Dead Man's Cove
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Lot type Community
Lot size 6x4
Neighborhood Felicity Island
Game The Sims Castaway Stories

If you can put its tragic past out of your mind, Dead Man's Cove offers some surprising comforts and resources. This lot is an ideal stop on long trips away from home because of its communal lean-to and available fishing.

Dead Man's Cove is a community lot on the west side of Tuzu, the volcano south of Felicity Island. A path to the north leads to Volcano Shores while another path to the south leads to The Petrified Forest. If you followed the story you would have seen a man sleeping on the ground. If you ask him for help a moment later he will die, apparently of hunger, and his grave will remain there. On the lot's coast there's a box containing a story reward object that you can dig up.

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