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Not to be confused with Hates children.
Trait anti kids.png

Dislikes children is a social trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the childish, nurturing and family-oriented traits.

Sims that dislike children do not want to have anything to do with children. No talking, no playing and certainly no reproduction.


  • Sims with this trait will not enjoy being on lots with children.
  • Sims that dislike children will react negatively to talking about children.
  • Sims with this trait will often reject social interactions from children.
  • Sims with this trait will get a negative moodlet from socializing with children, holding, or taking care of babies.
  • Sims with this trait will autonomously use mean interactions on children.
  • Sims with this trait will reject the silly face interaction unless the sim is best friends with the said sim.
  • Male Sims that dislike children will be "bored" by their wives if they announce that they are pregnant.
  • Female Sims who dislike children strangely still gain positive moodlets from being pregnant and giving birth.
    • Male Sims who dislike children also still gain a positive moodlet from their wives giving birth.
  • Sims who dislike children will autonomously chastise childish Sims for their behavior as a mean interaction.
  • If a birth has taken place somewhere in the neighborhood, Sims who dislike children will talk negatively about the birth when the "Gossip" interaction is used.
  • Sims who dislike children will still receive the "Negligent" moodlet from having children in their household taken away by a social worker despite their disdain for children.

Unlocked Interactions[]

  • Sims will be able to "Shoo" children.
  • Sims are able to "Gripe about Kids". Family-oriented Sims will always interpret this as an "impolite" interaction despite it being "friendly".

Special Moodlets[]

Image Moodlet Name Notes
Dislikes Children.png Dislikes Children Sims with this trait will be afflicted with this moodlet whenever they are interacting with a baby, toddler, or child. Lasts for 3 hours unless the Sim interacts with children again within this period of time.

Examples of pre-made Sims who dislike children[]

Thornton Wolff, Emmy Starr, Olivia Goth.

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