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A Sim's Tale
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Name: A Sim's Tale
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Created by: Rizkirafu
Number of chapters: 31

Original run: 04/14/2014 - 09/12/2015
Status: Finished

Succeeded by: A Sim's Tale: Book 2

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This is my first time I create a fan fiction here, sorry if there is a poor English.

A Sim's Tale: Book 1 is fanon made and owned by rizkirafu. It was the first entry of A Sim's Tale series, centered mainly on Redfield family, whom just moved in to Sunset Valley. Classic Sims characters such Mortimer Goth, Bella Bachelor, etc also appeared as main supporting characters of the story. This story followed by A Sim's Tale: Book 2.

Characters IntroductionEdit

Main charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit


Other and minor charactersEdit

Chapter 1: Welcome to Sunset ValleyEdit

Redfield family arrives

The Redfield family arrived in Sunset Valley

It was a sunny day in Sunset Valley. A Tofunda Wagon had been seen stopping in front of a house named the Myrtle Bungalow. This car belonged to the Redfields who had come from Twinbrook. "We're finally here," said John Redfield.

Leona, John's daughter, spoke next. "Wow! Mom, Dad, is this our new house?" "Yes sweetheart," answered Lily, Leona's mother. "Do you like it?". "Of course!" Leona said excitedly. "I've dreamed of living in a house near the beach...Can we go surfing now?"

John smiled. "Sorry Leona, not now..." he said. Leona frowned in disappointment. "Oh, and please wake your sister. Tell her we've arrived." Leona shook Jean, her twin sister, awake. Jean and Leona were the eldest children in the family. "Hey Jean, wake up! We're finally in Sunset Valley!" Jean opened her eyes, not sounding nearly as cheerful as Leona expected.

"Oh, okay. That's nice," John and Lily noticed that Jean wasn't at all as happy as Leona. Then they remembered, Jean didn't actually want to move to Sunset Valley. "Jean," Lily said, "I know you miss Twinbrook so much, but this is our home now. You will like this town, the neighbors are nice and you'll get new friends here."

Hearing what her mother said, Jean felt better. "Thank you mom," she said. "I will try to like this place,"

"That's my girl," said John.

Chapter 2: Bella BachelorEdit

Lily Jean Leona AST1

Lily told Leona and Jean about Bella.

The following day in Sunset Valley, Jean and Leona woke up and prepared for head off for school.

"Mom, do you think our new friends will as good as in Twinbrook?" Jean asked. "Of course," Lily answered. "Where's dad?" Leona noticed that John was not with them. "Your dad is visiting his old friend," Lily answered.

"Oh you mean that Simis Bach... Bachel..." Leona wracked her brains for the name of the colorful character that her mother had described to her days earlier, "uh...what's that guy's name again?"

"Simis Bachelor," Lily answered. "Yep. His daughter, Bella is the same age as you. She is a very nice girl,"

"Really? Wow Jean, I think we've just found our first friend!" Leona exclaimed.

8:00 AM

Jean and Leona heard the loud honking noises coming from the front of the house. They knew the school bus had arrived.

"I think it's time to go!" Leona said. She and her sister then said together, "Bye Mom, bye Chris." Leona and Jean entered the school bus. Jean felt nervous walking down the central aisle of the bus. Everyone was sitting together. It appeared they had already formed inaccessible cliques. Finally, at the back of the bus, a girl in a red dress greeted them.

"Hi," she said. "You must be Jean and Leona Redfield." "Uh...yes," Jean said, "and you're...?" "My name is Isabella Bachelor, but you can call me Bella," the girl said. "I've heard about you from your dad." "You mean you are Mr. Bachelor's daughter?" Leona asked. Bella nodded. "Wow, we've also heard about you from Mom," Leona responded cheerfully. "Nice to meet you Bella." "Nice to meet you too," said Bella, equally bubbly. "I hope we can be friends!"

Along the way to the school, Jean and Leona had a nice conversation with Bella. Bella told them that she was the youngest child in Bachelor household. Her father, Simis, worked as a reporter; her mother, Jocasta, had a part-time job in bookstore. Also her brother, Michael, was a high school student who also attended the same community school with them. They felt comfortable with Bella, seeing that she was friendly towards them. Jean even thought that she was kinder than what her mother said.

The bus arrived right in front of the steps to the school building. One by the one the students shuffled through the front doors, chatting away as they walked down the corridors towards their respective classrooms.

"You know, Leona," Jean quietly said to her sister, "I think I'm starting to like this place."

Chapter 3: Simis BachelorEdit

John and Simis

John and Simis

Sunset Valley's dive bar was the place for romantic rendezvous.

Only this time it was more of a meeting between old friends. John sat at the counter, listening to jazz music being played by the local band. "So, would you like another drink?" a man offered a second glass of nectar. "Sure," John replied. The man was Simis Bachelor, John's old friend. They first met in university and became "partners-in-crime". They last saw each other at John's wedding.

"It's been a while," said Simis, "I never thought that you would move here, John." "Yeah, I always missed the time we pranked everyone in the dorm..." John reminisced about their university life, which included countless antics on their roommates. "And don't forget the time you freaked out when we locked you in the classroom at midnight."

"Yeah, that was the most beautiful moment in my entire life," Simis said sarcastically before laughing.

The two Sims continued to chat, talking about the past, and boasting about their respective families. John learned that Simis had met his wife, Jocasta, after the graduation. They felt in love at first sight and got married two years later. Simis also said that he planned to enroll his eldest son, Michael in the same University.

"So John, why don't you tell me your story?" said Simis. "I really want to hear what have you've done after you and Lily got married. And I'd love to find out why you decided to move here!"

"Well, to answer your question, my decision to move here was made because I had a little family problem," John answered a little sheepishly. "You should know that my father wanted me to follow his footsteps and become a businessman."

"I see," Simis said, rather thoughtfully. "Your father pressed you to follow him but you had another career path you wanted to follow?". "Yes," said John, "and you already know what I wanted, right?". "So it means you're willing go there now?" Simis asked again.

John didn't answer, but he smiled.

Meanwhile at school...

"Kids, we have some new people today!" the teacher said excitedly. "Jennifer, Leona, please come and introduce yourselves."

Jean spoke first. "My name is Jennifer Redfield, but you can call me Jean. Nice to meet you all." "Nice to meet you too," chanted the class, as if the saying was rehearsed regularly. Leona introduced herself next. "My name is Leona Redfield, nice to meet you all!" She was greeted with exactly the same reply.

"Good, now you two can take your seats," said the teacher. Leona took her seat next to Darlene Bunch while Jean took her seat next to a boy with baseball cap. Jean noticed that she already met the boy somewhere. "Hi. My name is Alex Curtiz, I'm...uh...your neighbor," said the boy, shyly.

"Oh it's you!" Jean said. "I never expected that you were in my class! Nice to meet you by the way." All throughout class, Jean noticed that Alex stared at her too much, making her feel slightly uncomfortable. Leona noticed it, and when the bell rang for the next class, she quietly said to Jean, "Jean, I think that Curtiz boy likes you."

Chapter 4: Mortimer GothEdit

12 PM

In the school cafeteria, all the students met up for lunch. Jean noticed that there were not only elementary school students, but also middle school and high school students. "Jean, Leona, this is my brother Michael," Bella introduced her brother, Michael Bachelor, one of the high school students.

Langerak rizkirafu

Kaylynn Langerak

"Nice to meet you Jean and Leona," said Michael, "I hope you'll be nice to my sister." He winked. After Michael left, Bella, Jean, and Leona joined Darlene.

They started a conversation about their math teacher who Leona thought to be a "clumsy old man". "Hey Kaylynn, come over here and join us!" Bella called out to an older girl that was passing by.

"Oh, thanks Bella," she replied. "Jean, Leona, this is Kaylynn Langerak," Bella introduced the girl excitedly. "She's our senior, a fifth grader." "Oh hi, nice too meet you Jean and Leona," said Kaylynn.

Jean and Leona learned that Kaylynn's mother was a Department Head in Doo Peas Corporate Tower. Kaylynn seemed to be a big-sister-like figure for most third and fourth graders.

In the middle of the conversation, Jean noticed, almost out of sight, a boy sitting alone at the corner of the room. The boy seemed very lonely. "Bella, who's that boy?" Jean asked. "Oh, he's my friend," Bella answered, "his name is Mortimer Goth, his class is next to ours".

"Actually he's her boyfriend," said Darlene jokingly. "Darlene!" Bella blushed, which made everyone laugh."I'll ask him to join us here." Bella went to Mortimer's seat, and asked him to join the group.

After several minutes, Mortimer finally stood up, walked over and sat down with them. Jean and Leona learned that Mortimer was the only child of the famous Goth family. His parents were busy with their jobs, made him felt lonely. Bella was his only friend.

"Nice to meet you Mortimer," said Jean nicely.

"Yeah whatever," said Mortimer glumly. It was as if he was irritated by Jean's kind words.

