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Dragon Valley
Dragon Valley
Downloadable World · Featured in: The Sims 3 Store
Dragon Valley
Dragon Valley thumbnail
Welcome to Dragon Valley, a land of myth and fantasy. It's been years since any adult dragons have terrorized this peaceful town but it's not yet time to rest. The elven Sims of Dragon Valley are working to ensure that their military is up to par, their citizens are prepared for disaster, and that the scientific techniques they've used to keep the dragonlings small stay intact. The skies may be clear for now, but beneath the surface a conflict is brewing between the Mithrilen and O'Connell families for control of town. It's tradition vs. progress; on which side will you stand?
Name Dragon Valley
Game TS3Shop Icon The Sims 3 Store
Housed residents 49
Cost (in SimPoints) N/A
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Dragon Valley Reflect

Dragon Valley is a The Sims 3 Store world that was released on May 30, 2013.[1] It was first announced at the Live Broadcast on April 16, 2013. The theme of this world is medieval and fantasy. It features brand new locations, features, as well as new characters.


Dragon Valley Logo

Welcome to Dragon Valley, a land of myth and fantasy. It's been years since any adult dragons have terrorized this peaceful town but it's not yet time to rest. The elven Sims of Dragon Valley are working to ensure that their military is up to par, their citizens are prepared for disaster, and that the scientific techniques they've used to keep the dragonlings small stay intact. The skies may be clear for now, but beneath the surface a conflict is brewing between the Mithrillen and O'Connell families for control of the town. It's tradition vs. progress: on which side will you stand?


Backstory Render DV
Open Your Eyes!

You all walk around with dragons on your arms as pets. But don't you see? We're just recovering; we've finally rebuilt after the original Dragons ravaged our land.

The O'Connells "land" in our world with their way of taming dragons and we've been following them ever since! When it was we Mithrilens that used to keep the town safe!"

Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes. Just look at the dragons. They are supposed to be "babies" but each one does something more dastardly than the last!

This will only end in misery. Let me help you. The Mithrilen family knows our ways, our traditions, and our bond with the land. Let me guide you to safety, before it's too late.

Mithrilen for Mayor
Before it's too late.


82 lots in total are in Dragon Valley: 27 commercial, 22 empty and 33 residential lots.


Name Br Ba Address Size Worth Household Difficulty Money
Sweet Shelter 1 1 34 Lugh Lane 40x40 §48,528 Burb 2 §5,000
Carrigbeg 2 1 33 Lugh Lane 40x40 §31,828 Cromos 2 §800
Sun Home 2 2 92 Dagda Drive 50x40 §66,655 Delaney 2 §1,200
Hefty Home 3 1.5 24 Clover Drive 30x30 §72,402 Dolan 2 §4,000
Wisteria House 2 2.5 58 Balor Bend 30x40 §107,594 Eames 3 §2,300
Limerick House 1 1.5 82 Claddagh Court 30x30 §61,909 Finnigan 1 §5,000
Sturdy Home 2 1.5 15 Clover Drive 20x20 §48,869 Flanagan 1 §2,000
Vantage Point 1 1 70 Oak Grove 20x20 §53,636 Grey 1 §900
Dara Cottage 1 1.5 26 Clover Drive 30x30 §46,059 Hooley 2 §700
Glenbeg 1 1.5 54 Brighid Bend 30x30 §55,388 Kelly 2 §1,500
Loch House 1 1.5 30 Clover Drive 20x20 §42,270 Lochlan 1 §1,000
Solidly Built Home 2 2 76 Shillelagh Street 30x30 §81,109 MacAnna 2 §1,500
The Cottage 1 1.5 77 Shillelagh Street 30x40 §100,838 MacGrath 1 §5,000
Landing Place 1 1 37 Aibell Avenue 20x30 §53,464 McCann 1 §4,000
Secure Stronghold 2 2 1 Mithrilen Manor 40x40 §130,857 Mithrilen 3 §8,000
Small Steady Home 1 1.5 74 Shillelagh Street 30x30 §43,426 Murphy 1 §1,000
The Big House The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 3 3.5 100 O'Connell Heights 64x64 §386,206 O'Connell 4 §10,000
Humble House 1 1 90 Dagda Drive 30x30 §56,464 Ordhen 1 §700
Home for the Gentry 3 2.5 61 Ardmore Avenue 40x40 §158,215 O'Reilly 3 §2,500
The Gables 2 2.5 85 Deidre Drive 30x40 §142,556 O'Shea 2 §2,000
The Orphanage 6 4.5 6 Mithrilen Manor 60x30 §129,731 Prendergast 6 §1,200
Defended Domicile 2 1.5 75 Shillelagh Street 30x30 §76,954 Sackholme 2 §1,200
Thatched Cottage 1 1 45 Brea Bend 30x30 §40,999 Walsh 1 §2,000
Name Br Ba Address Size Price Unfurnished Price Furnished
Cozy and Content 1 1 21 Clover Drive 19x19 §10,645 §13,340
Humble Home 1 1.5 81 Claddagh Court 30x30 §14,401 §16,361
Meek Manor 1 1 52 Brighid Bend 20x40 §13,510 §15,560
Simple Shack 2 1.5 87 Deidre Drive 20x29 §13,668 §15,923
Carrigbeg 2 1.5 3 Mithrilen Manor 40x40 §104,188 §150,990
Cozy Cottage 1 1.5 91 Dagda Drive 49x25 §46,486 §71,747
Dormer House 3 3 73 Shillelagh Street 20x29 §53,253 §101,453
Glen House 2 2 5 Mithrilen Manor 30x30 §38,510 §59,250
Rustic Home 1 1 63 Oak Grove 25x25 §25,119 §37,491
Very Comfortable House 2 1 78 Shillelagh Street 30x20 §31,566 §43,933


