't met Enrico, have you? He's probably still asleep in his room in second floor right now," Tina said.

"Annie, wake him up!" Bob ordered. "Tell him we have guests and they want to meet him."

"Okay dad," Annie said before bounding up the stairs to the second floor. Few minutes later, footsteps were heard from the stairs. John and Leona saw a good-looking young man walk down the stairs, followed by his sister.

Enrico and Leona meet after ten years

"Oh, hi Mr Redfield, sorry I'm still bit sleepy," Enrico greeted John. Leona stunned seeing him, she even had her jaw dropped. Enrico then looked at her. "Uh you're... Since you don't wear glasses... You must be Leona right?" Enrico asked. "Y-Yeah, long time no see Enrie!" Leona said awkwardly. "Ha ha ha, you've changed quite a bit! You're... Slightly more feminine than ten years ago!" Enrico exclaimed.

"What!? Oh please, I was always like this!" Leona grumbled, everyone laughed.

Back at home, Chris was left to occupy himself. His parents gave him strict instructions to stay inside and do his homework (or something to that effect). "Ugh, I'm so bored..." Chris grumbled, he laid his body on his bed "I want to go fishing but mom ask me to stay until she, dad, or Leona came home!".

"If you so bored, then why don't you just play with me?" a voice suddenly heard from nowhere.

"What!? Who's that!?" Chris surprised.

"Take a look at the doll on the cupboard" the voice said.

Chris then looked at the cupboard, there was only the doll that he found during the camping trip at Crystal Springs.

"Take the doll and place it in the ground" the voice said again.

The doll's Alive!

Chris then tok the doll from the cupboard and place it in the ground. "Like this?" he asked. Something happened. The doll suddenly floated, its entire body shined. Chris was shocked. The doll's body suddenly enlarged. It grew into size of a child.

"Hi there Chris! I'm your new imaginary friend, let's have fun together!" The "doll" could even talk. It was introducing itself. Chris didn't said anything, he was stunned. "Uh, Chris? You okay?" the "doll" asked.

"AHHHHHHH, A GHOST! THERE'S A GHOST IN MY HOUSE!" Chris suddenly snapped, screamed and jumped to his bed as if he was a little girl who'd just seen a mouse.

Chapter 6: Imaginary Friend[edit | edit source]

The doll convinced Chris to not be afraid

"Relax Chris, I'm not a ghost, nor a monster" the doll tried to convince Chris to not be afraid. "If you're not a ghost or a monster, then w-w-what are you!?" Chris said haltingly. The doll sighed "I already told you that I am an imaginary friend!" the doll said "Chill out, I won't hurt you".

"Are you sure?" Chris asked. "I guarantee!" the doll exclaimed.

Chris then down from his bed, he approached the doll, he still couldn't believe his eyes. "S-So, what's your name?" Chris asked again. "I don't know. I don't have a name yet..." the doll answered. "Huh? h-how can we be friends if I even didn't know your name?" Chris said.

"Well, it's because I was just born from your imagination. So you're the one who should give me a name" the doll informed "You must determine my gender as well". "Are you serious?" Chris surprised, the doll nodded. "Well, let me see... Your name will be... Carlos... Charles.. No..." Chris tried to think what name he should give for the doll.

"Oh, I know." he then exclaimed "CHARLIE! Your name is Charlie, Charlie Redfield!". "Is that a boy or girl name?" the doll confused. "Uh, well, boy, I think" Chris answered. "Charlie Redfield huh? Well, I like it!" the doll said in excitement.

"Oh by the way, if my family is nearby, don't show up in this form. I afraid they'll get heart-attack if they see a large-talking-and-living doll roaming around the house" Chris requested. "Don't worry, it's not a problem since you are the only one who can see me," Charlie said "Everyone who are not my owner only see me as an ordinary doll, so..."

"Wait? So you mean that they can not see you?" Chris surprised. "That's right, it's because I born from your imagination. I'm your Imaginary friend after all." Charlie explained. "I see..." Chris said nodding his head, apparently understand what Charlie said.

Chapter 7: The Caliente Sisters[edit | edit source]

Mortimer arrives in Caliente house

Mortimer Goth rode his bike to the house dubbed Capitola A. The house was big. The interior of this frame-A house flashed back to the 70s with flair. The backyard included a grove of pine trees and a massive deck. "This must be the place" Mortimer thought "the Caliente household...".

As Mortimer parked his bike, the sisters, Nina and Dina came out from the house. "Oh my gosh, look at here Nina! The handsome Mortimer Goth has came to visit." Dina said. "Is there anything we can do for you, sweetie?" Nina asked in flirty tone.

"I'm here to get a package your mother promised to my mom" Mortimer answered "Is your mother home right now?" "Unfortunately, Mom is out right now" Dina said "Well, me and Nina just made something delicious, do you want to taste it?" "Well I..." Mortimer couldn't finish his sentence, and the two girls grabbed his hand.

"Come on, don't be shy" they said, pulling Mortimer in.

The Caliente sisters "make a move"

In the dining room, Dina and Nina gave Mortimer a slice of cake. Mortimer sat at the dining table, with Nina and Dina to his left and right. "How's the cake, honey?" Dina asked, still in a flirty tone. "W-Well, it's... uh... really tasty..." Mortimer answered awkwardly, he felt uncomfortable with how the girls stared at him.

After he finished eating the cake, Dina offered him another slice, but Mortimer declined it. They then started a conversation. "So Morty, I heard you're dating Bella now, is that true?" Nina asked. "Oh, yeah. That's... that's right, we're dating now!" Mortimer answered.

"I was heartbroken when I heard that news..." Dina said "Because I actually like you a lot Mortimer." "Me too, I also like you Morty..." Nina claimed. "Uh... Okay, thanks..." Mortimer said "c-can you scoot that way? You're in my personal space" "Why? You afraid Bella will catch you here?" Dina asked, seducing him. "Don't worry sweetheart, it won't happen." Nina seduced him too, stroking his cheek.

Mortimer began to sweat. Great holy llamas... I must get out from here!. he thought.

Katrina Caliente

Suddenly, the front door was opened. A brown haired, middle-aged woman with black sunglasses entered the house and get in to the living room where she surprised with Mortimer's presence. The woman's name was Katrina Caliente, the mother of Nina and Dina.

"Oh, you're... Mortimer right?" Katrina asked "your mother just told me that you will come to take her package." Mortimer nodded.

"Oh, okay. I will get the package. It's in my room, stay here!" Katrina quickly went to her room and got the package, and then gave it to Mortimer. "Here it is..." she said.

"Oh, okay thanks Mrs. Caliente. I-I think I should go right now, m-my mother's probably waiting for me..." Mortimer said. "Okay, take care, say hello to your mom for me!" Katrina said.

Mortimer then left the Caliente house, he pedaled his bike and headed back to the Goth Manor, relieved that the Caliente sisters didn't get to him any further. The annoyed Dina and Nina were still sitting in the sofa and stared at their mother. "Uh, why are you staring at me like that?" Katrina asked, raising her right eyebrow in confusion.

"Why are you always ruining our fun?" the two yelled in unison.

Chapter 8: At the Plaza[edit | edit source]

The Mirabello Plaza was so crowded tonight, almost everyone in Sunset Valley were here, most of them went to watched a movie in the theater, some of them went shopping in the grocery store, while the rest decided to went to the bookstore.

In the plaza

Leona and Enrico were hanging out in the plaza. They just finished watching a movie in the theater. "Whoa! that was the most epic action film that I've ever see!" Enrico exclaimed, "what do you think about that film Leona?" he asked. However, Leona didn't answer. Enrico then looked at her and noticed that Leona was staring at the bookstore next to the theater.

"Leona? What's wrong?" Enrico asked "Do you want to buy something in the bookstore?". "Oh, no" Leona answered "I just, you know, every time I see or pass that bookstore, It make me remembered Jean. The bookstore is her favorite place".

"I see..." Enrico said "But I heard that she will return next week, right?". "Yeah..." Leona nodded "even though it's only for a month, I really miss her so much". "By the way, what time is it?" Leona asked. Enrico then looked at his watches. "It's 07.45 P.M" he said.

"Well, no wonder I really hungry right now, it's almost dinner time" Leona said holding her rumbling stomach. "You're right, I'm hungry too" Enrico said. "Hey, there's a restaurant in the cross of the grocery store right? What about we dine there?" He suggested.

"Do you mean the bistro? Well, I don't know, the foods there are so expensive, I prefer to eat in my mother's workplace in Hogan's deep" Leona said. "Well, if you insist, okay we go to Hogan's deep now. Let me treat you!" Enrico offered. "Really!? oh thanks Enrie, I really appreciate!" Leona said happily.

They then stopped the Taxi and went to the Hogan's deep to eat. At the same time, there were Bella and Darlene who just out from the bookstore. The two noticed Leona there.

"Hey Bella, isn't that Leona?" Darlene asked.

"Yeah, you right, and she's with... a guy!?" Bella said.

"Whoa, unbelievable..." Darlene said in awe "and that guy is handsome too, I so envious!"

Chapter 9: Jean Redfield[edit | edit source]

Darlene asked Leona about Enrico

In the Next morning, Leona went jogging. While resting the Central Park, she was approached by Darlene.

"Hi Leona!" Darlene greeted her. "Oh hi Darlene!" Leona greeted her back. Darlene then took a seat next to Leona and staring at her with smirk on her face. Leona noticed it. "Why are you staring at me like that?" Leona asked "Is something wrong?". "Oh nothing..." Darlene answered "But you know... last night, Bella and I were hanging out in the plaza and we saw you there".

"So?" Leona raised her right eyebrow.

Leona and Darlene 2.jpg

"Tell me this Leona... What's your new boyfriend's name?" Darlene asked teasing her. "What boyfriend?" Leona was suddenly confused. "Oh come on! We saw you with a handsome guy last night. Tell me! Don't be shy" Darlene teased her more. "Wait, what!? No no no, that guy isn't my boyfriend!" Leona declined "He's my old friend when I still in Twinbrook and just moved here!". "Oh, I see..." Darlene still staring at Leona, made her slightly annoyed.

"Okay Darlene, I know what you're thinking! I'm going to tell you again that Enrico and I are just friends! Nothing more and nothing less!" Leona said "and do not spread any rumors about me and Enrico in school, alright?". "So his name is Enrico? Ha ha ha! Don't worry, I won't do that, I promise!" Darlene laughed.

Suddenly, Leona's cellphone was ringing. Leona looked at the number. It was unknown. "Whose number is this?" Leona thought.

Hi sis, it's me

"Hello?" Leona answered the phone.

"Hi Leona, it's me!" the voice said.

Leona surprised, she knew the voice in the phone, it was her sister, Jean.

"Oh my gosh, Jean!" Leona excited exclaimed!

"What? Jean!?" Darlene gasped.

"I'm sorry I couldn't make a phone call before," Jean said in the phone, "You know, it's so expensive to make a call to other country from here. But luckily, my friend just let me to use her cell phone so I can contact you,"

"I see..." Leona said "At least we know that you're fine there... Oh gosh, I really miss you,"

"Me too," Jean said. "But don't worry, I'm coming home on Wednesday and I'm arriving in Sim-Nation on Thursday morning,"

"Really!? That's two days earlier than we expected!" Leona surprised.

Yeah, I was also surprised, now I need to manage everything I need to go home Jean said again.

"By the way Jean, I need to tell you that our friends from our old neighborhood, the Delgado family, are now living in Sunset Valley now!" Leona informed.

"Delgado family? Oh you mean Enrico and Annie, right? Are you serious? Oh, I can not wait to meet them again!" Jean excited.

"Oh, I need to go to the embassy right now! That's all everything I need to tell you, Jean said, "By the way, do you want to leave my word for Alex?"

"Sure what is it?" Leona asked.

"Tell me that I'm sorry I couldn't replied his message. I was so busy here and almost didn't had time to check my e-mail" Jean said.

"Okay, maybe I should ask him to make a Sim-Messenger account too?" Leona said

"Ha ha, you should!" , the two sisters laughed.

"Oh I think I should go now, bye Leona! Say hello to everyone for me!" Jean said.

"Okay, take care!" Leona said ending their conversation.

"Leona, is that really Jean!?" Darlene asked. "Yup" Leona answered "she told me that she will return home two days earlier than we thought" "Really!? That's great!" Darlene excited "I think we should tell the others about this!". "Well, you right" Leona agreed "I'll tell Alex and you can tell Bella and Kaylynn". "Aye aye captain!" Darlene said. "Can you just stop calling me captain?" Leona said

Chapter 10: Nina Caliente[edit | edit source]

Nancy and Geoffrey relaxing

Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab were relaxing in the front yard of their house. Suddenly, their son, Malcolm appeared, wearing a formal suit.

"Where are you going son?" Geoffrey asked. "Well, I-I want to go to the my... uhh... my friend's house" Malcolm answered. "I see, just take care!" Nancy said. Malcolm then rode his bike and pedaled it so quickly, the Landgraabs could see that their son was so happy.

Malcolm prepared for date with Nina

"First date huh? No wonder he's really enthusiastic" Geoffrey smiled. "But still I disliked the girl, that... who's that girl's name again?" Nancy asked. "Nina, Nina Caliente" Geoffrey answered. "Yes! That Caliente girl, I already disliked her attitude when first time Malcolm introduced her to us!" Nancy claimed.

"Oh come on, don't be so harsh, they are still teenagers after all" Geoffrey laughed, "By the way, is that Holly in the cover of your magazine?" Geoffrey pointed at Nancy's magazine.

"Yes, after three years moved to Bridgeport, Holly finally become a successful businesswoman there" Nancy replied looking at Holly's picture at the magazine "she not only run her own company, she also become a motivator and book writer, her name now be known by everyone in this country".

Holly Alto

"That's good for her" Geoffrey said "Nick must be proud, it's so unfortunate he passed before he could see his daughter become this successful". Nancy nodded in agreement. "Since her father died, Holly really become a hard worker, I also proud of her" she said.

At the Bistro, Malcolm brought Nina for lunch.

"Malcolm honey, I really happy you bring me here" Nina grabbed Malcolm's arm tenderly "can I have an Italian food? or a steak maybe?". "Everything for you my cupcake" Malcolm said in flirt tone. The two entered the Bistro and took a seat, the waiter came and gave them the menu.


"Honey, I want this!" Nina pointed at one of the food in the menu, it was a Trip-Ti steak. Malcolm looked at the price. "My gosh... It's so expensive..." he thought "but it's okay, it's for her after all...".

After ordering the food, Nina's cellphone was ringing. It was from Dina.

"Oh, looks like I got a phone call from my sister" Nina said "mind if I go to outside for a moment? this phone call is so important". "Sure, just relax!" Malcolm answered. "Thanks honey" Nina said winking at Malcolm, she then went outside and answered her phone. "Jeez, what is it Dina? Do you know I'm really busy right now?" Nina complained.

"Are you sure that you are serious on dating Malcolm right now?" Dina asked in the phone. "What, me!? With that four-eyed-fatso? Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Nina laughed "Oh come on, what makes you think I'm really serious with him? Beside there are many still handsome men roaming in this world!"

Unknown to Nina, her conversation heard by Alex and Mortimer who just passing there. They shook their head.

"Poor Malcolm, What a #%!@*!" Alex whispered swearing.

"Shh! Watch your language!" Mortimer scolding Alex about his language.

Chapter 11: Homecoming (part 1)[edit | edit source]

Thursday, 06.30 A.M, SimCity International Airport

An airplane from France was just landing. Everyone disembarked from the airplane. At one of the passenger seats, Jean Redfield was still asleep. Her teacher tried to wake her up.

"Ms. Redfield, wake up, we just landed!" she said.

