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The Sims 3: Pets

Not to be confused with Dog lover.
Trait Dog Person.png

Dog person is a Sim trait introduced with The Sims 3: Pets expansion pack. It conflicts with Animal Lover, Cat Person, and Equestrian.

Sims with the Dog Person trait have an extra special relationship with their dogs.


  • A dog person Sim builds relationships with dogs very quickly.
  • Training in traits and teaching the Sim's dog Hunting and commands is much quicker for Dog Persons.
  • The Sim prefers to socialize with dogs over Sims and will also gain more fun and social from it.
  • A death of a dog will affect the Sim in a more profound way.

Player notes[]

  • Sims with the Dog Person trait may get a negative moodlet to see a dog's ghost.
  • Sims with the Dog Person trait will get a strong "Mourning" moodlet from the death of a dog in the household, -60 in comparison to the usual -40 that the death of a pet gives.
  • When interacting with dogs, The Sim gains a positive (+10) moodlet called 'Dog Playtime'.
  • When a Sim has the dog person trait, the first Lifetime wish is "The Canine Companion".

Examples of pre-made Dog people[]

Hailey Shepherd, Vera Blackburn, Josy Clover.

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