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Sage Madrigal

Sam Madrigal (nee Watson)

Claudia Madrigal

Noah Madrigal

Blair Rosman

Parents Fighting

Sage's parents, Maria and Joseph fighting.


It all begins with one sim, native from Sunset Valley. As Sage Madrigal prepared to leave her childhood home behind, she takes on last look at her old teddy bear, and remembers her mediocre childhood.

~11 years earlier~

"Mamma, whats wrong?" Little, innocent Sage stares up at her Mother, whos usually bright green eyes stare vacantly at the wall in front of her. "Mamma!" Sage shakes her mother's arm, with an insistent tone in her voice.

"Sage." Her Mother said, with a flat tone. "Get out of here, go somewhere else for the night." Her pink lips trembled as she turned slowly to face Sage. Her eyes lit up with terror, as she noticed that her husband was towering behind little Sage, standing in the doorway. This time, she told her little daughter, forcefully, her green eyes lit up with fire, to run, and to not come back until the next morning. 

Sad Face

Little Sage gazing sadly at her parents photo.

Sage did what she was told and ran to her babysitter Candy's home. She spent the night there, thinking of what could have been terrorizing her mother. The next morning, when she arrived home, police men and women swarmed the home, and the rest of the block. Terror panged in Sage's chest as she walked into the home. Cops clustered around the floor of her kitchen, and she made her way through them, finding her mother laying on the ground, with bruises all over her body.

The Teen YearsEdit

Sage brushed her chopped reddish brown strands with pink highlights out of her face as got out of her dad's car. They still had a fairly good relationship even after him and her mother split up. She thanked him for taking her home from school, grabbed her bag and walked to the front door of her home, the one she shared with her mother. She sighed, walking in on her mother and her new boyfriend sitting on the couch watching some mushy romantic soap opera together. Maria soon to be Mrs. Bradley, waved at her daughter. "There's some leftover mac and cheese from last night in the fridge," She said. "Heat it and take it up to your room, darling." She waved off her daughter, not knowing that she was in desperate need of someone to talk to. She walked up to her room, ignoring the thoughts of eating some yummy macaroni. Grabbing the cordless home phone off her night table, she punched in her best friend, Amy's number.

"Hello?" It was Amy's mother.

"Is Amy home? I want to talk with her.." 
Dancing lol

Sage dancing to Latin music in her room.

"No sorry, sweetie. She's at a friend's party. Want to leave a message?"

"Uhm. No thanks. Have a good night."

"You too hun, give me a call if you need anything." The phone line clicked as Sage sighed. Plopping down on her bed, she remembered the crappy day she had at her school. Why am I always the target? Sage wondered. Why do they hate me so much? Lemme get my bl- No. That is not going to happen Madrigal. Don't even think about it. Last time you did that, you nearly died.

Texting Blair

Sage texting.

Ding-dong. My phone! Sage reached for her cherry red phone, then tapped on the new message from a number she didnt recognize. Attached was a picture of a bunch of people at a party, but of course there was Blair Rosman , the queen bee, in the center of the picture. She was hugging a girl with blonde hair in a braid, who was looking ecstatic. It was Amy, who had ignored Sage all day. Below the picture, there was a text that read, Me and my new besties! Lol, are you sad you lost ur only "friend? Puh-lease. Sage typed back, Game on, princess.

I am officially dead. Sage thought to herself. Not only had she just lost the only person she could actually relate to, but she had gotten into a huge fight that was going to ruin her social life.

Chapter One: New BeginningsEdit

Sage Madrigal brushes her brown hair behind her ears, and picks up the last box, and places it in the moving van. Wiping the sweat off her hairline, she heads inside, to take one last look at the small apartment she had been living in Bridgeport. She grabs the teddy bear resting on the small kitchen counter, and clutches it to her chest, She hugs her good friend and neighbor, Sugar Bijou and gets into the elevator. I guess this is it.. Sage thinks to herself. I'm really leaving this town. Finally, I can't stand all these "celebrities" walking around, thinking theyre better than everyone.

Sage sighs and walks out of her apartment, locking it for the last time, remembering the first day in the city. She had only a small amount of money left after she bought the 1 bedroom apartment, and she was trying to become a star. When that didn't work out, she decided just to stay and become a manager in the city. She hops into the elevator, and stumbles on her way out, dropping her teddy bear, and scattering a few items everywhere. Reaching for her disc of Licorice and Lips, her favorite band, she feels a warm hand touch hers. She looks up, surprised. She finds a young man, about her age, with light brown, almost dirty blond hair. He smiles, and hands her the disc. The man asks, "Are you moving out of Apartment 23?" 

"Uhm, yes, I am.. Why?" Sage responds.

"Because I am helping my younger sister move into the apartment." He answers.

"Oh, nice! Be warned there are a few problems with the AC." Sage says as she fixes her hair.

"I'll keep that in mind. Where are you moving to?"

"Back to Sunset Valley.."

"Oh, I live there too! Maybe we could hang out."

"Yeah." Sage smiles. "Whats your name?"

"Sam Watson." He grins back at Sage.

"Nice to meet you." Sage shakes Sam's hand.

She walks out the front door with confidence, and with only one thing on her mind: her new life in Sunset Valley.

Updated, after more than 4 months. Happy New Year!

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