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A Birthday Party
A Birthday Party
Name: A Birthday Party
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Created by: TheSims23
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: 5

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A Birthday Party (or An Unusual Week) is a fan fiction created by one inspired person. It's also a prequel to Just be Aware. The author was inspired with real life but the actual story is made up.

The story is about something that happened to a group of classmates and changed their lives, in just one week. (The story takes place in Sunset Valley, The Sims 3.)


My name is Christine. I'm a teenage girl who goes to Lily Of The Valley High School. I've got just a few friends; Angie, Anna and April. I consider myself as, in one word, normal person. I won't talk much about me here, even though I could fill one page with it, I'll talk about something that happened to me, my friends and those who are not. Something that changed our lives and there's no way back.

Chapter 1Edit


Vanessa inviting me to a birthday party

It was an usual schoolday until Vanessa invited me to a birthday party. You've probably asking yourself why is it unusual. Well, let's start from the beginning and I'll explain it to you.


1st group is 'Normal', from left to right: Christine, Angie, Anna and April.
2nd group is 'Popular', from left to right: Joseph, Ivy, Danny, Vanessa and Sarah.

In my class we're actually separated into a few groups. There are just two groups important for this story. First group is one that think they're something they aren't and they are more popular so we can call it 'Popular' group. Another group is group where you can find people on the ground, so we can call it 'Normal' group. The reason why these two groups dislike each other is because they're different. They've never confessed it but in reality everyone knows that they can't stand each other and that they talk behind their backs, a lot. The reason why they've never confessed it is that they were all good friends a few years ago. Then everyone changed and groups were formed. Since they were friends they've never argued or something, they just don't talk much.

Anyway, let's get back to the invitation. I'm from 'normal' group and Vanessa is from 'popular' group. That's why I was pretty much surprised when she invited me and why my day became unusual. We barely talk and she didn't invite me to a party last year, so I couldn't find a reason why is she doing it now. However, I just said "Great, I'll come." and sat on my seat, confused. You can imagine how surprised even more I was when Vanessa invited my friends (Angie, Anna and April) to the party as well.

I asked Angie "Did Vanessa invite you to the party?"

"Yes, she did." Said Angie. We were both confused.

Angie and I sitting confused.

"Why did she do it? She knows that we're not some kind of friends and she didn't invite us last year."
"I know, and she didn't invite me for the past two years. But I'm mostly surprised because she invited April." Said Angie.
"Yes, me too." I replied.

April and Vanessa, long story. They were best friends but they've argued and never talked again. The story of their argue would be too long so I'll just skip it and say that it's quite unusual to invite enemy on your birthday party.

It was on my mind whole day. The day was, like, totally weird. I was thinking about that. Why did she invite me? I thought maybe she wants to befriend me again but she didn't even talk to me. It was on my mind and I couldn't find the reason.

Chapter 2Edit

The day after invitation. Everything as usual, but it shouldn't be. At least Vanessa should be different. If she invited us to the party, she should talk to us. But nothing. I looked at her. Nothing. I didn't listen to the teachers, just observating everything that another group was doing. Nothing. Not even a look, not even a word. From noone. I still couldn't see the point of invitation.

The day before the birthday party. Another group was like yesterday. I was still thinking about the party. I asked Angie, Anna and April what are they gonna give Vanessa as a gift.

Angie said "Well, maybe, a nice slap in the face!"
We all laughed because that's what Vanessa sometimes deserves.
"I'm just kidding, I'm gonna give her a shirt and a chocolate."
Anna said "I don't know what to buy, so I'm gonna give her §100."
Since I didn't know what to buy her either, I decided to give her §100 as well. And April didn't even know should she go (Because of their argue) but she decided to go because we were all going.

Saturday, the D-Day, as I call it. It's the birthday party and I hoped I'd feel relief and find out why did she invite me. I was getting ready when the phone rang. I answered it; it was Angie.
"Hey, just reminding you that the party is at 10 pm."
"Thanks, but I didn't forget. I'm getting ready."
"Ok, I'll come at 9 with Anna and April to pick you up."
"Ok, bye!"


