Featured in The Sims: Makin' Magic, the Crystal Clear Ability Rocks are a type of magical growth that will automatically appear around the lot when a family has cast 15 spells or charms while living on a Residential lot in the neighborhood, or 10 while living on a Magic Town residential lot. All spells and charms cast by adult family members count toward the number needed for a new growth, even if they were cast on community lots, but spells and charms used by children do not.

Sims with wands can use these ability rocks to gain special abilities which can be used to entertain (or try to entertain) other Sims, teleport to an area, and even extinguish fires.

There are 7 known different rocks, each with a specific color.

Black : Extinguish

Blue : Hand Buzzer

Green : Spook

Red : Hotfoot

Violet/Purple : Teleport

White : Levitate

Yellow : Magic trick

Each ability rock takes a few days to grow to full size, but can be used at once. Children can only gain the Hot Foot, Magic Trick and Teleport abilities. Using the Teleport and Extinguish abilities is considered casting, and counts toward the number needed for a new growth. Not only do you get ability rocks, but you can get mushrooms, beanstalks and a couple more items.

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