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A woman Sim serving food

Hobby Cuisine.png

Cuisine is one of the hobbies in The Sims 2: FreeTime. Its secret lot is Sue's (Secret) Kitchen. Having a lazy or neat personality will raise the enthusiasm for this hobby faster.

Cuisine Sims enjoy creating and savoring food, as well as pitting their creations against a Food Judge's palate. Being good at cooking will help keep their Cuisine enthusiasm high.


Activities that raise a Sim's enthusiasm in cuisine are:

Available to children and up:

Available to teens and up:

Unlockable Interactions[]

Gaining enthusiasm in this hobby can unlock these interactions:

  • "Talk about Cuisine"
  • "Read Section ... Food and Dining" in newspaper
  • "Serve Chip Platter"
  • "Browse Web About Cuisine"
  • "Serve Cheese Platter"
  • "Share Hobby Tips About Cuisine" with a Sim
  • "Blog Tips About Cuisine" on the computer
  • "Serve Appetizer Platter"
  • "Instruct in Cuisine"
  • "Be in the Zone"


  • Uninspired Underling
  • Tasty Appetizer
  • Talented Palate
  • Delicious Dish
  • Master Chef

Hobby Instructors[]

Befriending a cuisine hobby instructor will decrease the friends requirements by one for Sims who work in the Culinary career.