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Evergreen Harbor
Evergreen Harbor
World · Featured in: The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle
Evergreen Harbor
Evergreen Harbor Map.png
Sandwiched between rolling hills of evergreen forest on one side and the waters of the Willupette Sound on the other, Evergreen Harbor used to be the industrial hub of the region. However, as the world changed around it, the region has struggled to keep up. A place where Sims value their community and neighborly love isn't just a pastime, Evergreen Harbor now stands on the precipice of making its own future. The only question is: what kind of future will it be?
Name Evergreen Harbor
Game TS4 EP9 Eco Lifestyle Icon.png The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle
Evergreen Harbor Icon.png

Evergreen Harbor is a world that is introduced in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle. It is an industrial harbor town based off the Northeastern United States, particularly former mining towns along the rust belt in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. Each neighborhood is within a different state of pollution on the eco footprint.


Port Promise


This smoggy old port may make you gag, but it's an adequate place to learn about industrialization

Grims Quarry


The quaint suburbs near the historic quarry is a sweet destination for any evergreen enthusiast

Conifer Station


This pretty area on the outskirts of the city has a historic train station to visit


Evergreen Harbor consists of three neighborhoods, each in a different state of pollution on their eco footprint.


There are 13 lots in Evergreen Harbor, including 2 apartment lots, 7 residential lots and 4 community lots. There are four apartment units in the world - if counting each apartment unit as a lot, Evergreen Harbor has 15 lots.

Residential lots[]



Community lots[]


New families[]

Knox Greenburg, Mary Greenburg, Blossom Greenburg
Mary and Blossom are a couple of old timers in this town. They're trying to spruce up the space, with Mary focused on her garden and Blossom painting up unused places. Age isn't on their side anymore, however, it's a good thing their adopted son Knox is fighting for the family name to help make the world a little more green. Unfortunately, sometimes he takes "fighting" a little too literally.
Cletus Harris, Faye Harris, Jeb Harris, Gideon Harris, Francine Spencer
Cletus and Faye found this heritage home in Grims Quarry for dirt cheap. Nothing seems wrong with it and the Harris' weren't about to question a good deal. Cletus' free-spirited mother soon joined them, completing the big happy family. Mysteriously, their eldest son always wear a shameful bag on his head. Also, it doesn't seem like any of them other than Faye has a job, but the house is well-furnished. What is going on here?
Bess Sterling, Jules Rico
Bess and Jules are a power couple with big dreams. Big dreams about sweet sweet money. A civil designer by trade, Bess place herself in the perfect position to convince city officials and residents alike to enact programs that would benefit her bottom line. Her partner-in-crime, Jules, is a Style Influencer that loves fashion as much as he loves convincing people to his rejected styles. Cheerful and charismatic, together they hustle around Evergreen Harbor like an entrepreneurial whirlwind.
Yasemin Tinker, Tina Tinker, Olive Tinker
The talented, but perpetually stressed Tina Tinker is a very successful Freelance Crafter. Her equally successful spouse Yasemin managed to convince her to move to Conifer station with their daughter Olive. Tina takes on too much work, and Yasemin just wants her to relax and spend more time with family. Meanwhile curious little Olive loves nothing more than to admire her two mothers' works and dream of following in their footsteps.


  • Evergreen Harbor is the first world in The Sims series to have two same-sex pre-made couples: the Greenburg family (Mary Greenburg and Blossom Greenburg) and the Tinker family (Yasemin Tinker and Tina Tinker).
  • It is the first world to contain both a home and two characters that were created by Simmers: Mary and Blossom Greenburg as well as their home were designed by YouTubers Plumbella, Simproved and The English Simmer as Team Gnome as part of a challenge on The Sims Spark'd, a Sims game show. However, in this case, Team Gnome's creation was not officially announced until after the series premiere of Spark'd.
  • It is the second world in The Sims 4 to feature apartments (the first being San Myshuno).
  • 4 out of the 11 adult/teen sims in Evergreen Harbor have reward traits that don't line up with their aspiration. Jeb and Francine both have the Muser trait despite having romance-based aspirations, Bess has the Collector trait despite having a fortune-based aspiration, and Mary has both the Collector and Muser traits while she only has a nature-based aspiration. Mary's case is impossible as 2 aspiration reward traits are impossible without cheats.