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1 Newbie Court
1 Newbie Court - neighbourhood view.png
1 Newbie Court as seen in the neighbourhood view.
1 Newbie Court - road map.png
The location of 1 Newbie Court (red circle) in SimVille.
Lot type Residential
Lot size 2x2
Number of floors 5
Occupants Newbie family
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 3
Neighborhood SimVille
Game The Sims 2

1 Newbie Court is a residential lot in SimVille. It is the residence of the Newbie family. Its design was partially based on the Uplifting Lot design that shipped in the lot bin with Glamour Life Stuff.

The entire house is elevated one storey above the ground by several support columns and a few walls in the center. This creates some space underneath the house that leaves room for a swimming pool, a few parking spaces for the Newbie's two cars, and a pond for fishing in. A flight of stairs leading up from the sidewalk, three tiles wide, leads to the front door of the house. Near the parking spaces in the center of the house, a spiral staircase exists that allows the Newbies to access their vehicles without getting wet in the rain. On the upper-right hand corner of the lot, near the pond and swimming pool, another flight of stairs connects the rear balcony and kitchen with the ground.

On the second floor (first storey up from the ground), there is a TV with a video game console, a stereo, a bookshelf, a drumkit and guitar, a computer desk, a kitchen, and a dining table. There is also a small bathroom behind the main staircase. There are two balconies; one facing the front of the house, and one on the rear. The front balcony has a centrifun and a monkey bars set, along with an outdoor chess table. The rear balcony has a few tables and chairs, as well as a barbecue. There is a Gootentaugen Award for Excellence in Journalism on one of the shelves, even though no one in the Newbie family has ever worked in the journalism career.

On the third floor (second storey up from the ground), there is a "rec room" with a chess table, a weight machine, a pinball machine, a bingo machine, a treadmill, an easel, a synthesizer, and a pool table. To boot, there is also an elevated TV set and a few sectional sofas. The room also has two journalism career rewards on one of the shelves. On the right side of the house is the master bedroom, which contains Dan and Betty's bed, Oreo's cat condo, a computer desk, a dressing table, a sofa, and an in-wall closet. There is also a bathroom with a shower stall, intended for use by the residents of the master bedroom. Interestingly enough, this bathroom has a door that leads into the rec room.

On the fourth floor (third storey up from the ground), there is a small hallway with a computer desk and a seldom-used stereo. To the left is the kids bedroom where Justin and Evan sleep. The bedroom contains a trampoline, a computer desk, another in-wall closet, a punching bag, a sofa, and a private bathroom with a shower-tub. To the right is the music room, home to a piano, a Rock Hammer guitar, another drumkit, a bass, another synthesizer, a violin, and a microphone stand. The room is generally used by The Servo Band to practice in, although any member of the household can use the space. There are also two journalism career rewards inside the music room, giving its inhabitants a slight boost to their motives as they practice or watch.

The fifth floor (fourth storey up from the ground) is mostly open, home to a hot tub and a basketball court. There is also a smaller room with a hammock for Alec to sleep on. This room used to be a storage room that housed a few money trees, securely locked away to prevent visitors from tampering with them. The money trees have since been retired, and the room used to house Bigfoot.

On top of the smaller room (Technically the sixth floor, or the fifth storey up from the ground if you will) is an inaccessible rooftop with a few windmills and solar panels. There is also a lighting rod on the roof. The Newbies have enough green energy sources to completely negate their bills, and are even reimbursed for their efforts.

1 Newbie Court is the most expensive residential lot in SimVille. In terms of available floorspace, it is also the largest house in SimVille.