"What a cold guy," Leona whispered to herself. She felt that she probably won't be able to get along well with him.

Chapter 5: The InterviewEdit

John in city hall

The City Hall!

The City Hall, the place where people tried to change the world as politician. "This is it, John," said Simis, "The Great Hall of the Shire of Sunset Valley." "Yeah," John answered. "I've always wanted to become a politician." "Well then," said Simis, "do your best to realize it." "Thanks," John smiled.
The Boss

Vita Alto

John walked through the corridor, he enter a room where a middle-aged woman was waiting for him. "You must be John Redfield," said the woman. "Y-yes ma'am, I'm John Redfield," said John. "And you must be--", "Vita Alto," the woman filled in the blanks. "Glad to meet you."

John took his seat and gave Vita his CV.

"Let's see," Vita start to read the résumé. "Jonathan Redfield, born in Twinbrook 36 years ago. Graduated from Stary Community School and Sims University. Once became a department head for 8 years; resigned four months ago...interesting".

John didn't say anything, for fear of irritating his potential employer.

"So John, tell me: why do you prefer politics as your career?" Vita asked. "My grandfather was a politician in Twinbrook," John answered. "It wasn't long before he became the city's mayor. I saw him as a great role model, for me and for the entire town." "And then?" Vita asked again.

"One day he told me his dream," John continued his story. "My grandfather wanted to create a free world for SimNation." "A free world?" Vita seems confused. "What's that?"

John's interview

John told Vita his dream

"You can say that it is a world where people have all the rights, peace, and justice they deserve; a world with no oppression or conflict." said John. "However, he died before he could realize his dream."

"Oh, I see," said Vita. "So you wish to further this cause to create a free world?". "Yes ma'am," said John.

"Well, since I like your spirit I'll be happy to hire you," said Vita. "Really?" John was surprised. "Yes, but first, I'll put you in as our Campaign Intern. But with spirit like that, you probably will become a Council member in no time," she said. "Y-Yes, thank you ma'am!" John was excited, and still could not believe his job application was approved.

John left the office, happy with this approval. Vita was still in her room, watching him from the window"

"John Redfield...this will be...very interesting," Vita smirked.

Chapter 6: Nice NeighborEdit

'3.00 P.M'

Leona and Jean disembarked from the school bus. "Man...I really hate that Goth guy...," Leona grumbled. "I mean, he's really annoying; no wonder he didn't have any friends". "Well, he's lucky Bella cared for him," Jean said.

The twins found that they had guests.

"Oh, you must be Jean and Leona," an Asian woman greeted them. "You're cuter than I thought." It seemed as though affection were pouring out of her ears. "Oh, welcome back dears," Lily appeared from the kitchen. "I'm sure you've meet our neighbor, Pauline Wan."

"And this is her husband, Hank," Lily introduced a muscular man who sat in the sofa. "Actually, we're not married yet Mrs. Redfield," Pauline said. "Hello kids, officer Hank Goddard at your service," Hank introduced himself. "A police officer? cool!" Leona surprised. "I love to see police in action".

Leona really liked Hank and saw him as a cool guy.

"So, Mrs. Redfield, have you received the party invitation yet?" Pauline asked. "Every household in this town is invited." "You mean this?" Lily showed Pauline the invitation. "I'm not sure I'll be coming to this party, I'm so nervous since my family is still new in town."

"You don't need to get nervous," Pauline said. "Just come to the party and have fun, and yeah, you'll like the Goths. They're really nice." "Did you say the Goths?" Leona asked. "Yes, dear, and I'm sure you've meet their son at school, right?" Pauline said.

"Yes Ms. Wan" Leona snorted, her voice thick with distaste. "I've meet him."

Chapter 7: The GothsEdit

The Goth family was one of the three richest and most respected families in Sunset Valley (the other two being the Altos and Landgraabs). The Goth patriarch, Gunther was the founder of the town itself, but he decided to gave the Landgraabs more control.

"How many people are invited to this party?" Jean wondered. "Well, they're almost the everyone in the town," Bella answered. "Most of us feel honored if Mr. Goth were to invite us since we all acknowledge his status as the city's founder."

"Where's Leona by the way?" Bella noticed Leona wasn't there. "She'll be here soon, I asked her to bring us some cookies," Jean answered. While Bella and Jean chatted, Darlene suddenly ran to them. Panic and fear were rampant in her eyes. "Jean, Bella, help!" Darlene cried. "Leona...she...she's fighting with Mortimer!"

Mortimer and Leona

Mortimer argued with Leona.

"What!?" Jean and Bella screamed in perfect harmony, shocked. Jean and Bella ran to the backyard, they saw Leona and Mortimer were surrounded by everyone. John, Lily, and Mortimer's mother, Cornelia tried to calm the two belligerents, but both refused to yield.


"AND YOU'RE TALKING?!" Mortimer retorted.

"Oh gosh, Mortimer!" Bella ran into the crowd. "Leona! STOP!" Jean shouted. Despite everyone's efforts, Leona and Mortimer still continue to argue with each other.

"ENOUGH!" A man voice suddenly heard from the crowd. It was Mortimer's father, Gunther Goth. His eyes were seething with rage.

AST1 Gunther and Cornelia

Gunther and Cornelia

Gunther stared at Mortimer in anger. "Mortimer Goth, how many times must I ask you to behave?" He started to lecture his son. "And you now fight with a girl!? How embarrassing!". "But Dad, she's trying to take those cookies," Mortimer attempted to justify his actions, in an attempt to defend himself.

"Of course she is, boy! The food is for our guests! Is she not one of them?" Gunther said. "Now go to your room and think about your mistake!". "But dad," the boy began. "NOW!" Gunther screamed. Everyone watched in silence, having never known before that Gunther, a normally nice man, could become this angry.

"C'mon son, let's go to your room." Cornelia walked her son away from the scene. After the incident, the party continued. "I, I'm really sorry Mr. Goth. I will asked my daughter to behave," John apologized. "No, no. I should be the one who apologized," Gunther said. He turned to walk away, then remembered something. He turned back. "Oh yeah, just call me Gunther by the way."

"Nice to meet you," John said. "So you're new here? What do you think about our town?" Cornelia asked nicely, having returned from escorting Mortimer to his room. "The town is beautiful. Just like Riverview," Lily answered. "Oh, you were from Riverview? We had our honeymoon there," Cornelia said in a reminiscing tone.

"Yes, I was Riverview-born and bred. Then I moved to Twinbrook for ten years," Lily answered. "And John, would you tell me why you moved here?" Gunther asked. "Oh, well, it's a long story," John answered. "Personal reasons, is it not?" Gunther asked again. "Yeah, you could say that," John said. He felt his cheeks turn red.

Meanwhile, a limo arrived in front of the Goth house. It was the Landgraab family. Vita and her husband, Nick noticed them.

"Oh look who're here Nicky," Vita said. "It's our old friends."

Chapter 8: Altos and LandgraabsEdit

Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab walked to the Goths' backyard. Their son, Malcolm, followed them.

"Hi guys," Malcolm greet his friends. "Did I miss anything?"

"Well, just a little problem with our friend, Mortimer," Alex answered.

"I see," Malcolm said in a manner of thoughtfulness.

As Vita and Nick Alto greeted their Landgraab counterparts, it was revealed that they didn't like each other very much.

"Well well, Nancy Landgraab, you have returned from your business trip?" Vita said

"Yes, nice to see you again, Vita," Nancy answered in a spiteful tone, "even though I didn't want to see your face again." As everyone watched the two couples, they started whispering to each other. "Looks like there'll be another fight tonight," Tori whispered to Emma Hatch.

John wondered why everyone was staring at the Landgraabs and the Altos. He came to the conclusion that something had happened between the Landgraabs and the Altos.

"Simis, can you tell me what's going on between the Landgraabs and the Altos," John asked.

"Well, it's a long story...," Simis replied. "Several months after the Goths and the Landgraabs built this town, the Altos arrived, with their uptown ideas; something that the Landgraabs--who wished to made Sunset Valley a quiet and peaceful town--disliked.

"Because of their different values, the Landgraabs and the Altos became enemies; they've been like this ever since." "That's bad," John said. Simis nodded in agreement before continuing. "A while ago I heard that Vita and Nancy are both running for Mayor and, yeah, that means we as citizens must choose sides," Simis said. "Half of us have agreed with the Altos' plans, but the rest against it, so they joined Nancy's side."

"What about the Goths?" John asked again

"The Goths have decided to remain neutral. The Landgraabs are the one who helped them build the city, but they also friend with the Altos," Simis answered.


The party was over, and everyone returned home. John approached by Geoffrey. "So, you're John?" Geoffrey asked. "Yes, I am. Is there anything I can do for you, sir?" John said "Well, since I heard you're new here and now work under Vita, I only want to warn you that you should be careful around her," Geoffrey said.

"Okay. Thanks for the advice" John said. He waved to Geoffrey as he entered the family car to drive home. As John started the engine, he noticed his children and wife had fallen asleep. "I wonder what will happen to this town," John wondered aloud.

