DeBore family
DeBore Family PS
Diana DeBore is a rich and ruthless landowner who wants to own all of Garden Heights. She was once a talented dog trainer, and her dog Precious is a recently retired SimCity Dog Show champion, but events are pushing Diana to re-enter the dog show for one last time.
Name DeBore family
Members Diana DeBore, Precious DeBore
Lot 1322 McKenzie Road
Funds §358,100
Other information
Game TSPS Icon The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Garden Heights

The DeBore family is a family living in Garden Heights, It consists of the ruthless landowner, Diana DeBore, and her Poodle, Precious. The family is the main antagonist in "Best in Show", Diana actually owns the land where Alice's home is built, and she tries to evict her.


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