Jean opened her eyes, "Huh, what? Oh..." she said putting her glasses and hat on.

She and her teacher then disembarked from the airplane, joining their group. The group consisted of four students who participated in the student exchange programs and their respective teachers. The first was Jean, the next one was from from Hidden Springs, one from Riverview, while another one was a local from SimCity itself. "Ah finally... SimNation..." Jean said excitedly, she already home.

After gathered in the immigration office, the group finally disbanded and everyone bid farewell to each other, returning to their respective hometowns.

"So Jean, are you sure you didn't want to stay here for a couple of days?" said one of the fellow students, Ayana Yuki, who lived in SimCity. "I appreciate your offer Ayana, but I really want to return to my family right now." Jean smiled. "I see..." Ayana said "...I hope we will meet again. Say hello to your family for me!"

Jean nodded, they then hugged each other. Jean joined her teacher in a car they rented to bring them back to Sunset Valley. "It will take about four to five hours to get in Sunset Valley, According to the traffic." the teacher said. "By the way Ms. Redfield, I'm really proud of you. You impressed everyone there, it's lucky for our school to have you!" the teacher praised. "Oh, thanks ma'am!" Jean said. "Did you call your family?" the teacher asked. "Yes, I have contacted them, they said they will waiting for us in City Hall," Jean answered. "Do you miss them?" the teacher asked again. "Yes ma'am. I do miss them..." Jean answered holding her family picture.

Sunset Valley

Alex was sitting alone in front of Grocery Store. He stared at pictures of Jean and himself in his cellphone. "Finally she's coming home..." he thought, a smile seen on his face.

"Hello! You're Alex Curtiz, right?" someone called him, it was Enrico, who just out from the store with some stuff. "Yes I am. You're... Enrico Delgado, correct?" Alex greeted him. "Yeah," he answered. "What are you doing here?" Alex asked. "Leona asked me to buy some stuff for Jean's homecoming party," Enrico answered "What are you doing here? You don't want to miss the party, do you?".

"Oh, tell them I will be there as soon as I can!" Alex said. "Okay, see you again in the party!" Enrico said before entering a cab. Alex then looked at the picture again. "Oh man, I'm so nervous to see her again..." Alex thought.

Chapter 12: Homecoming (Part 2)[edit | edit source]

After a five-hour drive, the Jean and her teacher finally arrived in Sunset Valley. "Home sweet home!" Jean said with smile on her face. The car stopped at the City Hall. Jean and her teacher disembarked from the cab. "Ah, one month really feels like one year" she said.

"SIS!" a voice heard calling for Jean, Jean turned her head and found it was her little brother, Chris.

Chris ran approaching Jean and hug her. "Aw my lovely little Chris" Jean said hugging her brother "Wait, aren't you supposed to be in school right now?". "No, today is leisure day!" Chris answered. "Oh really? No wonder Central Park is so crowded today" Jean said looking at the Central Park. Later, Leona, John, and Lily also appeared. Leona ran and hug her sister.

"Oh my gosh Jeanie, I really missed you..." Leona said. "Me too Leona" Jean said. "Hey, did you grow your hair longer? " Leona asked commenting at Jean's lengthened hair. "Yeah, I was so busy and don't have time to cut it, ha ha ha!" Jean said "I plan to cut it again soon". "Ms. Redfield, can you come with me for a moment?" the teacher called her.

"Yes ma'am!" Jean said "Well, I have something to do right now, is it okay if you wait a little longer?". "No problem dear, we will wait in the car" Lily said "Just leave your bag with us". "Okay, thanks" Jean said before joining her teacher, entering the City Hall.

15 minutes later

After she bid farewell to her teacher, Jean joined her family in the car. John started the car and rode home. "So, how's France?" John asked.

Jean returns

"Well, it's so beautiful place!" Jean answered "People there are also nice, I also made many friends" she said. "So you are having fun there?" John asked again, Jean nodded.

It only took fifteen minutes to arrived in home.

"Ah, home sweet home" Jean said after disembarked from the car.

"Come on Jeanie, they probably are still waiting for us in the backyard!" Leona said pulling Jean's arm entering the house, followed by Chris.

"Wait, what?" Jean became confused.

Leona and Chris brought Jean to the backyard, and...


Jean gasped seeing her friends, Bella, Darlene, Kaylynn, Mortimer, Malcolm, Enrico, and Annie were there, cheering her. "Oh my gosh!" Jean said in excitement. "Jean! We really missed you!" Bella, Darlene, and Kaylynn said in unison, hugging her. "I missed you too!" Jean answered.

"Hey Jean, do you remember them?" Leona pointed at Enrico and Annie.

"Oh my gosh, you must be Enrico and Annie!" Jean said hugging them "Leona already told me that you guys now lived here!". "Nice to seeyou again Jean" Annie said.

"Thank you guys!" Jean said shedding her tears "I'm really happy to see you again!".

Suddenly, the door was opened.

"Am I late?" A guy appeared from behind the door, it was Alex.

"OMG, the prince finally came!" Darlene whispered to Bella and Kaylynn.

Leona then approached Alex "Don't be shy Alex, give it to her" Leona whispered.

Alex slowly approached Jean with a gift. "Uh... This is for you" he said giving the gift. "Oh Alex, thank you very much" Jean said receiving the gift. "Open it, sis!" Leona said. Jean then opened the gift, and became more surprised. The gift was a handmade chocolate cake with a writing on it.

WELCOME HOME, FROM ALEX CURTIZ. That was what written in the cake.

"Believe it or not, I made this cake myself..." Alex said shyly.

"Taught by me" Bella said to herself.

"Oh my gosh Alex, you are so sweet, thank you very much" Jean said hugging Alex, everyone cheered.

Meanwhile, Chris was trying to find his welcome gift, Charlie then appeared. "Hey Chris, is there anything I can do for you?" Charlie asked. "Well, what about helping me to find my gift for my sister Jean" Chris said. "Oh you mean that yellow-colored box?" Charlie said. "Yes, do you know where it is?" Chris asked. "Well, if I recall, it's in..."

"Chris?" Lily suddenly entered Chris' room and Charlie didn't get to finish his sentence. "Uh... Who are you talking with? It sounds like you were talking with someone..." Lily wondered. "Oh, I'm talking to... Uh..." Chris became confused, he suddenly remembered that only he who could see Charlie. "Oh, I was talking with my friend on phone, ha ha ha!" Chris answered.

"Uh... Okay..." Lily said raising her left eyebrow.

"By the way mom, do you know where's my gift for Jean?" Chris asked "I think I forget where I keep it". "Well, let me help you find it." Lily said helping her son. During their search on the gift, Lily secretly watched Chris and felt curious as she saw Chris was apparently talking to himself.

"I wonder why is Chris always talking to himself?" she thought.

Chapter 13: Alex's Confession[edit | edit source]

Another weekend was here. Leona accompanied Jean to cut her hair at Barney's Saloon and Tattoo.

After 30 minutes, the stylist finished Jean's haircut. "How is it?" the stylist asked. "Nice, I like it!" Jean answered. "Okay, that will be 15 Simoleons" the stylist said about the price. Jean then tied her hair in a pony-tail. The twins then went out from the saloon.

"Hey Leona, can I ask you something" Jean said. "What is it?" Leona answered. "Yesterday Alex confessed me, and..."

"Really!? That's great Jeanie!" Leona exclaimed, but Jean didn't get to finish her sentence. "I always believed you two will be a great couple, Ha Ha Ha!". "Leona, I didn't give him my answer yet!" Jean said. "Huh? Why?" Leona confused.

"Because I'm afraid I will hurt his feelings..." Jean claimed and became saddened. "What happened Jean?" Leona became more confused "I thought you liked him!"

Jean tell Leona about Alex's confession.

"Yes, I do like him! But, I only see him as a friend" Jean said "Beside, I... I already fell in love with someone else". "Are you serious?" Leona surprised. "I met him when I was in France... He's also an exchange student, from Riverview." Jean said.

"And you two already..." Leona said again, Jean nodded.

"What should I do now Leona? If I tell Alex the truth I'm afraid that I will hurt his feelings, and he could hate me!" Jean said. Leona could see that her sister was confused. "Should I lie to him?".

"Well, maybe you must tell him whatever it costs." Leona answered. "Are you sure?" Jean said. "Uh-huh" Leona nodded "It's better than lying. Lying will break his heart more". "If you say so. I will go and try to tell him the truth" Jean said. "Good..." Leona smiled "You made the right choice! I'm sure Alex will understand."

Meanwhile in the Curtiz household

Ana told Alex that they have to move to Roaring Heights.

Alex was in his room listening to his favorite song. Suddenly, his mother, Ana entered his room.

"Son, can we talk?" she said. "What is it mom?" Alex turned off his Mp3.

Ana then sit next on his left. "Listen..." she said "...Next month your father and I will be transferred to the branch office in Roaring Heights. That means we have to move there."

Alex was shocked "A-Are you serious?" he asked. Ana only nodded. "But, it's so sudden!" Alex asked "Why must we go to Roaring Heights!?".

"I know this is hard sweetheart, but you must understand. This is because of our job" Ana said convincing her son. Alex didn't said anything, he felt saddened that he must moved to Roaring Heights, leaving his friends, and the girl he loved since he was child.

"Mom, can you leave me alone? I think, I need time to process this." Alex said.

"Well, if you say so." Ana said, then left Alex's room.

Alex laid his body on his bed. He remembered the great times he had with his friends. Especially with Jean. "Oh man, this is so hard" he thought.

Chapter 14: Leona and Dina[edit | edit source]

Monday, 2.30 P.M

Bella tell Jean how Mortimer confessed her.

Jean was made a visit to Bella's house. The two had a chat in Bella's Tv-room. "So that's how Mortimer confessed me" Bella told Jean about how she and Mortimer finally became a couple. "I glad to hear that," Jean said "I always knew that Mortimer is a perfect guy for you". The two then laughed.

"And what about you Jean?" Bella asked. Jean then became confused, "about what?" Jean asked back. "You, when will you give Alex your answer?" Bella clarified her question. "I have no idea..." Jean answered in small tone. Bella then stared at Jean. "Listen Jean, I knew that you afraid, Alex might will hurt, but at least he knew the truth" Bella convinced, Jean only nodded.

Suddenly, Jean's cellphone ringing, she got a new message and it was from Alex. "It's from Alex" Jean said reading the message.


"Oh my gosh, it looks like he really want your answer right now!" Bella said "I think you should meet him tonight Jean!". "I don't know, I think I'm still not ready to tell him" Jean said. Bella then held Jean's shoulders and smiled "I will accompany you Jean, don't worry" Bella convinced her again. "Thanks Bella" Jean said "But I think, I will go alone". "Well, if you say so, just good luck!" Bella winked and gave her a thumb up.

Meanwhile in school

The women basketball team just finished their daily training. Everyone were already went home. Leona was about to took her bike when she saw Dina and Nina bullied a nerd-looking girl. She could see them laughing at the girl who only crying. "WHAT A CRYBABY, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BECOME SKIP'S GIRLFRIEND YOU NERDY PIG!" Dina insulted her in harsh language. "YEAH! LOOK AT YOU, YOU JUST A BOOKWORM, YOU DIDN'T MATCH WITH POPULAR GUY LIKE HIM! HA HA HA!" Nina said.

Angered, Leona approached the Caliente sisters, "Hey you two! Knock it off!" she said. She then tried to comfort the bullied girl with Dina and Nina looking. "Whoa, look at here Nina, the captain of women basketball team tried to become a hero saving an innocent girl who just bullied by two meanie girls, it makes me scared!" Dina said sarcastically.

Dina and Leona fighting

Leona stared at the two sisters with anger. "Oh look, the captain is angry, I'm scared... Ha Ha Ha!" Dina said again. Leona then approached Dina who still laughing and then...

Leona slapped Dina right in her face, surprising her and Nina. "I'm really sick with your nonsense!" Leona said. "Oh, so the captain wants a fight, eh?" Dina said "Then let's!". Triggered, Leona rushed to Dina and the two fight. "GET HER SIS!" Nina cheered her sister.

Leona and Dina landed their fist on each other, Dina even lost her one of her teeth due to Leona's punch. Fortunately, a teacher was there and stopped the fight "KNOCK IT OFF!" she said. The two girls stopped their fight and horrified when they saw the teacher who also their coach. The teacher looked at her subordinates with angry look.

The teacher then dragged Leona and Dina to her room.

"Leona Redfield and Dina Caliente, this is the second I caught you fighting!" the teacher scolded them. "Caliente, you sure have a serious attitude, and you Redfield, you are the captain of this team, you should be a good figure to your teammates!" she said in disappointment.

"I-I'm sorry ma'am, I just..." Leona tried to reasoned, "I didn't want to hear your excuse!" the teacher yelled. "Leona Redfield and Dina Caliente, from now on, you are SUSPENDED from the team and will not signed for the tournament!" the teacher said again.

"What!? Again!" Dina shocked. "Yes! This is the second time I caught you fight, if you two still like this I'm surely will expelled both of you, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?" the teacher affirmed. "Y-Yes, ma'am, we understand" Leona and Dina answered.

After 40 minutes scolded by the teacher, the two girls allowed to home. "Thanks for the problem you brought to me!" Leona said angrily. Dina didn't said anything, she only rolled her eyes and approached her sister who waiting and leave.

Flying V's Coffeehouse

Alex meet Jean in Flying V's coffeehouse

Jean was waiting for Alex who still didn't come yet. "Oh gosh, where is he?" she thought. Alex was already late for 15 minutes.

After five more minutes, a cab arrived and Alex disembarked from it. "Jean" he called Jean. "Where have you been?" Jean asked. "I'm sorry, there was something I need to do at home" Alex said as he took a seat next to Jean. "I see" Jean said in manner of thoughtfulness.

"Jean, listen I, about yesterday, I...", "I know Alex" Jean said cutting Alex's word, "I think it's time for me to give you my answer".

Chapter 15: Jean's answer[edit | edit source]

"Alex, listen..." Jean started the conversation "...first, I need to thank you for your feeling to me, it makes me feel special". "Jean, I...", "But, I'm really sorry, I can't accept your feeling. Yes, I do like you too, but, I only saw you as friend, nothing more" Jean continued, cutting Alex's word again. Alex became quiet. "Beside, I... I already with someone else" Jean finally revealed.

Alex didn't said anything, but he then smiled. "You... You're not angry?" Jean asked. "Jean, listen, I called you here to ask you to forget my confession yesterday" Alex said, "because, I... I think, whatever your answer is, it won't affect me anymore". "Huh, what are you talking about? Why you suddenly want me to forget your confession?" Jean asked raising her left eyebrow, "and what do you mean by my answer won't affect you anymore?".

Alex then sighed before continuing his sentence. "Next month, I have to move to Roaring Heights, Jean" Alex revealed. "Huh!? A-are you serious? But it's so sudden!" Jean shocked and couldn't believe what she heard. "I'm serious..." Alex said "My parents are transferred to the Branch Office there, so that means our family have to move there".

The two then became quiet for a moment. "D-do you think it's coincidence?" Jean suddenly said. "What do you mean?" Alex asked. "Yeah, you know, I was about to reject you confession and in the same time, you said that you will move away, funny isn't it?" Jean said. Alex then chuckled, "Yeah, I think you right..." he said.

Why do I suddenly feel so sad?

After an hour, the two left the coffeehouse and returned home. Alex decided to accompanied Jean. "Alex..." Jean called stopping Alex. "What is it?" Alex asked. "When you move next month, you... you won't forget me... oh... I mean, you won't forget us here, right?" Jean asked. Alex then approached Jean and held her shoulders, he then smiled. "No, I will never forget my friends here... Especially you" Alex said "Because whatever happened, you always be a special girl for me, Jean". Jean smiled, her cheek blushed, "T-thank you Alex" she said.