Chapter 9: Alex CurtizEdit

Two months had passed since the Redfields moved to Sunset Valley. John was promoted into Campaign Fundraiser while Lily now worked as Kitchen Scullion in Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner. The annual festival in Central Park was on. Sunset Valley's citizens were really happy because it had come to town.

AST1 Alex and Jean

Alex and Jean

Leona was skating while Jean was playing chess alone. "BOOOOOO!" someone surprised Jean from behind, made her shocked. It was Alex Curtiz. "Curtiz, you scared me," Jean scolded Alex. Alex laughed, he then took a seat at the other end of the chess table. "So, um... are you alone?" Alex asked shyly.

Jean gave a small harrumph, "Alex, you probably can see my sister there and you're still asking whether I alone or not." "Oh, sorry," Alex said, thereafter cursing himself quietly for his lack of alertness. The two became quiet for few minutes. Alex was staring at Jean too much, making her uncomfortable.

"Alright, Curtiz. Is there anything you want to say to me? Because if not, and if you don't mind, would you just leave me alone because I need to concentrate on my chess practice," Jean said in annoyance. "Well...I just wanna ask, will you go to see a movie with me? I just won these tickets yesterday," Alex asked shyly again.

"Oh, so you're asking me out for a date now?" Jean chuckled "We're still in elementary school."

"Uh, oh, I just...need someone accompany me," Alex replied nervously. "You know, my buddy Miraj was away with his family and it's impossible to invite Mortimer."

"Well, I guess you're pretty decent. Why not? I'll tell Leona that I'll go with you," Jean smiled.

In the theatre, Alex and Jean seen enjoyed the movie.

"I've always loved this sci-fi film series!" Jean whispered excitedly. "I never thought it would reach a seventh instalment!" Yes, me too. I plan to add to my merchandise collection after watching this" Alex said "Wait? You're collecting merchandise?" Jean was little surprised.

"Of course! I even joined the fan club," Alex said proudly. "If you'd like, I can sign you up as well." After the film, Alex and Jean decided to purchase some souvenirs. "Oh hello, Alex," said the merchant. "Did you enjoy the movie?". "Yes sir. I'd like to buy some stuff for me and my friend here," said Alex.

When they were seeing what they wanted to buy, Jean's eyes fell on a telescope. However, the telescope wasn't for sale; it was a game prize. Alex knew that Jean want the telescope. However, he needed to win the game to get it. He saw some people trying but they all failed to win the telescope.

"Okay, I think I can get the telescope for you," Alex said. "What?" Jean was surprised at Alex's kindness. "No, Curtiz, don't bother. It's alright." "It's okay Jean, I'll win it for you," Alex smiled, winking at his friend. Alex walked into the crowd and started the game.

AST1 Alex and Jean 2

Alex accompanied Jean home.

Ten minutes later, Alex appeared from the crowd with a sad expression on his face.

"Sorry Jean, I didn't get it," Alex said sadly. Jean smiled, "It's okay Alex," she comforted him "Besides, I'm already happy." Alex smiled. They then decide to go home since it was already 6pm.

On their way home, Jean secretly stared at Alex.

Wow. I think I like him, Jean thought.

Chapter 10: The Hogan's Deep-Fried DinerEdit

Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner was one of local restaurants in Sunset Valley. Everyone loved to hang out and eat here.

In the kitchen, the ingredient taster and Lily's senior, Emma Hatch seemed very excited about Lily's cooking.

"Oh my gosh, Lily, this is one of the best meals I've ever tasted! I'm sure you will soon be promoted into a pastry chef, or even a line cook!" she said, her face glowing with approval. "Oh, thank you Ms. Hatch, I'm glad you like it," Lily said humbly. "No, no! Just call me Emma, dear," Emma said. "By the way, does anyone in your family like to cook?" she asked.

"Well not really," Lily answered, "Except my mother's hobby was cooking. She was the one who taught me." "Oh, I see. I think your mother could've become a great chef!" Emma said again. In the middle of their chat, Molly French suddenly appeared. She was the one who invited Lily to work in the diner since she was also the pastry chef there.

"What's wrong Molly?" Emma wondered.

"Listen, a rumor is going round that Mr. Alto will buy this restaurant, just like what he did with the Bistro three years ago..." Molly whispered. "Wow, that's great!" Emma said, excited. "This restaurant will be as luxurious as the bistro!". "Emma, you don't understand..." Molly said in panic. "It won't be like the bistro, which still a restaurant. Mr. Alto will demolish the diner and change it into a some kind of bar or a club."

"You mean like the dive bar and The Grind?" replied Emma, shocked. "Oh no, this is bad! What will happened to us if our restaurant is demolished?"

Rumors get around quickly, and soon everyone working in the diner knew. Everyone was scared, because they knew that if the restaurant was demolished, they would lose their jobs. "If this restaurant is demolished, we still can get jobs in the bistro, right?" Lily asked, with a dash of hope in her voice.

"We know that Lily. But for us, this restaurant is more like a second home, and it is also loved by most of the people living in this town," Emma said. "Some of us have memories going back a long time with this place." "Yeah, Emma is right," Molly said. "This restaurant was also where I met my... late husband."

"Lily, doesn't your husband work for Vita?" Emma asked "Can you ask him if this is true?". Looking around at her co-workers, she realized how distressed they all looked. "Okay," she answered "I'll ask him."

"Thank you, Lily," they all said.

The next day, Lily asked John about the truth about the rumor.

"John, my friends at the diner are so worried about the rumor that Nick Alto will buy it and demolish it. Is that true?" she asked. "Huh? I never heard about that." John answered. "But, I'm sure that Vita told me about her dream to change the town into a big city like Bridgeport," he said. "If you're still worried, I can ask her today."

"Oh, thanks darling." Lily kissed John and left to changed Chris' diaper.

In the school, Leona and Jean were hanging out with Alex, Malcolm, Kaylynn and Darlene. Leona teased Jean due to her now being close to Alex, which made them blush. Bella suddenly appeared with Mortimer. Leona greeted Mortimer with a stare as cold as usual.

"Guys, there is something Mortimer want to talk to you about," Bella said. "Oh really, what could possibly he want to say to us?" Leona asked angrily. "Well...," Mortimer seemed nervous. "I...I just...", "Mortimer, don't be afraid, just say it," Bella encouraged him.

"I just wanted to apologize about my attitude...," Mortimer said. "I realized that the only thing I want is just friends. I actually wanted to become your friend all this time, but I was really scared that you wouldn't like me." Everyone became silent, feeling sympathetic towards him. "Well, that's just what I wanna say. It's okay if you don't want to forgive me," Mortimer said again.

"Mortimer, if that's how to feel, why didn't you tell us all this time?" Kaylynn said, smiling. "Yeah, we would never have seen you the way we did if you had told us," Alex said. Everyone smiled at him, even Leona. "If you can prove that you're fun enough, I will forget what has happened when we first met," Leona said.

Mortimer beamed with happiness. He finally had more friends than he could ever have imagined.

Chapter 11: Two Opposing SidesEdit

Two sides

Vita's supporters (left) led by Thornton Wolff and Nancy's supporters (right) led by Dieter Curtiz.

A crowd of people gathered in front of City Hall. They claimed themselves to be Nancy Landgraab's supporters who were against Vita Alto's plans to turned Sunset Valley into a big city. It was led by Dieter Curtiz, Alex's father. "Oh my gosh! This is so bad" Two workers in the City Hall named Tori and Tamara watched the crowd from the window.

Suddenly, another group of people appeared. It was led by Thornton Wolff. The second group was Vita's supporters. They started to yelled each other. Dieter's group believed that Vita's project would ruin the town while Thornton's group believed that it was a revolutionary plan.

"Oh God, I think... I think they will start to fight!" Tamara panicked Fortunately, the cops arrived in time before a fight broke. Vita and Nancy themselves appeared in the location. "Calm down everyone! CALM DOWN!" Both Nancy and Vita tried to calmed their respective supporters.

However, neither of them listened.

"Well, well, what barbaric followers you got there, Nancy" Vita commented on Nancy's supporters. "SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU SNAKE!" Dieter yelled, followed by his group. "What an old-fashioned loser, you guys will never know how to live in modern time!" Thornton mocked Dieter, angered Dieter's group again. "I SAID CALM DOWN!" Nancy ordered them.

However, both sides were already in rage... Until Gunther and Cornelia Goth arrived.

"Everyone.. Calm down!" Gunther ordered to crowd to calm. Everyone started to settle down. "Whoa, what kind of charm Mr. Goth have?" Tori and Tamara wondered after saw Gunther calm the crowd so easily.

"Listen, I understand that you guys have a different vision about how our Sunset Valley supposed to be in the future. But we don't need to fight". Gunther started to lectured both sides. "Half of you might agree with Vita, while others are with Nancy, but it doesn't mean you must hate each other..."

"Haven't you forgot that we lived in democratic country?" Gunther asked to crowd. The crowd didn't answer.

