Fairy House
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Rabbit hole
Size 2x2

Fairy houses are multi-use portables objects that came with The Sims 3: Supernatural. They carry an assortment of domestic amenities for fairies, allowing them to sleep in or nap, relax, use it as a wardrobe, and drink pollen juice to refill some hunger. Fairies can also throw a fairy house party in the fairy house, which unlike normally thrown party - doesn’t require invitations nor adds actual fairies in the relationship panel. When using the house in any way, fairies will enter it in their fairy form.

Other Sims only have the options to view it, turn on or off its lights, and put it in their inventory.

Related WishesEdit

Image Wish Name Lifetime Happiness Game Dialog/Description Trigger EP
Dance Outside a Fairy House 350 You'd be surprised how well a floating wisp can dance! Your Sim is just dying to get their groove on outside a Fairy house party. &EP07
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