The two then separated and returned to their respective homes. Jean was about to enter her house when she felt something wrong. Her heart pounding, her entire body trembled, and tears suddenly dripped from her eyes. "W-What's this?" Jean wondered "W-why do I suddenly feel so sad?".

Chapter 16: Whatever happened to Jean Redfield[edit | edit source]

In the next day in the school.

"Roaring Heights!?" Darlene, Bella, Kaylynn said in unison. "A-are you serious that Alex will move to Roaring Heights?" Bella asked. "Yes, he told me last night" Jean answered "I also surprised with that news". "Man, why he didn't tell us about this?" Darlene wondered. "I think, it because he needs time to process it" Jean said.

The bell then ringing, Leona, Jean, Bella, and Darlene split up with Kaylynn and went to their class. In the class, Leona stared at Jean. "What are you looking at?" Jean asked. "Jean, are you sure you alright?" Leona asked back looking at her sister. "Off course I am alright!" Jean answered in high tone. "Jean, listen, I...", "How many times I told you I am alright, Leona? you've suspended from your team for the second time and you should worry about yourself!" Jean said cutting Leona's sentence, Leona only became quiet.

The first class started. In the middle of the class, Jean suddenly interrupted. "Sir, can I go to the bathroom?" she asked. "Well, just quick!" the teacher said giving his permission. As Jean leaved, Bella noticed that she had a change for a bit. "Leona, what's happened to her?" Bella asked whispering "is she...". "Maybe..." Leona answered. "Ms. Redfield and Ms. Bachelor, don't talk during my class!" the teacher said warning Leona and Bella.

After finishing her "business" in the bathroom, Jean was about to return to her class when she received a message from her long-distance boyfriend. "HI BEAUTIFUL, HOW'RE YOU TODAY IN SUNSET VALLEY? I HAVE A COLD RIGHT NOW, SO I MUST SKIPPING MY SCHOOL TODAY" the message said. Jean then replied the message, "SORRY TRIGGER, I'M BUSY IN SCHOOL RIGHT NOW, CALL ME BACK IN 5 HOURS".

"Hey Jeanie!" Someone suddenly greeted her, it was Alex, surprising her. "Gasp!, A-Alex, I-I...!" Jean said haltingly. "Jean? What's wrong? Are you okay?" Alex wondered. "What, oh, y-yeah, I'm okay, Ha Haa Ha!" Jean said. "Uhhh, okay..." Alex said. "Well, I-I think it's time for me to return to my class, see you later Al!" Jean said running to her class. Alex could see something was wrong with Jean's behavior today, "I wonder what happened to her" Alex thought.

Chapter 17: News from Appaloosa Plain[edit | edit source]

The school was ended, a teenager named Andrew Gerardo was waiting for his sister, Tamera in the parking lot. Tamera then appeared approaching him. "Bro!" she called. "Jeez, Tamera, what you took so long?" Andrew asked. "I'm sorry, I was helping my math teacher" Tamera explained, "and by the way, I will go to fishing with my friend Chris right now".

"I see, do you need a ride?" Andrew asked. "Nah..." Tamera answered "are you supposed to be have a date with that Delgado girl today?". Andrew then blushed "Wait, what? N-no, I, I just accompany her to watch a movie" he said. Tamera smiled, "Well, I think I should go now, bye bro, good luck with your date, ha ha ha!" she said leaving Andrew. "I TOLD YOU THIS IS NOT A DATE!" Andrew yelled.

In the Bachelor house

John and Simis were seen playing chess in the backyard. "Checkmate!" John said. "Awww come on!" Simis yelled as he know that he lose in the game... again. "Don't forget your promise to treat me some drinks in the Sunset Valley Bar tonight! Ha Ha Ha" John said laughing, Simis only rolled his eyes.

A moment later, John's cellphone ringing, it was from his sister, Jessica Manhattan. John then answered the phone. "Hi sis!" John greeted his sister. "Hello John, how are you? it's been a while..." Jessica said in the phone "...How are you and your family right now?". "We're fine thanks, and how about you and Peter and... Eliza right?" John asked back."We are fine too" Jessica said.

"By the way what make you call me today?" John asked. "Well, if you don't mind, would yo go to watch the sport channel right now?" Jessica said. "Sport Channel?" John said, "Hey Simis, what is in Sport Channel right now?" John asked to Simis. "They aired a horse race tournament right now" Simis answered.

"Hey Jesse, don't tell me that Peter returned to the race! Is he already healed from his injury" John said. "Nah, it's not Peter" Jessica said. "Huh, if it's not Peter, then who?" John wondered. "Well, just turn your Tv on and you will know, by the way I must hang up the phone since the race is about to start, see ya again John!" Jessica said ending the conversation.

"Hey Simis, mind if I...", "Off course, I also want to watch the race" Simis said cutting John's word. The two then went to the Tv room upstairs. The Sport Channel aired the Horse race in Appaloosa Plains, the race was about to start.

John observed the participants, and he realized that one of the participants was so familiar. A teen, blonde-haired girl, the commentator stated that it was her debut in the race. "Oh my gosh" John said. "What happened John?" Simis asked. "That teen girl, it's my niece, Eliza Manhattan!" John exclaimed. "Really? Which one?" Simis wondered. "There, number 45, the blonde-haired girl" John pointed. Simis could see, "whoa, she's probably the youngest participant in the tournament" he commented, John only nodded.

Appaloosa Plains

Eliza Manhattan felt a little nervous since this race was her debut. "I can do it... I will prove that I can become the champion" she thought. She then looking at the tribune where her parents, Jessica and Peter watched. "Mom, dad, watch me".

After few minutes, the race then started.

Chapter 18: Chris and Tamera[edit | edit source]

Summerhill Springs, one of many fishing spots in Sunset Valley. Chris pedaled his bike quickly and parked it before rushed to the bridge where Tamera already waiting. "Hey Tamera, sorry I'm late!" Chris said. "It's okay" Tamera said smiling.

Chris and Tamera are fishing.

"Hey, nice rod you have there" Tamera said pointing at the rod in Chris' backpack. "Oh, yeah, thanks, this is my...uh...lucky rod!" Chris claimed. "I see... By the way I bought some apples and lettuces in grocery store, we can use them as bait" Tamera said. "That's great, I really want to catch a Goldfish" Chris claimed. "I thought you said you already had one" Tamera said. "It died" Chris answered.

After choosing the bait, the two started to fishing. "An half-Asian girl eh, she's more beautiful than I thought. Good job man!" a voice suddenly heard, it was Charlie who talking through Chris' head, he stored inside Chris' backpack. "Can you shut up? I must concentrate" Chris said in small tone "Beside I need to impress her with my magnificent fishing skills". Tamera then looking at Chris. "Uh Chris, did you say something?" Tamera asked. "What? Oh no, you must be mishearing he he".

Twenty minutes later, both Chris and Tamera still didn't catch any fish yet. "Oh man, are there really any fishes live in this pond?" Chris thought. "Hey Chris, it's so hot inside here, can you get me out of here?" Charlie said, "Beside, what is this? Is this your underwear? How long this stuff stored here, it stinks!". "If you still complaining I will use you as a bait!" Chris became annoyed "And yes, it's my underwear and it's already there since I found you in Crystal Spring because I forgot it was there". "Ew, disgusting!" Charlie commented. "What underwear?" Tamera said looking at Chris curiously.

"Huh what? No no, I said UNDERWATER, Yes, I think the fishes are in underwater.. Ha ha ha!" Chris said haltingly. "Chris, are you sure you are okay?" Tamera asked. "Uh me? Yeah, I'm okay, don't worry" Chris said winking at her.

A moment later.

"Hey Chris, I think my bait is bitten!" Tamera exclaimed "I think the fish is huge!". "Let me help you then!" Chris approached her. "On three, one.. two... three. PULL!" Chris commanded. They tried to pull the rod from the water. It seems that the fish resisted. "Man you right, it's huge!" Chris said. After few minutes struggling, suddenly...

Chris and Tamera unexpectedly pulled by the fish and they fall to the pond. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" they screamed in unison. Fortunately, the pond was not too deep and the two could swim. "Whoa, that was... that was awesome!" Tamera exclaimed. "Yeah you're right!" Chris agreed, the two then laughed.

Chapter 19: Friends or...?[edit | edit source]


Alex and Jean in library

Jean was sitting alone reading some books. Few moments later, Alex arrived in the library to returned some books he borrowed. He saw Jean there and approached her. "Uh, hi Jean..." Alex greeted her. "Oh, hi..." Jean greeted him back putting down the book. Alex then took a seat next to her. "Are you alone?" Alex asked, Jean only nodded.

"How's your uh... boyfriend in Riverview?" Alex asked awkwardly. "We break up" Jean answered. "What? Why?" Alex surprised. "*sigh* Nothing, I just... I just feel that this long-distance relationship won't be make it" Jean answered.

"Is that what bother you for these several days?" Alex asked again. "What do you mean?" Jean confused with his question. "Well, I've notice you for these several days..." Alex claimed "...I feel that you've changed a little bit".

"So?" Jean asked. "Well, I just wonder what happened to you..." Alex said "...I just worry about you". Jean only sighed. They became quiet for a moment. "I think I should goo home right now" Jean said looking the the clock "Bye Al, see you tomorrow!". "Wait Jean!" Alex said holding Jean's arm, Jean gasped. "Uh, oh sorry, I don't mean to.." Alex said releasing her arm. "Oh, I-it's okay" Jean said as her cheek slightly blushed.

Enrico accompanied Leona home

Back to Redfield house, Leona was just returned from the gym, Enrico also there with her. "Thanks for accompanying me in gym today, Enrie" Leona said. "Ah, not a problem, I also bored in home after all" Enrico claimed. "I see, by the way, do you want to come in? My mom left some cookies for meals" Leona offered. "Nah, thanks, I need to go home right now" Enrico answered."Well, if that so, take care!" Leona said smiling. "Yeah, see you again tomorrow!" Enrico said get on to his bike.

Enrico pedaled his bike. Unknown to him, something dropped from his pocket. Leona noticed it. "Hey Enrie wait! You drop something!" she yelled, but Enrico didn't heard. "Geez, he's still careless" Leona thought. She took the thing Enrico dropped, a handkerchief.

Leona took the handkerchief and gasped. "Oh gosh, I remember this, this is the handkerchief I made and gave to him as a keepsake ten years ago" Leona reminisced "he still save it for these whole time".

Chapter 20: Grudge[edit | edit source]

Dina's frustrated

Dina Caliente was depressed, she couldn't believe that she suspended from the team and blame Leona for it. "DARN IT! I REALLY HATE THAT @#$&! IT'S ALL HER FAULT! IT'S ALL HER FAULT!" she yelled in anger. "Calm down Dina!" Nina tried to calm her sister down. "Ugh, I SWEAR that I WILL choke her neck with my own hands and make her SUFFER!" Dina exclaimed.

As Nina continued to calm Dina down, someone rang the bell. Nina quickly headed to the front door and found it was Malcolm. She opened the door. "What do you want!?" Nina asked "Have I already told you to not come again!?". "B-but honey, I... I don't understand, we only dating for a month" Malcolm asked "Please honey, I don't want to break up with you".

Nina shooed Malcolm.

"We? Dating? Since when? Ha ha ha ha!" Nina said laughing "Sorry Malcolm, but there are so many guys who hundred times better than you". Malcolm snapped, he couldn't believe what Nina said. "B-but, Nina, I...", Nina slammed the door and Malcolm couldn't finish his sentence. He then walked leaving the house. He felt hurt, humiliated, and sad. Someone watched him not far from there, it was Kaylynn. "Poor... Poor Malcolm, I hope I can do something for him" Kaylynn thought.

Lily tell John about Chris.

In Hogan's-Deep Friend Dinner, John parked his car, waiting for Lily. Few minutes later, Lily appeared with Molly French and Emma Hatch. "Oh that's my husband, see you tomorrow!" Lily said. "Okay, take care!" Molly and Emma said in unison.

Lily entered the car. "How's my favorite chef doing?" John said in flirty tone. "Well, we've got many customers today and I feel so tired" Lily said putting her glasses off and rubbed her eyes. "By the way John, I have something to tell you" Lily said "It's about Chris".

"Chris? What's wrong with him? Is there anything wrong?" John answered. "Well, yeah... I mean... You know, it seems Chris always talking to himself for these several weeks, I really afraid" Lily revealed. "Huh? Really? Are you sure?" John surprised. "Yeah, it look like he was talking or playing with someone in his room, and even laughing, and you may know that there always only him in his room" Lily said again "Do you think we should bring him to psychiatrist?"

"Uh, well, let me talk to him tomorrow..." John said "we don't need to bring him to psychiatrist, I think there's a reason why he start to acting like that".

Chapter 21: Enrico[edit | edit source]

Leona was hanging out with Darlene in the school cafeteria when Bella approached them. "Hi girls, I've news for you!" Bella exclaimed. Bella then took something from inside of her bag. "TA-DAAAA!" Bella showed a brochure to them.

* TIME      : SATURDAY, WEEK 4, 5.00-22.30 P.M

Bella informs Leona and Darlene about the Prom Night.

"What!? but the last prom was three months ago! Isn't it supposed to be an annual event!?" Darlene asked. "Yeah, but this event is special since it will held as celebration of our school's anniversary!" Bella explained. "Oh my gosh! I need to find a date as soon as possible!" Darlene said in panic. "Relax Darlene, the prom will be held in two weeks, you still have time" Leona said, everyone laughed.

"Oh you can say that since it seems that you finally will have one to be your date" Darlene said sarcastically to Leona. "What are you talking about?" Leona asked. "I talk about that Enrico-guy" Darlene said "I always think you two will be a perfect couple since you always seen together, ha ha ha!". "Ugh, that's ridiculous" Leona grumbled.

Leona then stood up and walked out from the cafeteria. "Where are you going?" Bella asked. "Bathroom" Leona simply replied.

After finishing her business in the bathroom. Leona then remembered something. "Oh, speaking about Enrico, I need to give this handkerchief back to him" she thought. Just after Leona walked out from the bathroom, she intercepted by three school bullies. "Oh my, look at here, the captain of our women basketball team" the bully leader said "I never know that she's really cute".

"Hi cutie, do you want to accompany us?" the bully said in flirty tone, embracing her. "DON'T YOU DARE TO TOUCH ME!" Leona yelled. "Oh look boss, she's mad, she looks prettier when she's mad!" the other bully exclaimed. "Come on baby, don't be shy, ha ha ha!" the leader said pulling Leona's arm. "NO! LET ME GO!" Leona yelled trying to resist. "DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY!" the bully leader yelled, pulling her harder.

Leona abused by a bully

Leona managed to release herself, but it made her fell to ground. "Please! Leave me alone!" Leona said as she started crying. The bully leader then pulled Leona's hair. "Ha ha ha! Look at her guys! What a beautiful face she has when she crying!" he said.

"Hey you" a voice heard from the bully leader's back. Her turned his face, and a fist landed straight on it. 

"AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH!" he screamed in pain. "Huh! Who are you!?" the other bullies asked. "E-Enrie?" Leona said, it was Enrico. "HOW DARE YOU PUNCH ME LIKE THAT!?" the bully leader yelled and trying to punch Enrico back. But Enrico easily repelled and grabbed his wrist... very hard.

A cracking sound then heard, "ARGH! STOP! YOU BROKE MY WRIST!" the bully leader exclaimed. Enrico released him, but the bully leader ordered his subordinates to deal with him. "Get him boys!".