"My advice for you, why don't you just wait until the mayor election next month?" Cornelia said "and I hope whoever win, you all can accept it."

After one hour, the crowd finally disbanded.

"Thank you! I don't know what would happen if you two didn't show up," Nancy thanked Gunther and Cornelia. "How do you know that there are people demonstrating here?" Vita wondered. "If your employee, John didn't call us, we would not have known!" Gunther answered.

"Ha ha! Even your employee is smarter than you Vita!" Nancy said.

"Oh well, I will assume that as a praise" Vita replied before leave.

Chapter 12Edit

Nick Alto was in his office, had a conversation on his phone when a voice heard from outside his room.

"Dad?" A teen girl enter the room and approached him, she was Holly Alto, a high school student, Vita and Nick's daughter. "Sorry, I will call you later" Nick hanged up his phone and took his attention into his daughter "Aren't you supposed to be in school right now?".

"Well, actually the school is delayed since there was a field trip for the high school students today, and you know, I didn't join, so I come here" Holly said. "Isn't you already give the permission slip to your mother?" Nick wondered. "Yes..." Holly replied "But it seems she didn't read it". Holly seemed sad, Nick can notice it.

AST1 Holly Nick

Holly told Nick she didn't joined the field trip.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered to his daughter "I know you're feeling lonely for this whole time". Nick realized that Holly was lonely, she lack of her parents' attention since she was child. Both Nick and Vita were so busy with their job, especially Vita who participated in mayor election.

"It's okay dad" Holly replied with smile on her face.

Outside the room, Nancy heard their conversation, feeling sympathetic toward her. Nancy had mixed feeling toward Holly. "what a poor girl.. I wish I could do something for her but..." she though.

5.00 P.M, Bachelor house

Jean and Leona visited Bella's house, they saw Kaylinn and Darlene were already there. The four were invited for a slumber party. "Hi there" Jean and Leona greet them. Appeared from the house, Bella greet them. "Welcome girls! Come In, I have bake some meals for us".

Everyone felt happy and rush into her house. "H-Hey, calm down!" Bella tried to calmed her friends who ran into the kitchen. Leona even slipped, made the others laugh. "Leona, are you okay?" Kaylinn worried, she checked Leona whether she got injured or not. "Heh... I'm okay, thanks Kaylinn" Leona replied, with hurt expression on her face. "Ouch.. my butt" she though.

The children's slumber party appeared to be fun. They played video game, tag, and more. They all had fun except Darlene who seemed bored. "Hey Darlene, did you enjoy our party?" Jean asked. "Oh yeah..." Darlene answered "...but this slumber party will be better if there's a..." Darlene suddenly stopped her word when she saw Bella came, brought something delicious.

"Is there anyone want a Piza?" Bella asked.

Darlene rush into Bella like a crazy. "PIIIIZZZZAAAAAA!" She screamed, took the Pizza away from Bella.

"Hey Darlene! give it back!" Bella ordered her, but Darlene didn't listened. She chased Darlene, and Darlene started to ran, everyone laugh. "I knew this is your favorite Darlene, but at least give one piece for everyone here!".

Chapter 13: Michael BachelorEdit

It was 3.00 A.M, everyone were sleeping, Jean and Darlene was slept together with Bella on the bed, while Kaylinn and Leona were given sleeping bags. Bella awake, she felt thirsty and need to had some water. She saw it was dark outside her room.

"Jean, Darlene, wake up" she began to shook them. However, the two were asleep. Even Darlene had talk on her sleep. Bella then noticed that Leona was awake too, and began to walked to the door. "Leona, where are you going?" Bella asked. "Oh, I think I need to go to bathroom" Leona answered.

"Oh, will you accompany me to the kitchen?" Bella asked again "I want to have some drink". "Sure" Leona replied. After Leona finished her business in the bathroom, she escorted Bella to the kitchen. "You do not forget to clean it, don't you?" Bella asked.

"Off course I'm not" Leona chuckled "do you remember I'm as neat as Kaylinn?". When walked down the stairs, Leona heard someone was playing guitar in the backyard. It was Michael. Michael played his guitar so well, he performed a country-style music, and later, a jazz. "Nice play Michael" said Leona.

"Oh, thanks Leona" said Michael who little surprised by Leona's sudden appearance on his back. Leona sat beside Michael while the teen continued his play. "Uh... why did you not sleep?" Leona asked "it still 3.00 AM" "Well... Sometimes I got Insomnia" Michael replied, with the guitar still strummed. "Insom... what...?" Leona didn't understand "...what is that mean?"

"Insomnia, it means you can not sleep for a reason" said Michael "It can be happened if you got stress or anything". "Uh huh" Leona nodded. Michael stopped his guitar, the two became silence for moment. Leona promptly noticed that Michael had problem since his face seem saddened.

"Seems like you've got a problem, do you?" Leona started to ask.

"Yeah..." Michael answered in small tone and sigh "You know that next month I will have an entrance test to Sims University and I... I afraid that I will failed". "Oh.. I see" Leona said in sympathetic tone "And you played guitar to relieve your stress". Michael nodded.

"Well, my father told me that his grandfather--my great-grandfather--always said that if you face a problem, you must face it gently, and do not afraid about the result..." Leona said "...whatever the result is, you must accept it even if you failed. At least you have tried as hard as you can".

"Whoa, was your great-grandfather really said that?" Michael amazed "who is he by the way?". "My dad said that he was a mayor in Twinbrook in 1930s" Leona proudly answered "He was who inspired dad to become politician". "Your great-grandpa was surely a great man, wasn't he?" Michael asked

"Yes..." Leona replied "he was". The two became silence again for a moment. "You know, I think your story about your great-grandpa has motivated me" said Michael. "And then?" Leona asked "What will you don now?". "I will study hard so I can pass the test to the university. Your great-grandpa was right, we don't need to afraid whatever the outcome is, at least we have try as hard as we can" Michael replied in spirit.

"Nice to hear that" Leona smiled.

Inside, Bella overheard their conversation and smiled, "thank you Leona" she though.

Chapter 14: whose side are you on?Edit

14 days before the mayor election

John walked alone in the Central Park, witnessing the children playing. Their face seemed happy. John remembered that if Vita won the election, the Central Park would be no more. John reminisced what Simis said to him:

"John, the whole citizens already choosing sides, me and my wife decide to join Nancy Landgraab's side because, you know, I think there will be problems if this town changes. Sunset Valley will never be same again if it turned into an industrial, large city. And, this is up to your and your family now to choosing sides. I knew you guys still new here, but you didn't have any choice. But, yeah, sorry if my word offended you but since you worked for Vita, you probably will sided with her. But don't worry brother, it will not affect our friendship".

John then stood, he felt than everyone had changed, acting coldly toward each other since they choosing sides."man, I never know that politic can be this cruel" he though.

During his daydream, Lily suddenly approached him. "honey" she called. "yes?" John answered. "I think this is the right time to tell you the truth" Lily said, confusing John. It had been days Lily seemed hiding something from him. "What is it Lily? You never kept a secret from me" John asked in confusion.

"Well, actually, I have choosing side..." Lily said nervously. John stunned for a while. "You have?" he asked again. "Yes" Lily answered "...I'm with Nancy" "What!?" John surprised with Lily's word, and got angry "I though I'd told you to not choosing side before I decided". "I-I'm sorry John, it also hard to me" Lily cried "my co-workers always asked me whether our family sided with Vita or Nancy, so I must make a decision as soon as possible".

John then sat "You know why I still not decide yet even though I worked for Vita?"

Lily shook.

"The reason is, I didn't want become like the other citizens. I-I never though that politic can be this cruel. Make friends, or even families turned into enemies just because different of view, different ideals of each side." John said.

Lily only quiet.

"I think my father was right..." John seemed depressed " grandfather's dream about this free world is just... stupid".

Lily then slapped John in his face, shocking him.

"How could you disdain your own grandfather's dream" Lily said in anger.

"Lily... I..." John tried to reason.

"I remember when you told me your dream to continue you grandfather's path, it made me... excited. I never knew there was a person with a great vision like you and your grandfather. That is way I and my parents support your decision to stop being a CEO of your family's company and become politician, despite it alienated you and your father... But now, after seeing you like this... *sigh* I didn't has any word to say" Lily said in disappointment tone and walked away.

Lily then stopped for a moment "it is okay if you are not with us, I still love you" she said before returned to the Hogan's deep.

John became speechless, thus cursing himself "sorry grandpa... I'm so sorry"

Chapter 15: Lily and AnaEdit

Lily and Ana

Lily and Ana discussed about their respective husbands.

A car stopped in front of the Hogan's deep, a woman in business suit out from the car and walked in to the restaurant. the Woman was Ana Curtiz, Alex's mother. She took a seat near the window where Lily has waiting.

"Sorry I'm late Lily" she said. "It's okay..." Lily repplied and offering her hand made food. Ana tasted Lily's cook, and amazed. "Whoah! It's so delicious!" she said "...You've got a talent Lily, they should promote you as line cook". "Oh Ana you are too excessive" Lily laughed.

