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A Sim feeding a dolphin.

A dolphin is an aquatic animal introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living. Sims can befriend them in many ways, and the dolphins can do tricks and squirt water at Sims.

Finding a Dolphin[]

Dolphins can only be found within Sulani as they are native there. Sims can find dolphins by locating a buoy that has a school of fish spiralling in a spot, alongside three Dolphins swimming around. Dolphins can also be seen jumping from the water next to buoys; once the Sim has located a group of dolphins they can call over one of them.

Only one dolphin can be called at a time.

Mermaids have the ability to call an azure dolphin whenever and wherever they want in the ocean.


Sims can interact with dolphins in a variety of ways. At first, they will only have a few interactions, however, once they have a higher relationship, a bunch of new options can appear:

  • Ask to be Squirted
  • Dismiss
  • Feeder Fish (§2)
  • Name
  • Pet Dolphin
  • Playfully Splash Dolphin
  • Request Trick...
    • Belly Rub
    • Dance
    • Fetch
    • Jump
    • Kiss
  • Talk to Dolphin
  • Spitefully Splash Dolphin

Mermaids have an easier time befriending dolphins.


Sims can instruct dolphins to fetch them various treasures, such as rare fishes or kelp that can turn Sims into mermaids.


  • After befriending a dolphin, they will appear in the Sim's relationship panel.
  • Once a Sim within the conservationist career clears Sulani of all trash and pollution, a rare albino dolphin can be seen within Mua Pel'am.