The other two bullies attacked Enrico simultaneously, but Enrico surprisingly could repel their attack. In less than five minutes, Enrico managed to beat them. One bully had his arm twisted while the other one got slammed. "P-please! Forgive us!" the leader said begging for forgiveness. Enrico then approached the three. "Listen, if I you guys hurt her again, I will make you suffer the consequences!" Enrico warned threatening them.

"Y-yes, we promise! we won't do it again!" they exclaimed. "Good... leave us... NOW!". After the bullies leaved, Enrico approached Leona. "Are you okay Leona?". Leona was still in shock, she couldn't said anything first, but then, she hugged Enrico tightly."Oh Enrie... *sob* I'm so scared!" Leona said sobbing. "Shh, don't worry Leona, I won't let anyone hurt you anymore, I promise" Enrico said wiped Leona's tears, made Leona smiled. 

Leona kisses Enrico

"Uh, b-by the way, you dropped this yesterday" Leona said giving Enrico his handkerchief. "Oh thank God, I thought it was missing!" Enrico said taking the handkerchief.A moment later, the bell was ringing. "Oops, I think it's time to go to the next class, see ya later Leona!" Enrico said. "Uh, Enrie wait!" Leona said stopping Enrico. "Huh, what's wrong?" Enrico asked. Leona approached Enrico slowly, and then gave him a kiss. "Thank you, my hero" she said with smile before leaving Enrico who became stunned for a moment.

Chapter 22: Tale of Caliente Family[edit | edit source]

Katrina arrived home

Katrina Caliente was just returned home. She felt tired after working hard in the Grocery Store. "Huft, I can't rest yet, I need to prepare food for dinner" she said walking to the kithen. An hour later, Katrina finished cooking for dinner and put the food in the refrigerator. "Ah, finally I can rest" she said excitedly.

Katrina then headed to her room and layed her body on her bed. In the wall of her room, there waas a photograph of a man. It was her late husband, Flamenco Caliente. Katrina then walked approaching the photo. She started to reminisced her family's good old days. The time when Flamenco was still with them.

Katrina and Flamenco

It was twenty years ago in Hidden Springs. Flamenco Caliente was a doctor in a local hospital in the town. One day, Flamenco met a shy, young woman who worked as a coffee courier. The woman's name was Katrina Al-Mahmoud. The two were falling in love each other and eventually married in a small ceremony.

The Caliente family wasn't a wealthy family, but they could live happily. Three years into marriage, the couple finally got twin daughters, Dina and Nina Caliente. The twins really close to their parents, especially their father, Flamenco.

The Calientes during their time in Hidden Springs

Unfortunately several years later, the family lost their house by fire. Dina and Nina were trapped in their room. Flamenco and some firefighters rushed into their room to save them. When they almost reached the exit door, the ceiling was started to collapsed, Dina was right below it.

Flamenco pushed Dina away, and getting crushed by the collapsed ceiling in front of his daughters' eyes.The trauma from death of Flamenco changed the twins forever, especially Dina. The news about the tragedy reached Katrina's old friend, Cornelia Goth, who came to the town and offer Katrina and her children to lived in Sunset Valley.

I will do it myself!

Back to the school

"S-sorry ma'am, we failed, we never expected that Delgado guy would help her" the bully leader said talking to someone. It was Dina. "Tch, you guys are so useless!" she said scolding the bullies. "Dina, I think this is too excessive" Nina commented. "Shut up Nina! I don't have time to listen on your oppinion!" Dina said yelling.

"Fine! looks like I must do it myself..." Dina said, "Just wait, Leona Redfield!".

Chapter 23: What is True Love?[edit | edit source]

Chris asked Charlie about the possibility to make the Imaginary friend real

In his room, Chris was reading a story book with Charlie who, according to Chris' vision, standing next to his left. "Cool, the main character also has an Imaginary friend... like me!" Charlie exclaimed "But off course, I'm much cooler than the one in that book, ha ha ha!". Chris didn't listen, he continued reading the book until the last part which showed the character's Imaginary Friend turned into real human, living hapily with the main character and his family and even adopted. "Oh, what a good ending, I almost shed tears" Charlie commented.

"Hey Charlie, can I ask you something?" Chris said. "Sure, what is it?" Charlie answered. "Is it possible I can make you become real?" Chris asked "I mean, can you turn yourself into a real human and visible to people who aren't your owner?". Charlie became quiet for a moment. "Well... Uh... I dunno" Charlie said.

"What will happen to you when I grew up into teenager?" Chris asked again. "Then I will grow up too" Charlie answered "We, Imaginary Friends have same lifespan with their owners". "So you mean, if one day I died, you will..." Chris said. "Yes, you all right" Chralie said clarifying "I will... Uh.. you can say, vanished... Since death word is too frightening". Chris only nodded. He then looked at his clock, it was time to sleep. "Well I think this is time to sleep, good night Charlie" he said turning off the lamp and begun to sleep.

Outside Chris' room, John and Lily were heard Chris' conversation. "Did you hear that John? He's really talking to himself" Lily said whispering. John then chuckled "Oh Lily, don't worry, I think our son is only has... an Imaginary Friend" he said "It's normal for kids to have Imaginary friend". "I know but, this is too strange, it seems his imagination is going wild" Lily said again. "Well, if you still afraid, I will talk to him tomorrow" John said.

Leona knew Jean's true feeling

Meanwhile in Jean and Leona's room

Leona was just returned from the bathroom. In their bed, Jean were seen reading a novel. "Jean? you still awake?", she called. Jean didn't answered as she continued reading her novel. "Hey, Leona, can I ask you something?" Jean suddenly said. "Sure, What is it Jean?" Leona said. "Do you know what True Love really means?" Jean asked "Do you believe in True Love?". "Huh? What are you talking about?" Leona confused. "Nah, forget it" Jean said.

Leona then approached Jean. "You DO love him, don't you" Leona suddenly said. "W-what do you mean?" Jean asked. Leona then sighed, "Listen Jean, I'm surely can see it. You DO love Alex Curtiz" Leona said "Even though you didn't realize it". "I just see him as a friend" Jean claimed. "But deep in your heart, you have more feelings to him, NOT just as a friend, not just as a good friend, and even not just as a best friend, it's more than that" Leona said.

"I can see it Jean, the reason why you act like this for these several days is because you don't want him to leave". Jean didn't said anything. "Jean, listen, I'm your sister, and I didn't wanna to see you sad" Leona said. "Thank you, Leona" Jean said. "You're right... I now realize that I... I really DO love him" Jean said shedding her tears "And I really don't want him to go!". "You can't do anything Jean, it's all his family's decision" Leona said tried to console her twin "You still several weeks to be with him". Jean then became a quiet for a moment. "Yeah... you right, I still have time to be with him" Jean said with a little smile.

Chapter 24: Chris' secret[edit | edit source]

In the next day, John brought Chris and his friends, Sandi and Sam to went to the recreation playground. "Why do you always bring that doll Chris?" Sam wondered. "Oh, uh, well, this is my lucky doll, so that's why I always bring it wherever I go, ha ha ha!" Chris said. "I see..." Sam said. "Hey, they've got a new tree house there!" Sam exclaimed running to the tree house. "Well, I think now I will...", "Hey Chris, can I borrow some quarters?" Sandi said approaching Chris suddenly "I need to buy Ice Cream there". "Sure" Chris said giving Sandi some quarters. "Thanks" Sandi said before ran to the Ice Cream stand.

"Oh man, your friend Sandi is so beautiful..." Charlie said through Chris' mind. "Huh? Don't tell me you're falling in love?" Chris said whispering. "Look at her, her sandy brown-hair, pretty face, all perfect! Now, I wish I can become...uh... real so I can play with her" Charlie said ignoring Chris' comment, made him curious. "What's wrong son? did you say something" John said approaching Chris from behind. "Uh, no, nothing dad" Chris said.

"Son, can I ask you something?" John asked. "Sure, what is it?" Chris answered. "Listen, I've already heard from your mom that since several days ago, she saw you talking to yourself... several times" John revealed "Your mother is really worried about you". "She did?" Chris asked. John only nodded.

"Son, can you tell what's going on? Why you always talking to yourself?" John asked. "Uh, well, it's because..." Chris said haltingly, "Uh, you can said I've an imaginary friend, ha ha ha! It's only that". "I see... Well, it's normal for some kids like you to have imaginary friend" John said smiling "So, who's your friend's name?" and what is he... or she look like?". "His name is...".

"Hey Chris! We will build sand castle right now, wanna join?" Sam called. "Sure!" Chris said, "Hey dad, can you hold Charlie for a moment? I will join them building sand castle". "Well... Off course" John said. Chris then ran to join his friends playing on the sand. "Did he call this doll Charlie?" John said looking at the doll, "Oh, I understand now, this doll is the one what he called his imaginary friend".

Meanwhile in bookstore, Lily was there to bought some recipe books. She then took her attention to a thick book which fell on the ground. Lily took the book, "100 myths surrounding the SimNation?" she said reading the book's title. She opened and read it. The book contained articles about some legends and myths surrounded the SimNation.

"Haha, I always heard that Moonlight Falls is full of vampires, werewolves, and fairies, and hey, there's an article about Sunset Valley too!" she said. "Let's take a look what is in the next page" she said opened the next page, "What's this? Imaginary friend?". Lily read the page solemnly and later, she seemed surprised. "Oh my gosh" Lily said looking at a page contained a picture the book claimed to be an Imaginary friend: a large doll with similar appearance with the doll Chris founded in Crystal Springs.

Chapter 25: At The Bowling Center[edit | edit source]

In Enrico's room

In the Delgado house, Enrico was seen in his room listening a song from Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. “Aww, I love this song” he commented. As he enjoying the music, Annie suddenly entered his room, surprising him. “Jeez Annie, have I already told you to knock the door first before you enter my room!?” Enrico said complaining.

“He he sorry bro” Annie said, “But I need to tell you that your friends, Alex and Mortimer are waiting for you outside”. “Oh, they’re already here? Well, tell them I will meet in couple of minutes” Enrico said. “Where will you guys go anyway?” Annie asked. “To the Game and Bowling Center” Enrico answered. “Really? Sounds fun, can I join?” Annie said in excitement. “Sorry Annie, this is Boys time” Enrico claimed. “Aww come on, please, pleaseeeeee!” Annie tried to persuade him to brought her. “Nope!” Enrico said again.

“Well, if that so, maybe I should tell mom about her misteriously-broken vase” Annie said staring at her brother. “Wait, wait, okay, fine, you can join us! But promise me to not tell mom about that broken vase, right?” Enrico said in panic. “Well okay, thanks!” Annie said before leaving the room to met Alex and Mortimer outside. “Ugh, why is she so annoying?” Enrico thought seeing his sister.

At the Game & Bowling Center.

“STRIKE!” Mortimer exclaimed after he made a perfect strike. Enrico, Alex, and Annie clapped their hands. “Nice one Morty, it’s my turn” Enrico said. “Wait, can I try?’ Annie asked. “Sorry Annie, maybe later” Enrico said. “Broken... Vase” Annie suddenly said. “Okay, okay, you can try it!” Enrico said. “Yay, thank you!” Annie said.

Alex receives a call from Jean

“What Broken Vase?” Alex confused. “Nothing” Enrico said. “STRIKE!” Annie exclaimed as she also made a perfect strike. “Unbelievable” Enrico had his jaw dropped. “Well, I guess your sister has got some talent” Mortimer commented. “Well, I guess it’s my turn now” Alex said. When Alex was about to thrown the ball, his cellphone ringing. It was from Jean. “A minute” Alex said leaving the room.

“Hi Jean, what is it?” Alex said answering phone. “Hi Al, where are you right now? I’m in front of your house but your mother told me that you are out right now” Jean said on phone. “Well... Uhh.. I’m with Mortie and Enrie right now, we are in the Bowling & Game Center” Alex answered. “I see... Sorry if I interupt, have fun” Jean said. “Wait Jean” Alex said. “Yes?” Jean said. “Uh... nothing... sorry” Alex said. “Well, if that so... see you tomorrow” Jean said ending her call.

Back to the Bowling room

“So, do you already have a date for the prom?” Mortimer asked. “No, not yet” Enrico answered. “Aw come on, there are so many beautiful girls in our school, it’s not too hard to ask them” Mortimer said. “Well, most of them are not my type” Enrico claimed. “What kind of girl do you like anyway?” Mortimer asked again. “The girl he likes is Leona” Annie suddenly said. “W-what, no no no! Urgh, Annie you...!” Enrico said nervously.

Annie reveals who Enrico's first love is.

“Really? Is that true, you... you like Leona?” Mortimer asked. “Actually Leona is his first love, I remember when the first time we met Leona in Twinbrook, he suddenly said to mom: mommy, mommy, is that an angel, or something like that” Annie said reminiscing. “Ughhh” Enrico became nervous,

“Oh yeah, I also remember several days after we moved out from Twinbrook, Enrico cried calling Leona’s name numerous time on his sleep” Annie said again, “Leona... Leona... I miss you”. “What, no! that’s absurd!” Enrico tried to defend himself, his face became red.

“Ha ha ha!” Mortimer laugh very loudly, “S-sorry Enrie... I just... Ha ha ha! It’s so hilarious!” he said holding his stomach. Enrico became annoyed. “What happened guys?” Alex said returning to the room. “Nothing Al... just, just... Ha ha ha... Oh my gosh, I need, I need a water” Mortimer said as he couldn’t stop laughing.

In the Redfield house.

John and Chris were just returned from the Play Ground. “Today is so fun, isn’t it” John asked. “Yeah, thanks dad” Chris said happily. At the same time, Lily also just returned. “You guys having fun?” she asked. “Off course” Chris said. “Hey, you buy some books” John said. “Yes, and this is for you Chirs, you might be... Interested” Lily said giving a book to her son. “100 myths surrounding the SimNation?” Chris read the title, “What book is it?”. “Well, just read it son” Lily said. “Uh okay” Chris said entering the house.

“What book is that Lily?” John asked. “Well, remember when he talk to his... Imaginary friend last night?” Lily said “he said something about turn the imaginary to become real”. “And...?” John asked again. “Well, I think that book can help him” Lily explained smiling, but John became confused.

Chapter 26: How to make your Imaginary Friend real[edit | edit source]

In Chris’s room

“What book is that Chris?” Charlie asked, but Chris didn’t answer, he was so serious about reading the book. “Is this true Charlie?” Chris suddenly asked. “About what?” Charlie said, confused. “This” Chris showed Charlie the page he read, the page about Imaginary Friends. “Hey, there’s a page about Imaginary Friends here!” Charlie exclaimed, “and what’s this? How to make your Imaginary Friend real?” Charlie then read the description.

The description said: To turn your Imaginary Friend real, you must make a special potion called "Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion." You need a Rainbow Gem as its raw materials and of course, enough Logic skill. Your Imaginary Friend must drink the potion to become real. This is how I turned my Imaginary Friend real.

“Well, I don’t know Chris. Even though it’s true, it’s so dificult to get that potion.” Charlie said. “We have Jean here, she can help us make the potion.” Chris said. “Yeah, I know. But the main problem is its raw material, the Rainbow Gem, the gem is so rare, it’s very dificult to find it” Charlie said again.

“Well we can ask Sandi, Sam, or maybe mom and dad and my sisters to help us find the gem'" Chris said, “Come on Charlie, you want to become real, right?” “Yeah, but, I'm afraid that your family and friends won’t accept me” Charlie said. “Don’t worry pal, I promise that they will be accept you once you become real!” Chris said. “Well, if that's so, okay” Charlie said smiling. "Good, prepare yourself Charlie, tomorrow we will have a great adventure! Chris claimed.

Chapter 27: I Want To Turn My Imaginary Friend Real![edit | edit source]

Chris asked Jean to help him made the Imaginary friend metamorphium potion.

Later in the morning.