Ana and Lily became good friends no long after the Redfields' arrived in Sunset Valley. Just like ordinary housewives, they loved to shopping and made a gossip about their neighbors and even their respective husbands. "So... How's your husband?" Ana asked "Is he already feel better?"

"Well, I think this whole election thing has make him stress" Lily replied "He started to think that politic is doesn't like what he though". "That's so bad" Ana surprised "a man with high spirit like him can be this desperate". Lily noded "And what about Dieter?" she asked

"Well, just like most citizens who already choosing side, my husband now is so fanatic to the Landgraabs..." Ana said in annoyed tone "...your husband is actually lucky to not become fanatic like him". "Yeah, I feel that most of people of this town become crazy just because the mayor candidates are long-time enemies" Lily said in sarcastic tone.

Ana noded. "Uh, is Alex always troubled you if he make a visit?" Ana changed her topic. "Oh, no, he's a nice boy, I really like him" Lily answered "my daughter Jean is even very close to him." Ana then smiled, "well, considering that, why don't we marry them when they are adults?".

Lily then choked, she promptly took her drink "*cough* Is this... *cough* is this too early?" she said. Ana then laughed "Don't worry, I'm just joking". The two then laughed together. Meanwhile in a game center, Alex sneeze very loud.

"What's wrong Al? Catch a cold?" his friend, Miraj Alvi asked

"I don't know" Alex answered "I feel someone out there is making joke about me".

Chapter 16: Vita AltoEdit

Seven days before the election

At her office, Vita was seen scolded one of her employer. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH NANCY PROBABLY HAD MORE VOTE THAN ME!?" She curious, pointing the man with her finger. "I-I'm sorry Mrs. Alto, b-but this information is based on the interview we conduct to some of the citizens..." he said in nervous "...and 52% of the correspondents choose Nancy Landgraab, and only 48% said will choosing you".

"THEN DO SOMETHING!" she said in more anger tone "I CAN NOT ALLOW THE LANDGRAABS CONTROL THE CITY ANYMORE! THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE ERA FOR ALTOS AND ALTOS ONLY!". "O-okay mam, I will do someting.. I promise" the main said before leaved her room. The man walked on the corridor and met John.

"Looks like you had hard time" John said.

"Yes mr. Redfield..." he replied "...I always had"

John then walked to Vita's office, he attempt to open the door, but stopped after he heard Vita's talk in phone. John secretly overheard what Vita said from behind the door. After several minutes, John's face seen shocked, he stunned for a while, until someone call him from behind.

"Whoa! Tamara, you scared me!" John surpised saw Tamara Donner was stood behind him. "Well it's because it seems like you do something suspicious here" Tamara said. "What? me? No... I-I just wonder if Vita is her office or not" he said in nervous. "Oh... well, is she in her office now?" she asked again.

"Oh, I... Oh man! I think I must go to the bathroom!" John said, avoid the questio "...see ya later". John ran to the bathroom, Tamara saw him with a strange.

At the bathroom, John washed his face, and looking at the mirror.

"Oh God Vita, why you must be this far? why?" he though

chapter 17: Holly AltoEdit

Few days have passed

John awake from his sleep, it was still 4.30 A.M in the morning. He saw Lily was still asleep, he then moved to checked on Chris in his crib, but the toddler was also asleep. He wen to the kitchen to made a cup of hot chocolate. While drinking the chocolate, he entered Jean and Leona's room. He only saw Leona there.

"Where's Jean?" he wondered "is she already awake?". John went to the second floor, he could hear someone was in the balcony. John went to the balcony and found it was Jean, trying her new telescope. "Jeanie? What are you doing?" John approached and asked his daughter.

"Oh hi dad" she replied with smile on her face "I just trying this new telescope". "I see, is that the one given by that Curtiz kid, isn't it?" John asked again. Jean enjoyed looking around her neighborhood with her new telescope, John could see her so happy with the gift.

Holly in beach

That's Holly!

"Well, I think you should thank him tomorrow" he said. While pointing her telescope to the beach, Jean noticed something. "Dad, take a look at this." she said "I think there is someone in the beach".

With Jean's direction, John used the telescope and point it to the beach, there was a girl sitting alone, her face turned for a while, John could see her face clearly.


Holly Alto was sitting alone in the beach. She was on the middle of her daydreaming when John and Jean approached her. "Holly?" John called her "What are you doing this late? Is it still out of curfew?".

Holly wasn't respond, she only stared at John with a blank stare. John could see that something probably happened to the girl.

"Whoa, that sis is so pretty" Jean thought in excitement."I guess, I must take you home or the cops will find and arrest you for stay out of curfew" John said.

"That's better than staying at home with ruthless parents" Holly replied.

Chapter 18: Her motherEdit

"Jean, can you go home now? I have to talk with this sis" John ordered Jean to return home.

"But dad..." Jean protested "NOW!" John ordered her again in a louder voice, shocking her. "O... Okay dad, I'm return home now" jean said before left the beach and returned to their house. Shortly afterward, John approached Holly and started to asking. "What happen Holly? Is there any trouble with your parents" he asked.

Holly became quiet for a moment, before finally started to crying.

"Mr. Redfield... Please, stop my mother..." she said in tears "...I don't want her win the election." "What!? Why!?" John surprised "I though you would be happy if she became mayor of this town". "No..." Holly answered "I really disprove my mother's plan to change this town, Sunset Valley will never same again".

"What the heck are you talking about? Isn't that good for this town if it become a big city?" John tried to convince Holly "Your mother cares about this town's future, so I think her plan will..."

"WRONG!" Holly cut John's word "You're wrong Mr. Redfield, my mother never care about this town, she only cares about herself and ambition!". "What are you talking about?" John became more confused. Holly stared at John "do you know what will my mother do if she win the election?" she ask.

"W-What?" John asked again.

"She will put a very high tax rate for everyone in the town, and for everyone who can't pay it, she will taking their wealth as the guarantee..." Holly said in anger tone "...she also will take over all community-owned businesses by force. If there are anyone who dare to oppose her, she will evict them from the town."

"Oh my God..." John shocked, he became sweating, he always notice that something was wrong with Vita, but never imagined that she was more evil than he though. He became quiet for a moment, he felt regret for working for the most evil person that ever existed.

"What will you do now Mr. Redfield" Holly asked in sudden. "Will you still in my mother's side? Or turn against her after learn about her true nature?".

John stared at the girl "I... I don't know" he answered.

A moment later, Holly's cellphone rang...

Chapter 19: Attack on Alto HouseEdit

A crowd of people gathered in front of the Alto house, Holly, who came home with John, rushed in and found that some of her properties crushed. She ran to the backyard and discovered her parents, with cops and three strangers--who had their arms handcuffed.

Shortly afterward, Nancy Landgraab appeared on the scene. "Her..." one of the stranger pointed his finger at Nancy "...she was the one who paid us to do this...".

Everyone shocked, including Nancy herself.

"What the heck are you talking about! I don't know who you are and will never ask someone to do this horrible thing!" Nancy denied what the stranger said. "You LIED! You are the one who order us to force Alto withdrew from the election!" another stranger said.

"Do you have a proof?" one of the cop asked. "Take my bag there, you will find a voice recording of our conversation on the phone yesterday" they said. "What? What conversation!?" Nancy became more confused.

The cops took the stranger's phone...

A moment later, a record of a woman's voice similar to Nancy's heard from the phone's recorder.

I'm sick to figure out how to handle Vita Alto. Victory should be only mine, Alto is my only rival here, and I put my hope in you guys to get rid of that woman. I will paid you as much as you wanted

Everyone shocked with that record, they stared at Nancy in disappointment...

"No! Blasphemy! It's not my voice!" Nancy tried to defend herself, but it was no use, they have a proof that Nancy was the one that sent the strangers for attacking the Alto house. "Please trust me! Please!". Nancy tried to convinced everyone that she was not involved. However, the crowd started to yell at her.

"Nancy Landgraab, you are arrested for being the mastermind behind this attack" the cops said.

Nancy couldn't said anything, deep inside, she wanted to fight back, however, she knew it only would made matter worse. She then looked at her husband and her son in sadness. "All right..." she said "if this is what you wanted". The cops handcuffed Nancy's arms and took her to their car. Her son, Malcolm tried to break through the crowd, but his father hold him.

"I'm sorry, Geoffrey... I'm sorry, Malcolm" Nancy though, tears shed from her eyes.

The cops leave, everyone still yelled at Nancy. John, who watched the whole events, only quiet and could not said anything.

Chapter 20: Trial of Nancy LandgraabEdit

The crowd were still gathered in front of Alto house, some of them still couldn't believe that Nancy Landgraab was the one behind the attack. John approached Holly in her room, the girl seem saddened with the previous event. "It's okay, at least your parents are okay" he tried to comfort the girl.