Name Size Address Price Type Rabbithole
Heart and History Art Gallery 30x30 42 Elm Grove §94,511 Art Gallery
Tome Traders 40x30 57 Ardmore Avenue §10,829 No Visitors Allowed Bookstore
Like Minded Individuals, inc. 30x40 46 Elm Grove §8,309 No Visitors Allowed Business Office
City Hall 30x40 55 Ardmore Avenue §9,240 No Visitors Allowed City Hall
Cladach Beach 40x20 68 Oak Grove §9,756 Beach
Mithrilen's Madmen Hideaway 40x40 28 Clover Drive §5,963 No Visitors Allowed Abandoned Warehouse
Crios Pond 30x20 40 Cian Road §3,327 Fishing Spot
Dragon Tavern 30x30 23 Clover Drive §44,238 No Visitors Allowed
Myth, Legend, Lore, and Fact Facility 30x30 40 Elm Grove §6,474 No Visitors Allowed Science Lab
Feudal Fishing Spot 60x60 7 Mithrilen Manor §18,422 Fishing Spot
Community Garden 25x40 51 Elm Grove §22,763 Small Park
City Cairn Memorial Lot 30x30 84 Claddagh Court §42,342 Graveyard Mausoleum
The Local Grocer 30x30 50 Elm Grove §4,127 No Visitors Allowed SupermarketDiner
Practice Pit Gymnasium 30x30 41 Elm Grove §71,335 Gym with small swimming pool
Sláinte chugat Harmony Hospital 50x50 53 Ardmore Avenue §24,938 No Visitors Allowed Hospital
Freedom Books 30x30 43 Elm Grove §67,809 Library
Mol Beach 30x30 25 Clover Drive §14,934 Beach
Playful Park / Dragon Valley Festival Ground[2] 30x40 83 Claddagh Court §29,422 Big Park / Festival Ground
Garda Police and Military 30x30 44 Elm Grove §7,547 No Visitors Allowed Police Military Base
Swimmer's Safety Practice Pool 30x30 11 Clover Drive §67,795 Pool
McCafferty's Pub 30x30 72 Shillelagh Street §42,218 Visitors Allowed
Miser McCann's Restaurant 20x20 59 Ardmore Avenue §4,652 No Visitors Allowed Bistro
Drake School of Life and Learning 64x64 101 O'Connell Heights §29,019 No Visitors Allowed School
Ubiquitous Unity Day Spa 50x50 10 Clover Drive §17,021 No Visitors Allowed Spa
Tourney Tent of Novices 64x64 49 Aine Avenue §14,882 No Visitors Allowed Stadium
World's Theatre 30x30 13 Clover Drive §6,470 No Visitors Allowed Theatre
Tràigh Mhòr Beach 40x20 69 Oak Grove §3,808 Beach