“You want me to do what?” Jean said asking Chris. “Make an Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion, just like what’s written here” Chris answered. “What’s this? 100 Myths Surrounding SimNation?” Jean said looking at Chris’ book. “Yes!” Chris said nodding, “Look at the page about Imaginary Friends”.

Jean then opened the page Chris mentioned and read it. She then chuckled. “Oh my dear little Chris, don’t tell me you believe this nonsense, this is just a myth,” Jean said “Beside, this book said the potion need a Rainbow Gem as its raw material and we don’t have any”. “I know, that is why I want to find it” Chris claimed. “Seriously? Oh my gosh, Chris. This is just a myth and a legend, not real!” Jean said again.

“No Jean, it’s real, I can say that because I have an Imaginary Friend” Chris claimed “Yes, you can’t see him because I’m the only one who can,” Chris then pointed at the picture of the Imaginary Friend in the book. “See? Look at this, it’s similar with the doll in my room,” Chris said “That’s an Imaginary Friend, this is how my doll look like in my eyes,” Jean then looking at the picture, she then sighed. “Probably just a costume created by the company which make that doll,” she assumed.

Chris angry at Jean

“But sis,” Chris tried to convince his sister, “Chris please, I don’t have time for this” Jean said “Can’t you see? I need to finish my science project right now!” “Fine! If you don’t want to help I'll ask someone else!” Chris said in angry tone leaving the room. “Chris wait!” Jean called, but Chris didn’t listen. At the same time, Leona also entered the room.

“What happened Jean?” Leona asked. “Nothing, he asked me to do something but I told him that I can’t help,” Jean explained. “He wanted you to do what?” Leona asked. “Oh, you won’t understand” Jean answered as she continued working on her science project.

At 8.00 A.M. the school bus arrived, Jean and Leona prepared themselves to went to the school. “Where’s Chris?” Leona wondered. “He left 15 minutes ago on his bicycle” Lily answered “He said he want to visit Sam and Sandi before going to school”. “Well, if that so, I think we should go now” Jeans said “Bye mom!”

At Chris’ classroom.

“So let me get this straight” Sam said “You ask us to help you find this Rainbow Gem, so you can make a potion that can turn your Imaginary Friend real?” “Yes!” Chris said “That’s all what written in this book,” Sam and Sandi were quiet for a moment, and then two then laughed. “Ha ha ha! Oh gosh Chris, do you really believe in that book?” Sandi asked, “The contents in this book, they are just hoaxes!” “No! It’s real! I swear that I have an Imaginary Friend!” Chris said trying to convince his friends, “See this picture? This is an Imaginary Friend, it has similar appearance with my doll!”.

Sam and Sandi then looked at the picture. “I’m sure it’s just a costume” Sandi assumed. “Yeah, or maybe a robot” Sam said. “Guys please!” Chris said. “I’m sorry Chris, but I think that’s ridiculous, that’s just a myth.” Sam said. “Sam’s right Chris, even though you really have an Imaginary Friend, it’s impossible for you to turn it real because... It’s only your imagination, not real,” Sandi said. “Okay, very well. If you don’t want to help me, I will search for it alone!” Chris said in anger, leaving Sam and Sandi. “Wait, Chris!” Sam called, but Chris didn’t listen. “Man, he’s really angry with us.” Sam claimed.

In the school’s cafeteria, Chris was sitting alone. He felt disappointed that no one would help him, neither his sister or his friends. “Look like I’ll do it by myself,” he thought. “Hello Chris!” someone called him, it was Tamera, “What are you doing here?” Tamera asked. “Hi Tamera,” Chris greeted her.

Tamera then took a seat next to him. “You look sad,” Tamera said looking at Chris “What happened?” “Well, if I tell you I’m sure you will think that I’m crazy” Chris said. “Don’t worry, I won’t. Just tell me,” Tamera said smiling. “You promise?” Chris asked, Tamera only nodded. “Well, do you know anything about Rainbow Gem?” Chris asked starting the conversation.

“Rainbow Gem? Of course! It’s a very beautiful gem in SimNation, but, it’s also very rare and only few people have it” Tamera said “Why are you so interested in that gem?” Chris then gave the book to Tamera. “Hey, I also have this book in my house!” Tamera exclaimed. “Really?” Chris asked, Tamera nodded. “Then take a look to the page about Imaginary Friend here,” Chris said directing Tamera to the page.

Tamera will help Chris finding the Rainbow Gem

Tamera then read it. “I see...” she said “...You have an Imaginary Friend and you want to make it real”. “You aren't laughing?” Chris said. “Of course not, it’s normal for children like us to have Imaginary Friends and want to make them real,” Tamera said. “Besides, I know that some myths written in this book are actually real!” she said. “How do you know that?” Chris asked.

“Well, for example, in this page. It says that Moonlight Falls is full supernatural creatures such vampires, fairies, and werewolves. I was once went to Moonlight Falls to visit my uncle and stay there for a couple of days, what written in this book about the town is real, Moonlight Falls is really full of supernatural creatures, I saw it myself,” Tamera claimed. “Really?” Chris asked “You aren’t lying to me, are you?” “Of course not!” Tamera said smiling, “If you really want to search this Rainbow Gem, let me help you,"

“Really? Oh gosh, thank you Tamera!” Chris said in excitement.

Chapter 28: Jean & Alex[edit | edit source]

Leona does a chin-up

11.45 A.M.

All students of Jean and Leona’s class gathered in the sport hall for the physical education class. Leona impressed her everyone with her skill, she was able to do 100 chin-ups in 10 minutes, everyone cheered. “Just like usual Miss Redfield, you really have got talent here” the teacher praised, “Thank you sir” Leona said wiping her sweat. “Well, okay everyone, I think that was the last, see you again in next week” the teacher said ending his class.

Everyone then leaved the Sport Hall and return to their class. “Man, I’m so hungry” Darlene said holding her stomach. “Easy Darlene, it’s almost the lunch time, you can eat everything you like in the cafeteria” Bella said. “By the way Leona and Jean, are you two already found a date for the Prom Night?” Darlene asked. “No, not yet” Leona and Jean answered. “What about you Darlene?” Bella asked. “Oh, I already have one, FINALLY!” Darlene proudly said. “Oh, well, congratulation then” Bella said.

At their way to their class, Jean saw Alex was sitting alone in the corner. “What’s wrong Jean?” Bella asked. “Guys, can you just go on without me? There’s something I need to do right now” Jean claimed. Leona then noticed Alex’s presence, “Well, then, just go ahead Jean” Leona said smiling “Good luck”. After Leona and the others left her, Jean walked approaching Alex. “Hi Al” Jean said greeting him. “Oh hi Jean” Alex greeted her back.

Jean then took a seat next to him. “So uh, what are you doing right now?” Jean asked. “Nothing, just sitting alone here, listening to my MP3 and... Hey, this song is very good, wanna listen?” Alex said. “Off course” Jean said. Alex then gave Jean her MP3 and allowed her to listen the song. “Hey I know this song, I lay my Love on You by Westlife, I really love it!” Jean exclaimed. After the song ended, the second one played. “My gosh, this is my most favorite song, so classic and romantic” Jean said “Right Here Waiting from Richard Marx”.

Jean and Alex

They really enjoyed the song until it was ended. “Romantic, wasn’t it?” Jean said. “Yeah” Alex said. “By the way Al” Jean said, “The next prom night, it will be your...”, “Yeah, I know Jean” Alex said cutting Jean’s sentence “It will be both my last Prom and last day to be here”. Jean then became quiet. “What’s wrong Jean?” Alex asked. “No... Nothing” Jean said. “I think I should go to my class, bye Jean!” Alex said. “Alex wait!” Jean said stopping Alex. "What is it?" Alex asked.

“Uh, For the Prom, Do you already have a... partner?” Jean asked awkwardly. “No, not yet” Alex answered. “Well, if that so... Do you wanna... uh, do you wanna’ go with... me?” Jean asked again. Alex surprised, “Oh, uh, I don’t know, I....” Alex said. “Well, it’s okay if you don't want, I can go alone” Jean said smiling. “No, it’s not like that, I just...” Alex said. “Just what?” Jean asked. "You know, it's so awkward if the girl ask you first" Alex said. "Yeah, I know, I'm sorry" Jean. "No, it's okay" Alex said, Jean became quiet again. "But, if you really want, I will surely go with you" Alex said smiling.

Chapter 29: The Search for Rainbow Gem (part 1)[edit | edit source]

Tamera and Chris ride.jpg

The school was ended. Everyone went home, except Chris and Tamera who met at the school yard. “Sorry I’m late, I’ve to tell my brother that I will come home lately” Tamera said. “It’s okay” Chris said, “I also already told my sister too”. “And by the way, I know someone who might can help us find the Rainbow Gem” Tamera claimed. “Oh really? Who is it?” Chris wondered. “Just come with me, I will bring you there” Tamera said. Tamera and Chris then get on their respective bicycles and leaved the school area.

A gypsi wagon

The two then arrived in Plumpuddle Park. “Wait, Plumpuddle Park?” Chris became confused. “Just follow me” Tamera said getting off from her bike. After parking his bike, Chris followed Tamera to the other side of the park. He saw a Gypsi Wagon there. Tamera knocked the door, and an old woman appeared from inside. “Oh, hello Tamera” she greeted. “Good afternoon ma’am” Tamera said greeting her back. “What bring you here darling? Is that your friend?” the old woman asked. “Yeah, there something we want to ask you” Tamera claimed. “I see, then come in!” the old woman invited them in.

“Tamera who is she?” Chris asked whispering. “She’s a fortuneteller, she’s an old friend of my late grandmother, she had travel to the entire SimNation to find a perfect place to live” Tamera explained “She has been here for six days”. “But I will moved to the other town tomorrow” the old woman said. “Where will you go next?” Tamera asked. “I don’t know, Sunlit Tides maybe, or Midnight Hollow. Oh wait, that’s good idea, Midnight Hollow, probably the place that suits me, ha ha ha” the old woman said laughing, “By the way, please sit down, and tell me what’s your problem?”.

Chris and Tamera then took a seat. “Well, we want to know if you can help us found... Rainbow Gem” Chris said. “Rainbow Gem? Oh, it’s so rare, what make you so interested in that gem?” the old woman asked. “Uhh...”, “Wait, don’t tell me, I can read your mind” the old woman said before Chris could answer. The old woman then hold Chris’ forehead, made Chris felt awkward and little scared. “Yes, yes... I see...” the old woman said, “You want to turn your Imaginary Friend real, isn’t it?”. “Huh? How do you know that?” Chris surprised. “I’m a fortune teller, young man, I know everything, including what’s in your mind” the old woman said.

“Can you help us where we will be able to find that gem?” Tamera asked. “Well, give me a few seconds darl” the old woman said looking at her crystal ball, she then casted a spell. “She’s creepy” Chris whispered, Tamera only smiled. “AHA! I FOUND IT!” the old woman suddenly said loudly, surprising Chris. “Do you found the gem location?” Tamera asked. “Yes, I can see there’s at least one Rainbow Gem in this town” she said. “Where is it?” Chris asked. “It’s in... Uh Oh...” the old woman seemed surprised. “Where!?” Chris asked again in a louder voice.

“It’s in Sunset Valley’s old mine” she repiled. “Great! Now let’s we go to the old mine and find the gem there!” Chris exclaimed. “Don’t be hasty young man!” the old woman said, “that place is dangerous for a child like you”. “I know, but...” Chris said. “You need at least an adult to accompany you” she said again. “Ugh...” Chris couldn’t said anything. “Don’t be sad Chris, at least we knew where we can find the Rainbow Gem” Tamera said consoling him.

“Thanks for your help ma’am” Tamera said “How much I must pay?”. “No, no, please, it’s free just for you” the old woman said rubbing Tamera’s head. “Say hello for Lynn, okay?” she said again. “Okay, goodbye ma’am!” Tamera said saying goodbye to the old woman. “Who’s Lynn?” Chris asked. “Huh? It’s my mother’s name” Tamera answered, “Oh, I forget you don’t know my parents yet, ha ha ha!” she said laughing.

“By the way, I think it’s time we should go there!” Chris said. “Go where?” Tamera asked. “Of course the old mine, we need to find that Rainbow Gem” Chris said. “But we can’t go there alone, we need an adult to accompany us” Tamera said. “Yeah, you right” Chris said.

Chris and Tamera meet Alex in the park

“Hi Chris” someone called greeting him. Chris then turned around. “Oh hi Alex” Chris greeted back, it was Alex Curtiz. “What are you two doing here?” Alex asked. “Well, we just discussing about how we can go to Sunset Valley’s old mine” Crhis said. “The old mine?” Alex raised his left eyebrow “Why do you want to go that creepy old mine?” he asked. “Well, I... I want to find Rainbow Gem, the fortune teller there told us that we can found the gem somewhere in the old mine” Chris explained.

“Rainbow Gem? For what?” Alex asked again. “Uh, it’s hard to explain but I really need that gem” Chris said. “Well, I don’t know what make you so interested in that mine, or maybe that gem, but considering that place is dangerous...”, “Yeah I know” Chris said cutting Alex’s word, “We need an adult to accompany us”. “Well, if you really want to find that Rainbow Gem, I’ll accompany you” Alex said volunteering. “Really? Are you serious?” Chris asked, Alex only nodded. “Great! Thank you very much Al!” Chris said shaking Alex’s hand.

“Okay then if that so, let’s go to the old mine!” Tamera exclaimed.

Chapter 30: The Search for Rainbow Gem (part 2)[edit | edit source]

Creepy old mine

After they bought some equipment, Chris, Tamera, and Alex arrived in the old mine. “You’re right, this place is so creepy” Tamera commented. “But it won’t stop me from finding that gem!” Chris said as he tried to enter the mine. “Chris wait!” Alex said stopping Chris, “You two stay back, let me try to open it!” Alex said as he opened the wooden boards which blocked the mine entrance.

“Okay, done!” Alex said. “Great! Let’s get in!” Chris said. “Hold on!” Alex said stopping Chris again. “What now!?” Chris protested. “I think, I should be the one who get in first” Alex said “For precautions, if something happens." “Well I guess so...” Chris said.

Alex then entered the mine carefully. The mine was so dark, but luckily, his cellphone had a flashlight feature. “It’s okay! You two can get in!” Alex said. “Okay Tamera, let’s go” Chris said. “But Chris...” Tamera said. “What’s wrong?” Chris asked. “I’m scared” Tamera claimed. “Come on, don’t be afraid, I will protect you” Chris said winking. The two entered the mine, Tamera held Chris’ arm. “Okay, I think we should start digging” Chris said. “Are you sure you can do it?” Alex asked. “Yep” Chris answered, “Tamera you stay back”. “O-okay” Tamera said. “Okay, are you ready?” Alex asked. “Of course” Chris said. And then, the two started digging the area.

Leona and Jean decide to find Chris.

Meanwhile, at the Redfield household

“I'm really worried about Chris” Jean said, “Do you think he really went to find the rainbow gem?” “I have no idea.” Leona said. “I think I should search for him” Jean said leaving her room. “Hey, Jean wait! I'm coming with you!” Leona said.

“Girls, where are you going?” John asked. “We must find Chris!” Jean answered. “Chris? What happened?” John asked again, but the twins didn’t answer as they already get on to their bike and Jean pedaled very quickly.

Back to the mine

After hours digging and exploring the mine, Chris, Tamera, and Alex didn’t find anything. “Chris, I think we should go back right now” Tamera suggested “It’s already dark” “No! We must stay until we find that gem!” Chris exclaimed as he continued to dig “Besides, it’s still 6:00 P.M, there still three hours left until our curfew and four hours for Alex!”