"No Mr. Redfield..." Holly replied "...It's not about my parents... It's about Mrs. Landgraab" "What do you mean?" John asked. "Mrs. Landgraab isn't guilty..." Holly answered "...she isn't guilty...". John then stood up, before he leave the room, but he turned back.

"I Know Holly..." John said "...I know"

Days passed, the news about Nancy spread through the town, most of her former supporters already switched their side. However, there were still many who believed that Nancy was framed for the crime.

An emergency meeting held in the City Hall, led by the town's mayor.

After many several though negotiations, the mayor finally rendered his decision: Vita Alto is the default winner of the election, and her inauguration would be held in one month.

Everyone cheered, except John.

The meeting was over, everyone left the City Hall and returned home. Simis, who also attend the meeting as a reporter, approached John in the parking area. "If what you've told to me is true, then we only have one month to prove it." Simis whispered.

"Yeah..." John answered "...You're right". "What will you do now?" Simis asked. "Well, I make a promise with Geoffrey to visit his wife at the police station..." John answered "...I will tell them the truth".

Chapter 21: The TruthEdit

"CHEERS!" Vita with her supporters and co-workers as well threw a big party in her house to celebrate her victory in the Mayor election. Among the guests, there were Gunther and Cornelia Goth, the Sunset Valley's mayor, and even the mayor of SimCity who invited as special guests.

"Thanks for coming to our home sir... It's really a honor for us that SimCity's mayor attend our party" Nick greet the mayor. The party then interrupted by a noise outside the house. Nick and Vita went out of the house and saw Simis Bachelor tried to enter the house, but the guards prevented him. Nick who recognize Simis approached the guards.

"It's okay let him in..." Nick ordered the guards "...I believe it's better to invite a reporter too, isn't it, Mr. Bachelor?". "Y-Yeah, it is Mr. Alto, I come here to cover your wife's celebration party" Simis exclaimed. "Well then, come in Mr. Bachelor, sorry for this rudeness" Nick invited him in.

The party continued.

Vita had a chat with Tamara and Tori, when she noticed John was nowhere to be found. "Where's Redfield by the way? I though I had ask him to come" Vita wondered. "He told me that he was so tired, so he won't come" Tori answered. "I see, well Redfield is a hard worker man, he deserved a promotion" Vita said.

Meanwhile at the police station

"I always knew that damn snake woman intended to frame my wife!" Geoffrey said in anger tone. "Calm down honey..." Nancy tried to calm her husband "John, please tell us more..." Nancy asked John to continue his story.

John took a deep breath, and then continue his story "I was overheard Vita's conversation with someone in her phone. She was the one who planned all of this, she paid those strangers to made a fake assault on her and frame you as the one who orchestrated that attack".

"And what about that voice recording? Where did she get it?" Nancy wondered.

"That is the one we still tried figure out" John replied.

"We?" Geoffrey confused.

"Now, Simis Bachelor is in Alto house to investigate, remembering there's now a party in that house, so I'm sure that Simis won't be felt under suspicion" John explained. "Oh my God, you sent him there alone!?" The Landgraabs surprised. "No!" John denied "He volunteered, I also shocked when he told me that he will come to the Alto house to find the proof".

"I see... He's a reporter after all, always risking himself to cover news" Nancy said, John nodded. They became quiet for a while, Nancy sipped her drink . She then stared at John.

"Why you do this John?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" John asked back.

"I mean, Vita is your boss, but now why you secretly turn against her and tried to help me?" Nancy said.

John then smiled "Because I care with this town's future".

Chapter 22: Malcolm's DownfallEdit

Leona, Jean, Bella, and Darlene gathered in Bella's backyard, discussing about Malcolm who had skipping his school since his mother arrested. "I worried about Malcolm..." Bella said "...I hope he's alright. "Why don't we just make a visit to his home to make sure if he's alright" Leona suggested, everyone nodded.

"I'm not sure..." Mortimer suddenly appeared before them with Alex and Miraj. "What do you mean Mortie?" Bella asked. "Yesterday we made a visit to his home, but it seems like that he didn't want to meet anyone" Mortimer replied. "I see..." Bella sighed "..he's still shocked with what happened to his mother, and I can feel his feeling now."

Everyone agreed, they are all feeling sad for what happened to Malcolm's mom. "Well, I think we should try to visit him together..." Jean suggested "...maybe we can make him feel better". "That's good idea!" Bella said "we're all his friends, aren't we? Just like Jean said, We probably can make him feel better".

Everyone then smiled, nodded, and agreed with the suggestion. "Very well, tomorrow after the school ended, we're going to his home together..." Mortimer said. "Maybe we need to invite Kaylynn too" Bella suggested to Mortimer. "What? why we should bring her?" Mortimer confused.

"He has crush on her..." Leona replied.

"Oh, I see..." Mortimer said in a thoughtful manner.

Chapter 23: InvestigationEdit

Back to the Alto house.

Simis was still continue his investigation on the house carefully. He observed everyone in the room, hoping he would find clue by hearing their conversation. When Simis went to the backyard, he heard someone was talking. It was Nick Alto with Thornton Wolff.

"You are great Mr. Wolff, our plan was a success thanks to you!" Nick praised Thornton. "Glad to hear that..." Thornton said in a proud "...Beside, that voice changer device isn't to expensive after all". "Hahaha you are right" Nick said "...But I'm still not understand how you can get Nancy's voice in it?".

"It's simple" Thornton answered "You only need to record the voice of people you want to copy, and then.. BOOM.. You got the voice of Nancy Landgraab". They laughed so loudly, unaware that Simis was watching and recording them with his camera.

"For the love of God, Thornton, I know there is something wrong with you, but this is to far" Simis though.

Just after he finishing his recording, someone hit him from behind. Simis felt to the ground, surprising both Nick and Thornton. "Bachelor!?" Thornton shocked "Did he just hear our conversation!?". "Not only hear it..." Vita suddenly appeared behind the tall man who hit Simis, she then took Simis' camera "...he's also recording it".

"Fortunately, I have ask the guard for watching him, so I can monitor whatever he's doing" Vita said.

"Great Scott! What should we do now!?" Nick asked "...Don't tell me we will...".

"Don't worry Nicky, we don't need to act that far" Vita smiled "Beside, the evidence is in our hand now, he can't do anything without it"

Chapter 24: AliveEdit

"Sir? Are you okay?" a voice suddenly heard. "Sir? Wake up..." the voice heard more clearly. Simis opened his eye, found himself awaken in an unknown place. A man stood beside him. "W-What? Where am I?" Simis confused "what time is it?". "You are in Recurve Strand sir. And it's 5.00 A.M" the man answered.

With the man's help, Simis was able to stood, he then trying to recall what happened. He remembered that someone hit him and he passed out. The last thing he saw before he lost conscious was Vita Alto. Simis then checked his jacket.

"Oh my God... my camera..." Simis tried to find his camera. "Sir? What happened? Do you lost something" the man asked. "I think, I lost my camera..." Simis answered in panic "...Darn it!". "Looks like you are robbed..." the main said. Simis didn't answer.

A car suddenly stopped. A man disembarked from the car. It was Dieter Curtiz.

"Mr. Bachelor!? Mr. Bachelor is that you!?" Dieter called him from distance. "Mr. Curtiz!?" Simis answered the call loudly, Dieter heard it, he then took his cellphone. "Redfield, I found him! Mr. Bachelor is in Recurve Strand!" Dieter called John "and he's alright!".

Later, John with the police and Simis' family arrived.

"Papa!" Bella rushed to her father and hug him in tears, his wife and son also approached and hug him. Simis could see that his family was worried. "Thank God you're alright..." John said "...I though we lost you".

"Sorry to make you worry" Simis said.

"By the way we found your car parked in front of the mine" said one of the police "we bring it to the office, but you can take it back as soon as you can"

"Thank you..." Simis said

After the cops leave, Simis then approached John.

"John, there is something I need to tell you, and you need to know" he said

Chapter 25: Most EvilEdit

A very loud classical music heard from Vita's office. Inside her room, Vita seemed so happy, she danced with a glass of nectar on her hand. "Hahahaha!" she laugh "...Finally! After years waiting, this town finally mine... MINE only!". In the middle of her excitement, John suddenly rushed in, surprising her.

"For the love of llamas Redfield! You scared me!" she said.

John didn't answer, he stared Vita with anger look. Vita could notice something was not right. "Okay John, tell me what do you want.." Vita said "...if you want a promotion I already told you that you will get it shortly after my inauguration as mayor."

"No, Vita, I didn't want it anymore!" John exclaimed "I'm here to tell you that I'm DONE with you! I never want to work with evil person like you!". "What!? How dare you say something like that to your boss!" Vita said in anger

"I know everything Vita, I know that you frame Nancy Landgraab for the crime she never commit! You paid those people to make a fake attack on your house, and you also paid someone to made a fake voice recording of Nancy with voice-changer device. IS THAT CORRECT!?" John pointed his finger at Vita.

