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The Accardo Family has been showered in riches, ever since the start. This is a story, starting in the middle. It's a story, about three people. Tommy Accardo, the best Forensics agent in the city of Sunset Valley. Vinnie Accardo, the Charismatic Local Representatice of the city. And Angelo Accardo, the wannabe Mob Boss, who isn't very good in the Criminal career.

  • Tommy Accardo: The Enterprising Forensics Agent. The one who's earning most of the money for the family. Though, with that kind of power, he's bound to have some enemies. He's an amazing artist, and quite good with a wrench, as well. Though what will his jealous brothers try, will they try to kill him?
  • Vinnie Accardo: The second most famous of the Three brothers. As Local Representative of Sunset Valley, it's not just his brothers he has to worry about. Quite evil, he's managed to stay out of the Mafia business. Will his evil personality get the best of him? Only time will tell.
  • Angelo Accardo: One of the most pathetic Criminals on this Earth, Angelo has somehow managed to claw his way up to the position of Getaway Driver. In incredible danger of losing his job, will he persevere, and become a Mob Boss? It's unlikely, considering how he spends most of his time in Prison, but it's possible. Though will he try to kill one of his brothers first? 
  • Janus Zeal : The police officer on the brink of solving it all. After uncovering a nefarious scientist's scheme, he's found the location of their Research Facility. The question is, will he get there in time? Or will the four 'Subjects' be killed before then?

Chapter 1: IntroductionsEdit

"I'll deliver the Still Life tomorrow, when I come to work, okay? I already finished it, get off of my back for once, alright?" Tommy hung up the phone. Every day was like this, of course. I wish these people would quit bothering me, I mean, when you're the most talented person in the city, people get a little demanding. He thought. He slammed his fist on the table. 

"You alright there, Tommy? Seem a bit angry." Vinnie inquired.

"Really? I seeam angry? Gee, I had no idea." Tommy replied sarcastically. He was exhausted, he wasn't normally like this. He had a good personality. "Hey, when did we get that new Painting?" He asked.

"Oh, that? I... don't know. I saw it in City Hall, how did it get here?" Vinnie asked, nonchalantly. 

Tommy knew the answer. Vinnie always tried to hide it, but his brothers knew. He was a well-known Kleptomaniac, he couldn't help it. He often pawned it off to people. Tommy sighed. He took a sip of coffee, and walked over to his Police Cruiser. He fumbled with the keys, and dropped them on the pavement. Their house was situated right near the lake, it was purposeful. He built the house himself. He didn't show it much, but he was quite Neurotic.

"Need a little help?" A gravelly voice called. It was Angelo. He had a habit of doing things like this. He walked over, and kicked the keys into the street. 

"Hey, I need those!" Tommy yelled.

"Then go get them." Angelo snickered.

Tommy rushed out into the street, grabbing the keys. He saw yellow headlights, and dived onto the sidewalk. "Not funny, Angelo." He said. Angelo snickered, and walked back into the house. Tommy unlocked the car doors, and shoved the painting in the back. He locked the doors, and headed back into the house to go to sleep. One of his cats, Jaguar, was right in the middle of the bed. He laid down, shifting the cat slightly. Jaguar yowled, and sulked away. Tommy fell asleep shortly afterward.

The next day, a Thursday, he awoke to his alarm, blaring madly. He jammed in the off button, and smelled Apple Pancakes. Of course, it had to be Angelo's day to cook. He grabbed a plate, and ate a small chunk. He spat it out, tasting something odd. He laughed. "Another failed poisoning attempt?" He assumed.

"Sadly. I'll get you some day, just you wait!" Angelo yelled. 

Tommy could already tell work wouldn't go very well. As his second cat, Cally, rubbed up against his legs, he put on his labcoat, grabbed his Laptop, and drove off to work.

Chapter 2: Terantor Research FacilityEdit


Angelo began packing his bags. He walked over to their third cat, the one they had adopted. He stroked it, and it began purring. "We're going to be moving, my sweet." Angelo told her. He put her in the Cat carrier, and grabbed his suitcase. He put them in the back of his jalopy, and slammed the trunk. He began driving. There was a flash of light, and a crash. 


Janus was driving home, after stopping a robbery, when he stopped. He found a car, smashed into a tree. There was an empty suitcase, a cat carrier with its door on the hinges, and an open car door, with a trail of blood, as well as footprints. This was something big, he was certain of it. A cat rubbed up against his legs, as he began following the prints.


"You're telling me, that my brother might be dead? I'm a forensics agent, best one there is! If you just let me there, I could find DNA and pin the crime- What? The case is too personal?" Tommy hung up the phone. Vinnie was losing his hair, he could tell. He was completely out of sorts after the news. Tommy got in his Cruiser, and began driving. He was going to figure out this case, he didn't care what the Lieutenant says.

He drove to the scene, and saw a police officer on the scene. "Sir, I'm going to need you to-"  He began, when Tommy interrupted "I don't care that you've been told not to let me on the scene. You hear me? I'm your only chance of solving this case, otherwise, Angelo, and anyone else this sicko has, will wind up dead!" Tommy shouted. "Okay. It's Janus, by the way." Janus sighed.

Tommy walked over to the car. The tires had been deflated, possibly shot. A torn sheet of paper. Tommy picked it up, noticing it was an official document, and began reading, "Terantor Research Facility, 223 North Brook Road, 'We've finally found the subject we needed, the other three were proving unsuccesful. Subject Coward drowned, while Subject Pyro tried to burn himself to death, unsuccesfully. Subject Midsley isn't showing results at all. Subject Mob should do quite nicely. I assure you, Dr. Reynalds, it's completely neccesary, I knew I had to branch off of the-" The page ends there, the other sheet would provide more information. Now they had an address. Now, they had a lead.

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