“Chris, don’t impose yourself,” Alex said, but Chris didn’t listen as he kept digging. “Fine, okay then, I will continue digging too” Alex said. One hour passed, two hours passed, and finally three hours passed. It was 9:00 P.M, but they still didn’t find anything. “C-Chris...” Tamera called, but Chris didn’t answer as he continue digging.

Lynn asked Lily about Tamera's whereabout

Back to the Redfield house

“It’s already past curfew and Chris isn’t home yet...” Lily said worrying. “I have contacted Molly and Mr. Sekemoto but they said Chris isn't there. I hope John, Leona, and Jean found him” Lily then took a seat and started to thinking. “Wait, maybe he’s in Mrs. Gerardo's house, maybe I should call them!"

Later, someone knocked the door very loudly, “Mrs. Redfield? Mrs. Redfield?” a woman's voice heard. Lily opened the door “Oh, Mrs. Gerardo, I just about to make a phone call,” Lily greeted her, the woman was Lynn Gerardo, Tamera’s mother. “Mrs. Redfield, do you know where my daughter is? It’s already past curfew and she isn’t home yet”. “Wait, your daughter is missing too!?” Lily surprised. “So your son has not come home yet either?” Lyn asked. “Y-yeah, I thought he made a visit to your house!” Lily claimed. “No, he didn’t” Lynn said, “I also thought that my daughter made a visit here” “My gosh...” Lily said, “I think, I think we should find them together!”

Chapter 31: Big Steve Underwood (Part 1)[edit | edit source]

“It’s useless...” Chris said in disapoinment, “I can’t find anything!”. Alex and Tamera could see that Chris was very sad. “Chris, don’t push yourself” Charlie’s voice heard through Chris’ head, Chris brought him all this time. “We can continue tomorrow” Charlie said again.

Chris then stood, he wiped his sweat. “Alright then guys, I think we should home now” Chris said “We will continue tomorrow”. Alex and Tamera agreed. “Let’s go home” Chris said.

The Mysterious man

They were about to leave when suddenly...

“HEY! WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING IN MY HOUSE!?” a voice heard, echoed from the deeper side of the mine. Chris, Tamera, and Alex surprised, they saw a middle-aged man appeared before them. “Who are you?” Alex asked. “Me? I should be the one who ask!” the man said, “Who are you and what are you doing in my house!?”. “Oh, uh, my name is Chris, this is my friend Tamera, and this is my neighbor Alex” Chris answered. “Chris, I’m scared” Tamera whispered.

“And what make you come here!?” the man said. “W-we come here to find... uh... Rainbow Gem” Chris said haltingly. “What gem?” The man said. “Rainbow Gem! We come here to find a Rainbow Gem!” Chris clarified. “Rainbow Gem?” the man said “You mean Rainbow Gem like this?”. Chris, Tamera, and Alex stunned, they saw the man held a beautiful, shined, and multi-colored gem on his hand. “There it is...” Chris said “The Rainbow Gem”.


“Jean look!” Leona said. “What is it Leona?” Jean asked stopping her bike. “Look there, is that Chris’ bike?” Leona said pointing at three bicycles parked near the old mine area, she could recognize of them was belong to Chris. “You are right!” Jean said, “And hey, I also know that blue-colored bike, it’s Alex’s!”. “Do you mean that Alex with him?” Leona wondered. “Maybe...” Jean said “let’s we check it first!”.

Back to the old mine

“NEVER!” the man said yelling “This gem is mine! I won’t allow anyone steal it from me!”. “Then we will buy it, we will pay as much as you want!” Chris said. “If you really want to have this gem, then you must beat me, little boy!” the man exclaimed. “Beat you, you mean fight?” Alex asked. “No” the man said “But you must beat me in...”

“Hello, Chris? Are you here?” a voice heard from the outside of the mine. “It’s my sister!” Chris exlaimed. “Your sister?” the man asked. Jean and Leona arrived in the mine, “Chris!” Jean said rushing after she saw Chris there, followed by Leona. “Oh thank God, Chris, what are you doing here? You make us worried” Jean said hugging her brother tightly, "Ugh, Jean, I can't breathe!" Chris said. “Who’s that?” Leona asked seeing the man who stood before them.

“Oh yeah, I forget to introduce myself” the man said, “everyone call me Big Steve Underwood, and this mine is my house!”. “Big Steve Underwood?” Alex surprised “No, that’s impossible, Big Steve Underwood was already died several years ago!”. “No, that wasn't me, that was my brother, everyone often mistaken him as me” Big Steve said explaining. “Who is Big Steve Underwood?” Tamera asked in confusion.

“It doesn’t matter who I am little girl, what matter now is if you really want this Rainbow Gem, you must beat me in a game!” Big Steve claimed. “What kind of game?” Jean asked. “Follow me!” Big Steve said. He walked in to the deeper side of the mine, followed by Chris and the others. "Man, I have bad feeling about this" Alex thought.

Chapter 32: Big Steve Underwood (Part 2)[edit | edit source]

The group arrived in a large room located in the deeper side of the mine. “Welcome, to my house!” Big Steve said. The place was like ordinary living room, there were television, sofa, stereo, and more, but off course they were old types. “Where did he get these stuffs?” Leona wondered. “Probably he scavenged it in the junkyard” Jean assumed. “All right, what kind of game do you talking about?” Alex asked.

Big Steve opened his cupboard and took something from it: cards. "This, I challenge you to play Poker!" Big Steve exclaimed. "Poker!? Are you serious?" Alex said. "Yes" Big Steve said, "Here's the deal, if you can beat me, I will give you this Rainbow Gem, but, if I win... you girls must stay with me here, ha ha ha ha ha!" he said pointing at Jean and Leona. "What!? You... You are freak! An old-pervert!" Leona yelled. "I'm lonely, I've been single for 25 years since my wife left me, sometimes I need girls to accompany me, especially beautiful girls in your age" Big Steve claimed. "Ugh, you are so creepy" Jean said in disgust.

Alex accepted Big Steve's challenge

They became quiet for a moment.

"Very Well, I will be your opponent!" Alex said suddenly. "Huh? Are you serious!?" Jean surprised. "Don't worry Jeanie, trust me" Alex said convincing. "Alex, do you ever play poker before?" Chris asked. "Don't worry Chris, just trust me" Alex said smiling. "Hmph, you really brave young man" Big Steve praised "Can you tell me your name?". "Curtiz, Alex Curtiz" Alex answered. "Curtiz eh? I like your confidence" he said.

Everyone watched solemnly. "Dear God, please let Alex win this game" Jean said praying. "Well then, let the game begins!" Big Steve exclaimed.

Chapter 33: Big Steve Underwood (Part 3)[edit | edit source]

The game started, both Alex and Big Steve shuffled their respective cards, there were 20 chips foe. Each players got 20 chips and five cards, which only allowed to be exchanged once. The goal was to got better cards than the other player. Big Steve then took two more cards. “Your turn kiddo” Big Steve said. “Fine, if you take two, I take three cards” Alex said “And I wagger two chips”. “Oh I’m scared, do you have any good cards?” Big Steve said, but Alex didn’t answered. “Let I try... I also wagger two chips” Big Steve said waggering his two chips.

“All right, show your cards now” Big Steve said. “Two pairs: Eight and Nine” Alex said revealing two eights and two nines. “Ha ha ha, sorry Alex, mine is Two Pairs: Jack and Queen” Big Steve said taking Alex’s chips “You lose”. “What!?” Leona surprised. “Alex, do you really know how to play this game?” Jean asked worrying, but Alex didn’t answer. “But you almost got me, you’ve some talent” Big Steve said praising. Alex now had 18 chips.

“Oh gosh, Alex has lose two chips” Leona said. “Okay, Next game, deal!” Alex exclaimed. The game continued. “Hmph, I have three kings now, I may win this round too” Big Steve thought looking at his cards. “Okay, I will take one card” Big Steve said taking a card, it was another King.


“What’s up Alex? You are not looking at your cards?” Big Steve asked realizing Alex didn’t look at his cards. “These Cards...” Alex said “...I don’t need to change them”. “Huh! What!?” everyone surprised. “A-Alex, are you sure about this!?” Leona asked. “Huh, are you bluffing or something? Just change your cards now!” Big Steve said. “I said, I don’t need to change them, I will play with these five cards” Alex said clarifying. “I know that! But why you are not even looking at your cards!?” Big Steve asked again. But Alex didn’t answer.

“Alex, what are you planning right now?” Jean thought.

Chapter 34: Big Steve Underwood (Part 4)[edit | edit source]

“I wagger nine of my remaining chips” Alex said “I betting all of them”. “What!?” Everyone shocked. “But Alex, if you lose again, you will only have nine chips remaining!” Leona protested. “I guess the tension is making you lose your mind, isn’t it?” Big Steve said “Very well, I waggers 15 chips” Big Steve said.

Everyone became silent, “Hmph, seems like I manage to scare him. It’s impossible to him to wagger his remaining chips” Big Steve thought, a smirk shown in his face. “Well, if that's so, I wagger my other six chips as well” Alex said. “WHAT!?” Big Steve shocked. “A-Alex, are you sure? What if he has better cards then you? He will take all of your chips and you will only had 3 left!” Leona said. “That’s fine, that's enough” Alex said. “Darn it Alex! Stop messing around!” Leona said again holding Alex’s collar.

“He... I never expected to meet a kid like this...” Big Steve thought sweating “Why is he really confident with this? Does he really have good cards? Is he cheating?” “What’s wrong Mr. Underwood? Do you want to make a raise?” Alex said, challenging.

“No... I have four kings and five of clubs in my hand” Big Steve thought “I will lose if he has Straight Flush, Four Aces, or a Five a Kind with a Joker... Does he already has one of those cards?” “I’m thirsty” Alex said “Hey, uh, Tamera right? Can you bring that Nectar to me, please?”. “E-eh, yes, sure” Tamera said, she brought a bottle of nectar and gave it to Alex.

“Fine! I will take you now!” Big Steve exclaimed. “Hold it!” Alex said “I haven’t raised you yet”. “WHAT!” everyone shocked again. “Raise!? Don't tell me you will...” Big Steve said. “Yes, you're right, I wagger my three last chips” Alex said drinking his Nectar. “WHAT!? BUT YOU DIDN'T HAVE ANY CHIPS LEFT!” Jean shocked. “Alex, are you crazy!?” Chris exclaimed “What if you lose!?”.

“STOP BLUFFING YOU BRAT!” Big Steve said in anger. "And yeah, since there are no chips left, can I wagger with something else?" Alex said. "WHAT!? YOU WILL MAKE A RAISE AGAIN!?" Big Steve said. Alex then took something from his pocket. "This is my father's ATM card, he let me borrow it, there are 65,000 Simoleons in my father's account" Alex said, "I bet them all,"

"Stop messing around Curtiz!"

"Your father's ATM card!? Alex have you really lost your mind!?" Leona said, but Alex didn't answer Leona's question. Everyone there became more nervous, they were sweating, panting, they never expected that Alex had this kind of confidence. "STOP MESSING AROUND CURTIZ, I KNOW YOU ARE BLUFFING!" Big Steve said.

"I have wagger everyting I have" Alex said confidently "If I win, then, you will give us that Rainbow Gem" "Ugh" Big Steve could's say anything, he was afraid with Alex's confidece. "A-Alex, you are so confident in your cards..." Jean thought "That means you will win for sure, right?".

"So, what will you do next, Mr. Underwood?" Alex asked. Big Steve sweated more. He then looking at Alex's eyes, he felt that Alex had no fear. He then sighed, he put his cards on the table and then...

"I... I give up" Big Steve said, much to everyone surprised. "I give up, you win" he said again. Everyone became silence for a moment, and then... "ALEEEX!" Jean said hugging Alex "Thank God, you won! YOU WON!". Jean, Leona, Chris, and Tamera cheered him. Big Steve then took the Rainbow Gem and gave it to them. "Whoa, it's so shiny" Tamera said commenting.

Meanwhile, "Big Steve had four kings, I wonder, what did you have Al?" Leona became curious about Alex's cards, she then took the cards from the table. "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!?" Leona said in shock. "What's wrong?" Jean said. "I... I can't believe you gambled everything with these... Really bad cards!" Leona said, revealing Alex's cards that showed he had no chance of winning.

"Well, I even didn't know what cards I had, if I had known, I would have probably had a heart attack" Alex said. "I can't believe this" Big Steve said examining Alex's cards, "But, you really have good confidence" he praised. "Thanks" Alex said.

"Well Alex, if you don't mind, what about we have a rematch some day?" Big Steve said. "Well, I don't know" Alex said smiling.


Jean's cellphone rang, it was from Lily. "Yes mom?" Jean answered it. "Jean, thank God" Lily said "Where are you? Have you found Chris and Tamera? Also Mr. and Mrs. Curtiz said that Alex was missing too and...", "Don't worry mom, we have found them" Jean said. "Really, oh, thank God... Where are you now?" Lily asked.

"We are in the old mine right now" Jean answered. "Old mine!? What are you doing there!?" Lily surprised. "Well, uh, it's a long story" Jean said.

Later, the Redfield, the Gerardo, and the Curtiz parents arrived in the old mine and reunited with their children. "Oh thank God, Tamera" Lynn and her husband, Anton approached hugging their daughter "I'm glad you are okay".

"Oh Alex, you make us worried" Ana said hugging Alex. "I'm sorry mom, Chris and Tamera needed someone to accompany them" Alex explained "And yeah, my cellphone battery was out and...", "You're really brave son" Dieter said praising Alex. "Thank you dad".


"Mom, dad, sisters, I'm terribly sorry, I really was obsessed to find this gem" Chris said. "It's okay, as long as you are alright" Lily said, "I am also responsible for this since I was the one who gave you that book". Lily then approached the Gerardos and the Curtiz families. "I'm sorry everyone, this is my responsibility" Lily said.

"It's okay Lily, it's fine," Ana and Lynn said.

"Guys, it's already late" John said looking at his watch "I think it's time to go home". "Yeah, you are right" Dieter said "See you tomorrow everyone!". The three families then separated, returning to their respective homes.

"Ah, it's really good to have family" Big Steve said watching.

Chapter 35: Swimming Time[edit | edit source]

Jean tried to made the potion

Jean was in her lab trying to figure out how to made the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion. She had bought some books to help her. “Jean, you look tired” Leona said entering the lab “You should rest”. “Yeah, you are right...” Jean said put off her glasses and rubed her eyes.

“Bella invited us to go swimming in the public pool, wanna go?” Leona asked. "That’s great idea” Jean said smiling "Let's we go there!". The twins then went to their room and took their respective swimsuits.

At the front yard, Lily greeted them. “Where are you going, girls?” Lily asked. “We will go swimming with Bella and the others” Leona answered. “Oh, okay, take care!” Lily said.

The girls gathered in Bella’s house as usual. Leona, Jean, Bella, Kaylynn, and Annie were already there. “Thanks for inviting me too Bella” Annie said. “No problem Annie” Bella said smiling. “Jeez, where is Darlene right now? don’t tell me she locked herself again in her own bathroom” Leona wondered.


“Well, if that’s so, I think we should go right now” Bella said.

On their way to the Pool Center, the girls had conversation about the upcoming prom. “So, Leona, it seems that you the only who didn’t get a date for the prom” Bella said. “Yeah, I know” Leona said “Yeah, they’re many handsome and popular guys who ask me but, they are not my types”.

“That’s interesting, Enrico also said the same thing whenever he asked about his date for the prom” Annie said.

Everyone stopped for a moment and stared at Leona. “What are you looking at?” Leona asked.

The girls arrived in Le Petit Shark Pool Center.

“What do you think about my new bikini?” Bella asked showing her new, red colored bikini to the girls. “Whoa, it’s so cool!” Annie commented. “Eh Bella, I always wonder, do you have any other colors for your clothes beside red?” Leona asked. “Well, red is my favorite, you may know that, most of my clothes are red, just like you always wear black-colored outfits like your father” Bella answered. “At least I have one in white” Leona said.

