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Emotion - Dazed.png
A Dazed Sim

Dazed is an emotion available in The Sims 4. Being dazed lowers the rate at which any skill is earned, gives the Sim a unique, slow walking mode and will overall be slower at accomplishing any tasks. The Sim may get dazed if they lose a fight, get abducted[TS4:GTW], get electrocuted, drink too much coffee, eat chicken teriyaki pizza from one of Mt. Komorebi's vending machines[TS4:SE], party with celebrities[TS4:GF], consume medicine while not ill, gets poisoned [TS4:JA], get hypnotized by a vampire[TS4:V], or are targeted by the Deliriate, Zipzap or Minionate spell[TS4:ROM]. Sims can also get dazed if they have the Cursed lot trait[TS4:CL], working on a workbench with a low skill level, or when the player selects "Confused" while a sim is about to surge their emotions.

Interactions and Activities[]

A dazed Sim can make a Self Deprecating Joke to another Sim, are able to smash dollhouses, and may autonomously forget about completing a queued task in which they were supposed to fulfill from time to time.


Only three Whims are present on a Sim that has the dazed emotion.

  • Go to Sleep (10-25 SP)
  • Sleep it Off (25 SP)
  • Take a Nap (25 SP)

Supportive Traits[]

No Traits make a Sim feel more dazed, passively at random or through various interactions.

Object Auras[]

No items have the Dazed Object Aura as of the latest update, game pack and expansion pack.

Careers and Jobs[]

No Careers benefit from the Sim being dazed or have it as their ideal emotion.


  • Since only one Whim exists for the dazed Emotion, it can be used to farm some Satisfaction Points by going to Nap/Sleep, removing the action and repeating it.
  • Internally, Dazed is sometimes referred to as Drunk or Dizzy
  • Like the Bored emotion, there is no Very Dazed.