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== How did Don get to Riverview? ==

I think that when Don knew he was in trouble for cheating on Cassandra and leaving her at the altar, so he fled to strangetown. when he was there the mad scientist beakers decided to use him as a test subject for their teleporter invention. but when don stepped into it it wen haywhire and, instead of teleporting him to downtown like it was meant to do, it took him back sixty years and caused him to lose all memories except from Circe Beaker alughing as he was swept away.

Here is what I think. Dina and Nina Caliente found out he was getting married. They got mad and so decided to teach him a lesson. Don, not knowing this, asked Cassandra to build a teleporter so he could go back in time to the time when he left to get Bella some snacks while she was looking out a telescope. Dina and Nina Caliente found out about this and decided that this was the chance they had been looking for. So they both went while the Goths were sleeping and tampered with the teleporter. They meant to break it. But instead of breaking it they made it to where it would take Don 50-60 years in the past. No one knew this, not even the Caliente sisters. When Don went to use it, instead of taking him back to the time before Bella was kidnapped it took him to a time when Pleasantview wasn't even made!! During the process Don also lost his memory. There you go, that is my theory.

I'm starting to think Don went back into time to stop bella and mortimer from dating! That way, he could have her! and She wouldn't have been abducted in Sims 2! (That is, if he really loved Bella). But, I'm guess the teleporter malfunctioned, and instead of taking him to Sunset Valley (Pleasantview), it took him to Riverview, and the reason he's a young adult, is because If you recall, in Sims 3 young adult is the default age.

I think, After Don left Cassandra at the altar, He ran back home and stayed there for a few days. In the middle of the night a shadow figrue was seen in Don's bedroom while he was sleeping. Don started waking up, hen there was a big white flash of light. When he woke up he was sleeping on a strange looking couch. He looked around to see a furtue looking version of the Goth home. He heard footsteps coming from the stairs. He tried to hide but was discovered by the sim coming down the stairs. At first Don thought it was Mortimer but younger.(Probably from an expirement.) But the man was said to be Alexander Goth 30 years older. Alex, explained to Don that alot of things have happend in the last couple of years.(Alex didnot become a mad scientist, Cassandra is in a huge depression, Mortimer and Dina didnot get married and both sadily died of old age 3 years ago and Don well died of a house fire.) Alex tells Don all of these events happened because he left Cassandra at the altar. So Don must go back in time the day of their wedding and to stop it all. When trying to time travel the time machine malfunctioned,causing Don to go back when Mortimer and Bella never even got married and ended up in Riverview.(The malfunction caused Don memory loss)(Alex however did send a childrens book "Where's Bella?" to that time hoping Don will get his memory back.)

What an imagination.

I think after Dina,Nina,Cassandra, and Kaylynn found out about each other they went looking for Don. but they knew he was already trying to escape from his wedding so they messed up the teleporter machine to take him back in time insted of taking him to the other side of Plesantview where he plan to hide.

I think it's pretty obvious--Don wanted to escape marriage from Cassandra and, from lots of Lifetime Happiness, got a teleporter to escape marriage. But the teleporter unexpectedly took him back in time to Riverview. But eventually he got back to Pleasantview. MJ567 02:40, December 18, 2009 (UTC)

When he became a young adult he used teleportation and went to Riverview from Sunset Valley. Then used time travel to get to Pleasentview otherwise he would be dead. Also he is one of the new faces in the town of Pleasentview.So the theory title should be How did Don get to Pleasantview?

I think the teleporter was actually a gap in time. So Don was just minding is own business when he stepped into it and passed out. When he woke up the he couldn't remember anything and the time gap had closed up too.

Sims 3 is a parallel universe from Sims 2, I am not going to get into on why and how Don used the teleportation device, but it teleported him into what we know as the Sims 3 universe where things are different from the Sims 2 universe in very random ways. Personally I think this is the stupidest way of explaining it .

In the year 2065 Don Lothario was taken to court by Mortimer after being Accussed of luring Bella Goth into the Alien experiment that wiped her memory and taken her far, far across SimEarth into the town of StrangeTown. Don was also accussed of Cheating on his many Girlfriends. Don was found Guilty and charged with Cheating and kidnapping and sentanced to 8 years in SimPrison, Don then escaped thanks to his charms with a Hopeless Female Cop. Don was soon in a High-Speed pursuit with the cops and eventually fell of a cliff and hit a Tree, Don was luckily no harmed by the impact due to the Airbag in the car. As Don was climbing up he found a strange device with writing that said "T..e............Ma.hi.e" Don asumed it said "Teleporter machine" Though as Don turned around, he was surrounded by armed cops and Simcopters. Don, without hesitation, activated the strange Device and suddenly, he was in a Duck pond surronded by confused people, Don got dry and asked where he was, he found himself in the town of riverview and suprisingly dead people were "Alive", Don then set out to find how to get back to Pleasantview.