Dina and Nina again!

When the girls about to leaved the change room, they met two other girls who entered the room, Dina and Nina. “Oh, it’s you” Dina said curtly. “Oh, hi Dina” Leona greeted her with same manner. “Hey Nina, I think we should go to another Pool” Dina said to her sister “This place is very stuffy”. “Well, if that so, uh, we can go to Lofty Cerulean Blue Pool” Nina said suggesting. “Oh, great idea, let’s we go there” Dina said. The Caliente twins leave the lot, heading to another community pool.

“What the heck is wrong with them?” Kaylynn asked commenting the Caliente twins. “Forget about them, we’re here to having fun!” Leona exclaimed.

Chapter 36: Leona and Enrico[edit | edit source]

Several days had passed. Every high school students were busy decorating the main hall for the upcoming prom. Kaylynn, who was selected as the master of ceremonies, was seen practicing with her friend. Meanwhile, Mortimer and some of his classmates were designing a banner.

"How about this?" Skip Javeed asked. "Well, it's great, but I think we should place this clip art here" Mortimer said. Later, Enrico appeared approaching them, "Hi Mortimer, sorry I'm late" he said. "Do you bring the stuff?" Mortimer asked. "Sure, they're in my backpack" Enrico said. Mortimer then examined Enrico's backpack and took some stuff he needed. "Good job, thanks Enrie," he said.

"Okay then, I think I should go right now, I have a part-time job" Enrico said looking at his watch. "You have a part-time job?" Mortimer asked. "Yes, I have a part-time job in the grocery store," Enrico explained "See you tomorrow, guys!". He then leaved the school and went to the grocery store.

"Man, it's so hot right now" Enrico said wiping his sweat with his handkerchief. Enrico then stopped for a moment and looking at his handkerchief, it was the one given by Leona. He suddenly remembered the day when Leona kissed him after he saved her from bullies. "Oh man, since that day, I'm always thinking about Leona..." Enrico thought "It feels like... my old feeling on her has been resurfaced."

It was eleven years ago in Twinbrook, the Delgados just arrived. The young Enrico Delgado was so happy with their new home. "Hey dad, can I go to the park right now?" he asked. "Well, sure, you can go there while waiting for us to unpack our stuff" Bob said. "Great! Let's go Annie!" Enrico said happily.

However, when Enrico was about to cross the road, another child appeared riding a rollerskate. "Hey! Watch out!" the child yelled, but Enrico failed to notice and the two collided. "OUCH!" both fell to the ground. "A-ah, I'm sorry, are you okay?" Enrico stood up and checked on the child with rollerskate. "I'm... I'm okay" the child said "I should be the one who apologize." "A girl?" Enrico could noticed that the child was a girl from her voice.

The girl then opened her helmet and goggles. Enrico stunned, a beautiful, tomboyish girl with brown-colored hair stood before him. "Hey, it seems you are my new neighbor. Name's Leona, Leona Anne Redfield, my house is next to yours there" the girl said introducing herself "what's your name?" Enrico didn't answer, he was still stunned looking at Leona, making her slightly uncomfortable. "Err, are you okay?" Leona asked. But Enrico didn't answered. "Weird..." she thought.

"Leona, honey! Lunch is ready!" a voice heard from the Redfield house, it was Leona's mother, Lily. "I'm coming mom!" Leona answered. She then put her helmet and goggles on and ride to her house. "Oh, hi new neighbor, nice to meet you" Lily said greeting the Delgados. "Nice to meet you too" the Delgados said.

"Mommy, mommy" Enrico said suddenly. "What's wrong Enrie?" Tina asked. "Is that... Is that an angel?" Enrico asked, making his family laugh.

Lily asked Leona to go to grocery store

Back to present time, in the Redfield house

"Jean, Leona, can I ask your favor?" Lily asked. "What is it mom?" Jean asked. "Can one of you go to the grocery store to buy some ingredients, it's almost dinner time" Lily said. "Well, maybe I can" Leona volunteered "I also want to buy some new shampoo".

"Well, if that's so, here the buy list and the money." Lily said giving Leona the buy list and some simoleons. "Don't forget the exchange" she said again. "Sure mom" Leona said before leaving.

At the grocery store

"Let's see..." Leona said reading her buy list, "eggs, onions, two milk gallons, and..." "BUMP!" Leona bumped into one of the employee, made him fell. "Uh, oh, sorry" Leona said trying to help the employee. "It's okay, it's okay" the employee said standing up, and... "Huh? Leona?" the employee surprised, it was Enrico. "Huh? Enrie? What are you doing here?" Leona asked. "I've part-time job here, this is my first day." Enrico said.

"Oh, I see" Leona said nodding, "By the way, I need to buy these ingredients, and some shampoo too." "Well, I think I can help you to find them." Enrico said. "Really? Thanks Enrie!" Leona said hapiily. "Not a problem, this is my job, ha ha ha!" Enrico said.

Leona stared at Enrico

After several minutes, Leona finally done shopping. "Thanks for everything Enrie" she said. "No problem Leona" Enrico said. Leona then gazed into Enrico's eyes, making him blush. "W-what's wrong? Is there something on my face" Enrico asked nervously.

"Nothing but, I think you really changed" Leona said "Unlike when you were child, you slightly... matured". "Oh really, ha ha ha! Y-yeah, everyone said that" Enrico laughed "And yeah, I think you also changed, no one expected that a tomboyish girl like you can be this... feminine". "Really? Well, actually, I'm still tomboy you know" Leona said. The two then laughed.

"Well, it's time to me to go home, see you tomorrow Enrie!" Leona said. "Leona wait!" Enrico said. "Yes?" Leona said. "Nothing... Just take care" Enrico said. Leona only smiled before returning home.

Chapter 37: The Prom Night (Part 1)[edit | edit source]

Jean greeted Alex.jpg

The prom night finally came.

Alex just arrived in the Redfield house. After he rang the bell, Jean, who wore a turqoise formal dress and glasses, appeared before him. "Oh, hi Jean" Alex said in surprise "Whoa, y-you are so beautiful tonight!". Jean smiled, "Thank you" she said "Come in, you want a drink?". "S-sure, I'm thirsty" Alex said entering the house.

Alex sat at the sofa and turning on the TV. "Where are your parents?" Alex asked. "They bring Chris to doctor" Jean answered. "Huh? What happened to him? Is he sick?" Alex asked again. "Not really, he was eating spicy foods too much and... yeah you might know what happened then" Jean explained. "I see, hope he'll get well soon" Alex said.

"Why I must wear this kind of dress!?" a voice heard from Jean and Leona's room. "Huh, what happen in your room?" Alex surprised hearing the noises. "Oh, nothing, it's just Bella and Darlene come here and trying to give Leona a makeover" Jean explained "You remember what Leona wore last prom, right?". "Err, yeah, you're right, it's for her own good." Alex said remembering Leona's look in the last prom.


"Jean... and oh, hi Alex!" Bella appeared from the room "Darlene and I finally finished making over Leona and... Tada!" Leona appeared, she wore same dress like Jean's, but in black color. Her make up was perfect thanks to Bella and her hair also perfectly styled. "I feel weird..." Leona said in upset. "But you are so beautiful Leona. I'm sure there will be so many guys who will ask you for dance" Darlene said "And, oh yeah, don't forget Enrico, he probably will ask you for a date, ha ha ha!". Leona snorted, everyone laughed.

"Hey, I think our limo is here" Bella said "Come on everyone, let's go the prom!"

06:00 P.M. School main hall

The prom finally started, everyone was so happy, especially who came with their respective partners. So many firsts could be found here: first awkward kiss, first awkward romance, and even, first awkward breakup.

Enrico approached Leona

Leona was seen sitting alone, a little mad that she couldn't wear what she wanted, also enjoying the music when a guy approached her. "Would you like a drink?" the guy said offering a juice. Leona surprised, "Enrie?" she said "I thought you were not coming." The guy was none other than Enrico. "Yeah, you know, I was so bored and I need to watch Annie here," Enrico said pointing that her sister, Annie, who came with her new boyfriend, Andrew Gerardo.

"I see, well, I think Andrew will be a good boyfriend for her" Leona said. "Yeah, I know, I just want to make sure that she got a right guy" Enrico said. "And how about you? Have you already found the right girl for you?" Leona asked. "Oh, well, yeah, I don't know, ha ha ha!" Enrico said laughing.

"Oh, by the way, where's... uh... where's your date?" Enrico asked. "I don't have a date. It's just me..." Leona answered. "Well, if that so... do you want to, uh..." Enrico suddenly became nervous. "What?" Leona asked. "Do you want to dance with me?" Enrico asked. Leona then smiled, "Oh, why didn't you say so?" she said "Let's show them a real dance!"

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Meanwhile at the outside of the building.

"Jean?" Alex said approaching Jean who just standing there "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I suddenly feel uncomfortable inside" Alex then gave her a glass of juice. "This is for you" he said. "Oh, thank you" Jean said.

"Hey look!" Alex said pointing at the sky "there are so many stars tonight". "You are right..." Jean said "...it's so unfortunate I didn't bring my telescope, ha ha" "Hey look at that, is that a falling star?" Alex said noticing a falling star. He and Jean watched it in awe. "Whoa, it is so beautiful" Jean said, Alex only nodded.

"Hey, let's go inside" Alex said. "Alex?" Jean said. "What is it?" Alex asked. Jean then approached him. "Do you really need to go?" Jean asked. "What do you mean?" Alex said, confused. "I mean, do you really need to move to another town?" Jean said, clarifying her question. "Well, I've told you that my parents transfered to the branch office in Roaring Heights" Alex said reminding Jean "So... yeah..."

"Don't..." Jean said. "Huh, what did you say?" Alex asked. "Don't go!" Jean said. She held Alex's hands and suddenly, she cried...

"Please Alex! Don't go! Don't leave me!" Jean said hugging him. "J-Jean, what happened?" Alex surprised. "I don't want you to go!" Jean said "I... I love you Alex! I don't want you to leave me!" Alex was really surprised, "But I thought you only saw me as friend" he said "You even said that..." "I've made a mistake! I've lied to my own feelings!" Jean said "I-I knew it's already late for me to confess but, I... I really love you!"

Alex and Jean kissed

Alex couldn't said anything. Jean still cried, Alex could see that Jean felt regret. "Jeanie" Alex said suddenly. "Y-Yes" Jean said haltingly. Alex then gazed into Jean, he closed his eyes, and then...

Jean surprised, she couldn't believed that Alex kissed her. Jean's heart was beating. She trembled. She could feel that Alex's lips touched hers. Jean then closed her eyes too and kissed him back and her sadness was finally gone. "I love you too" Alex said "I always liked you," Jean smiled, she was very happy. Alex wiped Jean's tears and stroke her cheek. "Thank you, Alex" Jean said.

Chapter 38: The Prom Night (Part 2)[edit | edit source]

Everyone cheered watching Leona and Enrico who performed tango dance. "GREAT! YOU ARE GREAT!" they said, applaused. "Whoa, we did it Enrie, they really like it!" Leona said "I never know you can do this kind of dance". Enrico then smiled "Then, let's we show them the best move of this dance" he said.

Enrico and Leona then put their hands up and Leona performed a spin. However... When Leona do a spin, Enrico released his grip. Leona screamed, she also fell. But Enrico quickly catched her body. Everyone stunned. "E-Enrie, what are you doing?" Leona asked, she was a little surprised.

Enrico and Leona kissed

"Leona..." Enrico said "There's something I want to tell you". "What is it?" Leona asked, confused. Enrico then smiled and gazed into Leona's eyes. "I love you" Enrico said, confessing. Leona surprised, "Are you serious? Is this some kind of joke?" she asked. "No... I'm serious" Enrico said "I really love you Leona".

Leona became speechless, she didn't know what to say. "Enrie.. I" Leona started to talk, she then smiled "I love you too". The two then kissed. Everyone cheered, congratulating them for being a couple.

"Congratulation! Enrico and Leona!" Kaylynn said from her microphone. "Thank you, Enrie" Leona said, hugging her new-first boyfriend.

Meanwhile at the corner

"Urgh, disgusting, I wanna' threw up" Dina said, commenting about Leona and Enrico. "You're just jealous because you didn't get any date tonight, aren't you?" Nina said. "Shut up? How about you, you also didn't have a date!" Dina said. Nina didn't said anything.

Suddenly,the Caliente sisters approached by a group of men. They were the bullies who requested by Dina to attack Leona couple of days ago. "Hi Dina, how are you?" the bully said, greeting. "What do you want?" Dina asked coldly. "Well, uh, you know, I didn't get any date tonight, and it seems that you're alone" he said "If you don't mind, wouldn't you...", "Became your date and dance with you?" Dina said cutting his sentence, "Sorry, I'm no interested, bye!". She and Nina then leaved them.

"Geez, she's really cold" one bully said. "Yeah, I know, that's why I really like her" the bully leader said "By the way, do you have some cigarretes?". "Wait, I thought you were stopped smoking" his subordinate said. "Nah, just give me your cigarrete" the leader ordered. He then turned the cigarrete and enjoyed it. "Ahh, feels better".

After several minutes.

"Hi boss, look, there is a beautiful girl sitting alone there" one of the bully said. "You are right!" the leader said, disposed his cigarrete "I got this!". The bullies escorted the leader approaching the girl. They didn't realize that the cigarrete was still burned.

07.30 P.M. One and half hour since the party started

Everyone were still enjoying their night, the couples were seen slow dancing. "Err, Enrie, did you smell something?" Leona asked. "What is it?" Enrico asked. "I don't know, but I smells something" Leona said. The two then stopped their dance. Enrico begun sniffing. "Y-you are right" Enrico said "It smells like... Something burned".

The room suddenly covered by smoke, and....

"FIRE! THERE'S A FIRE!" someone suddenly yelled. Everyone looked at the corner of the room, there was fire starting. "Oh my god..." Leona said. "EVERYONE LEAVE THE ROOM, NOW!" one of the teachers said, directing everyone to geat out from the building. Everyone begun to panic, they rushed, running to the exit door. "RUN! RUN!". The fire was spreading so fast. "THIS IS THE WORST PROM EVER!" Darlene yelled.

The students were able to out from the building on the time, half of the building now burned. "Is anyone saved!?" the teachers made sure that everyone saved. "Dina! DINA WHERE ARE YOU!?" Nina suddenly yelled "I CAN'T FOUND DINA! DINAAAAAA". Everyone surprised. "Don't tell me she is..." Leona said looking at the burned building.

Realizing that Dina was still inside, Leona rushed back in to the building. "REDFIELD!" the teachers yelled. "LEONA, DON'T!" Jean and Enrico yelled in unison.

Chapter 39: Reconciliation[edit | edit source]

Inside the burning building, the smoke blocked Leona's view. "DINA!" Leona yelled, calling for Dina, "DINA WHERE ARE YOU!?" There was no answer. "*Cough*" Leona started coughing, "I must find her as soon as possible!" she said.

Suddenly, another coughing sound was heard from the corner. Leona followed the voice, and finally found Dina. "DINA!" Leona yelled. Leona ran into Dina, she saw that Dina was stunned. Leona knew that Dina was pyrophobic due to her tragic childhood. Leona knew that now the fire caused Dina to remember the day when her father, Flamenco, died.

"Dina! Dina!" Leona shook Dina's body, Dina's sense returned as she was surprised seeing Leona there. "Le-Leona? What are you..." Dina said. "Come on Dina, stand up, we need to get out of here!" Leona said. "I... I can't, my leg!" Dina said holding her right leg. Leona that checked on Dina's right leg, it seemed that she twisted her leg.

