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|handiness = 2}}
|handiness = 2}}
[[fr:Emma Perry]]
[[pt-br:Emma Perry]]
[[pt-br:Emma Perry]]
[[ru:Эмма Перри]]
[[ru:Эмма Перри]]

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Emma Perry
Monte Vista Logo
This lovely lady feels lucky to bask in the glow of Monte Vista's sun.
Name Emma Perry
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Science career icon Carnivorous Plant Tender
Perry family
Sibling(s) Noel Perry Female
Marital status Single
Trait Good Sense of Humor small Good Sense of Humor
Trait Unlucky small Unlucky
Trait Vegetarian small Vegetarian
Trait Frugal small Frugal
Trait Artistic small Artistic
Zodiac sign AriesLN Aries
Lifetime wish
LTW Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
Fav Indie Indie
Fav Hot Dog Hot Dogs
Fav Aqua Aqua
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3 Brown
Eye color Eye-green Green
Skin color Medium skin-TS3 Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3MV Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Monte Vista
Emma Perry is a Sim who lives with her younger sister Noel in Monte Vista. Both are said to love parties but Emma is slightly more mature than Noel.

The two sisters are popular Sims around the neighborhood, having many friends. She works in the Science career track as a Carnivorous Plant Tender. She has 5 points in Charisma, 4 in Gardening, 1 in Guitar and 2 in Handiness. She could be related to Odine Perry from Bridgeport, yet this is purely speculative and is up to the players imagination.


Image Skill Level
Charisma skill iconCharisma05
Gardening skill iconGardening04
Guitar skill iconGuitar01
Handiness skill iconHandiness02
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