A less stupid explanation would be that he was either Expello Simae'd by a witch like his entrance suggests, or he used the Electro Dance Sphere and teleported away.

I think Don was actualy sent back in time as a punishment ,I think Casandra Dina,Kalyn and Nina found out about his cheating ways and had Mortimer use some old equipment from his Mad Scientist days to send him back in time which would also explain why his last memory is of women laughing

Because Don had a comfy life with multiple girlfriends, a great career, and simply being happy, Don was rewarded with a Teleportation Pad. He didn't believe it worked and showed it to his many girlfriends. He was defying the pad's power and stepped in - and poof. He ended up back in time, in Riverview, from a malfunction of the Teleportation Pad.

I think that Don had a bad night with his girls(I say that because there were possibly a lot) Then he teleported away, but he scrood up and teleported to Riverview.

I think that Don from the future was in the university(because Sims 2 can only have young adults through that)and teleported to Riverview like 50 years in the past.

I think Mortimer in the future had something to do with it, and he was taken at least 50 years into the past (since Cassandra, Dina and Nina arent born and Kaylynn is a child)

I like to think one or both of the Caliente sisters and Kaylynn shoved him in a teleporter for the laughs once they realized he was getting around, not realizing it would screw up horribly (maybe because of Sims 2 mechanics, and half or more of them having low aspiration at the moment?). Cassandra's likely in the dark about his ladies and their revenge, since it mentions he was still debating whether to marry her or not (if she knew, the engagment would have blown up spectacularly), so she's probably off panicking over her "mostly-innocent fiance", while the other girls know they'll be in trouble if they say anything. I think the teleporter was his, since he likely had a good chunk happiness from not getitng hitched right off the bat and instead spending quality time with the other women. Right before they figured things out, at least. The other girls probably accidentally ruined the teleporter -- and his way back to their time -- struggling to get him back when they realized the severity of the situation, fled the scene when they realized it wasn't working, and let Don be put down as a simple missing person. Whether they eventually reveal that he got around and "probably just skipped town" or not is up for debate but not directly related to Don's actual time-travelly-warpy trip.

I think that Cassandra found out about his treachery and with the help of Alexander and Mortimer she teleported back in time to when he was a oyung adult to ruin his realtionships because this is probably when he had the most relationships. She ruined his lovelife and he used the telporter to malfunction, send him back in time in Riverview, and killed Cassandra. Why do I think it killed Cassandra? Because there is a ghost named Cassandra in Mysims. Cassandra's crazy outfit was probably a disguise and Goth Boy is Alexander. He also used another time machine to go back in time when his parents were children and wrote a book about Bella. Does "Where's Bella" ring a bell? Zordon123456789mlw7 18:27, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

In Bon Voyage, you can learn "teleportation" from the secret ninja. Don made way to Riverview to start a fresh, new life... but has he gotten rid of his "player" ways?

I think that he was at a big party and he had lots of girls there. Mortimer found out that Don has been cheating on a bunch of people, including his girlfriend and his daughter. He knew that Mortimer was mad and when he saw him coming he tried to teleport away. This explains why his last memory was girls laughing. But the teleporter malfunctioned and he was sent back in time 50 years and to Riverview. As his description says, he escaped marriage with Cassandra. If he ever found his way back to Pleasantview (Sunset Valley), he would be very surprised to see his former girlfriend (Kaylynn), his former future father-in-law (Mortimer), and the lady whom he was wrapped up in conspiracy with (Bella) children, and his other three loves unborn.

Okay, since that due to the conception of the Lifetime Reward "Teleporter", it has inspired the creators to put Don in the game. Maybe after the marriage of Cassandra, she got jealous at his other three loves, then throws a house party to murder them. But Mortimer stops her, and says to "take Don away instead". Cassandra immediately divorces with Don, invites him along with the party, while Mortimer and Alexander work on the Teleporter. Cassandra invites a few other women who suffered the same thing (womanized), and jokes about Don. That night, Don is furious about the jokes, and heads upstairs. Mortimer and Alexander trap Don and Alexander sets an unknown location and time, causing him to teleport to Riverview, in the old granary. He can't see his future lovers anymore, as you can't move Don to Sunset Valley.

here is my video theory i kinda think this is what happenedPleasantview: (Episode 1: A Flashback) [PILOT] --Jace10 20:13, October 30, 2009 (UTC)

I think that Don was sent back to stop something that was going to happen in the past(Sims3) and screw up the future(Sims2).

MMM Jez I think that the Sims 3 is set in 25 years in the past. I think that he was Riverviews womanizer then moved to Pleasantview 25 years in the future. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!

I think he's fooled by the aliens. As a reward for giving Bella Goth to the aliens, he was given $100.000 and a teleporter (which actually it is a time machine)! And then he celebrate it by inviting many girls to his party. Then the girl ask Don to show him how to use the teleporter (Time Machine). Don shows the girl but he's travelled back to Riverview 50 years before the event.