Going on the party

Yeah, the party was at 10 pm. My mum didn't want me to go so late so I was arguing with her because of the party that I'm not even sure why am I going on. But on the end she let me go.

Anyway, I got dressed and my friends came and we went. All the time the question Why was in my head. I was thinking that maybe we should get back but we were on our half way there so we just continued going. And I wasn't the only one who had that question on mind. Angie, Anna and April were wondering that as well, but we couldn't find the answer.
However, the party was at some place...well we can call it - not nice place. We didn't like it but we got inside.

Chapter 3Edit

It was usual party. Music, classmates, only there were no drinks nor Vanessa. We were a bit confused, it's her birthday party and she wasn't there. I asked Joseph (He's from 'popular' group but sometimes I talk to him since we sit together on Maths)

"Where's Vanessa?"

"Who knows?" he said.
"Do you know anything about her?" I asked curiously.
"Well, I've gotta tell you, she's totally weird."
"How? How do you mean?"
"A week ago, we were all out and Vanessa drank a little bit more, as usual, only this time she danced on the table and fell. The day after she told us that she had a dream but she didn't want to talk about it. From that day, she's..kind of...different." Said Joseph.
"Oh, I didn't know that...well...see you later."
"See you."

I told Angie what Joseph said to me. We were...cannot explain. Vanessa had a dream that changed her. And she fell. Who knows what's on her mind!


April drinking the suspicious liquid

We were there for an hour, nothing was happening. Finally, Vanessa came and brought us drinks. It was a glass with a name on it for each of us. The glass was full of some liquid and it smelled like alcohol. We all gave her presents and she went in another room. April said that she wants to show us that she really can get drunk (Because we didn't believe her that), so she drank liquid from her and my glass even though she was disgusted of it. We decided not to drink it. Suddenly, music stopped and lights went out. We all froze. Didn't know what to do. We heard only one voice, Vanessa's. She said "It'll be like I want it to be, I'll remove my enemy, everyone who have done something to me, be aware...just be aware."

The lights turned on but Vanessa wasn't here. We were all creeped out. We didn't know what to do, we were bit scared so we went home, actually ran home. I couldn't fall asleep. The party was on my mind.

Sunday, the day after the party, Anna called.

"Hey, do you know what happened this morning?" She asked with trembling voice.

"No, what?"
"It's something terrible...April...she died."
"What? How?" I couldn't believe.
"Noone knows. Her mother found her dead."
"Oh my...that's not possible!"
"I said that to Angie and she thinks that might have something with the party."
"...the party.."
"I'll call you back later, bye." Said Anna.

I still couldn't believe. The party. I was shocked. April was Vanessa's enemy and she said that she'd remove her enemies. And April was the one who drank the liquid! This was another unusual day.

Chapter 4Edit

It was Monday. This one was very, very unusual. April wasn't here anymore and Vanessa wasn't at school. We didn't talk much but we all knew that April's death has something with the party. Later, during the Math I asked Joseph:

„Do you know anything about Vanessa?“

„No, but Sarah told me about Vanessa's dream.“
„Really? And what was Vanessa's dream about?“
„Something, like, she has to remove everyone who have done something to her, actually she said it on the party, you know when the lights went out, remember?“
„Of course I remember, that's still on my you think that Vanessa somehow killed April?“
„Well, not that I think, it's true. April's parents called police and they investigated the whole place where the party was. And the liquid that April drank was pure alcohol, methanol I think.„
„Oh my...but she gave us she wanted to kill us all?“
„It turns out, yes.“
„But, one more thing. Why would she kill you and Danny, Sarah, Ivy, you are her friends.“
„Yes but we weren't so good friends and besides that she wants to remove anyone who have done something to her and that means anything, just little things. And if you noticed her best friends, Maria and Anita (They are from another class) weren't on the party. It's obvious that she wanted to kill us.“
„Ok, but kill someone? Is she capable of doing it?“
„Well, I'm sure she wasn't alone in that. She and her best friends! And she also hit her head, so who knows what happened to her and you know that she pushed her own cousin who broke leg because of it.“
„Yes...I know“ I replied, a bit frightened.