Address Size Price
2 Mithrilen Manor 30x30 §1,800
4 Mithrilen Manor 29x20 §1,200
8 Mithrilen Manor 20x30 §1,200
9 Mithrilen Manor 20x29 §1,200
14 Clover Drive 20x20 §800
16 Clover Drive 25x25 §1,250
17 Clover Drive 30x30 §1,800
19 Clover Drive 29x40 §2,400
20 Clover Drive 40x40 §3,200
32 Lugh Lane 64x64 §8,192
35 Aibell Avenue 30x30 §1,800
38 Aibell Avenue 64x64 §8,192
47 Aine Avenue 39x40 §3,200
56 Morrigan Mews 29x29 §1,800
60 Abbey Alley 20x20 §800
64 Oak Grove 63x63 §8,192
66 Oak Grove 29x29 §1,800
71 Shillelagh Street 20x29 §1,200
80 Shillelagh Street 30x29 §1,800
81 Claddagh Court 64x64 §8,192
86 Deidre Drive 29x19 §1,200
88 Deidre Drive 40x40 §3,200


There are 23 families in Dragon Valley.

New Families[]

Difficulty: 2
Riley Cromos, Zoe Cromos
Riley Cromos has been living the hard life raising his daughter alone. He loves her more than anything, but as a struggling baker it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet and find ways to relate to a soon-to-be teenage girl. Can they handle the growing pains or will this weakened family be over-powered?
Difficulty: 2
Emma Delaney, Dorren Delaney
Emma loves her father and their eco-concious lifestyle, but she yearns for a bit more freedom. What's the harm in eating out on disposable paper products every once in awhile or driving a modern automobile? She wants to teach her father that you can save the earth, and live in it too.
Difficulty: 2
Wynn Byrne, Finn Dolan, Sarah Dolan
Finn never imagined that he'd marry the girl that he rescued from a vicious wolf attack all of those years ago, but here he is living with an elderly grandmother and a beautiful wife with the affinity for red hoods. Now that they're expecting their first child he wonders if it's time to increase his vigilant watch for danger or begin to let down his guard?
Difficulty: 3
Maeve Eames, Martin Eames, Liam Eames
Maeve lived her life on a ship. Her father was the captain of a ship and her youth was spent pillaging towns with her best friend, Martin. Now married and in their adulthood, Maeve and Martin are having a hard time getting used to the parent life with their young son Liam. With another little one on the way, the question is will they settle or will they sail?
Difficulty: 1
Aaron Finnigan
Aaron never believed this gold at the end of a rainbow business, but he can't help but notice that good things have a habit of coming his way. Successful in business and a serious relationship with the beautiful Siobahn Murphy? Maybe he is lucky...
Difficulty: 1
Quinn Flanagan
Playing the fool is simple when you have an ulterior motive. Quinn uses his charm and humor to get close to Sims for their secrets! He's the town's gossip columnist and gossip comes easy when you make people laugh.
Difficulty: 1
Hugh Grey
Hugh Grey lives in quiet isolation and he likes it that way. Out at his lighthouse he can spend his days writing novels, maintaining his garden, and keeping the waters safe. He likes the peace of his lonely life, but will a new romance with Nessie Lochlan spark some color in all of the grey?
Difficulty: 2
Marian Hooley, Robin Hooley
Robin loves the common man and will do anything he can to help, illegal or not. He and his wife Marian have little money and few possessions because he keeps giving them away! He has good intentions, but Marian hopes to teach him that stealing isn't the way to go.
Difficulty: 2
Ava Kelly, Sean Kelly
Ava Kelly is young, fierce, and wanting to make a name for herself in town. That name is Kelly; Ava Kelly. Sean loves his driven wife and he'll do anything to help her get ahead. Even if that means making a name for himself just to stay at her side.
Difficulty: 1
Nessie Lochlan
The Loch Ness Monster is real! Or is it? Nessie is an aspiring journalist and her star is rising! All she needs to do is keep taking pictures of this mysterious "monster" in the water and her job will promote itself! With her career underway she's hoping to get her romantic life in order with the mysterious lighthouse keeper, Mr. Grey.
Difficulty: 2
