Trait Chip Efficient
Efficient is a trait chip in The Sims 3: Into the Future. It requires level 9 or higher Bot Building skill to be built.

In-game descriptionEdit

Transform your simple domestic Plumbot into a breathtakingly efficient dynamo! No matter the task, your Bot will excel at it.

  • Increased performance in professional settings and Bot Competitions.
  • Faster Skill learning and superior Harvesting results.
  • Longer Battery life and decreased Maintenance needs.

Required componentsEdit

  • Thermo nanite
  • Two medium processors
  • One large processor

Player notesEdit

  • Plumbots with the efficient trait chip perform at maximum career performance regardless of the career's requirements.

Premade Efficient plumbotsEdit

Drox, Model U, Robota, ToB3


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