TS4 Cats and Dogs Icon

Gender TS2 Male Male
Age Elder Cat Elder
Species Katze Cat
Breed Siamese
Family/Families Lynx family
Owners Catarina Lynx
Traits Pet Trait TS4 Glutton Glutton
Pet Trait TS4 Talkative Talkative
Pet Trait TS4 Aloof Aloof
Other information
Game TS4 Cats and Dogs Icon The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs
Playability Playable
World Brindleton Bay

Doc is a pre-made cat that resides in Brindleton Bay, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. He lives with his owner, Catarina Lynx, and Catarina's three other cats, Cleo, Josie and Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr..


Image Name Relationship level
Catarina Lynx Catarina Lynx Owner, Friend

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