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Del Sol Valley
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Del Sol Valley
A densely populated city brimming with opportunities to make it big! If you can make it in Del Sol Valley you can make it anywhere. From the lavish living in The Pinnacles to the booming nightlife of Starlight Boulevard this world has everything going for it.
Name Del Sol Valley
Game TS4 EP6 GF Icon The Sims 4: Get Famous
Del Sol Valley is a world that was introduced in The Sims 4: Get Famous. It is a big suburban area of a city, located near an ocean, and is focused on various celebrity Sims, both new and old. It is based on Los Angeles, especially Hollywood and Hollywood Hills.


Del Sol Valley consists of three neighborhoods and one secret lot that can only be accessed through the actor career. Two neighborhoods have three lots each and one has five lots.

Secret lotEdit


There are a total of 6 residential lots and 5 community lots in Del Sol Valley.

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Venessa Jeong
Venessa Jeong just moved to Del Sol Valley from her quaint country town. She is looking to make it big as a rising actress. She has starred in a few low level commercials, but her agent always tells her she has what it takes, she just needs to find that breakthrough role.
Octavia Moon, Thorne Bailey, Orange Bailey-Moon
Octavia Moon and Thorne Bailey are the power couple of the century. Octavia is the lyrical genius behind all of Thorne's greatest hits. Due to Thorne's most recent mishap on social media, his public image has started to falter. His fans are starting to realize that Octavia is the real talent. Orange is their good natured son but due to his entire life of wanting for nothing, he is also a bit naïve.
Judith Ward
Judith Ward is a legend in the acting community. She has starred in everything from comedies to dramas. You name it, Judith has played the role. That's not to say she is an easy person to befriend. Judith has burned her fair share of bridges along the way. Her mentality is to get rich at all costs. She will be the first to throw you under the bus to advance her career. She has been married several times, but all of her partners have only slowed her down. She prefers to live fast and does not settle for mediocrity.

Trivia Edit

  • In this world there is no snow during winter if Seasons is installed, just like in Oasis Springs and Selvadorada. In order for snow to appear in this world, Sims must use the weather machine.
  • Del Sol Valley has the least number of lots for a The Sims 4 expansion pack world to date, with 11 (12 if counting Plumbob Pictures).


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