I think the only was possible is the spin circle dance thing on Nightlife, if you have high body skill, you will dissapear. I think when he dissapeared, the machine broke and he ended up in Riverview.

I say he didn't like being commited to one woman, somehow got a teleporter and somehow went back in time.

Cassandra probably found him after he ran away from the wedding. She was mad and decided to trap him and force him into marrying her. But little did she know that Don learned how to teleport from one of the Ninjas of Takemizu Village. Scared he made a mistake and teleported to Riverview 50 or so years in the past.

I agree with the one about using Mortimers old expieient. What I think happened, is that Nina, Dina, Kaylynn, and Cassandra found out about his cheating, and forced him to get on Mortimer's old (Broken) teleportation pad. Oops.

Don decided he wanted to marry Kaylynn instead of Cassandra. They tried to travel back in time to before Cassandra was born so that they could get married without her knowledge, but it didn't work. Don ended up in Riverview, and Kaylynn ended up in Sunset Valley. The time travel made Kaylynn get amnesia and age down to a child. As a side effect, the time machine also turned Kaylynn's eyes black and that is why they are not green like they are in TS2. --Sparrowsong 07:04, January 4, 2010 (UTC)

After he left Cassandra at the affair, he sped into Strangetown, unaware that he was about to be sent 50 years back by a Beaker family member. As soon as he was sent back 50 years, he got to Riverview with none of his loves/crushes. --rawrlego Whos that Rawing the legos? 02:00, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

I think Cassandra Found out about his "liasons" and kicked him into the teleporter to the parrallell universe called "the sims 3" were Kayylyn is a child with brown eyes and for some reason, theres some woman named after a charecter in my favourite book.Awesomebloodvamp 20:21, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

I think that Cassandra, Nina, Dina, and Kaylynn found out that Don was having affairs, and it became too much for Don. Don then went on a teleporter, hoping to go to Belladonna Cove or some other town, and ended up in Riverview, 50 or so years before his time. He was forced to move into a small farm house, and maybe give up his ways. Maybe. Bleeh [iTalk] 10:35, January 23, 2010 (UTC)

Wow. You guys are sure finding some interesting theories... ;)

I believe that all of Don's lovers found about each other and they had a meeting, which only them knew about. Dina and Nina had contacts with aliens (as they grand-father was abducted by them), so they said that they could all get him to an UFO and use the time machine (which was on it) to get him to Riverview a long time ago. All of them agreed, so next night Kaylynn invited him to a "romantic dinner". She gave him wine with a sleeping pill in it. He, didn't expecting anything, drunk it and fell asleep. Then all of his ex-lovers came out of the room that was next to the dinning room. They took Don to the UFO that was near his house and they put him in the teleporter, waiting for him to wake up. When he woke up, one of them turned the time machine on and they all started laughting. The End.

Don Lothario knew he was screwed, he couldn't bring himself to marry Cassandra, he couldn't decide to go with Nina or Dina and he was in with Kaylyna. They caught Don in his action, so he cried because his love and popularity in PleasantView ended, so he was laughed at and decided to use the Sims 3 teleportation pad to go to another place, but it malfunctioned and sent him back in time and erased all his memories, because he was never born at that point.

Here is what I believe. Don lived in Sunset Valley before Agnes Crumplbottom's new husband died. He planned to steal her fortune by killing her husband and then to win her over. After the murder the police found the evidence pointed to him ,so he drove out of town that night and far into the country town of Riverview where nobody would suspect him. So when he saw Betty Simovitch get her heart broken by Bob he moved in on her. After a date at the juice bar when he was a tad bit tipsy he was abducted by aliens and held there until the days of Pleasant View in an anti-aging alien chamber.

I think Maxis just decided that would be the story for Don. What else? It's not like he's real!

== Don Lothario's Age ==

In the Sims 2, Don Lothario is an adult, younger than Bella and Mortimer. Don Lothario is a young adult in Riverview, with no proof of a time machine. In sunset Valley, Bella and Mortimer are kids. Don shouldn't be born in that time, because Cassandra Goth wouldn't be close to birth at thhis point nor Daniel Pleasant or Dina and Nina Caliente?

Precisely. That is why according to the plot, Don teleported into Riverview. He went back in time to when Mortimer and Bella were children, before Cassandra was even born and the others existed. [[Category:Okay, my theory makes good sence. Morty found out Bella was on the roof at Don's house and was seeking reveng, playing cool, mortimer invitede all the girls don was dating over for a party, meanwhile, to get back at Daniel Pleasent, Mary-Sue it makeing out w/ him and everyone walks in and ios shoced, they all chase him to strange town, begging to be aubducted before the girls catch up to him. The aleins take him and he is playing with the machines and gets sent back in time to Riverveiw.]]

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