"So why!?" Vita pound her table, shocking John. Vita then approached and stare at John coldly. "Looks like I know who is the one who send Bachelor to spying on me last night..." she said "I trusted you and now you betrayed me!? You are truly disappointing me John!"

John didn't say anything.

"Very well, if you now turn against me, it's okay. Originally I will dispose everyone who betrayed me, however, since I'm very happy right now, I won't do that" Vita said "Beside, what will you do now? Trying to release Nancy and make me arrested for my crime? *chuckle*, you even didn't have any evidence".

"No, me and my friends will find the evidence! And this town will never be yours!" John exclaimed again.

"We will see that Redfield, we will see" Vita answered "If there is nothing you will say to me again then you can leave now".

Chapter 26: CountdownEdit

Four weeks had passed, 12 hours until Vita Alto's inauguration as new mayor. Gathered in Landgraab house, John, Dieter, Simis, and Geoffrey discussed about the town's future and Nancy's fate. "I'm so sorry, I failed to find the evidence to help your wife and stop Vita" John said, everyone could see that he felt guilty for what happened.

"It's okay John..." Geoffrey cheered him up " and my wife really appreciated what you have done to help us". "I'm the one who should blamed... the evidence was in my camera, and now it's already gone!" Simis exclaimed. "Maybe this is fate for our town, there is nothing we can do now" Dieter said.

Everyone became silence. Their face looked saddened. They knew Sunset Valley won't same anymore. Suddenly, the bell's ringing. "Look's like we've guest..." Geoffrey said "...I will open the door". Geoffrey went to the front door, open it, and surprised after saw the guest.

It was Holly Alto

"Holly!? What are you doing? it's already late!" Geoffrey asked. Everyone went to the front door, John surprised after seeing the girl. "E-excuse me Mr. Landgraab, sorry for disturb you, but I.. I want to give you something that may can help..." Holly said nervously.

Oh, okay, then come in..." Geoffrey invited her in. "No, it's okay, I only want to give you this" Holly gave Geoffrey a disk. "What is it Holly?" John asked. "Uh, you will know if you see it yourselves..." Holly said "...Sorry I must return home before my parents caught me here. Bye!"

Holly quickly leave and returned home. Everyone looked in confusion. "What do you think it is?" Dieter asked. "I... have no idea..." John said.

"Let me take a look" Simis examined the disk and tried to figure out. He started to think. Moment later, he suddenly gasped. "Oh my God..." he said. "What's wrong Simis? Do you found something" John asked. "I think I know what it is..." he said. A smile appeared from his face.

"Come on guys, we still have a chance to end this madness!" he exclaimed.

Chapter 27: Inauguration dayEdit

The inauguration day finally here.

Inside the auditorium of the City Hall, two big screens installed, two others also installed outside the building, so everyone outside could see the inauguration ceremony. Many people gathered to watched Vita Alto's appointment as the new mayor. Vita was in her room, watching from the window, her husband Nick was also there.

"Look at those people Nicky..." Vita said "...they are waiting, calling for their new leader". "This is your success darling..." Nick said. "Nope, this is OUR success..." Vita corrected "This town is finally ours".

Suddenly, Tamara Donner entered the room.

"Mrs. Alto, this the time, please come to the auditorium. Everyone's waiting" she informed. "Oh, thank You Donner, your work is great" Vita praised before she and Nick left the room. "Oh, Y-yes mam, thank you" Tamara said.

Meanwhile, Simis, Geoffrey, and Dieter watched from the televition. The ceremony was exclusively aired live to the entire Sunset Valley.

"I hope John will make it..." Simis hoped

"This town's future is in his hand now".

Vita arrived in the auditorium, greeted by everyone there. People outside the building also cheered her name. She took the podium and started to made a speech.

"Thank You... Thank You everyone!" she said through the microphone "...I'd love to thank you who always support and give me a trust to run this town. If it's not because of your support, I won't be able to stand in front of you here now."

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered. Vita continue her speech when suddenly... The power suddenly out. "What happened..." Nick whispered to one of the workers. "Uh, m-maybe just a technical error, the technician will restart it". the worker answered

Several minutes later, the power restarted.

Everyone stunned by something appeared in the big screens. Vita and Nick shocked. The big screens showed a video of Nick and Thornton. The sound in the video also clear, everyone could heard the conversation clearly, the conversation about how the Altos framed Nancy Landgraab for the crime she never committed.

The video ended with Vita's voice herd

... The evidence is in our hand now, he can't do anything without it

that what was she said in the video. Vita and Nick started to sweating.

"Oh no..." Vita thought

Chapter 28: RevelationEdit

Everyone was surprised with the video at the podium. Vita was trembled and sweating, she couldn't said any words. One of the workers came to Vita and whispered "Ma'am, the video, it also broadcast in television". Vita trembled more, the Sunset Valley mayor approached her.

"Mrs. Alto, can you explain that video?" he asked.

"W-Well, Mr. Mayor, and everyone here" she said nervously "...I'm sure that there is someone who wanted to frame me up... and...", "DON'T LISTEN HER MR. MAYOR!" one of the technician suddenly shouted. The technician walked to the podium, he then pulled his hat off. Vita shocked that it wasn't a real technician, it was John Redfield in disguise.

Everyone was surprised.

In the Redfield house, Lily, who watched from the TV also stunned seeing her husband there, her jaw dropped. "Hey mom, that guy looks like dad" Leona commented after seeing John in the TV, but Lily didn't answer.

In the Landgraab house, Simis, Geoffrey, and Dieter cheered.

"I knew it John will make it!" Simis exclaimed.

Back at the City Hall

John took the microphone and started talking.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I will tell you one thing..." John said very loud "...the footage that you just saw moment ago is REAL! I guarantee it was real!". Everyone was silent.

"You also must now that the true mastermind behind the attack on the Alto House that occurred one month ago is, IN FACT, Vita Alto herself!" John revealed, shocking everyone.

"That's madness!" Vita denied. "Then explain what your husband and his friend were talking about in that footage!?" John challenged Vita. "You framed Nancy Landgraab and threw her in jail. It's just because you afraid that you will lose this election, isn't that correct Vita?" John said louder.

"Mr... Uh... Redfield, are you sure that the footage is real?" the mayor wondered.

"I can guarantee it, Mr. Mayor" John answered "and I also allow everyone who want to check whether this footage real or not because, once again, I guarantee that this footage is real!"

Everyone remained silent.

The mayor who felt disappointed finally talked to Vita. "Vita Alto, I never expected that you would do something like this. I hardly decide that your inauguration... is canceled". He said. Vita and Nick shocked, some of the audience also had their jaw dropped. They whispered to each other. They couldn't believe that Vita would do such thing.

"Wait Mr. Mayor, are you serious about this!?" Nick protested. "Yes, Mr. Alto" the mayor answered. The cops then came to the podium. "Vita and Nick Alto, you are under arrest for defamation".

The cops handcuffed Nick.

"Let me go!" Nick tried to resist. However, when the cops tried to handcuff Vita, she suddenly kicked him and snatched his pistol, pointing it to everyone. Vita became mad and lost her sense. "You... I've been waiting for years to become leader of this town. This town was supposed to be mine, but you've ruined my dreams!" she said in anger.

"Mrs. Alto, wait! Calm down!" Mr. Mayor tried to calm her down, but...


Much to everyone's horror, Vita had just shot the mayor. The mayor fell to the ground. "MR. MAYOR!" John said and the cops screamed, they tried to help him. "CALL THE AMBULANCE!". John became angry, "Vita! You've really..." John stopped his word, Vita Alto already ran away.

"SHE'S RUNNING AWAY!" said one of the cops, "AFTER HER!"

Chapter 29: Alto FamilyEdit

Vita started her car and break through the crowd, injuring some people in the process. The polices chase her with their cruiser. Noticing that the polices were after her, Vita begun to panic. "DARN IT!" Vita though.

"Stop the car Mrs. Alto!" the polices said loudly in megaphone. "NEVER!" Vita yelled. Vita increased the speed of her car. The polices also increased theirs as well. The police cruiser eventually catch up Vita's car. But Vita was so persistent as she crash her own car to the cruiser, causing the cruiser to lost control and out off the track, and hit a tree.

Vita laughing maniacally "EAT THAT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Vita's car almost reach Sunset Valley city limit. "HAHAHA! I did it! No one can Stop me now!" she proclaimed. However, a deer suddenly appeared, attempt to crossing, Vita dodged to the left. "STUPID DEER!" she yelled. While her attention focused on the deer... A Van suddenly appeared from the opposite direction.

When Vita turned her attention back to the road, it was already late.... The two vehicles were about to crash. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Vita screamed. Due to her vehicle's speed, and late to noticing the van, Vita was failed to dodge... something terrible was happened

The police cruiser finally able to catch up Vita's car, but the cops found that they were to late. One of the cops stunned with what they saw, he then hanged up the radio in the cruiser. "Sir, we've found Vita Alto..." he said "but... I-I think it's to late"

The next day

23 hours later... The rain was so heavy.