"Let me help you then" Leona said helping Dina to stood up, carried her. "Why?" Dina suddenly said "Why would you help me?". But Leona didn't answer and kept moving.

The smoke became thicker, the temperature of the room increased. Leona started coughing. Dina realized that Leona inhaled too much smoke. However, Dina herself also felt the same since she was longer trapped inside the building. "Leona... *cough*, leave me alone..." Dina said "You... You don't need to worry about me".

"Are you crazy? I would never leave my friend!" Leona yelled. "F-friend?" Dhe asked "Le... Leona, do you still...". "*cough* Dina, listen... *cough*, I knew that we didn't get along lately in these two years, but...*cough*" Leona said coughing "But... you must know. Whatever happened, you... *cough*, you're still my friend".

Dina surprised, she couldn't believe what she heard.

Suddenly, she remembered the time when she and her family arrived in Sunset Valley.

Just a week after Flamenco's death, Dina, with Nina and Katrina moved in to Sunset Valley to start a new life. Dina however, couldn't forget her father's tragic death and became self-contained and rarely spoke with other people.

However, one day when visiting Central Park, Dina met Leona for the first time. Leona accidentally hit Dina with her baseball, fortunately, Dina wasn't hurt. "Oops sorry, I didn't mean to" Leona said. "A-ah, it's okay" Dina said giving the ball back to Leona. "Hey, are you new here? What's your name?" Leona asked nicely. "Dina" Dina answered. "Hi Dina, my name is Leona, nice to meet you" Leona introduced herself.

"Hey Leona, the water balloon fight is about to start!" Leona's friend, Bella, called. "I will be there!" Leona said "Hey, we are about to have a water balloon fight, wanna join?". "W-what, uh, I don't know" Dina said. "Come on, don't be shy, hey guys! We have new friend here!" Leona said pulling Dina's arm, "What? Wait!"

"After that, Dina finally could smile again. Leona became Dina's closest friend. Whatever Dina had a problem, the first person Dina would ask for advice was Leona.

Unfortunately, their relationship became strained during their freshman year in high school. Both Dina and Leona were good in sports and were recruited to the school's women basketball team. Dina felt that she was overshadowed by Leona since she saw Leona's ability was much better than her. She became more jealous when Leona crowned as MVP and became popular.

To make matters worse, Dina once had a boyfriend, but they broke up after she learned that her boyfriend also admired Leona and even, asked Leona for a date. Leona rejected his proposal, of course, but it made Dina completely despise her. During the training session, an angry Dina attacked Leona in front of their teammates. A fight broke between them which causing them suspended in a match.

Since then, Leona and Dina became enemy until now...

Back to present time.

Leona became exhausted, she inhaled the smoke too much. "Dina, are you (*cough*) okay?" Leona said looking at Dina who almost fell unconscious. "My God..." Leona said. Leona continued walking, however...

Leona lost her balance, both she and Dina fell to the ground. She really had reached her limit and about to lose her consciousness. "Darn it..." Leona said "Maybe... maybe my time is up". She looked at Dina, only to find her already passing out. Leona then looked at the burned ceilings and shed tears. "Mom... Dad... Jeanie... Chris... everyone..." Leona said "I'm sorry...".

As Leona was about to lose her consciousness, a silhouette of a guy appeared before her. "There they are!" the guy yelled. The guy approached her, followed by two others. They were firefighters. "Quick! Give me the oxygen!" Leona could see the firefighter took a portable oxygen tank. However, just before the firefighter installed the oxygen on her, Leona passed out.

"Leona... Leona..."

A voice was heard, calling for Leona. Leona opened her eyes. Her head was still spinning. She then looked around and found that she already home in her room. In the room, there were not only her family, but also her friends: Bella, Darlene, Kaylynn, Annie, Mortimer, Alex, and of course, Enrico. "Oh my gosh, Leona, you really made us worried!" Lily said hugging her daughter. "You are so lucky the firefighters arrived on the time and saved you" John said.

Leona became quiet for a moment, but she suddenly remembered something. "Dina, what about Dina?" Leona asked. The door suddenly opened and someone entered the room. It was Dina, who came together with Nina and their mother, Katrina.

Leona got up from her bed and ran approaching Dina, hugging her. "Thank goodness, Dina, you are saved!" Leona said, but Dina was only quiet. "We come here to thank you for your attempt to save my daughter" Katrina said "you are really brave, Leona".


"Leona, there's something Dina wants to talk with you about" Nina said, "Come on Dina, just tell her". Dina sighed, and she started talking. "I... I really wanna thank you for saving my life. I never expected that you still cared and would risk your life to help someone who always troubles you" Dina said "I... I don't how to say this but... I... I'm really sorry for all I've done" Everyone became quiet. Dina began crying "I... I knew I've been rude this whole time, I knew that I always gave you trouble, and, and I..."

"Dina..." Leona said, cutting Dina's sentence "I've already told you that whatever happened, you're still my friend" Dina was surprised, she was stunned for a moment. But later, a happy smile could be seen in her face. "Thank you, Leona" Dina said. The two then hugged each other, their feud was officially over and they became best friends again. Everyone smiled, and felt happy for them.

Chapter 40: Departure[edit | edit source]

Sunday morning.

A moving truck was seen in front of the Curtiz household. The Curtiz family was seen packing their belongings. Their neighbors: the Ursines, the Frios, the Wan-Goodards, and of course, the Redfield family were there to help. A car then stopped in front of the house. It was Gunther Goth and his family, Cornelia and Mortimer, bringing some gifts. "These are some keepsakes from us" Cornelia said. "Thanks Cornelia, these are wonderful gifts" Ana said receiving the gifts.

Later, Bella, Darlene, and Kaylynn also arrived with some gifts. "Hi Mr and Mrs. Curtiz" Bella greeted "We come here to give this gift to Alex as a keepsake" "Oh my, thank you girls, we appreciate it" Ana said.

"Where's Alex by the way?" Mortimer asked. "He said that he want to visit Old Pier Beach, so I think he's there right now" Dieter answered.

Old Pier Beach.

Alex was sitting alone, looking at the beach scenery. "Alex." a girl voice suddenly heard, calling him from his back. Alex turned his head. The girl was none other than Jean.

Alex was stunned for a moment. "Hi Jean" Alex said "Whoa, you are so pretty in that dress". Jean smiled. "What are you doing here?" Jean asked. "Nothing, I'm just looking at this scenery... For the last time" Alex said. "I see..." Jean said.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Alex said. Jean nodded. "I will never forget how beautiful this place is." Alex said again. Jean didn't said anything, she looked sad. "Jean?" Alex said looking at Jean. "So you really need to go?" Jean said. Alex only nodded.

"I will miss you"

Jean begun to shed tears. Alex then stood up, "No, Jean, please don't cry" he said. He took Jean's glasses off and wiped her tears. "Jean, I promise, I will never forget you" Alex said smiling "Because you are very special to me". Jean then looking at Alex, "Do you promise?" she asked. "Yes, I promise" Alex said.

The two then became quiet for a moment. Jean then hugged Alex tightly, "I... I will miss you Al" she said. "I will miss you too" Alex said.

Unknown to them, Leona and Enrico, who also came to gave Alex a gift, watched them from far. Leona couldn't hold her tears, she could felt her twin sister's feeling. "I think, we should leave them" Enrico said "Come on, we will wait in the Curtiz house".

09:00 A.M.

The Curtiz family finished packing their belongings. "We will miss you guys" Dieter said. "Yeah, we will miss you too" John said representing the other neighbors. They then huged each other. The Curtiz then get in to their car.

Dieter started his car engine. "Goodbye everyone!" the Curtiz family said, saying farewell to everyone. "Bye! We will miss you!" everyone said waving their hand. The car and the truck then moved, leaving the neighborhood. Alex turned his head, looking at his friends from the car. "Goodbye everyone" Alex thought "And goodbye... Jean".

"Goodbye Alex..." Jean said in a quiet tone.

Chapter 41: Welcome, Charlie Redfield[edit | edit source]

At the library

Three months later.

Jean was seen in the library reading some books when Bella approached her. "Hi Jean" Bella said greeting her. "Oh hi Bella" Jean said. "What are you doing?" Bella asked. "Well, I just read some books that can help me create the Imaginary Friend metamorphium potion for my brother" Jean answered. "I see..." Bella said "By the way, is Alex still contact you? How is he" Bella asked again.

"Well, I don't know..." Jean said, her face became saddened "He didn't call me for since a month ago". "Oh, maybe he's bussy right now, don't be sad Jean" Bella said consoling her. "Yeah, thanks Bella" Jean said, smiling. "By the way, I have buy some tickets to watch a concert in the stadium, wanna join?" Bella asked. "No, thanks, I need to go home now" Jean said.

"Well if that so, see you tomorrow Jean!" Bella said. "Yeah, see you tomorrow" Jean answered.

Arriving in the home, Jean greeted by Lily. "Welcome home dear" Lily said. "Hi mom, are Leona and Chris already home yet?" Jean asked. "Well, Leona is already home, but Chris is go to the theater to watch a movie" Lily said. "I see..." Jean said "...By the way, I will be in my lab right now". "Oh, okay, sure" Lily said.

Entering the house, Jean greeted by Leona who watching Tv. "Oh, welcome home Jeanie" Leona said. But Jean didn't answer as she promptly went to her lab in the second floor.

In her lab, Jean took her lab uniform. She then took some books from the bookshell and heading toward her chemistry station. "Okay then, time to make that potion" she said.

Two hours later

07.30 P.M.

Chris was just returned from the theater, at the same time, John was also just arrived home. "Hello son" John greeted. "Oh hi dad" Chris greeted him back "Where have you been?". "I just went to the Goth house, Gunther asked me to help him fix his broken stereo" John said. "Did you manage to fix it?" Chris asked. "Unfortunately... No, the stereo is already old after all" John said.

"I see..." Chris said. "Where have you been?" John asked. "Well, I was went to the theater to watch a film with my friends" Chris answered. "I see? Is the movie good?" John asked. "Off course, I even buy an action figure there" Chris said showing an action figure. "Whoa, that's cool" John complimented, "Is this limited edition?" he asked. "Yes" Chris nodded. "You are lucky then" John said.

"Everyone, dinner's ready!" Lily's voice heard from inside of the house. "Hey I think we are on time" John said "The dinner's just ready!".

Jean was still busy in her lab

Everyone gathered in the dining room. Everyone except Jean. "Where's Jean?" John asked. "I think she's still in her lab right now" Lily said "It has been two hours". "I will call her then" Leona said.

Leona then went to the second floor, heading to Jean's lab. She found that the door was unlocked. "Jean?" Leona entered the lab, she saw Jean was still working on her chemistry station. "Jean, the dinner's ready" Leona said, but Jean didn't listen as she focused on her work.

Leona then approached her, she was about to patted Jean's shoulder when suddenly...

"EUREKAAAAA!" Jean yelled suddenly, surprising Leona. "W-Whoa, what hapened!?" Leona asked. "I DID IT LEONA, I DID IT!" Jean said hugging her twin sister. "Err... You did what?" Leona became confused. "I DID IT! I FINALLY MAKE THAT IMAGINARY FRIEND POTION!" Jean exclaimed. "Really!?" Leona surprised. She then looked at Jean's chemistry station. There was an unusual, brown-colored potion. "Is that the potion?" Leona asked again, Jean only nodded.

"Whoa congratulation Jeanie!" Leona exclaimed. "Quick, call Chris! Now we can see wether the legend about Imaginary Friend is true or not".

Later, Chris was called to the second floor. "Here's your potion Chris, if the legend is true, it will make your imaginary friend turned real" Jean said giving the potion. "Whoa, thanks Jean!" Chris said happily, "I will give it to Charlie right now!".

Charlie about to became real

Chris then brought Charlie to the first floor. His family watched. "What's wrong Chris?" Charlier asked "And why's your family watching us?". "Charlie, my sister Jean just made this potion for you" Chris said "I think it's time to make you become real!".

Are you sure about this?" Charlie asked, Chris nodded. "Okay then" Charlie received the potion, and drunk it.

"Later, Charlie's body shined, everyone could saw the light. "Whoa..." Leona said in awe. "It seems that the legend is true" Jean said. The Redfields were stunned, later, a shiluete of a child could be seen from the light.

After several seconds, the light vanished, a tan-skinned boy with blue eyes and unsual green-colored hair appeared before the Redfields. "Charlie?" Chris said "Charlie is this really you?". Charlie didn't answer, he checked on his body. "Hair, skin, nose... Am I already...?" Charlie said "Is anyone had a mirror?".

Charlie Redfield

Chris then went to the bathroom and brought a mirror. Charlie then looked at his relfection in the mirror in awe. "My gosh, I'm not only real... I'm also a human!" Charlie exclaimed "Thank you Chris! And thank you Jean!". Jean only smiled. Chris and Charlie were beamed with happiness. "Oh look! I already have shoes!" Charlie said looking at his shoes.

"Well then..." John said "It's Charlie right?". "Yes sir" Charlie said. "Well then, welcome to our family, Charlie Redfield" John said. Charlie was so happy that he now officially became the member of Redfield family.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Several days later, John decided to enrolled Charlie in the community school. During the interview, John claimed Charlie as his newly adopted-son. "I see..." the principal said, "And by the way Charlie, do you have any hobbies or interests". "Hobbies or Interests? Well, I don't know, but I really interested in art" Charlie claimed. "What kind of art?" the principal asked. "Painting... Maybe" Charlie said. "I see..." the principal said.

After the interview finished, John and Charlie met Chris who already waiting. "So how is it?" Chris asked. "Well, Charlie will attend the school tomorrow, I think it's time to buy some books for him" John said stroking Charlie's head.

When Charlie meet Sandi

Suddely, someone approached them, it was Sandi French. "Hey Chris" she said "And good morning Mr. Redfield". "Oh hi Sandi, what's up?" Chris asked. "I have to meet the principal right now, is he inside?" Sandi asked. "Yeah, we just had an interview, he's still inside" John answered. Sandi then looked at Charlie. "Hey, who is this?" Sandi asked.

"Oh, this is Charlie, my... adopted brother" Chris said introducing Charlie. "Oh, hi Charlie nice to meet you" Sandi said shaking Charlie's hand. "N-nice to meet you too..." Charlie said in nervous tone, made John and Chris chuckled.

At the women basketball club

"Here's the profile of our new member" Dina said giving Leona a profile of their newest team member "I have seen her ability, she's really good". "I see... Where is she now?" Leona asked. "There" Dina said "Hey, you newcomer, come here!".

A ligth-skinned girl with chestnut-colored hair then approached Dina and Leona. "Y-yes, what's wrong senior?" the girl asked. "Well, our captain here want to see your ability" Dina said. "Err, I don't know..." the girl said. "Come on, don't be nervous Toads... err..." Dina said trying to remember the girl's name.

"Toadstool, Astrid Toadstool" the girl said. "Oh, okay, Astrid Toadstool right?" Leona said, "So Astrid, if you don't mind, I really want to see you ability". "Well, if that so... Okay" Astrid said.

Astrid later showed off her magnificent skill, everyone saw it in awe. "Impressive, Astrid" Leona clapping her hands. "Y-yeah, thanks Captain" Astrid said. "Well Astrid, what about one-on-one?" Leona said challenging Astrid. "Wait a minute? Are you sure?" Astrid surprised. "Pretty sure". "Well, okay" Astrid answered.

Everyone became silent, both Leona and the newcomer Astrid ready in their position. At the tribune, Jean, Bella, Darlene, and Kaylynn watched. Dina, who chosen as the referee, tossed the ball on the air, both Leona and Astrid jumped to get it.

The one-on-one match started.

-The End-

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