The whole day was in some weird mood. After this happened both 'popular' and 'normal' group started talking together.
We forgot about our differences, we were together and the same in this. And actually now we all see that those differences weren't so big and that we have much in common, something that we didn't know before.

During the break we were talking about the party, liquid, death, Vanessa, everything. We also found out that Vanessa wanted to blind some of us, not just kill. I already said the glasses on the party had name on it. They had name because each glass had different proportion of methanol in it and lower proportion of methanol causes blindness and higher death. We tried to find the answer on question is she that crazy to do it and kill us and why Maria and Amy weren't at school just like Vanessa...


Police coming to Vanessa's house

Tuesday. The autopsy of April's body was finished. It was true, she died from methanol that she drank on the party. Fortunately, noone else drank it.

Police came to Vanessa's house. They took Vanessa and her parents to the police station. Her parents couldn't believe that Vanessa actually killed someone. They knew there will be some consequences but they were also worried about Vanessa. Police sent her to the doctors because of her behavior. The results weren't so good – it showed that Vanessa is not stable and they kept her in hospital.

Chapter 5Edit

Wednesday. We all heard what happened to Vanessa yesterday. We were bit sorry even though she almost killed us. I already said that both groups started talking, so today we continued it. We were talking about everything, not just Vanessa. I liked it because I missed it. It was like....that everything is coming back, we were friends again. There were no groups, we were united. It was great!

During the break we were all together and Sarah asked us:

„Do you know why Maria and Amy weren't at school?“
„No, why?“ We asked.
„Well, they and Vanessa knew that we might ask about the party so they decided not to show up.“
„Yeah, I heard that they were with Vanessa all the time. You know when Vanessa had that dream she told it to Maria and Amy, and since they hate us, they encourage her to kill us!“ Said Danny.
„I think something's wrong with them.“ Said Ivy.
„I knew it! Vanessa, Maria and Amy! As usual. You all know that Vanessa was always hanging out with them and you already know the story about her cousin. It ain't some kind of miracle that she wanted to kill us, obviously all she needed was some encouragement.“ Said Joseph.
„But killing?“ I said.
„I know, I can't believe it either. But the thing is that she won't do it again, she's in the hospital, her parents will have to deal with consequences of April's death.“ Said Joseph.
„Oh, April...she actually gave her life for us. I mean if she didn't drink methanol first we would do it. We would be dead...or blind!“ Said Angie.
„I know, that scares me...“ Said Sarah.
„Does anyone of you know where did they get methanol?“ Asked Anna.
Oh, yes, I wanted to tell you that, and you'd never believe! She actually stole methanol from chemistry cabinet.“ Said Danny.
„What, you're kidding.“ Said Anna.
„No, police said that the liquid was methanol and they realized that methanol is missing in school.“ Said Danny.
„I can't believe that someone would do it. Ever!“ I said.
„Well, you see it's mental case!“ Said Anna.

We were later talking about reasons why would she kill us but I couldn't find one. I didn't know why would she kill me. My friends said that's because I was from another group. I wasn't sure is that true but I didn't have another explanation.
And another thing that bother us all and will never find the answer is which proportion of methanol each of us had in the glass (The methanol was mixed with some juice) and police couldn't find out it because when they came glasses had no name anymore. We don't know who of us should be dead and who should be blind.

On the end everything was clear. Vanessa hit her head and had a dream where she has to kill everyone who have done something to her. She told it to her best friends and they encouraged her to do it. She invited us to her birthday party and tried to kill us with methanol. April drank it and died. After that Vanessa was kept in hospital because of her behavior and her besties changed school. The rest of us were united again. These events have rejoined us, those two groups into one.


Now, when I remember all this things I see that everything that happened to us last week changed our lives. Vanessa tried to kill us, April is gone, but on the end they were the reason why are we all now friends and united again. All I can say is that it was an unusual week - terrible things happened but with good result.


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