This article lists all features that existed in a beta version of games in The Sims series and features that were planned and showed in concept art, but got cut later in development.

The SimsEdit

Base gameEdit

  • Several objects seen in pre-release media were cut from the game, including a shelving unit, ownable cars, a thick white balustrade fence and more.
  • House11 is seen in various pre-release screenshots of the game. It still exists in the retail game, but is inaccessible without cheats. The lot is completely empty, missing even portals, mailbox and trashcan.
  • A coffee table appears in various screenshots but not in the retail game. Coffee tables were eventually introduced in Hot Date, with the beta coffee table appearing as one such object.
  • The game code still contains references to several cut skills: Cleaning (used by some NPCs), Gardening, Music, Literacy
  • An unused sting for when ghosts appear can be found in the sound files. It is similar to the other two stings that do play in the game.
  • There is an unfinished feature to receive investment opportunities over the phone.

Livin' LargeEdit

  • An early version of the Koala Kola Vending Machine can be seen in a Livin' Large screenshot. The item was ultimately cut before release and eventually appeared in The Sims Online.

Hot DateEdit

  • Several trees and plants were cut from Hot Date and reused for The Sims Online: Pinkuredi Cherry Tree, Joshua Tree, Agave, Prickly Pear, Saguaro Cactus, and Cholla. Graphics are missing but other data still exists in the files.
  • Vault Door was cut from Hot Date and reused in The Sims Online. It exists in complete form in the expansion's files, but lacks a Build Mode catalog entry.
  • Weapons Wallhanging was also cut from Hot Date and reused in The Sims Online, though few remnants exist in the files.
  • Several buyable skins do not appear due to spelling errors in the filenames of the textures and CMX files.
  • An unfinished feature can be found in code to hire a limousine instead of a regular cab.


  • A pickpocket NPC was planned for Vacation but only textures remain. He was supposed to resemble the burglar but with a unique face with a five-o-clock shadow. The concept was eventually realised in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage with the Unsavory Charlatan NPC.
  • Minigolf courses are seen in various promotional renders and concept art for Vacation but are curiously absent from the expansion pack. They were eventually included with Makin' Magic.
  • An interaction to hug pine and palm trees exists in Vacation but is disabled.


  • A tileable bridge object was planned for the game and can be seen in developer screenshots, but was ultimately not included.


  • An unused Information Kiosk object exists in the Superstar files, but is missing data required to make it show in the Buy Mode catalog.
  • The doors for Superstar and Makin' Magic contain unfinished code for interactions to manually lock and unlock them. Lockable doors would eventually appear in The Sims 2: Open for Business.
  • Unused stings exist for joining the Fame career and gaining promotions. The retail game uses the regular career stings instead.
  • Awards for poor performance in the Fame career were planned and references can be found in code. The retail game only has awards for excellent performance.

Makin' MagicEdit

  • A Makin' Magic head (c209ma_tattooman) does not appear in the game due to spelling errors in the filenames of its textures.
  • Several unused skins exist for additional Gypsy NPCs with a more stereotypical "carnie" look, suggesting that NPCs may have originally manned the funhouse rides.
  • An interaction with animations for Children to kiss toads exists but is disabled. The BHAV contains a routine to specifically block Toad Sweat from being generated when Child Sim kisses a toad.

The Sims 2Edit

Base gameEdit


Early beta footage of The Sims 2 reveals that there was precipitation in the form of rain and lightning planned for the base game. It was also shown that Sims could die from lightning strikes whilst in hot tubs during thunderstorms.

The weather feature was later included in The Sims 2: Seasons.

Big Boss scenarioEdit

According to strings viewed in SimPE, the Big Boss NPC was planned to be added to the game alongside his own scenario, similarly to the Headmaster, where Sims would've invited him for dinner and given him a tour of their house.

The Sims 3Edit

Base gameEdit

Clothing storeEdit

TS3beta clothing store

There was a clothing store rabbithole planned for The Sims 3, where Sims probably were able to purchase clothes like in The Sims 2. It was shown in some early screenshots and trailers of The Sims 3. It got cut because all the CAS clothes were already unlocked in the beginning of The Sims 3.[1] The model of the rabbit hole resembles that of the spa rabbithole of the final version.

Shopping for clothes was later included in The Sims 3: Into the Future through the EP-XI Imports Gallery.

University LifeEdit

Sportsbar Edit

TS3ULbeta sportsbar

There was a sportsbar lot planned for The Sims 3: University Life. It probably was a hangout for jock type Sims. It can be seen in concept art for University Life.

The Sims 4Edit

Get Together Edit

Harvest standsEdit

Windenburg towncenter

Harvest stands can be seen on an early concept art of The Sims 4: Get Together. Sims could probably purchase and/or sale harvestables using these stands.

City Living Edit

Unreleased familiesEdit

Three unused families intended for San Myshuno exist in the game files. Pond, consisting of Jimmy and his daughter Alaina. Powers, consisting of Randy, Patricia, and their son Kennedy. Riviera, consisting of Rita Riviera, and her boyfriend Memphis Waters. There is also an unused test household, consisting of Andy Campbells, Iko Yono, and Joel Meadows.

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