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Espiritu Estate
Espiritu Estate Front
Lot type Residential
Occupants Bella Goth (formerly), Emily Emory, Nervous Subject, Dennis Philips
Neighborhood Strangetown
Game The Sims 2 (PSP)

Espiritu Estate is a house in Paradise Place in The Sims 2 for PSP where you automatically and permanently stay after buying it from Bella Goth. It has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a music room and a living room. there is a ghost in the music room and another one in the master bedroom. A ghost-maid is automatically in the home named Emily Emory.

The ghost in the music room, Dennis Philips, was the husband of Hazel Dente. He died by Drowning, because the pool ladder had vanished. This is a reference to the way players would often kill off Sims in The Sims and to Skip Broke, who died in a simliar fashion.

The ghost in the master bedroom, Nervous Subject, died as a result of Loki Beaker's experiments. Pictures in the Beaker family album show Nervous being what appears to be a test subject for Loki.

Buy and Build ModeEdit

To buy objects you must as usual have simoleons and the Espiritu Estate Phone where you can access the buy mode and build mode. Buy mode features things for your home, from high tech furniture to old style couches. Build mode, on the other hand, is free; you can design the kitchen, bedrooms, music room, bathroom, any room for free.


This is a feature that appeared in the Sims console games where you can only have a limit of furniture in your home. The game doesn't provide a visual gauge to show how close the amount of furniture is compared to the limit, so the player will have to guess. When the player reaches the limit, they will get a message saying that the item will take up too much Feng-Shui, and they will have to remove some other items to make room. A hint is that the hot tub will take up most of the Feng-Shui.

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