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Eyes of Horus
Left Eye of Horus
Game The Sims 3: World Adventures
Buyability Not buyable
Object type(s) Special
Size 1x1

The Eyes of Horus are two relics found in the 'Abu Simbel' tomb in Al Simhara if the player has World Adventures installed.

Players can place one eye on the ground or wall and then teleport a Sim to it by using the other eye in their inventory, on the ground or on the wall. Sims can also teleport to another Sim if that Sim has one of the eyes in their inventory.

Sims not under the player's control will ignore an Eye of Horus on the ground.

Clever usesEdit

  • Place one at an Ambitions profession lot and teleport to work easily.
  • Place one at a favorite fishing spot.
  • Place one at the active home lot and get the Teleportation pad lifetime reward. Go anywhere without waiting!
  • Place one at a neighbor's house and skip being invited inside.
  • Give one to a neighbor and be able to follow him anywhere.


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