Shannon MacAnna, Teagan MacAnna
Teagan is the exact opposite of her sweet, innocent sister, Shannon. Dark and devious to the bone, she does whatever she wants with reckless abandon and no consideration for others. Who cares if there is no "I" in Team? There is an "I" in Mine and that's all that matters.
Difficulty: 1
Bradan MacGrath
Bradan is the ultimate champion and the one that everyone pays to see. He can vanquish any foe and conquer any competitor with ease. He's number one and always will be. It's probably best not to get in his way.
Difficulty: 1
Lorna McCann
Lorna is the source of all that is good in Dragon Valley. No one knows her true age and it's almost as if she's lived forever. She's loving, kind, and always knows how to cure what ails you. Her healing isn't just homeopathic or scientific, it's practically magic.
Difficulty: 3
Fintan Mithrilen, Aine Mithrilen, Riordan Mithrilen
Fintan still holds bitterness in his heart over the Mithrilen family being unseated as leaders in town. He still can't believe how quickly everyone took to the foreign O'Connell family and he believes that they should have stayed on guard rather than letting little dragons into their lives. He will protect his town no matter what, but will his anger and obsession hurt his family in the long run?
Difficulty: 1
Siobahn Murphy
Siobahn is beautiful, talented, and a virtuoso when plucking strings. Her songs bring joy and laughter to everyone who listens, almost as if they're in a trance. She spends most of her time perfecting her music because you never know when you'll need a good entrancing song...
Difficulty: 4
Morida O'Connell, Seamus O'Connell, Shauna O'Connell, Brien O'Connell, Aiden O'Connell
The O'Connell family has been leading the town since their great-great-grandfather Captain O'Connell landed here and helped the town tame the dragons. They love caring for the town, but they are starting to wonder if democracy isn't more the way.
Difficulty: 1
Daric Ordhen
Daric loves his garden. There's nothing more he loves than his garden. He would spend all of his time in his garden if he could, but eating, sleeping, and other human "necessities" get in the way. If only he could be a statue, then he could stay in his garden forever.
Difficulty: 3
Fiona O'Reilly, Morrigan O'Reilly, Conor O'Reilly, Chloe O'Reilly
Women! Women! Women! They're all that Conor sees. He opens his eyes to his youngest daughter vying for his attention and closes his eyes to his harried wife hoping for some rest, with a sprinkle of his teenage daughter rolling her eyes at him in between. What a life! He's overwhelmed, but he wouldn't change a minute of it.
Difficulty: 2
Breandan O'Shea, Kearney O'Shea
Kearney and Breandan are always jousting to be the best. When Breandan got muscles, Kearney got bigger muscles. When Kearney got a girlfriend, Breandan got a prettier girlfriend! When Breandan joined law enforcement, Kearney join the Military! Kearney thinks he's the best brother, but then again so does Brendan! When will they learn that they're really quite the same?
Difficulty: 6
Sophie Dwyer, Nora Lawless, Orion Lawless, Cassidy Predergast, Dillon Lawless, Corren Dwyer, Cara Gallgher
Cassidy was never able to have children of her own, but it didn't matter. There were always children in town without a parent. Parents lost to Dragon fires, house fires, fire fires.. .Times are tough and orphans need love too.
Difficulty: 2
Susie Sackholme, Mason Sackholme
Lots of things always seem to happen around Susie & Mason. Though well-intentioned, they usually fall prey to some scheme or attack and danger seems to follow them wherever they go. That doesn't keep the men and women in town from being hopelessly attracted to them, however. Some think it's because there may have been fairy in their blood line.
Difficulty: 1
Aislin Walsh
Aislin Walsh makes some of the best food in town, but isn't the most stable person around. Everyone knows how productive the farms are in their secluded town, so where did Aislin get all of this meat?

