Dong Huo was a very influential sim who lived in Shang Simla some time ago. He was a ruthless, despised tyrant who is the central antagonist of some Shang Simla adventures. He is mostly known for "stealing" valuable relics from the other sims, whose descendants ask these relics back. His treasures are mostly hidden in a tomb beneath the Market. His most prominent appearance is during the adventure called "Prophecy of the Dragon Cave". It is here revealed that Dong Huo was eventually sealed in The Dragon's Maw by James Vaughan, and the keystone was brought to Champs Les Sims, in France. However, Vaughan seems to have not completely succeeded to lock Dong Huo, and a prophecy states that only one sim, a high-level tournament-winning martial artist, could defeat him forever.

Dong Huo makes one on-screen appearance, as a mummy. Deep inside The Dragon's Maw is his sarcophagus. The sim of the prophecy fights his mummy and defeats it in order to vanquish him once and for all.

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