A crowd of people gathered in Pleasant Rest Graveyard. Among them were John, Simis, the Goths, and the Landgraabs--including Nancy who just released from the prison. In front of a grave, there was Nick Alto, strew flowers to it. In his side, there was also Holly, hugging a large portrait... of her mother, Vita Alto.

"The accident was so terrible..." Simis whispered " one could survive that". "I know..." John answered "...but for God sake I never expected that it will ended like this". Nancy approached Nick, trying to console him. Despite their history, it appeared that Nancy still respect Vita and also mourn her.

"Nick..." she said "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...". Nick didn't say anything, he only nodded. "Mr. Alto..." a cop appeared "...sorry if this is rude, but I think this is the time you should come with us". "What!? Can you just give him a little more time?" Nancy asked.

"*sigh* It's okay Landgraab..." Nick said in smile "...this is the only I can do to pay my past mistake". "DAD, Please Don't Go!" Holly said, didn't want him to go. Nick sigh. He turned around, and hug his daughter. "I'm sorry sweety... I'm really sorry for everything..." he said.

Everyone watched, They even shed a tear seeing the rare father-daughter moment between the Altos. "I'm promise, I will change for you after this..." Nick said "...but this time, let me pay everything that I and your mother have in the past". "Dad..." Holly stared her father in tears.

"Don't cry sweetheart, it will be temporary, when I released, I will be back for you" Nick wiped Holly's tear. "Mr. Alto..." the police called him. "Alright, take care yourself, Holly" Nick said before walked to the cops, he let his hand handcuffed and enter the police cruiser, watched by everyone.

It was 3.20 P.M

Almost everyone had returned home, but John, Simis, Gunther, and the Landgraab couple were still in the cemetery, accompanying Holly who wanted to stay longer. Nancy felt pity to Holly. "Let me take care of her..." she said suddenly.

"Huh? what did you say?" John asked. "Holly, I wanted to take care of her..." Nancy repeated. "Really? A-Are you sure?" John asked again. " She is a good girl, opposite to her parents... She only lacked attention from them, especially her mother" Nancy said "Deep in my heart, I always wanted to help her. I'm sure, in the future, she will be a better person than her parents. That's why I wanted to take care of her".

Everyone quiet...

"Beside, I want to return her favor..." she said again. "I see..." John smiled. Nancy then approached Holly and had a little conversation. Nancy then gave the girl hug, it made everyone smile."It's okay Holly..." she said consoling the girl "it's okay".

Chapter 30: WinterEdit

Six months later, the winter had finally came. In the dive bar, John was hanging out with Simis. "Well, I can't believe that new year will come next week" Simis said excitedly. "Yeah... the time just passed quickly" John said. "By the Way, I heard that yesterday you are promoted to be City Council Member. Congratulation" Simis congratulated John.

"Hahaha, thanks..." John laughed. A moment later, the waitress in the bar brought some foods to John and Simis' desk. The two enjoyed the meal. "So John, do you have a plan to have a trip with your family during this holiday?" Simis asked.

"Well... I have no idea, how about you?" John asked back. "Tomorrow I and my family will spend the holiday in Isla Paradiso" Simis said "It's also a celebration for my son Michael who just accepted in Sim University". "Really, congratulation then" John excited "speaking about Sim University, Nancy will also tried to enrolled Holly there".

"Really? That's good for her" Simis commented "did Nick knew about this?" "Yes, Nancy discussed it with Nick first when she make a visit to the prison, and Nick agree" John said.

"Happy Hour is over, make sure you come back tomorrow" the bartender announced. John and Simis was about to leave when John received an e-mail. John then read it. "What is it John?" Simis asked.

"Nothing..." John answered.

The two then walked to the parking area.

"Hey Simis..." John said suddenly "...I think know where I should bring my family in this holiday".

Chapter 31: Redfield FamilyEdit

In Twinbrook, a town located 65 miles from Sunset Valley.

An elderly couple named Arthur and Marcy Williams were shopping in the grocery store when they met with a blonde haired woman and her pre-teen daughter. "Mr. and Mrs. Williams!" the woman greeted them "Long time no see!".  "Oh, you are... Jessica?" Marcy said "Wow, it's been a while since we saw you!".

"Yes, it was two years ago," Jessica said.

"By the way... look at your daughter! She is all grown up!" Marcy said, she stroked the girl's head "Uh.. Who is her name again?" she asked. "Eliza..." Jessica answered. "Oh yes, Eliza!" Marcy exclaimed "well, Eliza, you are as pretty as your mother!". Eliza blushed, everyone laughed.

"Where's your husband?" Arthur asked. "Oh, Peter is still busy in the ranch, he will come after us tomorrow" Jessica answered. "I see... He's an equestrian athlete after all, he need to take care his horse" Arthur said in a thoughtful manner, Jessica nodded.

"Are on the way to your parents' home?" Marcy asked "May we come too?" "Yes!" Jessica said "We can go there together". They later get in to Jessica's car and leave the store.

The car stopped in front of a big house, the Redfield family's mansion. "Home sweet home!" Jessica said. They came out of the car, they saw an elderly woman sitting alone in the yard. The woman was Magdalena Redfield, the matriarch of the Redfield family.

"Mother!" Jessica called her.

"Oh my gosh, Jessica?" Magdalena surprised "and Eliza too?". The three hugged each other. "Oh my gosh! It's been so long since my daughter and granddaughter came to visit," Magdalena said in happiness "I really missed you!". "We missed you too," Jessica said.

"Then come in, your father and brother will happy to see you. You too Arthur and Marcy" she invited them in. They entered the house and meet a young man in glasses. "Hey Dave..." Jessica greet the man. "Jessica?" the man surprised "Wow you're here! Hey is that Eliza?"

The man was Dave Redfield, a scientist in the town, Jessica's younger brother. "Man, I really miss you," Jessica and Dave hugged each other. They then had a little chat. Magdalena then called Jessica.

"Jessica honey, your father is coming".

A limo stopped in front of the house. A tall, elderly man left his limo. He walked with his cane. He was Thomas Redfield, a very successful business tycoon in Twinbrook. When he entered the house and surprised to see his daughter and granddaughter.

"Oh my gosh, Jessica and Eliza! Glad to see you again," he said hugging them. "Maggie? Is the dinner ready?" he called Magdalena who was in the dining room. "Yes!" Magdalena answered "The dinner is ready!"

Everyone gathered in the dining room. They had some nice conversations. However, it seemed that Eliza was looking for something. "Eliza, what's wrong? Are you looking for something?" Jessica asked. "Where are Jean and Leona? I want to snowball fight with them!" she asked.

"Oh you're right!" Jessica said "I also didn't see John and Lily, or Chris... Where are they?". Everyone became silent. Jessica could notice something was wrong. "Is there... something wrong?" Jessica asked, she felt worried. Thomas then sighed. "Well, they don't live with us anymore. They moved to Sunset Valley 8-9 months ago."

"Dad..." Jessica said "Did you fight with him again?". Thomas nodded, "You can say that." "Oh my gosh Dad. I think you are pushing him too much," Jessica said. "Yeah... You are right. And I think he didn't want to meet me again" Thomas said.

"Don't say that Tom" Arthur said "I'm sure he will come back to see you someday"

"I wish Arthur..." Thomas replied "I wish".

The dinner was over, but everyone were still in gathered in the dining room. The bell suddenly ringing. "Oh, I think we've got another guest" Magdalena said "let me open the door". Magdalena walked to the front door. She opened the door, and surprised.

"Oh my gosh..." she said.

back to the dinning room

"So Davey, why don't you just bring your doctor-girlfriend to dine with us? And when will you propose her?" Arthur enjoyed to tease Dave about his girlfriend which made everyone laughed. Magdalena returned to the dining room. "Everyone, we've some guests here" she said in happiness.

"Grandpa!" a pair of twin girl suddenly appeared behind Magdalena. They were Jean and Leona. "Jean? Leona?" Arthur, Marcy, and Thomas surprised. The twin ran to their grandparents and hugged them. The three elders seemed happy.

The twin later greet their Cousin Eliza, it made her happy. "Jean and Leona, how many times I must told to not run in the house!" another voice heard, it was Lily... and Chris in her arm. "Oh my gosh, Emily!" Marcy and Arthur approached and hug Lily, their only daughter.

"Hey mom, hey dad" she said. In the middle of the reunion, one more person entered the room. Thomas stunned to see him. "John..." he said. "Hi..." John greet everyone.

Thomas stood up, he approached John, and hug him. "Son... I'm so sorry, I should not push you to become what I want!" Thomas said in tears. "No dad... I should be the one who apologize. I couldn't fulfill your wish" John said. Everyone watched them, they even shed their tears.

"So uh... How's about your job?" Thomas asked "do you make it to become politician?". "I'm now working in Sunset Valley's City Hall, City Council member" John proudly said. "Congratulations son!" Thomas said "I'm so proud of you... Your grandfather would have been proud too."

"Thank you dad!" John said.

Everyone smiled.

-The End-

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