Returning Families[]

Difficulty: 2
John Burb, Jennifer Pleasant
Jennifer and John tried to sail around the world as one last "hurrah" before their wedding day and somehow ended up here! The adventure for this couple is just beginning, but will they be able to find a way back home before their big day?

Deceased Sims[]

Homeless Sims[]




  • On May 10, 2013, Maxis set up a preview page on their website for Dragon Valley. The page had a glitch that allowed some people to purchase and download an incomplete version of the world. The glitch was soon fixed, but Maxis staff strongly recommended that players uninstall the incomplete version.[3]
  • There is an additional venue available from the Store, The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire, which was designed specifically for use in Dragon Valley. However, it must be purchased separately and is not included in the Gold Edition. Instead, buying the Gold Edition from the Store grants the purchaser enough additional SimPoints to buy the venue, and the write-up for the package explicitly recommends this.
  • The Gold Edition version sold in the Store includes an extra set called Celtic Lands. The physical retail edition of the World includes an additional download code in the box, which must be redeemed separately in order to access the Celtic Lands extra features. The box edition does not, however, include additional SimPoints, as the Store edition does, making the box edition somewhere between the Standard and Gold editions from the Store.


  • The names Dagda, Lugh, Brighid, are taken from Celtic Mythology.
  • Morrigan O'Reilly shares her name with one of the most important Goddesses of Celtic Mythology.
  • There's a street named Shillelagh Street, which is one of the drinks served by a mixologist.
  • The Hooley and Dolan families are a parody of the tales Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood, respectively.
  • The Sackholme family is a parody of Sookie and Jason Stackhouse from the True Blood TV series.
  • The O'Connell family is either a parody of Mérida and her family from Disney/Pixar's Brave, or a parody of Dragonriders of Pern's Connell family.
  • The MacAnna sisters could be a reference to either Lewis Carroll's, or Tim Burton's movie adaptation of, the White Queen & Red Queen, which are often portrayed respectively as good (Shannon) and bad (Teagan).
  • Aislin Walsh is probably a spoof of Mrs. Lovett, from Sweeney Todd. She may also be a female spoof of Sweeney Todd himself, given her description.

Other languages[]

Since it is rare for The Sims 3 world names to be translated, only the differing names are listed below.

Language Title
English Dragon Valley
Brazilian Portuguese Vale do Dragão
Chinese (Simplified)
European Portuguese
Polish Dolina Smoków
Russian Дрэгон Валли


  • The theatre in Dragon Valley is based on the World Theatre and its counterpart in SimCity, both of which are based on Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, England.
  • It is unknown if the elves of Dragon Valley are related in any way to the Blue Elves found in a Sims Medieval chance card that may appear upon "Tak[ing] a Stroll" in the forest, but their appearance seems to suggest so. Additionally, it is unknown if Dragon Valley is in any way related to the kingdoms of The Sims Medieval, although the "By my troth!" exclamation in the Sims 4 notification (see below) implies some connection.
  • In The Sims 4, sometimes a sim gets a description of: "By my troth! My newest penpal resides in Dragon Valley!" when checking for penpal replies.
  • Dragon Valley is mentioned in Door to Nowhere object from The Sims 4: Realm of Magic.
  • It is unusual as to why Jennifer and Johnny Burb resides in this world as an adult and not Jeff Pleasant, Diane Pleasant, Brad Burb or Tiffany Burb as a child as The Sims 3 takes place before the events of The Sims, meaning Jennifer would not be born yet. However, Barnacle Bay does take place after the events of The Sims 2 so it's possible that Sunlit Tides takes place between the events of The Sims and The Sims 2 as Lucy Burb is not born yet and Jennifer and Johnny are not married yet, however there is no confirmation of this.
  • Consumer technology is scarce by default in Dragon Valley. A few lots, like the Freedom Books library and Glen House, have computers, but TVs and stereos are nowhere to be seen unless added by the player.



  1. Article about Maxis confirmation of release on BeyondSims
  2. If the player has The Sims 3: Seasons, the lot can be converted into a Festival Ground by downloading it from SimGuruSmitty's exchange page for free
  3. SimGuruTaterTot Speaks on Dragon Valley Early Release on
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