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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Evil (The Sims 3).
Trait TS4 Evil.png

Evil is a Social trait that was introduced in The Sims 4. It conflicts with good and childish traits.

"These Sims become Happy around Sims with negative Moodlets, can Laugh Maniacally and Discuss Evil Plans, and become Angry when interacting with Good Sims."


Angry Evil.jpg
  • These Sims may laugh maniacally.
    Happy Evil.jpg
  • Have the "Discuss Evil Plans" interaction with other evil Sims.
  • Will have the "Good v.s. Evil" angry moodlet when interacting with a good Sim.
  • Will have the "Near Misery" happy moodlet when a Sim has negative moodlets.
  • Will have the "Dismiss Goodness" interaction with a good Sim.
  • Will laugh manically at the death of an enemy, whilst normal Sims would just be happy.
  • Evil Sims can also smash dollhouses even when currently not angry.
  • Will laugh at pets when they misbehave.[TS4:C&D]

Evil Sims[]

Malcolm Landgraab, Max Villareal, Vladislaus Straud

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