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Dazed is an emotion available in The Sims 4. Being Dazed lowers the rate at which any skill is earned, the Sim has a unique, slow walking mode and will overall be slower at accomplishing any actions. The Sim may get dazed if he/she loses a fight, gets abducted or uses medicine while not ill.

Interactions and Activities

There are no special Interactions or Activities unlocked by feeling Dazed.


Only one Whim is present on a Sim that has the Dazed emotion.

  • Go to Sleep (10-25 SP)

Supportive Traits

No Traits make a Sim feel more Dazed, passively at random or through various interactions.

Object Auras

No items have the Dazed Object Aura as of the latest update, game pack and expansion pack.

Careers and Jobs

No Career has Dazed as the Ideal Emotion.


  • Since only one Whim exists for the Dazed Emotion, it can be used to farm some Satisfaction Points by going to Nap/Sleep, removing the action and repeating it.